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The Most Dangerous Man in America?: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition

In he enlisted in the U. After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington and Lee in , Robertson served as the assistant adjutant of the First Marine Division in combat in Korea. He was promoted to first lieutenant in upon his return to the United States. Robertson received a juris doctor degree from Yale University Law School in and a master of divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary in Following the September 11 , terrorist attacks on the United States, Robertson appeared together with Jerry Falwell on the " Club" and declared that the American Civil Liberties Union along with feminists, gays and abortions were responsible for the attacks because their lack of religion had caused God's wrath:.

On November 11, Recently the center filed a lawsuit to block the construction of the Park51, which was intended to be a Muslim community center, in New york City. Sommers tried to use the class to promote anti-Islamic hysteria. In July , Robertson urged the " Club" audience to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court so they could be replaced by conservatives.

PAT ROBERTSON'S VAULT: Pat Robertson Admires Justice Scalia…Even If He IS Catholic (Sept. 9, )

Robertson said in a letter on the CBN Web site that the ruling "has opened the door to homosexual marriage, bigamy, legalized prostitution and even incest. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire? After a lengthy investigation, Virginia's Office of Consumer Affairs determined that Robertson 'willfully induced contributions from the public through the use of misleading statements and other implications. I just enjoy watching horses running and performing. But the resulting furor over Pat's direct participation in a gambling racket eventually caused him to sell the horse a month after the Times story broke" [11] [12].

It's a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with. It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war Asked about the comments at a Pentagon media conference, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said "our department doesn't do that kind of thing. Then Terry said there was a person with a "strange condition," a burning in the legs, who has just been healed. Then Gordon said there's a man with swelling of the sinuses in his right cheek, with much pain behind the right eye, but he is now healed. Someone with a painful right elbow joint no longer has any pain.

Someone with a problematic right hip, limited mobility from a stroke, is now able to walk. Terry said she saw someone with severe stiffness in the neck bone, but didn't know the exact ailment--that person is now healed, terry said. Someone paralyzed on the right side, particularly the right side of the face, has just been healed.

A man with a plate in his skull is having continual problems, and the doctors just don't know what to do. Terry said she saw the bone reforming around the plate and the man's pain was gone, he was now healed. These are the crazy and absurd claims of these so-called "Christians.

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How can they claim to see such healings? How in the world would Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen know who is being healed? How can you see someone's bone reforming inside their head? The Word of God never teaches any such demonic practice. I dare you to show me from the Bible, where God said he would give us some mystical power of being able to see or know what is going on in someone else's body. It is extremely dangerous to dabble in familiar spirits.

The hosts of The Club are leading the public to believe that they have some special power with God, the ability to see who is being healed. It is a psychological scam to seduce suffering people into giving The Club more money. How does a televangelist, who is supposedly involved in non-profit work, manage to create such a fortune for himself?

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One thing is known for sure, Robertson's numerous private business interests have at times pushed their expenses onto the tax-exempt, religious interests of CBN. For example, Robertson was caught using CBN money and equipment to aid his diamond mining operation -- a double good deal for Pat, seeing as he employed people in Zaire for ridiculously low wages, and managed to use CBN's infrastructure to cut costs even more. In looking at Robertson's businesses, one is struck by the constant use of non-profit, donor money to fund his schemes.

Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition. Pat Robertson Supported by Coors Beer! Many will be shocked and saddened by the published statement of Pat Robertson that among his biggest contributors are Joseph and Holly Coors, beer brewing tycoons. When asked at the Religious Newswriters Association after addressing them, in Atlanta , what he thought about the morality of the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages, Robertson replied, "I cannot afford to say anything about that. Then, the Christian television executive gave the reason why: They are very beautiful people and very dear friends — so I cannot afford to say anything about that.

It is a dark day in America when the Dollar Sign neutralizes and destroys the influence of Christian leaders. It is no wonder that the damnable liquor traffic is so firmly entrenched in our country.

