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Advertising executive Nick Beame Tim Robbins is not having a good day when he comes home from work to discover that his wife Ann Kelly Preston is having an affair with another man -- who, adding insult to injury, happens to be his boss, Phillip Barrow Michael McKean. Deeply depressed, Nick hops into his SUV and starts driving aimlessly.

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He ends up in a rough neighborhood where a carjacker, T. Paul Martin Lawrence , pulls a gun and jumps in the passenger seat. Nick grumbles "Boy, did you pick the wrong guy on the wrong day," and, thinking he has no reason to live, heads out to the desert over T. Nick learns that T.

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Paul is actually a family man who has turned to crime because he can't get a job. Nick offers to help T. Paul, though crime is not one of his strong suits, and things get even more complicated when a pair of crooks, Rig John C.

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McGinley and Charlie Giancarlo Esposito , start following them. Martin Lawrence as T. Tim Robbins as Nick Beam. Giancarlo Esposito as Charlie Dunt. Kelly Preston as Ann. Michael McKean as Phillip Barrow. Rebecca Gayheart as Danielle. Susan Barnes as Delores. Patrick Cranshaw as Henry. Samaria Graham as Lisa. Penny Bae Bridges as Tonya. Mary Jo Keenen as Grace.

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Steve Oedekerk as Baxter security guard. Lisa Mende as Emma. Clark Reiner as Alan.

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Ned Gill as Zach. Randy Oglesby as Sheriff. Porter as Sheriff Officer No. Robert Louis Kempf as Hillbilly Attendant. Dave Lea as English Driver. Joe Minjares as Security Guard. Carl Sundstrom as Overweight Security Guard. Hank Garrett as Manny. Selma Stern as Old Woman in Elevator. Caroline Keenan as Ann's Sister. Jim Meskimen as Business Suit Man. Kim Kim as Mary Ann. Jodi Jinks as Girl at Checkout. Willy Parsons as Truck Driver. Victoria Redstall as Woman in Bar. During the robbery, Nick damages his boss' prize fertility statue and reveals himself to the security camera, taunting his boss about getting revenge.

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The pair prolongedly avoid a security guard Steve Oedekerk and settle at a hotel. The situation worsens as Rig and Charlie, who swiped Nick's business card and followed them from Nick's office to the hotel, hold T. Paul up, steal the money and place T. Paul in a trap for Nick to deal with when he returns from the bar and from almost having sex with Danielle Rebecca Gayheart , a flower shop woman Nick met earlier.

Nick calls Ann to confront her, but she explains he was wrong about the apparent affair. Nick actually caught Ann's sister and her fiancee in bed when they came into town earlier than expected; having never seen her sister before, Nick mistook her for Ann. Philip's cuff links were left over from a Christmas party and Ann left them out for Nick to return them to Philip.

Overcome with remorse, Nick rescues T.

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Paul from his precarious predicament and they catch up with Rig and Charlie by chasing them into an alley. Nick shoots the gun out of Rig's hand and they leave them tied up for the police. Nick insists on returning the money back to the safe, assuring T. Paul that nobody will bother to look at the tapes unless something is missing or damaged. Paul, who had planned on using the money to move his family out of their troubled neighborhood, gets into a fight with Nick and ends their partnership.

Paul decides to walk home, while Nick drives home and reunites with Ann as he tells her what happened to him.

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Returning to his job, Nick is told Philip is reviewing the security tapes to investigate a burglar who vandalized his fertility statue. Nick races to his boss' office but he is too late to stop them, only to discover that the tape was recorded over right before the "burglar" removed his mask, and that a man identifying himself as an electrician was allowed into the building earlier in the day. Nick goes to see T. Paul and confirms T.

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Paul recorded over the tape, saving Nick from losing the existence he himself was trying to escape. In return, Nick convinces Philip to hire an electrician responsible for the security system that was so easily bypassed and offers T. Paul the job, which he happily accepts. In the post-credit scene, a mailman shows up at the gas station in Arizona and returns the money that T.

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Nothing to Lose was met with negative reviews from professional critics. Phil Villarreal of the Arizona Daily Star gave the film a positive review and stated, "Tim Robbins' understated depression and Martin Lawrence's hyperactive ranting are the perfectly hilarious foil for one another. Its widest release was 1, theaters. The credits of the film list Martin Lawrence's character as T. The character is never called T. Paul by anyone in the film His name appears on his certificate on the wall.

He is called Terrence by his wife and is always called T. Paul says his friends call him "T. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.