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World-building is done through multiple perspective shifts amongst the Sins, the Virtues, and their relatives. While this was in this case a useful device for advancing the plot and exploring the depth of the curse's effect, it didn't do a while lot for me as far as connecting with the characters. Which is too bad, because such a narrative device is usually great for fostering attachments to characters. And personally, I'm a big-time character reader. Reading this book was certainly an enjoyable experience, although or perhaps because? More than ever I'd like to check out Featherstone's non-paranormal offerings Sinful or Addicted , to see what her writing style is like there.

I can most definitely see this book being hit-or-miss for many. View all 8 comments. This is my first Featherstone novel. I am happy to say, it probably will not be my last. I like my reviews simple even if my thoughts are a jumbled mess most of the time. The other brothers are cursed with the six remaining sins- vanity, gluttony, envy, wrath, greed, and sloth.

He decided he really wanted the Queen of the Seeli This is my first Featherstone novel. He decided he really wanted the Queen of the Seelie Court so he took it upon himself to steal her and make her his! Why she did not use her powers when she was originally kidnapped was beyond me? They were quite entertaining too. He believes that Chasity might be the key to breaking the curse. If the curse is broken, the Unseelie court might flourish again. However, here is the problem.

She must come willingly. Chasity thinks she is all sweet and innocent, and hates the fact that she might actually be all hot and heavy for Thane. Without it, there would be no story! The sexual tension between the two main characters was explosive. Once I stopped being annoyed by Chasity, I really felt for both of them. I liked how the reader questioned which sin was bad and which was good as the story progressed. Not everything is, as it seems to be. I am guessing that might be only me, but I would be curious of other readers see any similarities.

I look forward to book 2. View all 14 comments. Jan 16, Anthi rated it liked it Shelves: Boy if I am baffled about this one!! They are two Fey courts, the Seelie Court of light and gaiety and the Unseelie Court of dark sensuality and voluptuousness. Centuries ago King Duir of the Dark Court saw the beautiful Queen Aine of the light Court and was immediately besotted by her, but the queen spurned Duir and an Boy if I am baffled about this one!!

Centuries ago King Duir of the Dark Court saw the beautiful Queen Aine of the light Court and was immediately besotted by her, but the queen spurned Duir and and forced him tto steal her away from her world and bring her to his realm like another Persephone. View all 23 comments.

I truly have mixed feelings about this book. While reading it, I couldn't help but think that some of the things that Chastity was "enacting" with Thane Apparently, I let my morals get the best of me. Which is why I wasn't able to finish this book as fast as I thought I would have. But even with some issues concerning Chastity, the foreplay and the sexual tension between the two was hot-- as always from the one and only, Charlotte Featherstone. You have to admit that the descriptio I truly have mixed feelings about this book.

See a Problem?

You have to admit that the description of the book and series itself is quite fascinating. Two faery courts, the Seelie and Unseelie. But in reality, which court is good and which court is the bad one? You'll just have to read it to find out! I'm truly looking forward to Mercy's story with Kian because with kindness , there is always jealousy lurking around the corner We all know that in most faery books, the Dark Fey is the bad guy right?

But in this book, it actually questions the goodness inside of the Seelie. Even though they are described as pure beings basked in light and good, Lust explores the two courts, but sets the stage for the Unseelie instead. It's quite ironic, really, because the Unseelie is known for it's dark pleasures but readers will soon find themself questioning whether the Seelie is truly the bad guy and the Unseelie, the good.

Anyway, even though the heroine urked me a little, I soon came to an understanding that it wasn't exactly easy for her to be the first one to stray. She had absolutely no one to talk to about the situations happening to her and Thane is just a very good seducer, lol! She did try desperately to make him go away but in the end, he always win Yeah, a lot of head desking right there.

Now, we shall talking about the sexual tension between Thane and Chastity and the foreplay that goes along with it! Whoo, was it hot and steamy! A big applause for the author because she always seems to amaze me with her works. I loved Addicted so I often compared that with Lust but there really was no comparison at all.

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They were both unique in their own way; Addicted had more drama while Lust had more angst and sexual tension, haha. I also had many unanswered questions while reading this book For example, who is Mary anyway? Where is the real virtue? I sure hope these questions will be answered as the series progresses. But I did question Chastity's love for Thane To me, it happened too fast.

There wasn't a lot of romantic development between the two, and it was more like a lot of groping and touching. The writing, the characters, and the plot itself was amazing and very sensual. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal, erotica, and historical romance. Even to those who just love to read books about faeries! Thank you to NetGalley for providing me this wonderful book.

