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It was such an unexpected miracle! Shortly after the session I went to see the physical therapist who was treating me. I told her what happened in my session with Anthony. She seemed shocked by this and wanted to know how Anthony did this. I met Anthony through my boyfriend. Until that night, I had no idea that this sort of thing trauma release was even out there. We just started talking and I was interested in his work right away. Even though I was not sure exactly how it worked, I knew I wanted to try it. Anthony made it a point to explain things very thoroughly and to make sure it was the right choice for me.

There is something about Anthony that is very calming and honest. He is truly gifted and has a real passion for his work.

We had our first session and it was amazing. I had never felt that feeling of weight just being lifted off of me. I have experienced a lot of trauma throughout my life. That night was the beginning of my nervous system letting go of the pain. I learned so much just in the first visit. I ended up having 3 sessions with Anthony and my life has drastically changed for the better. Without any intention to do so, I released three major life traumas. I let go of a drowning that happened when I was a child; a violent attack that took place 2 years ago; and the biggest release is that my bladder does not hurt anymore.

I have a prolapsed bladder and had surgery for it two years prior to working with Anthony and was receiving therapy it. She wanted to know how Anthony did this. Anthony has also educated me on my nutritional choices and so many other things that have made a big difference in my life. I highly, highly recommend working with him.

Thank you so much Anthony for sharing your gifts and doing what you do! The sessions I have had with Anthony have helped create a new meeting of my body and my mind. I first worked with Anthony Lemme when he was seeing clients in Amsterdam. After that first session, I made myself a promise that, in the future, whenever I was in the same place I would take the opportunity to experience more of his gift for healing.

I had my second chance this week in London and am still enjoying the sensations and am smiling with my entire body. Each of my sessions with Anthony produced a very different response in me that arose out of the rich, multi-layered texture that he brings. I look forward to my next session with Anthony and would thoroughly recommend anyone to take this chance for healing past wounds and to make your journey forward lighter on many levels.

Anthony Lemme is highly gifted with his unique and powerful approach to healing. I did one session with Anthony when he was in Amsterdam. The session itself was quite profound and the results were immediate and recognizable. The main benefit is that many of the common ways I would become reactive toward situations in my life have completely stopped and been replaced with a sense of ease and confidence. If you get the chance to work with Anthony, definitely take it! Unlike the emotional releases I had been accustomed to through other modalities and forms of work, what happened with Anthony Lemme became increasingly and powerfully evident in the hours and days after our sessions.

A deep calm has set in and the ever so subtle gripping terror that had seized my body has given way. I have landed on new ground. The way he works is truly masterful! My work with Anthony Lemme , plain and simply, went deep in a different and profound sort of way. My body mind and soul were reunited and realized something together: That there is no need to run and that resisting life is completely unnecessary.

The results from our work together have been profound. I have experienced a level of peace, calmness, and resilience that heretofore have been illusive. My creative energy has bloomed. As a child and young adult I experienced serious challenges filled with physical trauma, life-threatening illness, abuse and not being seen. After doing years of work on myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually, I still had issues of not feeling safe and falling back into fight or flight behaviors and less than supportive relationships. I found that although I had come a long way in healing these issues, there were still ongoing issues impacting my nervous system, heart rhythms, and feeling safe in the world.

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Many remnants of these past negative experiences were still lodged within my body and in my energetic field. There was definitely a missing piece to my healing journey and this was after literally trying a myriad of protocols, advisers, and practitioners. After my first session with Anthony Lemme, I knew I had found an extraordinarily effective remedy: Anthony and his work! His approach is both unique and brilliant. He listens deeply and provides an astonishingly safe place to go as deep as you are willing. My second and third session took these feeling to where I now know they are a solid part of me.

I am deeply grateful for the gifts Anthony brings as they are like no other. A number of months have passed since I worked with Anthony Lemme and I feel some very clear and profound differences. First of all I am completely free of all bodily fear of conflict and confrontation.

The biggest difference for me however, has been the fact that I am MUCH more in contact with my emotions. It has been fascinating for me to discover that I can now feel and express so many things I never even knew were within my body. I contacted Anthony Lemme through the recommendation of a friend who was very impressed with his work. When I first talked with him on the phone, I got a good impression of him and I decided to do 4 sessions in a row in 4 days.

