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You reminded me to seek beauty in this broken world and to not be fearful. The goodness of God—yes! In one podcast, he talks about being being young and somewhat of a know-it-all in theological discussions with his father-in-law. Without it I cannot see things here as they really are: He works eternally, in patience and with vision, and I usually protest, precisely because I momentarily lapse from this eschatological vision that invigorates and kindles the spirit of ardent Christians that do not.

It really made an impact on me when I was actively contemplating how to nurture my children in the Faith. It helped me come to the conclusion that following Christ demands everything, so why should I present a sugar-coated version of it to my kids? I only ask, because to my mind, Christianity is not a culture, but rather transcends and transforms human cultures. In other words, it is possible to be an Eskimo, Greek, Columbian, etc. Christians put on Christ, not a particular culture.

Is this what you mean by countercultural? For they neither inhabit cities of their own, nor employ a peculiar form of speech, nor lead a life which is marked out by any singularity. The course of conduct which they follow has not been devised by any speculation or deliberation of inquisitive men; nor do they, like some, proclaim themselves the advocates of any merely human doctrines.

But, inhabiting Greek as well as barbarian cities, according as the lot of each of them has determined, and following the customs of the natives in respect to clothing, food, and the rest of their ordinary conduct, they display to us their wonderful and confessedly striking method of life. They dwell in their own countries, but simply as sojourners. As citizens, they share in all things with others, and yet endure all things as if foreigners.

Every foreign land is to them as their native country, and every land of their birth as a land of strangers. They marry, as do all [others]; they beget children; but they do not destroy their offspring. They have a common table, but not a common bed. They are in the flesh, but they do not live after the flesh. They pass their days on earth, but they are citizens of heaven. They obey the prescribed laws, and at the same time surpass the laws by their lives. They love all men, and are persecuted by all.

Orthodox Christianity, Culture and Religion, Making the Journey of Faith

They are unknown and condemned; they are put to death, and restored to life. They are poor, yet make many rich; they are in lack of all things, and yet abound in all; they are dishonoured, and yet in their very dishonour are glorified. They are evil spoken of, and yet are justified; they are reviled, and bless; they are insulted, and repay the insult with honour; they do good, yet are punished as evil-doers. When punished, they rejoice as if quickened into life; they are assailed by the Jews as foreigners, and are persecuted by the Greeks; yet those who hate them are unable to assign any reason for their hatred.

Agata, I remember reading a quote from one of the contemporary Elders that had a very similar sense to Fr. Please forgive me for drawing attention to myself. I try to take Fr. I study them at least once a week.

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I make an effort to follow a simple rule of prayer and do all the other things he says. I try to do the same with Matthew We help feed, house and clothe the poor with charitable contributions, but we have actually taken some folks in, fed them, housed them and clothed them. I visit the sick. I mean actually go to a healthcare facility and visit sick people. The same with prisoners. I actually go to a jail and visit prisoners. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that taking someone in, feeding them, housing them and clothing them, visiting the sick, and visiting prisoners are all countercultural things to do.

They are also relatively easy to do. Striving daily to follow Fr. Please do not commend me for anything I do. I am miserable servant who only does what he has been commanded to do, and I do a poor and inadequate job. That is why I also say the Jesus prayer as often as I can. God knows I am sinner and need all the mercy He can give to me. The Letter to Diogenes is an oft-quoted passage. It particularly gets applied in our modern cultures — and I think can be misleading. There is a very strong strain within modern theology — associated most strongly with Reinhold Niebuhr. Many people would espouse his point of view without ever knowing its source.

My own objections to their work and thought is that it lacks the disjunction between the Church and the world seen in the Letter to Diogenes. That letter clearly sees Christians as being put to death for their beliefs. They are not about re-making Roman society — but living faithful to the gospel. We do not belong to this world.

And though we might live peaceably within a culture — not dressing strange except our priests — except that we ought to dress modestly and avoid many of the fashions of the moment. But simply living faithfully is the only thought we should have. American Christians are deeply afflicted with modern thought — meaning that we want to fix everything. There are many other aspects of the philosophy of modernity that should be put away. Were we more faithful to the gospel — our lives would be far more distinct than they are at present.

Father, Thank you for that reminder. I actually use that at work a lot, when the conversations turn political or less often religious. I try to stand up for my Orthodox Faith rather strong at work. With non-believers it is usually met with a condescending smirk. I am very glad that this is not the case.

