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Alexander Technique And Bike Riding

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You want your shoulders as free as possible, and not lifted unnecessarily. Think of your legs moving away from your torso. Using the Alexander Technique while bike riding includes using at least two sets of hinge joints. You can pivot forward using the hip joints, and look up using the AO joints.

Alexander Technique And Bike Riding

Think of your neck being as free as possible. Here is one on cycling and AT. Alexander Technique And Bike Riding.

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Mark has maintained a full-time Alexander Technique teaching practice in New York City since his national certification in August 15th, 0 Comments. January 15th, 0 Comments. October 14th, 0 Comments.

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March 10th, 0 Comments. Mark Josefsberg August 31, at 5: Rajesh February 22, at 4: But, he goes home, and sits slumped with head down, infront of his wife.

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Mark Josefsberg February 26, at 5: Geetha April 29, at 8: Mark Josefsberg April 29, at 4: Hi Geetha, You want your shoulders as free as possible, and not lifted unnecessarily. The Alexander Technique Report November 18, at 5: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. I am currently in school and since I am always carrying a…. Yes, but it is not necessarily what one would call mechanically advantageous posture, but if you ride with good use head to toe, you will probably not have any physical problems. Good use means you use your body applying Alexander Technique principles that help you choose the most effortless way to use your musculature and skeleton to get the maximum results out of riding.

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When you ride taking it easy, you can be fully upright or pivoted forwards from your sit bones on the seat with a head, neck, and spine in mechanically advantageous alignment head to sit bones sitting fully upright. Let the bicycle seat fully support your upper body, and let your legs release out of your hip joints. The hip joints are the juncture between the torso and the legs, not the waist. The waist is simply an imaginary dividing line that bisects the lumbar spine.

Alexander Technique on a Bike | Alexander Technique NYC

When you treat your sit bones as the feet of the torso in sitting, two things happen — you provide a platform for the whole torso, and you free up your legs to only pedal without supporting the weight of the body. You want to do this without tension, compression, and collapse. I know that collapse seems like a funny word to use here.

What is so common in athletic activities is that we collapse into poor posture, and then we create muscular tension around the collapse for support.