Prudence, watch out for Mary and Crom!!! I sure hope her Dark Prince will come and save her. View all 20 comments. Dec 02, Dee rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley Previous to reading this I had heard the name Charlotte Featherstone mentioned as an author I should check out and I even have one of her other books sitting in my TBR pile, but for some reason I just kept bypassing her - now I want to kick myself for doing that.

I loved this first book in her new series that mixed Georgian England with the legend of the Seelie and Unseelie in a hot erotic romance. The premise is simple 7 Unseelie, including the King, I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley Previous to reading this I had heard the name Charlotte Featherstone mentioned as an author I should check out and I even have one of her other books sitting in my TBR pile, but for some reason I just kept bypassing her - now I want to kick myself for doing that. The premise is simple 7 Unseelie, including the King, are possessed by the 7 Sins Lust, Envy, Wrath etc , and in order to save their court, they must pursuade the Virtues Chastity, Prudence to come and join them of their own free will.

The first book in the series is about Thane, who is possessed with the sin of Lust and his matching virtue, Chastity, who attempts to live up to her name, but finds herself falling under Thane's spell. At the same time, the Virtures are being wooed by the Seelie court, who will spot nothing to prevent the Unseelie from matching with their virtures, because they want to see them ruined.

I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series, but have a feeling it is going to be a painful wait for the rest of them to come out. This book will be available on Febuary 1, and I highly recommended for anyone who loves Paranormal romance, as well as Erotic Romance with Historical elements. Wow, the built up sexual tension in this book will blow your mind away and when the climax comes, Damn!

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All I can say is have your significant other nearby so you can pounce on them or get ready for a cold shower. The story line between the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court fighting over the seven virtues was brilliant and the seven sins being blessed upon the Unseelie Feys is fitting. Just the sound of their voice and their single touch will have you under their spell and surrendering in every way possible. I personally fell for the Unseelie Feys because of their passionate personalities and dark erotic sides. I found the Seelie Fey boring and too uptight with no personality which turned me off immediately regardless of how beautifully hansom they were.

I found this book to be a pleasant surprise. It is difficult to find good fantasy romance centered around the fey. Featherstone builds an erotic tension amongst her characters that is tangible. You feel the anxiety and longing as Chastity, one of the Virtues, struggles with her desire to remain chaste or give in to her desire for Thane, her Dark Fey prince. This love story is about breaking a curse placed on the Dark Fey court by the Queen of the Light Fey court after she was abducted and hel I found this book to be a pleasant surprise.

This love story is about breaking a curse placed on the Dark Fey court by the Queen of the Light Fey court after she was abducted and held hostage by the Dark King. He wanted her and took her in more ways than one. She bore him twin sons, one looking of the light and the other with dark hair and eyes, like the Dark Fey. She eventually escaped and took her Light Fey son Crom with her. Her curse was that the Dark Fey would never be able to bring another woman to their realm against her will. As a result, the Dark Fey are dying as they are unable to mate successfully with human women willing to live in their realm.

In addition, they are forced to host their greatest sins such as wraith, envy, covertness, and for Thane -- lust. This part kind of reminded me of Lords of the Underworld but in a good way because I like that series very much. This is a full length novel and at times, you may find yourself getting impatient as Thane seduces Chasity painstakingly slow. His thoughts and words are so sexually charged that you don't miss the fact that they are not having sex through most of the book, you just want to see what happens when they finally do. Chastity was born in a litter of four…Mercy, Prudence, and Mary.

This is a period piece, not sure if s or s but it was set in London during the time wealth and social graces where necessary ingredients of power and influence. The father of the girls had made two deals, one with the Light Fey Queen to restore health to his infant son in return for a favor to be paid at a later date. His second deal was with the Dark Fey years later for wealth as he now had a healthy son and four daughters. Now the girls are of age and both courts show up for payment, which is the same — they want the girls who are now young women.

The Dark Fey need the Virtues because it is the only way to break the curse. The Light Fey want them to ensure that does not happen. There is so much more to this than it appears on the surface such as how did these virtues become flesh in the first place? This is revealed in the book but you must read it to find out. What we end up with is a cast of interesting characters running in and out of each other's lives with dangerous plot twist, secrets and agendas. I loved this book and will continue the series without a doubt.