Everything you wrote, Fr. Freeman, is what I believe as a Christian; indeed, our only thought should be to abide faithfully in Christ. It is as you say: It is our hearts that are transformed by Christ so that we become His hands and feet in the world. But I wonder, are feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and clothing the naked really counter-cultural in America? The most dangerous aspect of modernity is that it does value these things.

Dino, I also have a question regarding your comment: Would it be worded to ask God for trust, consolation, reassurance? Or would it be worded as thanksgiving and request for help to endure? Or is there an even better way? Agata I think that it is very simple: The greater our faith for the heavenly, the smaller our worry for the earthly…. It is our foundational ascesis.

Life is found in this poised stillness and death is the fruit of dispersion from it. It is not up to you to ward them off. Thoughts are only expelled by the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit will come and fill the place and transform it little by little. We have a tendency to worry and then become saddened as Christians about the world, ourselves, sufferings, the times etc etc. The Lord incarnate Himself gave us the ultimate equilibrium as a yardstick: Dino, Thank you so much! Wonderful words for me to process and try to practice. I really appreciate you taking the time. I hope others are blessed by reading them too.

Each in context was an expression of patient humility and conciliation in the face of opposition.

Best of Fr. Stephen Somerville

Clearly this is not the way in which your father-in-law uttered it. Probably there are other phrases each of us might find unique to our personalities and contexts that could communicate much the same thing in situations where we are in conflict with another. I love that account of your father-in-law. I thought you said you were an atheist! We agree that we are happy in our own beliefs, but is that enough witness on my part?

There is no need to elaborate. Probably the best thing to do is to leave that ball in his court. You are not required to close the discussion, so to speak. Sue, Modernity devalues personal, face-to-face encounter and in its place prioritizes materialistic, or economic, support. For Modernity, everything is about education and economics.

Existential Despair and Moral Futility

Only the most limited, shallow contact is actually condoned. It is utterly inhuman. As Christians, we should do as Christ does: Sadly, we are products of our time and rarely do so. There is no easy answer to the issue and you are correct: Modernity thrives on the homogenous and the nebulous. The sharp distinction s offered by the fullness of Christ are anathema to it.

If I may, I want to tell you what he liked the most so far: He is a theoretical physicist so we agreed he represented the scientist. I represent the lowly engineer. To which the engineer said: Father and Sue, Thank you for your comments. By the way, I forgot to mention that we never watch commercial television. We only watch non-commercial programs and we only watch one hour a night, at the most. My wife reads the newspaper but I have not paid attention to the news for two years, except for strictly local news.

We rarely go the movies or the theatre. We never listen to commercial radio. We use the internet for shopping and email and I confess that I enjoy participating in Facebook, so there is that. I also like Pandora and Spotify. I also want to mention that helping and housing the homeless has its benefits. We have had many homeless volunteers wash the cars, clean the house, take out the trash, do the dishes, cut the lawn and weed eat.

My house was painted by a homeless man who was living with us. They have also performed many repairs. In addition, I have many friends who I have met in healthcare facilities and jail. There are mean people, yes, but in my experience most people are actually good and kind and grateful for any help you can give them. Almost everyone I know, be they homeless, sick, a prisoner, or a successful professional, are doing the best they can with what they have got.

My belief that the overwhelming majority of people, especially the poor, are decent, good and kind may be the most counter-cultural thing about me. At least in this culture. It sounds like you are doing fine just being yourself with him. One thing that comes to mind is something Mother Teresa said about evangelizing the Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus she encountered. She said she just would encourage these to be the best Muslim, Hindu or whatever they could be which I took to mean encouraging them to live up to the best moral insights of their own traditions, trusting God to work in their consciences using what they already knew of Him in that way , and that faith in Christ was not hers to impart, but could only be given as a gift by God.

Thus she could pray these might receive that gift, but she recognized the limits of her power to impart faith to another. Karen and Byron, Thank you for your comments. It is so true that Faith is a gift from God. And I only pray that I am not an impediment to others. Thus, Orthodox are as likely to mis-characterize the Ben Op as any other Christian, though it must be understood that few have actually read the book and are relying on others to inform them what it says.

Too few on all levels laity, clergy, etc. Stephen sticks out to the degree he does…. Agatha — Everyone has a god. The most important thing in your life, the thing that you live for, the reason you get up in the morning, that is your god. So you might ask your friend how he knows tha he has the right god. She would never be ashamed of her faith. And I believe she lives it out the best she knows. I commend her forthrightness. There should be no pressure to, either from within or without.

