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In "The Martian Chronicles," Bradbury explores the gradual human settlement of the Red Planet, through a series of lightly connected stories. Bradbury paints the Martian landscape and its inhabitants with master strokes, but equally strong is his portrayal of the psychological dangers that await the human settlers who arrive there. This, as well as the space-themed stories in Bradbury's other classic collection "The Illustrated Man," struck a chord with me when I was young and dreamed about traveling to the stars.

Reading his work today, it is amazing to see that although Bradbury writes from a time when human space travel hadn't yet begun the book was first published in , the issues and questions his stories raise are still relevant as humanity takes its first steps into that great frontier. This classic science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card should be ever-present on any space fan's bookshelf.

Card's novel follows the life of Ender Wiggin as he learns to fight the Formics, a horrifying alien race that almost killed off all humans when they attacked years and years ago. Wiggin learns the art of space war aboard a military space station built to help train young people to fight the cosmic invaders. Basically, this book is a coming-of-age tale that makes you want to fly to space and also forces you to think about some serious social issues presented in its pages.

The book is the first in a quintet, and inspired a much larger body of work that takes place in the same universe. Weir tells the story of Mark Watney, a fictional NASA astronaut stranded on Mars, and his difficult mission to save himself from potential doom in the harsh Red Planet environment. Watney seems to have everything against him, yet Weir deftly explains not only what Watney's survival needs are but also how he goes about trying to make them work.

Read an excerpt from "The Martian" by Andy Weir. In "Dune," Frank Herbert imagines a vast, intricate future universe ruled by an emperor who sets the Atreides and Harkonnen families warring over the desert planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. Spread across star systems, "Dune" teems with wild characters: Early on, the Baron says, "Observe the plans within plans within plans," summing up the adversaries' wary analyses of each faction's complex motivations. This cerebral second-guessing balances with epic action throughout the book, centering on the perhaps best-known feature of the Duniverse: The best-selling novel raised science fiction literature to greater sophistication by including themes of technology, science, politics, religion and ecology, although the burgeoning Dune franchise remains less popular than Star Wars which borrowed heavily from "Dune".

Part space epic, part "Canterbury Tales," "Hyperion" tells the story of seven pilgrims who travel across the universe to meet their fate, and the unspeakably evil Shrike, who guards the Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion. On the way, each pilgrim tells his or her own tale, and each world is so exquisitely created that it's hard to believe it all came from the mind of one author. The tale of the scholar whose daughter ages backward after her visit to the Tombs, and his quest to save her as she returns to childhood, is my favorite — it's heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time.

It's an intense read that explores why we make the choices we do, and how we deal with the consequences of those choices in the black vacuum of space.

In "Gateway," those with the money to leave the dying Earth can hitch a ride on a starship that will either make them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams or lead them to a grim and possibly violent death. Or, like our hero, you could wind up in the grip of a massive black hole and have to make difficult decisions that lead you to the couch of an electronic shrink. Artist Stephan Martiniere, who created this vision of future space travel, will judge the first-ever FarMaker Interstellar Speed Sketch contest at the Starship Congress conference on interstellar travel.

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Buy The Martian Chronicles on Amazon. Buy Ender's Game on Amazon. Buy The Martian on Amazon. Buy Dune on Amazon. Buy Hyperion on Amazon. Will humanity succeed, or will something monstrous take over the universe? An exciting and innovative new way. An epic space opera, adventure…This thrilling twelve part series combines aspects of mythology with new technology, as the human race evolves into its true Galactic Human form.

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It was now time for the final phase of Earth's evolution. Everything was in place, and the cosmic forces seemed unstoppable, apart that was, from the renegade reptillians who had other ideas! The Pleiadian Empire held a special place within the Galactic Council, and with the sudden disappearance of the Great King, dark forc. It was now time to take the fight directly to the renegade group, so an elaborate plan was devised to finally set humanity free.

However, the wrong person had been cast in the role of hero. With the odds stacked heavily against him, could he succeed and take everyone a step closer to the Planet of Destiny? News of the increasing desperate alien group sent shock-waves around the Galactic Council. However, it needed a native of planet Earth to investigate. A young woman could prove to be the answer. But will she be prepared to help, or approve of the physical changes they are planning to make to her…Revised edition. Nearly six months had passed since the battle to save the Earth from the effects of the mysterious planet which had suddenly appeared in the sky.