View all 3 comments. Dec 05, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: So I was looking forward to reading this book and I read it in one sitting! While Sinful was primarily historical this book is more Paranormal historical due to the Fey aspect of the story. However this aspect to me was not the focal point of the story. Charlotte focuses on the development of the characters and the Fey element is in the background and comes up periodically. Overall a great beginning to a new series. The world building was believable to me and I could buy into the idea about the Fey.

The villians were in the grey area to me. They each were likable or you could understand why they did what they did. I didn't think of anyone as truly evil. Both of the parents acted poorly but I think that Queen Aine I looked on as more evil because she basically acted like the sons were not hers and were monsters.

While I understand she went through a lot I just couldn't like that she loved one son and not the other. I don't think this is a bad thing but made me think more about the story. The "Golden" son I didn't think of as truly evil either. Maybe Charlotte is going to give us a book about him? The sisters each had their own personality and I wanted to know more about their stories and Charlotte gives us lots of hints about who their matches will be. I didn't catch on until it came out and said that Mary was not one of the virtues.

I kept thinking and thinking what virtue is she? I liked the Dark Fey relatives alot and will definitely be reading more to see how everything works out. So you might be wondering why I didn't give it a 5. The main reason was that there was too much going on with all the different characters being introduced. I even thought at first that the story was going to be about Niall because the first part is in his perspective. And while I liked Chastity and Thane I felt I was pulled out of the story to tell more about the other relatives and sisters too much. Feb 17, Lupdilup Duffy rated it liked it.

I know, a hot one night stand, but not a keeper. Apr 12, Ellen W-S rated it really liked it. For me this is a 3. I think this is due to the fact that the characters were less tortured than the other books. I love that you get just as much viewpoint from the man's perspective as the woman's. I look forward to reading Wedding of the Century soon! Jan 08, Laurie Garrison rated it liked it. She bears him twin sons and then takes off with one, Crom, but leaves the other one, Niall. Oh yeah, she also leaves one nasty curse behind too.

That said mate will have to come to them of their own free will. George Buckman, Duke of Lennox, has made a deal with the devil s. And when it comes time to pay his dues, both parties are looking to collect the same piece of booty bounty. This part of the story and the basic storyline, I really enjoyed. Watching the two battling Courts: Wanting the best Fae to win, but not always knowing who the best Fae will be.

Niall and Rinion are Dark Fae that will not be denied. Chastity a way of life that does not include any sexual activity: She cannot separate herself from her virtue. Two entities yet one, and both must be satisfied. A deliberate and, at times, tedious seduction of Chastity begins. He surrounds, envelopes, and overwhelms her with his physical essence by way of fog, cloud, mist and perfume. Until she finally caves. There were two scenes in particular that were troublesome for me; more so what happens to Chastity immediately afterward.

Although, it has more to do with my distaste of love making by spectral means. Oh, but the pointy ear scene was vera, vera nice. What had possessed her? She had not been able to resist the lure. And yet, it had been a dream. She had been awake, but in some altered state. That is what it had been. It will be quite a while before I look at a glass perfume bottle without cynicism. Oh wait…a dream, a horrible dream…Bobby?!? Dec 30, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received this book free from the publisher If I had to sum up Charlotte Featherstone ' newest novel, Lust , in a single word, it would be "lush".

What worked for me: There's a certain earthiness to her writing that engages all of your senses while reading. It was incredibly sensual, sexy, and erotic, without being vulgar. At one point in reading, I though I received this book free from the publisher If I had to sum up Charlotte Featherstone ' newest novel, Lust , in a single word, it would be "lush".

At one point in reading, I thought to myself that this novel is the high-priced courtesan to the common street prostitutes that so many other erotic novels seem to be these days. What didn't work for me: There were, I think, slightly too many characters to keep things flowing properly in my mind. I have a feeling, however, that this was more a failing on my end than on the author's.

Rather like eating a decadent piece of gourmet chocolate, the incredible earthiness and richness of the writing was better savored in small doses, and as such it took me much longer to finish this book than it normally does for this length of novel. Overall, however, the writing was amazing, the characters drew me in, and I am left breathlessly awaiting the next installment to the series. This is my first Charlotte Featherstone novel, but it absolutely will not be my last. Aug 11, Robin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although there were some parts that I didn't care for and that bothered me I really liked this book and look forward to the rest of the series.

I'm not a fan of stereotypes although they do have their place. That's what struck me about this book the Feys and the People were defined a certain way because they had been given a label but as you get to know the characters the stereotype doesn't exactly fit and if you ignore the label it might be hard to tell who is good and who is bad.

