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Marketing and Advertising is a Huge Problem for Many Small Businesses…

If you have an online store, consider also having a blog. Regularly updating this blog will see your website feature higher in Google search rankings. Content Marketing goes together with social media marketing. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram help customers discover the content you are producing. Encourage your customers to share photos of them using your product and re-post the images on your accounts.

This user-generated content can be a powerful marketing tool and your community will appreciate the recognition and exposure. Another way to spread your content and market your products is through email marketing. A well-structured marketing email offers higher conversion rates when compared to other forms of marketing and is relatively inexpensive. Instead, mix things up. Newsletters are fine every month or so but should represent just one aspect of your email strategy, alongside special offers, one-off emails with a call to action, surveys and events.

Employing the human touch and following up with customers is a sure-fire way to create a positive feeling around your brand. When they first visit your site, offer a free product or special offer in exchange for their email addresses. This could be a discount code emailed to them, a printable coupon to bring by your store, an email offering free but relevant information, or a subscription to an email newsletter.

Need help building a comms strategy for your website? Offer an opt-in subscription to an emailed newsletter to your social followers, website traffic, and customers.

2. Free marketing opportunities

If the content is fresh and compelling, email newsletters can inspire opens and clicks that drive traffic to your website. A regular email newsletter will help you build a long-term relationship with customers, and will help you measure responses to your products and marketing techniques. People who bought from you once are likely to buy again. Consider offering products similar to the purchase they made, request feedback, send coupons, and invite them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Time to do some snooping. Check out the websites of any competing businesses, and take a look at their offerings, their calls to action, their free content and newsletters, etc. And then ask yourself what you can offer that is unique or different. Seek to compete not only in price, value, and quality but by offering something new and more convenient or helpful. Keep tabs on competitor websites to stay apprised of trends. As a small business owner, the more you can streamline your processes, the more productive your business will become. Here are apps to help. With targeted social ads, you can reach the customers who would most benefit from your offerings and drive them to your website and store.

Social media advertising for your business can be very affordable and effective because you can create customized advertising and posts that reach the demographics and parameters you specify.

7 Tips for Increasing Sales | Small Business BC

Carefully tease relevant content from your website to give your products face time and make clicks irresistible. Social media is often the public face of your small business, so name your accounts carefully and consistently. Make sure to pick a handle that is easy to remember and connect with your business. Cultivate a persona that jives with your business and its market across all platforms, and be strategic about what, when, and where you post. For a professional edge, consider hiring or contracting a social media manager.

Promote website content on each of your channels, but also use social media posts to drive traffic to your other accounts to build followers across each one. A simple post encouraging your Twitter followers to connect on Facebook — complete with a link to your page — would do the trick. The more you dilute your social efforts, the less effective you are on each individual network.

Here are 5 ways to choose the right social platforms for your brand. Connect with businesses and leaders in your field. Like their Facebook pages, comment on posts; invite them to your website, invite them to lunch. It will help you gain exposure among your target audience. A crowdfunding campaign also builds brand loyalty and is very shareable and clickable on your social media accounts. Include links to the campaign on your website, and point visitors to the campaign page back to your website for more information about your other products and services.

You can help your business grow by helping it establish a reputation — a good one, hopefully. Leverage the internet to become known within your market and beyond as an expert in your field. One way to do this online is by creating a Facebook group, not just a company page, especially if you cater to a niche audience.

Invite your customers to ask questions and build relationships. Use the space as a place to offer sales, exclusive offers, and giveaways for your product.

#1 – Word-of-mouth always works!

If your group takes off, it can be a great way to know and understand your audience — and for them to understand you and build long-term loyalty. As a side note, you will need to set group ground rules and find someone to moderate posts and resolve conflicts. People search the web for information to learn and solve problems. If you provide bits of expert, useful information for free — like we try to do here on the DreamHost blog , wink — you will get more hits and better search engine rankings. Create shareable videos, articles, infographics, etc. The goal is to create something useful and creative enough that people already within your network will want to share with their friends and family, which will build more exposure for your brand and bring in more potential customers.

Always include a link back to your website or a call to action offering more information or encouraging a purchase. Share your expertise for free and not just as a marketing stunt. Teach or host classes of interest to your customers in your store or broadcast and archive them online. Or make a how-to video to share on your website and tease with your social media accounts.

Encourage your customers and followers to share their ideas and suggest future topics. Consider regularly asking your customers, on your social media accounts or website blog, to send you questions related to your product or service or its subject area. This works especially well if you are a consultant of some sort. For example, a baby sleep consultant may ask for specific questions from parents weekly and create a video or blog post answering those questions.

HARO is a free website database that connects reporters and sources. A mention in a news outlet builds credibility for your business and provides a great link back to your website if the article is published online.

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Pick small segments of your mailing list to test your different versions on, then send the winning version to your entire list. This is also an effective strategy for direct mail, email marketing and landing pages.

Scaling Your Business Online, the Smart Way

Do you know what traits are shared by your three best customers? Once you have your best customers down, you can create multiple customer profiles for different types of customers for targeting purposes. Personal interaction with customers is a great way to establish relationships and encourage long-term customer loyalty. Public relations and marketing might not be identical, but the end-goal is often similar: When you have a new product, sale, hire, event, charitable contribution or another newsworthy announcement, draft a quick press release to send to local newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, websites and bloggers.

Resources for Entrepreneurs to Start and Grow Successful Businesses

Getting covered just once in your local paper can be enough to boost sales. These ten simple but effective retail marketing tips should help you give your sales a boost and be more efficient with your marketing. This blog post was originally published by VerticalResponse in April and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and relevance.