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However, there was still something strange in the air, which seemed to be giving widespread amnesia combined with a terrible headache. The phenomenon was not a naturally occurring. However, the appearance of a mystery planet in close proxi. They say that moving house is the most stressful experience that most people go through in their lives. Coby ends up far from his destination on a distant space station separated from his family, and all their possessions are impounded. When a leading archaeologist disappears under mysterious circumstances, combined with an equally mysterious accident, it only adds to his problems.

Instead of spending two weeks. This seems to be a thousand miles away from Jamie, who has been having a series of nightmares. If this is not shocking enough,. For ordinary people, there is the possibility of a trip on a Galactic Cruiser. Places on these ships are howev. It is clear that something has to be done, before the situation gets completely out of control…With security breached, and the failure for those in charge to agree on anything, things were about to ta. Most stood very little chance of success, but amongst their number there was one who did…John Appleby, an amateur scientist, embarks on his mission with two very unusual pa.

Reggie, a typical schoolboy, has nothing on his mind apart from the television and a packet of chocolate digestives. Adrian is primarily known for his artwork and book cover designs,although he is also an author. The Sagittarius Mysteries - Part 3 - Paradox. A thrilling science fiction mystery series…Brandon Sagittarius is head of the Experimental Department of British Intelligence MI6 who finds himself with quite a mystery to solve. Sagittarius now finds out the true nature of the Organisation and what they intend to do, and more importantly, how they intend to do it.

All of the coincidences which keep on happening to him have begun to fall into place, and paint a less than rosy picture. It has been one thing to solve the mystery, but can he preven. The Sagittarius Mysteries - Part 2 - Revolver. Sagittarius continues to battle with the Organisation, whose relentless desire for power and control knows no bounds.

With a pandemic looming, and both the Secret Service and Government appearing to be compromised, they are on the verge of success. There is only one man who can stand in their way…For further details ple.

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Sagittarius's eccentric behaviour and brilliance comes to the attention of The Organisation - a group of individuals with only one objective - power! Their plan is to infiltrate British Intelligence, and to gain access to the secret technology held within it. They are devious, without any scruples, and will stop at noth. The forces of evil have to be stopped and it is time for the prophesy to be fulfilled.

Can the Great King returned complete his destiny, or will the dark magic prevail. The gripping end of series climax… For further details please click on the picture. The Self Appointed One has cast himself a ring, and plans to trap the Faery inside. If he manages to do this then he will be able to combine her powers with his own, which will usher in a new Age of Darkness.

The free lands of Elphamia are about to fall, and it is now a race against time to rescue the Faery before all freedom is lost forever For further information please cli. Aetheria has been saved, and the terrible monster defeated. However, victory has come at a price, as the mind of the King has become separated from his body.

There is only one known way of reuniting him, and that is to find The Eye of Mystery. If the Eye can be found, then there is only the small matter of the Ice Giants to contend with…For further information please click on t.

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Aetheria has been attacked by a terrible monster which is spreading fear and destruction across the realm. Even the Spirit of the Mountain has begun to tremble. The only known creatures who do not feel fear are the White Dragons. It is now a race against time to summon them before Aetheria is completely destroyed For further information please click on the picture.

A scintillating epic fantasy …There are myths and there are legends, but none compare to those of the land of Elphamia Initially the subterranean paradise offered an idyllic sanctuary. However, a mystery illness began to strike the Dragons, who lost their ability to fly.

This was very serious, as if they could not breathe fire on the inner sun, then all life within the vast cavern would slowly die. An evil creature known as the Self Appointed One, has a wicked plan to take over the former kingdom of Elphamia. Nothing can stop him, apart from an Elphin Rabbit, who must seek the help of the Dragons. Can he persuade the other creatures to join him, or will the Self Appointed One succeed in his evil plans Part 1 - The Poisoned SceptreA scintillating epic fantasy …There are myths and there are legends, but none compare to those of the land of Elphamia Long ago, in the age before Men, there was an ancient kingdom known as Elphamia, inhabited by a variety of creatures.

From a time before memory, there was one Elphin Rabbit whose destiny was about to shape the Kingdom…For further detai. Spirit of the Shaman. Revised edition now available! A Journey into the spirit world What is a Shaman? What are Spirit Guides? How do you connect to them? This book is a resource for all things shamanic, and has been designed to give an insight into Shamanism, Spirit Guides, and how to connect to them.

The Astral Traveller's Guide.