Another thing Although there were some parts that I didn't care for and that bothered me I really liked this book and look forward to the rest of the series. Another thing that appeals to me is the desire of the Dark Fey to fix what is wrong and prove that they are not as bad as people think they are I'm not referring to the sin but the fey. It seems they have been doing what people expect them to do for years and have decided they're tired of it and tired of living a certain way because of something that was not their fault in addition to the fact that their court is dying so they don't have much choice.

One of the characters I don't particularly care for is Mary although I think her story is next and it'll be interesting to see how things work out for her. It was interesting in this book and will be in those that remain to see how the Virtues seem to balance the Sins.

However, I felt the story relied too heavily on the narrative, which at times became repetitive. There should have been more dialogue between the characters, as this would have created the emotional intimacy that I felt was lacking in the story. Also, the paranormal world the author created confused me at times. I had a hard time keeping track of all the different characters and how they related to the plot.

In the end, this issue diminished the overall effect of the story for me. Overall, I liked the story and will recommend it; however, I'm not sure I liked it enough to continue the series. Dec 10, Mitzi marked it as wishlist. I should read this I've loved many books from this author This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Have to say I found the premise of this series really really interesting.

The back story or the basis of the series is given in the opening of the book, where the clash between the Fey and their darker brethren and why it happened is mentioned. The Dark Fey are supposed to be the opposite of the Fey who are all goodness and sunshi My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book The Dark Fey are supposed to be the opposite of the Fey who are all goodness and sunshine. The Dark Fey are creatures of the night and feeds on moonlight.

They can move as rain, mist, fog and shadow ooh, intriguing! Their place, the Unseelie court, is full of all kinds of debauchery and darkness, all lies and temptations in opposite to the Seelie court. It all started when the king of the Unseelie court, Duir, kidnapped the Seelie queen Aine while she was asleep and forced her to submit to him. Even after she bore Duir's twins, she kept on plotting for escape. In the end, she did and took Crom, the son who resembles her, with blonde hair and so on while leaving the one with dark hair and the looks of an Unseelie, Niall.

She cast a spell on the Unseelie court, for which the court is now dying slowly. Now, the Unseelie must find out a way to save their court and their race and in order to do that, they need to find out the seven virtues in the mortal realm and mate them with seven sins that plague Niall, the current king of the Unseelie and 6 other Dark Fey princes. Yes, I am interested!!!! D So, the story starts, talking about the Lennox sisters, daughters of the Duke of Lennox. Four daughters are born, quadruplets, at least 3 of them showing signs of 3 distinct different virtues.

They are named Mary, Chastity, Prudence and Mercy. Hence, the Seelie need these sisters too. But, the Unseelie need them as well, for the revival of their court. So starts the competition. We meet the sisters, 3 of them shows their virtues, except Mary.

No one knows what her virtue is but they all are aware of their duties to the Seelie court. Even though not many believe that the Fey exist, the sisters do. So goes with Prudence. Then we see how the Unseelie are doing nowadays. Niall, the king, is very worried to find a cure for this curse. Prince Irian, the one cursed with sloth has just lost his human mate, who died while giving birth to his son. It is then and only then the curse would be lifted. They know they have to find the other virtues too. Anyway, Rinion informs them that the oldest-born Lennox sister is already promised to him since the duke made a pact with him too, for more money.

Now, Thane knows that he has to woo and seduce Chastity and bring her to the Unseelie court. It is said that the Fey roam amongst the mortal on this eve. Chastity, Prudence and Mercy are true to their own virtues. Here, Thane introduces himself to have a look at Chastity.

He wants Chastity for himself. But, Crom has other plans, which is to throw his mother out and rule the Seelie court himself, with the help of these virtues. But, on the surface, he takes one of his men and embarks on meeting their virtues. But when he realizes that the Unseelie are also in pursuit, he commands Lennox to remove his daughters to their London townhouse. Lennox, who is now in a fix and a huge mess, for his bargains with the both court, is scared and takes the sisters to the townhouse, where his son and the new daughter-in-law resides.

At that moment, Robert was holding a ball and the sisters are also attending. Thane starts working his magic and his sin, on her. I really loved the way he came as a mist in the moonlight and touched her. And, I loved the way he did that in their other meetings as well. They had a hot interlude and Chastity gets a little scared. She understands he must be a Dark Fey but still confused. Crom wards the townhouse with magic so that the Unseelie do not get in but Thane finds ways to meet Chastity, ie: She asks Thane to leave her alone.