If we are living an authentic Christian life as best we know, then opportunities will come our way, very naturally. They need never be forced. For me to sow seed is enough. I will leave it to God to give the increase. Dean, All I can say is Thank You. For these words and your advice and guidance in the past.

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It has been a Grace filled conversation. I really appreciate this conversation about how to live the Christian life. I am responding inwardly to so many comments! And Dean, yes, I fee less pressure to share my faith than when I was Protestant. But I fear my life will never really reflect Christ, will never show hope, and sometimes I slip into the idea that if I at least share the gospel then I will have done something good.

This is not good thinking. I also know mostly Christians. My circle is small, but I do truly invest in those I know. Should I be deliberate about meeting others, specifically non Christians? Then the relationship is built on using them to be a project and not in love. And then the introvert comes out when new people come to our church…. Most blessed Lord, send the grace of your Holy Spirit on me to strengthen me that I may learn well the subject I am about to study and by it become a better person for Your glory, the comfort of my family, and for the benefit of Yiur Church and the world.

Tomorrow is a new day. As far as meeting new people, I like Fr. Be kind, and gentle with all. You say you truly invest in those around you. And if you can, help five or six others. That captures this better for me. It would just be weird to stand by smiling while watching the suffering of your family. I do not picture either Mary or John standing at the Cross smiling while Christ is dying — nor does the Church picture them in that manner. But, as inspirational as they are, they can create a burden of cognitive dissonance in the minds of some when they sorrow and grieve.

Father I know that there is always the danger of that. Russian tradition often likes this I think. Valaam and Essex come to mind. Although Elder Sophrony would say it is the loss of joy that are times are in greater danger of rather than the loss of spiritual mourning. In fact they would usually mourn for all in private while simultaneously thanking God for his grace and ping pong between those two states. Father, Dino is the only person I know who can say such things because he personally lived through the actual horror of saving his family from the fiery furnace in those Athens fires in July.

I thank God every day that we did not loose him that day, and that he still is able to share his deep knowledge of Orthodoxy with us. I am inspired by these reminders to keep going despite so many temptations and reasons to be depressed and overwhelmed by the cares of this world in my own personal life and in the affairs of the world.

But it was only really from Dino that I learnt that it is a sin to murmur against God in our difficulties. Somehow I never heard that anywhere before, or at least it did not register with me. Zacharias tells stories about how people get cured from the worst depression when they start practicing thanksgiving. So maybe the smile on our face does more than we know….

Although Elder Sophrony would say it is the loss of joy that our times are in greater danger of rather than the loss of spiritual mourning. He normally said that when he communicated that there is a greater danger of despair than of overconfidence in most. God knows how to humble the proud. But we need to cultivate hope. He is after all a priest and pastor of long experience and with support for his work from his Bishop. Dee, I think that an essential clarification is required here.

That should go without saying and could have terrible consequences. Since Agata mentioned the fires, I was reminded of how Elder Aimilianos faced the great fire of in Simonopetra with absolute calm and joy accepting even this as a divine blessing! Orthodox Lenten contrition with such a strong emphasis on weeping, is undeniably one of underlying joy: Let us give ourselves to spiritual efforts. It is rather the quintessentially Christian power of the Cross, which confers strength according to our partaking in weakness, suffering and death.

The most closely conformed to Christ in His sufferings are the Martyrs. Also, given that it comes first, your observation would not work. Father, Forgive me for pressing the point but the expression occurs twice, both times after our Lord being moved: When the expression occurs in Matthew 9: Sounds cold and distant to me. I prefer Jesus wept, and will think of Him weeping with those in grief. He is all things to all people.

I feel like a fool to argue a point of Greek with you — but in this one I disagree. He is not enthralled with the passions. Karen… a very generous thought. I think that by Jesus crying with us is overpowering in and of itself…that He identifies with us, because He became one of us. Our Lord and our God wept at the death of His friend. As the giver of life, He knows the grievousness of death, its senselessness…even though He knew He would very shortly conquer death by His death.

That kind of love is only sane thing I can hold onto during the insanity. He shows me not only that it is ok to grieve, but that He identifies with it and is with me…in the dark hours too, when no one else is. That is all I need to know. And I certainly can not imagine Him expecting some kind of self control at such a time.

