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The plot of the hard right is to assassinate Prince Charles and install Prince William on the throne, to insure the continuity of the monarchy. You will not be able to put it down. Paperback , pages. Published October 23rd by Dandelion Enterprises first published January 16th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Prince Must Die

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Nov 19, Becky Reed added it Recommends it for: The view of many in the old philosophies hold that power is an illusion and the right illusion must be created. Tactics and intrigue working toward the assassination of Charles open a fascinating world that Miss Marple and Poirot would not recognize in an England where a break down of law and order coincides with developing racism and the cultural integration of immigrants.

The Prince Must Die by Gower Leconfield

Men in posts of influence find concern at the mediocrity under Prince Charles and feel that the purpose of class divisions presupposed everyone belonged somewhere. This idea imbued a country with a civility making it unique on the world stage.

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Some in the old order of politicians also tout the belief that Thatcher and Blair did everything to undermine the national identity for the sake of the marketplace, thus allowing mystically British traditions to be tainted by new world approaches. As we view the citizenry of the country wishing to recapture the pride of being English, Leconfield explores the irresistable interest in lineage of heads of monarchy, comparable to the silver spoon elite in America.

We are introduced to social changes in a police force integrating women on a large scale into positions of management and supervision as a counterbalance to the requirements of ascending the throne: Protestant, Church of England, and descendant in male line. In addition, the monarch is expected to be a role model and basis for emotional stability.

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  4. Charles presents a man of contradictions in this realm with his adulterous affair with Camilla and the guilt he feels at knowing his mother must die before he can become king. The marvelous quality of the story centers on a Bavarian prince working as double agent and assassin with gender issues of sexual ambiguity, possible multiple personality disorder, and financial concerns who uses others without hesitation to achieve his connections.

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    Was it a suicide or a murder? Who killed the Prince? With his daughter Emily, he follows the tangled paths of guilt leading in several directions at once. More often than not, it is easier to explain Death than to solve Life. In the Vienna of waltzes, masquerades and Freud, the Prince has died.

    Awash in blood, pistol in hand, clinging to his equally dead seventeen year old lover, Crown Prince Rudolf, heir apparent to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is no more. Was the death of Prince Rudolf a suicide, as the secretive Imperial Palace claims or was it, as widely rumored, murder? And if so, who killed Rudolf Hapsburg? To Victor Moritz — a journalist and a friend of the late Prince — finding the answers to these questions is no longer as vital as it once was.