He was patient and always checked in with me to make sure that I was doing well and that I felt safe. I definitely recommend working with him. I had tried everything up until that point: But nothing was really affecting this powerful and uncomfortable visceral response. By the end of session four, my daily anxiety attacks were non-existent. By the end of session four, my daily anxiety attacks were non-existent — which, in turn, greatly affected my overall performance on stage.

In my quest for embodied liberation, I have had the honor and privilege of working with a few of the most gifted healers from around the world. And yet, I had never experienced anything that worked at such deep levels of trauma release in my body until I worked with Anthony. The gifts of my sessions with Anthony have been endless. I am experiencing more love, more peace, more joy, more freedom, a deeper surrender, more creativity, more space, trust, abundance, flow and connectivity.

Something about his very presence began communicating directly with my body — a feeling of trust and safety. There was an instant knowing that he was someone who would have a significant impact upon my life. At times, I felt Anthony recalibrating core patterning and imprinting within my nervous system from as early as the womb. I felt neurons in the left and right hemispheres of my brain establish new connections and the frontal cortex vibrating with new information and awareness.

Anthony intuitively found and worked to release a physical blockage in my lungs, which enabled an even deeper emotional release. Layers of grief, sadness, fear and shame rose through and out of me as I experienced them. I felt completely held and nurtured throughout this process. I highly recommend Anthony to everyone who is committed to living in a state of embodied awakening. My work with Anthony Lemme has produced a huge shift in the way I see myself and the world around me.

I feel safe, connected, trusting, and confident. I am more present with myself and with others, which is allowing for a myriad of new experiences of joy and connection. All of this is such a blessing and I am deeply grateful to Anthony for guiding me on this healing journey. My personal history includes childhood sexual abuse, other violence, and a variety of other physical traumas including multiple head injuries.

I have done a lot of work on myself including therapy, LENS neurofeedback, and years of work in personal transformation. I was aware that my nervous system was highly sensitive, and I had learned to take care of myself by controlling the environment. Also I had physical issues with my pelvis and sacrum.

Chronic patterns of distrust and holding back are melting away and I like it. I welcome the depth of the experience I had with Anthony, starting with the first session. A level of anxiety and worry that I was not even aware of just lifted right out of me. I had always moved around pretty quickly, and this shifted right away. My habitual rushing just stopped. For the most part, I simply was not agitated anymore. Subsequent sessions were deeper and each time my reactivity has lessened and my ease in life, with the people I love, has increased.

My ability to see and be with my husband, my son, the rest of my family, and my friends is just so much better.

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I find that I am listening better and people really appreciate it. Anthony has a unique gift for holding a safe space to do this amazing inner work. He is very intuitive and able to guide me to the places where I need to work. Mostly we work in silence, allowing the body to release and the nervous system to reset. I find that working somatically rather than verbally is extremely powerful and a fantastic adjunct or replacement for other therapy.

My sessions with Anthony were completely transformative. Frankly, I am amazed at what happened. His ability to create a safe space is incredible. Since working with Anthony, things in my life have shifted and opened in ways that are miraculous. I can feel the positive shift in my home and my children are benefitting as well. My body has also somehow been unlocked and my dance has gone to an entirely new level of freedom. I am so grateful to know this work exists and to have experienced it first hand.

A friend recommended that I receive treatment from Anthony at a particularly meaningful moment in my life. Before working with Anthony, I had already done a lot of healing work, but somehow I felt stuck. I had reached my own ceiling. I could see particular unhealthy patterns in my life that I seemed unable to release. My body was reacting to things in ways that I could not explain or heal. I knew it was related to my abusive childhood, but I was tired of talking about it in therapy. His ability to create a safe space was incredible.

I had never met Anthony before and I knew very little about his work, yet instantly I felt at ease and comfortable. Anthony radiates love and acceptance which allowed me to be vulnerable and let my body do its work.

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The sessions also felt more like a collaboration than simply being treated. Since working with Anthony things in my life have begun to shift and open in ways that are miraculous. All at the same time. My spirit was so disturbed I was unable to eat and was unable to participate in my life in a functional or meaningful way. At some point, I started having panic attacks. The first one was so severe that I almost called to take me to the hospital. After one session with Anthony, the anxiety and panic attacks that had crippled me completely stopped. After the second session, I became fully functional and able to participate in my life again.

After the second, I became fully functional and able to participate in my life again. I have tried many types of healing work and working with Anthony has been more long lasting and deeply effective than any other thing I have done. I have sent him many clients and every single one of them either phoned me or said to me in person how much they appreciated being led to Anthony and how much the work had helped them overcome things when many other methods, modalities and practitioners had not been helpful.