The Greek that is being discussed is not contemporary Greek, but Koine, and is as much a matter of scholarly understanding as it is anything. When it comes to Christ Himself, there is much written in the doctrine and teaching of the Church. This does not make Him less than human — but truly human. The disordering of our emotions, just like our bondage to the passions, distorts our humanity rather than expressing it. And He is deeply moved again after He weeps. Though He knows He will raise Lazarus from the dead, death is still a terrible thing, and enemy. Christ is moved and acts.

This, I think, is the proper and traditional reading of the passage. It was the reference to the snorting horse which made me think of meekness—strength under control. The mutual respect might not be as evident to all in having this conversation on the comments section — with all the detailed explanations of our respective backgrounds. The different backgrounds or predefined translational understandings, even when one is correct and the other one uses some creative license, usually contain some fascinating good-will behind them anyway. Finding some beautiful words struggling wonderfully to comprehend the incomprehensibility of divine Incarnation in this and other passages on how Christ is at once, not just thoroughly human, but all of Man, and not just utterly divine, but all of God.

I will make a note for the future. My reflection about the discussion was fueled, as you have expressed also, in the assumption of a certain goodwill and accurate insights behind the efforts of all translators. It was also rooted in convictions formed from my background and continuing interest in the insights gained from the discipline of psychology with those of the Tradition also brought to bear on this. My psychological knowledge is both theoretical and applied in my own case, as I have loved ones with mental illness and have spent time working through some of my own maladaptive responses with Christian therapists in the past as well as majoring in psych in college.

It was my observations that it is not only disordered emotions which need to be subject to godly control, but even perfectly healthy, rightly-ordered and appropriate human God-given emotional responses which outward expression we need sometimes to self-moderate for the well-being of others who may, through weakness or immaturity, be ill-equipped to bear the full weight of our perceptions and honest responses to them. One thinks of parents who suffer through some tragedy with their young children, who need to help their children through grief by not throwing the full weight of their own adult grief onto their children, but rather offering their children adult strength and support.

An image came to my mind this morning as I was reading all of this. That wail would shake the universe to its foundations. Indeed, on the Cross, the earth shook, the sky was darkened. And, even that, was, no doubt, deeply muted. Lewis in the October issue of Magnificat. He says it far better than I could ever hope:. A cleft has been opened in the pitiless walls of the world, and we are invited to follow our great Captain inside.

The following him is, of course, the essential point…. It may be possible for each to think too much of his own potential glory hereafter; it is hardly possible for him to think too often or too deeply about that of his neighbor. It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship, or else a horror and a corruption such as you now meet, if at all, only in a nightmare. All day long we are, in some degree, helping each other to one or other of these destinations.

It is in the light of these overwhelming possibilities, it is with the awe and the circumspection proper to them, that we should conduct all our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilization—these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit—immortal horrors or everlasting splendors. This does not mean that we are to be perpetually solemn. But our merriment must be of that kind and it is, in fact, the merriest kind which exists between people who have, from the outset, taken each other seriously—no flippancy, no superiority, no presumption.

And our charity must be a real and costly love, with deep feeling for the sins in spite of which we love the sinner—no mere tolerance or indulgence which parodies love as flippancy parodies merriment. Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses. If he is your Christian neighbor he is holy in almost the same way, for in him also Christ vere latitat —the glorifier and the glorified, Glory himself, truly is hidden.

This emphasis appears to be in the opposite direction of Fr. Thanks for that quote Sue. They just want to survive. Even on the most generous and plausible reading, how do you square it with the NT? But as Dee and Paula have noted there is more here than just exegesis. There is the great pastoral concern of Fr.

Freeman which weighs-in on everything he writes or says. So, I see first Christ deeply moved here at the death of a beloved friend and at the enemy, death itself. Sue, thank you too for the Lewis quote. It has been some years since I read it. Additionally, I do see other significant to me differences. One is the ability really, a gift to discern that which is being said by each person, and then to clearly and sensibly express your own assessment Father has this down pat.. In the end those who have this ability are the ones who others look to for clarification.

But even in the best of times we miss the mark. We can at least agree that we are fallen. Another thing I noticed while reading the archives…. It was generally pleasant, even amid the disagreements. It was edifying, with one comment following another pretty much in one accord. I felt like I was sitting in my old church where we were all giving our testimony for the week, thankful and praising the goodness of God.

Father…any thoughts about this? I know you have said that the tension and division in the world has never been as it is these days. Thank you all…for all your comments. I know that at a certain point, for me, I became more willing to confront certain things — perhaps it was after my heart attack. However, public discourse has been steadily declining in civility for quite some time. By comparison to other places — this one is irenic.