The 700 Club - May 22, 2018

And what a tragic day that will be when some of these leaders stand before God! Source of information in this report: The National Statesman Magazine. Does Prayer Guarantee Healing? We read in James 5: Paul couldn't heal his friend Trophimus. Also, Paul couldn't heal his co-laborer in the Lord, Timothy, as Paul mentions Timothy's " often infirmities " 1st Timothy 5: Our responsibility is to pray and wait upon the Lord.

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As we clearly see in the Bible, God doesn't always heal the sick. The Bible states in Isaiah However, this interpretation is clearly erroneous in lieu of the Bible verses I've just shared with you. Just because we are Christians does not guarantee us health, wealth, or prosperity in this sinful world. However, we do not have to die the second death in the Lake of Fire because Christ offers us the free gift of eternal life through faith in Him alone. No amount of prayer guarantees physical or mental healing. The only guarantee we have is concerning Heaven, " For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved " -Romans So many con artists and false prophets are exploiting the Gospel nowadays.

Guatemala's Former Leader Charged with Genocide. Pat Robertson Enabled It

As you will read in the section below, something is very phony about Pat Robertson. It is obvious to the educated Christian, that Satan requires allegiance from those who would become the most successful in this world. This is not surprising as the Bible exposes Satan as the god of this world i. This allegiance is also seen in the corporate world. And tragically, it is also seen in the religious world Pat Robertson, the so-called voice of Christian America, has again been caught 'El Diablo red handed' flashing occult and satanic hand signals during his show.

During Thursday morning's Club program Robertson could clearly be seen displaying the El Diablo hand gesture towards the end of the broadcast. The gesture represents the horned devil, also known as the sign of Il Cornuto and Diabolicus and was fully embraced by modern day Satanic cults. It is now seen as a trendy thing to do amongst heavy metal and Goth fans. They see it as a sign of rebellion against the establishment, which couldn't be further from the truth. Headlines were made last year during Bush's inauguration when the President and his family repeatedly flashed the sign.

US media brushed aside the matter, saying it was in the context of supporting UT Longhorns. However, Europeans were shocked and interpreted the gesture as a salute to Satan. Here is a still of Robertson flashing the signal. Click here for a video montage of the show, which includes Roberts' comments on biometric finger scanning to enter schools and the big brother society, an issue we will explore later. Robertson talks about feeling heat and fire and utters 'Jesus' under his breath moments before he flashes the sign.

This is in the context of Robertson trying to relay power from 'his God' to heal his supporters' physical ailments. First of all it is necessary to remind ourselves of Robertson's previous decidedly un-Christian activities. In April Robertson supported China's brutal policy of forced abortion and said that the Communist country was "doing what they have to do" in keeping population numbers down. It is not Christian to advocate even voluntary abortion on the part of the mother, never mind such a tyrannical model of forced abortion as part of a wider eugenics agenda.

Whenever the subject of implantable chips has been raised on the Club, Robertson has whitewashed the issue, saying that it doesn't represent the mark of the beast and that Christians should not be concerned about it. This directly contradicts the Bible and Revelations. Earlier this year Robertson caused waves when he advocated the assassination of Venezuelan populist president Hugo Chavez. In doing so Robertson is nailing his colors to the wall as a firm minion of the New World Order. Returning to the El Diablo hand gesture, should it worry us that other Christian preachers have also been photographed flashing the sign?

Texe Marrs has been instrumental in bringing this to light and some examples from his book Codex Magica can be seen below. Signs of Satan Video. A collage of other examples of politicians and media personalities flashing the symbol can be found on this page. We do not claim that every example is evidence that the person worships Satan but there is enough material to indicate that something very disturbing is taking place.

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Even if you don't believe in good and evil or God and Satan, the elitists do. Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones are proof that the elite think that engaging in occult practices enhances their power. We did not set out to connect the occult with the Globalists' overall agenda, it just seems that they converge every time we look at it. Experts in the occult have come to the conclusion that flashing the El Diablo sign is an attempt on the part of the individual to draw further power from 'their God' because the Globalists are losing their influence over world events and the natural yearning for truth and liberty is stalling their agenda.