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During the open studio, the artist in residence Roberta Orlando invites the viewer to investigate on current realities across Europe through a series of interventions.

A small continent which is full of culture and history. In European territory and European Union as well, are facing many issues that underline different points of fragility and strength. This moment can be significant for important changes and opportunities, but everything depends by the action of each state.

A reflection on status quo, cooperation and common interests. Which are the present possibilities? Everybody is invited to participate in this process. It is the 4th of April Following a preplanned sequence of posts, a number of Instagram accounts are now releasing individual images from specific locations in London, Lisbon and Bologna.

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Convidamos tod s para jantarem no Roundabout. Longer periods can also be arranged.

RA is an urban artist-led multidisciplinary art space based in Lisbon formed by a group of artists working through a range of media video, photography, drawing, installation, writing, performance, multimedia, etc. There is no set need for a final outcome to the residency, though if appropriate an open studio or exhibition can be arranged. Os artistas presentes do Roundabout.

RA is an artist-led multidisciplinary art space located in the neighbourhood of Anjos, 10 mins walk from the heart of Lisbon. The space has a total area of m2 including a large common working area, a wooden movement floor, mezzanines, desk areas, kitchen, bathrooms, a small but very sunny outdoor garden and wi-fi. Residencies include an individual desk space and access to all the communal areas.

There is no set need for a final outcome to the residency, though if appropriate an open studio or exhibition can be arranged between the artist and RA networks. Please send an email to contact.

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We currently do not have sleeping facilities in the space but we have a network of contacts through which we can help you find affordable accommodation. In the Assyrian, Greco-Roman and Byzantine empires, as well as in pre-Islamic Iran, veiling and seclusion were marks of prestige and symbols of status. The veil was a sign of respectability but also of a lifestyle that did not require the performance of manual labor.

Its absence was a sign of poverty and prostitution but also of the performance of movement, in the streets and on the fields. It is the practice of veiling that makes women s absence omnipresent and turns the veil into cause and symbol of political, social and religious controversy. While the politics of the veil can be divided into two main reactions, against or for the veil, we must refrain from doing the same by instead exploring the differences within these reactions, releasing the veil from any certain meaning, be it religious, sexual, social or political.

Confira a lista completa de palestrantes aqui. A anatomia de uma Sitcom. Mais 50 formas de entrar no mercado. A leitura mais importante do seu roteiro — Dicas de um analista de roteiro.

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Block Busting — Esta oficina vai revelar maravilhas sobre o seu trabalho. Se eu perder alguma, vou poder assisti-la aqui no Brasil…. March 17, Leave a comment. John esclarece uma coisa importante: Vou traduzir esse trecho do post:.

A interface do filme interativo e sua usabilidade narrativa | Nathan Cirino -

Foi o que aconteceu no caso do meu roteiro. O segundo protagonista sofre tanto quanto ele, mas muda efetivamente. February 7, 2 Comments. Ampliar meu arsenal de ferramentas, tais como: Trocar com outros escritores, expor meus textos, ouvir e contribuir. Me candidatei e consegui uma bolsa. Mais tarde, fiz um investimento ainda maior no meu mestrado na Inglaterra. Continuo ralando muito mas hoje me considero uma escritora profissional. Como eu disse, eles oferecem algumas bolsas integrais. November 1, Leave a comment. Craig Batty delivered a most useful sessions: I talk from experience: People have different perceptions of creative writing and screenwriting: One of the exercises was to think about how to externalise an emotion through actions or images, so we had to come up with 10 ideas or images of what people do to show that emotion.

Then we had to choose 1 action from that list and find 15 reasons why that person is doing that or why one person would react like that.

During one of the exercises I could see a character develop in an unexpected, much more interesting direction than I had first intended. It was simply awesome — and exceptionally hard to summarize. All books about screenwriting talk about the product the script but ignore the creative process.

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I heard Craig Batty say that too in the previous session, remember? People get creative blocks when the fall out of rapport with the story. You have a relationship with your story and your characters. The characters are fictional but the relationship is REAL. Therefore, you will invest in it as much energy and emotions as when you have a relationship with a real person. For me, this was a WOW! So when we leave our banal, day-to-day world, and plunge into the world we have just created, we experience that resistance.

It has to be totally transparent and have no censorship:

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