Also, I think that the comments section has varied over the years with the coming and going and coming of certain personalities. Freeman and Christopher, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I explained my thoughts about it in a comment I submitted last night that, in wisdom, Father saw fit to remove. I am not familiar with Niebuhr at all. In trying to speak plainly about my faith and ask questions about the Orthodox Church, I am met with terminology and names I have never before encountered. They knelt before Bishop Wuerl, and, with their hands between those of the bishop, promised respect and obedience to him and his successors.

The bishop invited everyone to prepare for the central acts of ordination with fervent prayer. The elect prostrated themselves as the cantor led the assembly in calling upon Jesus, asking the prayer of the saints and offering the intercessions of the community. In the most solemn gesture of the ordination rite, Bishop Wuerl silently laid his hands on the head of the two elect.

The other priests who were present also laid their hands on the elect to signify their solidarity in the priestly ministry. As the elect knelt, the bishop called upon the Holy Spirit to impart on them the grace and dignity of the priesthood. The newly ordained priests then put on the garments of their order. Bishop Wuerl then extended to the new priests his fraternal greeting, as did other representatives of the presbyterate.

As the Mass concluded, Bishop Wuerl said nobody comes to an ordination alone. Eight of the youth leaders, described as having gone above and beyond the call of youth ministry, were given special recognition at the event. Elias Centre, where the event was held. The recipients and their awards were: Don Bosco, was given to Fr. Amesse received the award for his outstanding service to youth in Ottawa as a pastor, Challenge Movement spiritual director and a high school spiritual counsellor. In that way, it is their award. The gala was named after St.

Bisson said he responds to his call every day. An active member of his parish, Holy Redeemer in Kanata, Bisson is a youth lector and a leader of the junior and senior youth group. Bisson says he joined the youth group initially because it provided a safe haven while he was in high school. In addition to practical leadership opportunities, he said being involved with ministry provides an opportunity to give back to the Lord. Youth ministry encourages a certain type of lifestyle with the Lord.

It comes very easily for us within the church because we have had the life of Christ breathed into us by God at Baptism. As he surveyed the damage Saturday afternoon, Father Amesse said the congregation would have to mull over how to clean up the paint, which had been sprayed on windows and brick walls. Richardson drove over to see it for himself, he was stunned. Marty Whan said police had not yet identified any suspects as of Saturday afternoon.

While Glen Cairn United Church neighbours did not see anything suspicious overnight, one woman said the vandalism must have happened in the middle of the night. Ansu Chauhan, who lives across Colony Road, said she saw the upside-down crosses painted on the church, when she woke up at 4: Ottawa police Staff Sgt. Garry Guzzo, the Ottawa MPP who is seeking a public inquiry into the police investigation of a Cornwall pedophile ring, says that Canadian Catholics are giving their church too much credit for its handling of recent sex abuse scandals.

In a national poll commissioned by the Citizen, the National Post and Global TV, Catholics gave the church an average grade of 39 per cent for its handling of the scandals. Guzzo said the grade, though failing, was too high. Father Jeff Shannon, a chaplain to the lay association of the Companions of the Cross, disagreed that the faithful would flee.

He said that many Catholics who advocate allowing priests to marry — a group which includes 82 per cent of those Catholics polled in the national survey — make a spurious connection between the vow of celibacy and sex abuse. Terence Fay, a Jesuit priest and author of A History of Canadian Catholics, called the stance of Canadian Catholics on issues such as marriage for priests typical of the views of people in a progressive western country, but said he doubted the issues would be resolved in the lifetime of his generation or the next.

Yesterday, Archbishop Marcel Gervais blessed and broke the ground for the church that will welcome the congregation of more than 3, people. It will also have an seat worship area, three meeting rooms, a seat parish hall and seat Blessed Sacrament chapel. In February, as he entered the final month before his ordination, Rev. The Hill has 5, employees and I would like to see some sort of chaplaincy developed for the MPs, for the staff. Moving from politics to the priesthood was not a difficult stretch for Rev.

He was ordained with two other priests who came from political backgrounds. Amesse who once ran unsuccessfully for municipal office in Ottawa. But while he preached from the pulpit against abortion and for forgiveness of Third World debt, he had to end his Liberal membership when he entered the priesthood due to the archdiocesan policy. But he does not bridle at not being allowed into the political battles.