What impresses me most about Anthony is his powerful presence and his clean, straight-ahead, grounded, no-fuss way of working and explanation of what is happening. Anthony masterfully opens doorways of neuro-somatic-energetic fields in a way that safely accesses and completes psychological and emotional areas of past fragmented episodes. He brings forth these frozen episodes in the body to give them their place in the sun. All shook up in the best of ways!

That is how I left the studio of Anthony Lemme this past Spring. It was a referral that lead me to him and I remain extremely grateful for having followed up, sight unseen. The work I did with Anthony Lemme has had a powerful and positive impact on me, continues to resonate with me on a daily basis and has woven itself seamlessly into my daily health and wellness regime.

What impresses me most about Anthony is his presence and his clean, straight-ahead, grounded, no-fuss way of working and explanation of what is happening. What I appreciate mostly is that story is inconsequential and the body restores itself to wholeness regardless. Thank you Anthony and may you continue to broaden your work and share your gifts with all the people! Very confidently, I recommend Anthony Lemme for anyone wishing to clear the residue of trauma, stress, grief or patterns of holding in the body that prevent them from feeling happy, whole and experiencing life as it truly and authentically is.

Anthony Lemme is a talented and knowledgeable facilitator who is quite adept at awakening and working with the innate wisdom that lies within the body, allowing it to lead the way to true balance and healing.

Fembodyverse: An Inner-Stellar Adventure In Womanhood

His professionalism and integrity, along with his deep and subtle ways of working combine to create a rich and safe experience for those who choose to work with him. I initially started working with Anthony Lemme on the recommendation of my doctor and am very glad I followed through. My first few sessions with Anthony were mind-boggling.

The work I did with Anthony liberated me from some very deep seated patterns and fears which has led to a renaissance of possibilities in my work, relationships and life. I had done 12 years of Reichian therapy and 4 years of Somatic Experiencing work with a wonderful, world renowned SE practitioner before I met him.

That turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg. Anthony is a powerful healer. He is also a man of great integrity who you can always trust to be working in your best interest.

Yeah :-) Just one more step!

Anthony Lemme trusts his instincts and I trust him. His is not a superficial trust but a deep and powerful trust of himself and his process, which allows him to go where others cannot or will not. He saw what was invisible to me, acted, saw my body answer, and moved again in an endless cycle of release. I now feel a tremendous sense of freedom and expansion. I can breathe more fully and feel less of a wall and more of a deep connection between my heart and the world around me. My intent in working with Anthony Lemme was to clear trauma patterns out of my body. I want to live fully in the present with a heart unbridled.

I had tried several traditional and nontraditional trauma release approaches and none had gotten me there. His often provocative actions always felt good in my body.


I can;t emphasize what I just said enough, nor can I tell you why it felt good. I can tell you that it was absolutely remarkable. His is not a superficial trust but a deep and powerful trust of himself and his process, which allows him to go where others cannot not or will not. I never knew what would unfold in each session but I knew I was well on my way to my unbridled heart. Working with Anthony Lemme has quite literally transformed my life. My body no longer carries around the heavy mental, emotional and physical weight that it had for years.

A sparkle has returned to my eyes. When I first heard about Anthony Lemme trauma release work, I was skeptical. You need to delve deep into your past and talk about your feelings to unlock the painful things that are chaining your life.


But I had done tons of therapy of various varieties and had gotten only so far. I even branched out into more alternative methods such as acupuncture and forms of energy work to try to let loose the pain in my psyche and in my body. While I know all of these things had their parts to play in aiding my journey, I was frustrated because I could not get over the last great hump. I had put down many addictions over my lifetime but had come to the most deeply rooted: Physically, the eating disorder was still ruling my life even though psychologically I had done tons of work with it.

After working with Anthony Lemme, I now stand physically taller. I am now able to eat to sustain myself, not to try to cover over vast emotional turmoil. Through this work I have cleaned out areas of my life that had unknowingly become cluttered. Change was never something I was able to ride with and yet my baseline of happiness now stays pretty close to center.

This work has also empowered me to change and improve some relationships in my life that were no longer healthy and working for me. Shortly after finishing the trauma release work with Anthony, I also got a promotion at my job. The change was that profound. I also have much more energy, much more creativity and much more joy. I highly, highly recommend working Anthony Lemme.