Thane lies to her that he will, only if she takes the perfume. And yes, he can read minds As Chastity is trying the perfume on, he becomes mist and puts his essence into the perfume so that he can come to her dreams and talk to her in her thoughts. So far, he has given in, taking countless other conquests, both human and fey. But, as he sees and knows more of Chastity, Thane realizes he wants her differently. And, he keeps on talking to her through her thought and one day, lures her to a garden on the back of the townhouse.

This time, Kian accompanies Thane and meets his virtue, Mercy. I really liked this meeting, very beautiful. Anyway, Thane keeps on meeting her and come in her dreams, luring her with his dark fey magic and his sin. They were supposed to meet in a masquerade ball when their carriage containing Mercy, Chastity, Prudence and Lennox was abducted by Niall. Niall informs Lennox of his wishes and casts magic to make Lennox tell him about his bargain with the Seelie. In the meantime, Prudence meets her match and instantly in disgust!

The gluttonous Avery makes her sick. Oh, I loved this scene! Avery is tall, broad and good looking, just as any dark fey but of course, he wants more and more of everything, including women. When Prudence realizes the women serving food to him are whores It was so funny!! Mercy, as I mentioned earlier, is already more than interested in her fey prince, which made me interested in their book as well. Thane meets Chastity, who was asleep because of the magic spell and speaks to her through her dreams. Then she wakes up and after some incidents, they make love. Just the feeling that any measure of manipulation was involved took the fun away from me.

Even Thane knew what he was doing was wrong still Also, the way Chastity behaved Anyway, those maybe just me. When Crom goes to the masquerade ball, he only finds Mary there. And then I saw that Mary might not be a virtue at all. She also agrees to sleep with him. The next day, Lennox meets the Fey queen as commanded. Anyway, the queen asks Lennox to present the sisters to her in two days.

She also convinces him that the Dark Fey are bad and lying to him about taking care of the sisters. Lennox now wants his daughters to go to the Seelie court. After they meet in the back garden and make love, Thane tells her he loves her but then, as guilt assails him, he confesses why he pursued her and the truth about the situation at Unseelie court. Chastity is hurt and just that moment Crom and her father comes to the garden and asks her to come away with them.

In the epilogue, the diary which Chastity was writing throughout the book, continues. We get to learn more of her POVs. Thane has made her a fey princess and taken her as his eternal bride.

Many other things are revealed in this entry. Chastity tells us that Dark Fey are always misunderstood and that she hopes that her sisters would also follow her path and to their destiny to save the Unseelie court. But, the twist about Mary and one possible illegitimate Lennox sister was what had me really surprised. She keeps her bargain with Crom, even though Chastity is lost, its Prudence he wants now.

A jealous Mary decides to betray her sisters to get what she wants. I already mentioned what bothered me the most. Though Thane said no, thinking of Chastity, I found it rather But, I really found other things about the book interesting and going quite insane because I have to wait for the other books. I loved knowing about the Fey and their courts.

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Seven Virtues , quadruplet sisters; so far 3 of them are known as virtues Mary Lennox - purpose? Temperance - Prudence Lennox, possible mate Prince Avery. Chastity - Chastity Lennox, mate Prince Thane Humility - Is it the illegitimate Lennox sister? Seven Sins , all princes of the Unseelie court Lust - Prince Thane, mate Chastity Gluttony - Prince Avery, possible mate Prudence.

Envy - Prince Kian, possible mate Mercy. Wrath - King of the Unseelie Court, Niall, possible mate?? Sloth - Prince Irian, Niall's cousin and half-Elvin, possible mate?? The guy just endured a tragedy when his human mate died because of the curse while giving birth to his son. What about Crom, Niall's twin, the half-Unseelie? This is my worst nightmare!! Nov 30, Among The Muses rated it it was amazing Shelves: At a time when literature is reintroducing us to the fantasy creatures of faeries, Lust provides adult readers a whole new erotic escape where dreams, magic, and passionate seduction enchant you like never before.

This book hasn't even hit the shelves yet, and already I'm anxiously waiting for the next installment! There's something magically delicious about fantasizing that somewhere out there is a dangerously dark and handsome creature hell bent on seducing you in to a passionate frenzy, slowly At a time when literature is reintroducing us to the fantasy creatures of faeries, Lust provides adult readers a whole new erotic escape where dreams, magic, and passionate seduction enchant you like never before. There's something magically delicious about fantasizing that somewhere out there is a dangerously dark and handsome creature hell bent on seducing you in to a passionate frenzy, slowly to be stripped of your fears of the unknown, and unexpectedly fall in love.