Cutting official partisan ties frees him to push on issues with all parties. Partisanship can block your view of issues and we have to be more open and more involved. While there is an historical uneasiness among politicians about mixing religion and politics in a pluralistic society, the Hill does have a religious culture and heritage. He died of leukemia in In the current Parliament, there are several MPs with religious training. Kenney, 31, received Rev.

Kenney, a practising Catholic who has quoted St. Thomas Aquinas in the House, said he will support Rev. Amesse as a chaplain on the Hill. I think that would be unique. I think when you are in that kind of position with that kind of background, partisanship fades into the background. Kenney points to the pace, long hours and temptations of political life that can strain family ties and lead to divorce.

The presence of a priest on the Hill might put things into perspective for members isolated from their families.

It can ground people. Amesse stresses that his role will be to offer spiritual guidance rather than advice on relationships. If you have psychological problems, a priest may not be helping you. Kenney looks to the British Parliament and the U. Congress as political institutions which have clerics to help politicians.

As MPs wrestle with complex and pressing questions such as whether to support the bombing of Serbia, send Canadian troops into battle and the effects of tax policies on families, Mr. There was standing-room only at St. Corkery died on Saturday after suffering a stroke. An entire section of clergymen, dressed in white formal gowns, sat near the front of the dimly-lit church.

Stephen Amesse, a young seminarian doing his pastoral services at St. Corkery left a definite impression on him. Amesse recalled that whenever Msgr. Corkery had friends over for dinner, he expected them to be on time, to finish the meal early, and be on their way. He did, after all, have to rise at five the next morning for mass, reminded Mr. Near the end of the funeral, Msgr. The monsignor was born in St.

After serving as a reserve guard in Germany in , he earned a degree in canon law at St. He returned to St. It holds four masses a day during the week and five masses on the weekend. Two years ago, Msgr. Now, the space is a legacy of his generosity and dedication. Dozens of clergymen from around the city lead the funeral procession out of the church and into the bright sunlight outside. Police had Nepean Street blocked off while parishioners filed out towards a reception in the church hall.

One newcomer to city politics, a previously unsuccessful candidate and a former council assistant are vying for the seat vacated by Darrel Kent who is running for regional chair. Improved roads, better bus service and traffic are key issues in Alta Vista, as they were during the past several civic elections. People from the growing south end of the region want easier access to downtown and they will get it by improved transportation links through Alta Vista. The parkway will be constructed on vacant National Capital Commission land on the east side of the ward.

Hume says the project should be implemented with sensitivity because it will run past several residential communities in the ward. Amesse says the residents are concerned about noise and air pollution, especially if truck traffic is allowed on the road. Amesse suggests lower speed limits on the parkway and a ban on truck traffic. Rising city taxes and the quality of municipal services residents receive are two other major issues in Alta Vista. The city should hire a person to go around the city, making lists of things that need to be replaced or are deficient.

Amesse says he is concerned about issues such as property taxes, the need for increased tourism, expanded business opportunities and better transportation downtown. A former student for the priesthood at St. Like many other council candidates, Amesse believes the main issue in this election is property taxes. We must put a stop to municipal megaprojects which are poorly conceived and planned. Hume wants the city to emphasize services such as road repairs, police and fire services and parks.

He says Alta Vista should have a community police station to control the increase of crime in the ward. He has worked for the past three years as executive assistant for Alta Vista Coun. Darrel Kent, who is running for regional chair. Hume has a BA honors in economics and has worked as a community volunteer and track and field coach. Rebecca Liff, 53, says she is running for council because she wants more common sense at city hall.

She lost her job as a Revenue Canada taxation officer about 24 years ago because of sensitivity to cigarette smoke in her office. She is married and has two children. During the civic election, she placed last among five candidates including Darrel Kent, who won the seat. Now Liff believes air pollution has become so serious on Bank Street that city council should resolve traffic problems in the area. In one event at Charlebois High School, about 50 people fasted for a hour period, eating nothing except liquids.

In addition to pledges of money, others donated food. Check out this further information on Fr. His bio there is as follows:. Most people live in a dream world and never know the horrors of the world. A friend of mine told me that even after a priest he knew very well, was charged, convicted, and jailed, his father said that he could never have done it, and the trial was fixed. Read through the many heart wrenching V. Who would believe a boy from a broken home, a one parent home, that a priest would do this. Blind faith in a man is a worship of another god. This has been going on for centuries.

