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Add your thoughts 11 Comments. General Comment I love this song so much, I think it's about being in love and wanting the person to fall in love back. No Replies Log in to reply.

There was an error. General Comment I think this is about someone who just dont have to guts or just cannot say what's in his heart to this girl. General Comment i think this is about a failed relationship and he wants it to start up again.

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General Comment I saw Joshua in concert tonight, and he stated that he wrote this song for a girl, but she "would have none of it". He later wrote "The Fear you Won't Fall" for her, and they have been dating for the past year. General Comment i heard the same thing as meagain General Comment It is written for Schuyler Fisk. There's a cute video here: I really love how smitten he seemed to be with her I would love to know the story about the picture in the shoe too!

Someone Else's Life - Songs - Kerrigan-Lowdermilk

Lies and omissions are the central theme of this novel. It opens with an untruth - Rosie is not who she thought she was. And even though this discovery is actually liberating - Rosie won't get Huntington's and she can plan a life without fear - it's also devastating and creates a deep and desperate need to find some context in a connection with her biological parents. But Rosie isn't thinking clearly and she doesn't want to hurt anyone in the way that she has been hurt, so what does she do?

She lies and omits, of course! She doesn't tell Andy her intentions, setting up a dangerous conflict in her most treasured relationship. And when she eventually finds her counterpart, Holly, what does Holly do?

Cynthia Erivo: Someone Else's Story (2014)

Yep, you've guessed it, she lies and omits no spoilers at Bookbag, so I won't say how. You might think all this fibbing is unrealistic, a means of setting up conflict in a piece of fiction. But if you don't lie and omit too, if you're brutally honest with yourself, you'll own up.

It's what we all do.

Someone Else's Life

We don't say what we should say when we should say it. We do this for all sorts of reasons: But we still do it. So for me, Someone Else's Life is very truthful. I loved the characters. Rosie and Holly are both intemperate and impulsive.