Maybe dreams do come true. At least in Charlotte Featherstone's world they do. Lust, is the first book of the new series, The Sins and the Virtues, set to hit shelves in late January, Based on the title, can you guess what sin you'll be introduced to first? And how delicious it is! Two realms - the Unseelie Dark Fey and the Seelie Light Fey - are caught in a bitter battle that has withstood centuries of deep seated hatred, and an unbreakable, unforgivable curse.

Seven Unseelie princes have been cursed with seven sins, slowly killing the Unseelie court. Depriving them of love and heirs. Their only hope of salvation lies in finding their opposing virtue, seven women born of the virtues. One additional hurdle is that these woman are mortal and literally ARE the virtues. The princes are used to taking what they want when they want it -- especially through their ability to coerce and seduce.

However, in order for the curse to be broken, the virtues must go willingly. The beautifully dark Prince Thane leads the determined pack of cursed princes into the mortal realm around the time of Beltane, to locate and seduce their virtues in finding their place within the Unseelie court.

Thane knows immediately who his opposing virtue is due to the strong pull his sin has towards one beautiful, utterly innocent woman, who's name is the virtue she embodies: His sin, lust, rages within his body, trying desperately to capture and take that which he wants, his opposing virtue, Chastity.

The dark fey blood of seduction only adds to his sin, making it nearly unbearable for Thane to control his urges, when what he needs to do is gain the trust and submission of Chastity. But, Thane wants something more than to get Chastity to submit and let his dark fey instincts, and sin of lust, take her. Instead, he wants something he's never had before: Someone to hold and night and not just ravish.

Someone he can talk and laugh with. Someone that is truly his and not being sought after to break the curse put upon his court. Thane is nothing short of delicious in this story. He's confident, he's seductive, he's dark and mysterious, and a whole lot of dominant! Yet at the same time, he has an inner sense of wanting someone to call his own which makes him vulnerable, caring, protective, and adoring; which comes out when push comes to shove in making Chastity his. Chastity IS a virtue -- literally.

She's never been touched, and never even wanted to seek out the touch, comfort, or even conversation in the opposite sex. But when Thane comes in to contact with her, suddenly a womanly awakening is upon her. She wars desperately with herself, not understanding what's going on, unsure of the response in her body, and even her own thoughts. However, Thane is not the only fey pursuing the virtues. Crom, prince of the Seelie Fey, is also after Chastity, while fellow friend, Arawn is after Chastity's sister, Prudence the virtue temperance.

The pursuit of the virtues from both sides makes for interesting events to unfold. I absolutely loved the character development in this story! The connection between the hero and heroine was so apparent, likable, and nothing short of HOT! The glimpses of the side interactions between the other sins and virtues were just as intriguing, leaving me with questions and wanting more. Speaking of questions, there are many that arise while reading this first book in the series, which is to be expected as the story arc of the series will need to continue.

However, some of my questions come with the characters and events themselves. For example, one of the sisters appears to not be a virtue, but rather a mystery of who - or what - she is, but was born as one of the quadruplets. There's also a particular event that took place that I don't see how it chronologically could, but I can't go in to further detail do to spoilers.

The author's writing style was another plus to me. I had heard that Charlotte Featherstone was a talented writer, but until reading Lust, I simply had no idea what I was missing out on! I'm the type of reader that craves description, emotion, and strong connection of characters -- and that's exactly what I got. If you're a reader that enjoys a stronger content of dialogue, then you may not be overly enthusiastic about the style. However, the dialogue in this book is great!

I loved the conversations, both naughty and nice. But I must say that Ms. Featherstone has a yummy way of creating direct and erotic conversations between characters! You will not be disappointed if you like dirty talk! Now to the really great parts Dear Lord, grab a fan, a towel, and ice, because all will be necessary when Lust starts to win over Chastity! Besides being left with questions on some of the characters and events that took place, I also wish the ending was a little longer. Don't get me wrong, it was good and definitely had closure, but I just wanted more. It seemed like things could have been elaborated on.

I can't go into further detail without giving spoilers, so I'll leave it to you to read. Even with a great epilogue, I was left on a cliffhanger! I can't even be for sure who which virtue and sin the next book will follow! I might be going against my rating rules, and I may be left with questions and seriously wanting more, but the bottom line is that this was one of the best erotic historical fantasy's I've read. And just look at that cover! The plot, writing style, and more particularly the characters, make this book a great fantasy, and highly erotic, read!