Jimmy I question everything man makes now. They makes saints by the handful. So why not question them. I could never put my trust in the hierarchy of the church ever again. Just because he was a pope does he get a pass. Ezekiel 34 is perfect. They not watching the flock and the flock is scattering far and wide from them. This would be a great lead in for the anti pope to rear his ugly head. A great leader to bring the flock back only to lead them to the slaughter.

Should we not question and seek answers to questions that need answering. Give only enough so as to sustain your own churches bills. They have more money that most countries and own more land than anyone here on earth. The pope has almost been in power for 2 years. How many pedophile priest, bishops cardinals have been defrocked? Miecul — God promised to get his sheep in Ezekiel 34 if He needed to — He will. Then Vatican comms people seemed to contradict him like they have on other occasions later… I get the feeling that we are about to see a mass defrocking but only time will tell.

If this pope has proven anything it is that he has no problem firing people regardless of their position. Father Stephen Amesse was scheduled to appear again in court on January 12, Did he appear in court at that time and, if so, what transpired? I am waiting for a call back to get his next courtdate John.

As soon as I get word I will post the information. On those occasions they are not required to be there. The charges against Father Amesse were laid December It will probably be quite a few months before he appears in court. Reading through these articles…is it not just a bit weird that this priest left the seminary after a fellow seminarian confessed to him that they were abused; then returned for ordination; then was present when that poor student tragically died in a school explosion; then wrote the Catholic document about the abuse scandal, From Pain to Hope, with Archbishop of Ottawa Terrence Prendergast, and others charged later with abuse….

Been around the block. Knows where the skeletons are stored? We know by now that they tend to run together, in circles. I would love to know what the whole story is here…. Who — in a position of power — might be trying to help save him? And — for what reason. I hope one day we will look back…. Agathe, there are 2 people, one a Parish priest, Fr. Kevin Beach, who no doubt have an interest in this matter Bothe practiced Law before becoming a Priest, and both, I think, are Canon Lawyers.

I just read the exchange below between Beach and Sylvia. Which order is in charge of what problems — who will listen to the survivors — when they all pass the buck? And yes, what are the responsibilities of an incoming bishop? Just how — do they learn? An angry individual who no one was listening to?

There is a creepy thread in this power circle that connects to older priests abusing seminarians. Then we have Pendergast as archbishop — in charge of ordinations. As well, I wonder why have the media suddenly stopped reporting his court dates? I know much more about this man and his recent parish but feel like I am in a rubber raft in a sea filled with piranhas.. This is part of the legal process which seems to go on and on and on forever jesse.

These first wave of courtdates are heard in remand court — there will be another courtdate set. Usually there is nothing of great note happening other than one side or the other perhaps requesting , for example, disclosure of certain documents, or a request for more time to read through files, or simply a request for another court date. The hearings are over and done with in a flash. Remand court handles a whole series of such cases each day it sits — there many be 20 or 30 or more.

Often it is a Justice of the Peace on the bench. Each case is called and addressed ever so briefly and an agreement is made on the next court date. In the case of priests, they usually are not in court for this series of courtdates other than for the first appearance Father Amesse managed to avoid that. Their own lawyer may or maybe there or may send a representative from the firm to speak to the issue. If a Crown has been assigned to handle the file the same holds true: These dates will continue until a decision is made to take the the case to trial, or the accused enters a guilty plea.

I often refer to this part of the process as the revolving door. It will probably carry on for at least a year from the time charges are laid, sometimes longer. Preliminary hearings are open to the public, but are generally always under a publication ban of all evidence and testimony. The media can attend.

No one can publicly report evidence or testimony. I guess for the legal system this is pretty good progress…. My sincere prayers to all involved. I wish more could be done to speed things up. Please note that this is NOT his trial. This is a routine part of the process of the charges moving to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice after he was committed to stand trial in that court. Father Amesse will probably NOT be in court on Friday — whether he is or is not there, and the proceedings will be over in a matter of minutes with another court date set.

I still encourage those who can do so to attend. While there is usually nothing of great significance happening at these court dates, it sometimes can be interesting. Please keep the complainant in your prayers. Note that this is NOT open to the public. The accused — in this case Father Amesse — is usually not present. According to her, Amesse had been helping with the recent restoration work being done on the church and he had a good rapport with parishioners. I am quite certain that this will NOT be open to the public — it is lawyers from both sides meeting with the judge, usually in chambers.

