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Their flavour is like seasoned cardboard with a definite hint of timber - all look and no taste.

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It is perhaps for this reason that they are most often served in a sauce. Iyavaya Restaurant in Johannesburg offer them fried in a spicy tomato sauce accompanied by pap. Somebody obviously likes them because Iyavaya orders 40 kilos every 2 weeks. They are apparently more appetising when left soft inside and crisp outside, but as suggested by Esther Van der Westhuizen at Butterfly World near Paarl, the caterpillar is just an eating machine with one big alimentary canal , so it would be rather like eating a big gut. Other suggested uses as proposed by my dining partners were; as a false moustache , a prickly missile or strung up as a mobile.

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The recipe for Caterpillar Supreme as supplied by the Campfire Association involved in managing natural resources is: Wash the dried caterpillars thoroughly. Friday, September 16, Mystery Caterpillar. My family has been nurturing a small section of milkweed in our perennial garden that is slowly taking over the garden hoping to attract Monarch Butterflies.

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Year after year, we search the plants looking for caterpillars we can watch go through the magical process of metamorphosis. Sunday, my kids and I went in search again. We found lots of leaves that had clearly been eaten.

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We searched and searched. This gorgeous dragonfly is present all throughout the African continent!

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AUD - Australian Dollar. Discover Safari Holidays now Follow Us: Central and East Africa This stunning creature is one of the largest species of praying mantis in the world. Sub-Saharan Africa Few beetles are as cute and stunning as the flower beetle. North Africa The wasp spider may look a lot like a wasp, but its bite is not at all threatening to people. Southern, Central and East Africa This may be one of the most beautiful locusts ever to grace the face of the Earth, but it is poisonous to animals who eat it.

South Africa Can you believe that this stunning bug is considered a pest in Africa?!

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South Africa No matter how much you hate spiders, I truly hope we can all agree that this is one cute spider.