Featherstone was a new-to-me author, but in one book, she's made me a fan! Lust, and the Dark Fey's, will deliciously enchant you, seduce you, and leave you wishing fairy tales did come true! Jun 11, Morgana rated it did not like it. Aine despised the Dark King and vowed to escape him. After birthing him twin sons she finally had her chance; escaping with one of her sons, the one resembling her Seelie side and leaving the other that resembled the h This is a story of two Fae Courts, The Seelie Light and the Unseelie Dark , and of both their sins and virtues.

After birthing him twin sons she finally had her chance; escaping with one of her sons, the one resembling her Seelie side and leaving the other that resembled the hated Unseelie, she returned to her kingdom but not before placing a curse on the Dark Court and the princes of the court, including her own son. The only way to save them and break the curse is to find the Virtues; seven mortal women born every one hundred years that represent the virtuous aspects of humanity.

They cannot use their dark gifts and force these women; they must follow willingly to the Dark Court. But what woman would freely choose to be in a court of sin and debauchery? Lust is a deliciously dark and sinfully erotic tale of temptation. When the Duke of Lennox made a tithe with the Queen and then later a dark fae he never imagined that in return each would require his beloved daughters as payment.

No man has ever captured her attention or caused a flutter in her chest until the day she crosses paths with the dark and sensual Thane. He awakens her like no other and she struggles with the two halves of herself; the virtuous woman she has been and knows she should be and the woman yearning for passion, heated looks passed between lovers and intimate caresses.

She is scared of loosing herself if she is no longer virtuous and chaste, who will she be then? Tall, dark, sinfully handsome, Thane is a walking temptation. He is determined to seduce Chastity and woo her over to the Dark Court to break the curse, but as he comes to learn her and get inside her head he finds himself wanting more.

And if she is a Spook, could the two of them nevertheless build a life together? Lynn also wrote novels depicting sadomasochism. John Varley , who also came to prominence in the s, is another writer who examined sexual themes in his work. Homophobia is shown as initially inhibiting the uptake of this technology, as it engenders drastic changes in relationships, with bisexuality becoming the default mode for society.

Varley's Gaea trilogy features lesbian protagonists. Female characters in science fiction films , such as Barbarella , continued to be often portrayed as simple sex kittens. After the pushing back of boundaries in the s and 70s, sex in genre science fiction gained wider acceptance, and was often incorporated into otherwise conventional science fiction stories with little comment. Chalker 's Well World series , launched in , depicts a world - designed by the super science of a vanished extraterrestrial race, the Markovians - which is divided into numerous "hexes", each inhabited by different sentient race.

Anyone entering one of these hexes is transformed into a member of the local race. This plot device gives a wide scope for exploring the divergent biology and cultures of the various species - including their sex life. For example, a human entering a hex inhabited by an insectoid intelligent race is transformed into a female of that species, feels sexual desire for a male and mates with him. Too late does she discover that in this species, pregnancy is fatal - the mother being devoured from the inside by her larvae. In a later part, a very macho villain gains control of a supercomputer whose power includes the ability to "redesign" people's bodies to almost any specification.

He uses the computer to give himself a "super-virile" body, capable of a virtually unlimited number of erections and ejaculations - and then proceeds to transform his male enemies into beautiful women and induce in them a strong sexual desire towards himself. However, a computer breakdown restores to these captives their normal minds. Though they are still in women's bodies, these bodies were designed with great strength and stamina, so as to enable them to undergo repeated sexual encounters.

Thus, they are well-equipped to chase, catch and suitably punish their abuser. Set on an alien planet, Octavia E. Butler 's acclaimed short story " Bloodchild " depicts the complex relationship between human refugees and the insect-like aliens who keep them in a preserve to protect them, but also to use them as hosts for breeding their young. In Robert Silverberg 's novella Homefaring , the protagonist enters the mind of an intelligent lobster of the very far future and experiences all aspects of lobster life, including sex: There was no apparent pleasure in it, as he remembered pleasure from his time as a human.

Yet it brought him a subtle but unmistakable sense of fulfillment, of the completion of biological destiny, that had a kind of orgasmic finality about it, and left him calm and anchored at the absolute dead center of his soul". When finally returning to his human body and his human lover, he keeps longing for the lobster life, to "his mate and her millions of larvae ". Quentin and Alice, the extremely shy and insecure protagonists of Lev Grossman 's fantasy novel The Magicians , spend years as fellow students at a School of Magic without admitting to being deeply in love with each other.