I have left a message and am awaiting a call back to either confirm or refute this. It often takes one business day to get the call back, so, there may be no further news until tomorrow afternoon. The one for sure is that the next court date is 09 May The pre-trial scheduled for 09 May will be conducted in chambers. It is NOT open to the public. This is the norm for pre-trials here In some provinces the lingo is different and what we in Ontario refer to as a preliminary hearing they refer to as a pre-trial. I will find out the next day what his next court date is and post.

Mike, his ears are blocked by the wax from some candles he stood too close to at some point while he secretly viewed his next victims.

Amesse: Father Stephen Amesse

I know people who think he is great- so that is what kind of an upside-down world we live in. A trial date has been set. The trial, scheduled to run for seven days next year, will commence Monday 06 March For him to have been released on bond is absurd. He deserves to stay in prison for the remainder of his life. You are assuming he is guilty! No other victims have even come forward and the guys who claims he did this has a long sorted history of making unfounded accusations against many people. I just cannot understand what proof do all these people have to keep saying he is actually guilty!

What a cruel bunch you are. I have read about it many times more. In this case no sooner were the charges laid than this young man and his family were being dragged through the gutter and their every action and word blown out of proportion. Thank goodness I was in court to witness and hear the animus first hand. Thank goodness I had the good fortune to meet and spend time with the complainant, his family and friends.

They are good decent people who are going through an extremely difficult time. You call yourself a devout catholic but are the first one to throw the stone? Devout Catholic, have you heard about praying for everyone? I believe Jesus said this, or, what kind of Catholic faith do you profess? And by the way, I hope you are objective and fair enough to let this comment be published and not only the ones that are convenient to you….

If you are going to be reporting facts then please get them straight and stop favoring one party or the other till they have been tried. You should be ashamed of yourself. Even the priests who are guilty are very sick individuals and need serious help!!!! Priests do not rape children because they are attracted to children…… no they pick their victims because children are easier to keep quiet.

There are many survivors on this site, all your comments are is insulting. If it is only the victims who know what they are capable of…. Charges date to — relate to allegations of sex abuse of a year-old boy — police say the abuse happened at a church. I support you Kelly no matter how much they insult or disagree with us…people NEEDS to be fair, although it is kind of understandable that if they are victims they will believe anyone who claims to be a victim even if their facts are not straight.

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March 14, at 4: There was no rape charge here. In was at trial and everyone including the police had their own lawyers this case is messed up on many levels. When a rape case is in the courts the charge is sexual assault …….. Most of us on this site have either gone through the court process or like me are currently going through this process.

I was at the trial there is no rape in this trial. His entire testimony is now in question…. I think anyone in any position of authority who commits these disgusting Crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of then law and even more please dont twist my words. Joe B, thank you for your very intelligent and compassionate input. Evidently some people are also ignorant of what defines sexual assault. Faulting the victim is cruel beyond belief. Sitting in that courtroom, watching the pedophile supporters snickering and rolling their eyes was an ugly and unfair attempt to minimize the serious nature of his crimes.

These insensitive and juvenile behaviours, exhibited by adults, only added to the trauma of the victim and inflicted further pain on the family. The pedophile supporters blind sheep are completely heartless and lacking in compassion. I wonder how they would be were it their child?

If these facts alone do not cause you to question the innocence of the accused, then you have no heart and are solely lacking in intelligence. May God have mercy on you because you have no souls. Just my own personal opinion. You think the complainant has ulterior motives? Who would put themselves through this devastating ordeal were it not true? This is exactly why others do not come forward. Those who do, are heroes in my eyes.

How many children has this particular victim saved from the same fate at the hands of a predator hiding behind a priests robes? As an adult, ignorance is reckless and irresponsable. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I suggest you pull your head out of the sand. Comments like yours is enough to keep other victims silenced.

Perhaps you are on payroll for the church and you are seeking job security. Her comments are insulting, sadly I have met her kind many times in my own case. These supporters of rapists have no class, and I feel like they are just as responsible for the abuse as the accused, but that is just my opinion. Brenda, the thought did cross my mind that this one may be employed by the church. What other reason does she have to come here, beating the drum for the accused, while calling the victim a liar? How in the name of all that is good and holy could ANYONE think it would be prudent to buy a young man or young woman a body shaver?

Gives me the creeps big time! Ask any reputable Doctor who is the most difficult person in the world to diagnose. I strongly suspect a personality disorder here. Father Amesse is not capable of assuming responsibility for his actions. He has convinced himself that he is perfectly fine, and everyone else in the world is nuts.