Only the experience of being magically turned into foxes enables them at last to break through their reserve: It was a sharp, acrid, skunky musk that probably would have smelled like cat piss to a human being, but to a fox it was like a drug. He tackled the source of the smell, buried his snuffling muzzle in her fur, because he had known all along, with what was left of his consciousness, that what he was smelling was Alice.

Vulpine hormones and instincts were powering up, taking over, manhandling what was left of his rational human mind. He locked his teeth in the thick fur of her neck. It didn't seem to hurt her any, or at least not in a way that was easily distinguishable from pleasure. He caught a glimpse of Alice's wild, dark fox eyes rolling with terror and then half shutting with pleasure. Their tiny quick breathes puffed white in the air and mingled and disappeared. Her white fox fur was coarse and smooth at the same time, and she made little yipping sounds every time he pushed himself deeper inside her.

He never wanted to stop" [25]. When resuming their human bodies, Quentin and Alice are initially even more shy and awkward with each other, and only after going through some harrowing magical experiences are they finally able to have human sex. Lois McMaster Bujold explores many areas of sexuality in the multiple award-winning novels and stories of her Vorkosigan Saga ongoing , which are set in a fictional universe influenced by the availability of uterine replicators and significant genetic engineering.

These areas include an all-male society, promiscuity , monastic celibacy , hermaphroditism, and bisexuality. In the Mythopoeic Award -winning novel Unicorn Mountain , Michael Bishop includes a gay male AIDS patient among the carefully drawn central characters who must respond to an irruption of dying unicorns at their Colorado ranch. The death of the hedonistic gay culture , and the safe sex campaign resulting from the AIDS epidemic, are explored, both literally and metaphorically.

Sex has a major role in Harry Turtledove 's novel A World of Difference , taking place on the planet Minerva a more habitable analogue of Mars. Minervan animals including the sentient Minervans are hexameristically radially symmetrical. This means that they have six eyes spaced equally all around, see in all directions and have no "back" where somebody could sneak on them unnoticed.

Females referred to as "mates" by the Minervans give birth to litters that consist of one male and five females, and the "mates" always die after reproducing because of torrential bleeding from the places where the six fetuses were attached; this gives a population multiplication of 5 per generation if all females live to adolescence and reproduce. Females reach puberty while still hardly out of childhood, and typically experience sex only once in the lifetime - leading to pregnancy and death at birth-giving.

Thus, in Minervan society male dominance seems truly determined by a biological imperative - though it takes different forms in various Minervan societies: The American women arriving on Minerva and discovering this situation consider it intolerable; a major plot element is their efforts, using the resources of Earth medical science, to find a way of saving the Minervan females and let them survive birth-giving. At the end, they do manage to save a particularly sympathetic Minervan female - potentially opening the way for a complete upheaval in Minervan society.

Glory Season by David Brin is set on the planet Stratos, inhabited by a strain of human beings designed to conceive clones in winter, and normal children in summer. All clones are female, because males cannot reproduce themselves individually. Further, males and females have opposed seasons of sexual receptivity; women are sexually receptive in winter, and men in summer.

This unusual heterogamous reproductive cycle is known to be evolutionarily advantageous for some species of aphids. The novel treats themes of separatist feminism and biological determinism. Elizabeth Bear 's novel Carnival revisits the trope of the single-gender world , as a pair of gay male ambassador-spies attempt to infiltrate and subvert the predominately lesbian civilization of New Amazonia, whose matriarchal rulers have all but enslaved their men. To begin with the protagonist, Prince Tobin, is to all appearances a male - both in his own perception and in that of others.

Boys who swim naked together with Tobin have no reason to doubt his male anatomy. Yet, due to the magical reasons which are an important part of the plot, in the underlying, essential identity Tobin had always been a disguised girl. Lateral Magazine, The freedom of a genre: Sexuality in speculative fiction: Alternatively, two mothers, one of whom bares a child. In a nod to the always-progressive Netherlands, this country is the only country progressive enough to allow opposite sex marriage.

This is perhaps the most obvious example of cognitive estrangement. A heterosexual reader would not only be able to identify with the main character, but be immersed in a world as oppressive and bigoted as the real world has been for homosexuals and the queer community throughout history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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