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It is used to measure the progression and severity of cognitive impairment, as with Dementia. View all 51 comments. Dec 17, Bill Kerwin rated it liked it Shelves: This book, published last October, is the product of the conference she chaired on the same subject. But, since this book is the result of an academic conference, every psychiatrist or psychologist must write an article, and each article must be published.

Besides this drawback, which it shares with many other conference-generated books, its authors face a particular challenge: Most of the psychiatrist in the book do an end-run around the Goldwater by summarizing particular psychiatric diagnoses, and then listing a bunch of public actions of--and statements by--Trump and letting the reader draw his or her own conclusions. This tends to make the articles longer and less revealing than they might otherwise be. But be careful not to devour the whole thing, as I did.

I got stupid and then went right to sleep. View all 13 comments. Nov 18, Jaidee rated it liked it Recommends it for: A group of psychiatrists and other mental health experts chime in on the psychopathology and mental status of President Trump. There is a lot of discussion on the Goldwater rule which you can read briefly about here: This is where experts do some diagnosing of public figures from afar and the dangers and unethicalness of doing so.

These experts speak about the dangerousness of Mr. Trump and I feel that much of what 3. Trump and I feel that much of what they talk about is legit. However, this book needed to be better edited as much of it was repetitive and unnecessary. In a nutshell, so to speak Trump likely has Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder This is a very lethal mix as Narcissism is combined with Sociopathy.

Trump has access to nuclear arsenal. The possibility that Mr. Trump also has Delusional Disorder. One of the most difficult conditions to treat if its even treatable. The possibility of age related dementia or cognitive impairment. The two articles I found most interesting intellectually were: Trump has access to nuclear arsenal and there is no requirement that he be neurologically and psychologically fit to do this most important job!! View all 18 comments. Oct 05, Montzalee Wittmann rated it it was amazing. Lee, Craig Malkin I picked this up from the library and being a nurse I realize they can't diagnose a Twitter maniac technical from afar, and there is the Goldwater rule that mental health experts are supposed to think of but this book also brings up other points just as important if not more.

The duty to warn! They feel if is their duty to notify those in charge, which they did, that som The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: They feel if is their duty to notify those in charge, which they did, that something may not be right with the guy who always lies, toots his own horn, lives in his own world, and has no empathy for It is not hard, at this point, for anyone on the planet to know what Trump is thinking because immediately the thought rushes down to his thumbs to the phone and out to Twitter.

The psychiatrists had lots to work with plus all his speaches, still, no filter. They explain what different abnormal personality traits are, compare, and let the reader decide. They also let the reader know what a person with this or that abnormal personality disorder would do to get say more attention, or more power.

It is scary what they predict. This book is not up to date yet you would think it is by how accurate it is describing Trump's behavior. If he keeps going unchecked, he will likely start a war so he can make sure he can get more power over the people like Bush did when Bush lied and got us in the Iraq war. We lost rights and haven't got those back "to protect freedom" we lost freedom!

Somehow, he could suspend elections, increase taxes, limit the press for "security" , and so much more. This is someone that wants to be a dictator, not a role model President. His high is not beer, it is power and admiration! Where does he go from here, after being the president of the United States? He will want more, it is built in to him Nov 10, Trish rated it it was ok Shelves: The idea was just to see what the psychiatrists had done with the concept of viewing DJT from afar and telling us what they could see. I was skeptical, truthfully, and happen to agree with the Goldwater Rule: L The idea was just to see what the psychiatrists had done with the concept of viewing DJT from afar and telling us what they could see.

He thinks that psychiatrists have a moral obligation to use their skills to benefit society. And, in our present situation, how we deal with the malignant normality that faces us. The authors are not using private privileged medical information to frame someone. They are taking the public persona of an individual who claims to be telling the truth and are showing parallels to a pathological narcissism. Even mental health professionals can exhibit bias, Glass tells us, but professionals make extra effort to recognize and account for said bias, if only to preserve their own reputations.

What we do know is that he cannot recognize having been wrong, nor does he appear able to learn from the experience so that he does not repeat the untruth or failure another day. Not all the essays were as measured as the ones cited above. The point is that indications of unfitness to serve may not appear until after a candidate is in office. If our government is to stand the test of leadership, we must rely on heroic bureaucrats who still have jobs to place obstacles in the way of business as usual, challenge their superiors at every step, and raise the specter of unfitness.

Actually, Covitz was asking if DJT has a conscience. In Part 3 the essays try to explain what having a person like Trump in the WH means for trauma, anxiety, and feelings of abuse in the population at large. View all 11 comments. Feb 04, Shaun rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you are troubled by the phenomena that is Donald Trump In a nut shell, Bandy Lee has put together a compilation of pieces written, for the most part, by her colleagues, namely experts in psychiatric medicine, who offer their professional opinions about a man that has turned American politics into a bad reality TV show.

A major theme explored throughout the book is whether Trump is crazy like a fox or just plain crazy like a crazy. The book also explores the impotence If you are troubled by the phenomena that is Donald Trump While this policy is understandable and important for obvious reasons, they point out that they also have a duty and obligation to protect the public at large from someone whom they believe dangerous.

The book also tries to answer how and why a man like Donald Trump, whom they say displays decades of behavior consistent with a malignant narcissist not just a narcissist but one that is a sociopath , paranoia, and ADHD, got elected to such a high office in the first place. Time and time again they admit that without evaluating Trump they can't offer a diagnosis. However, they argue, and I think strongly so, that can still provide an informed opinion about what appears to be concerning behavior.

Finally, the book lays out an argument for the mandatory and regular mental health testing of both the President and Vice President given the amount of power and responsibility they have on many fronts. In the end, I think a major goal of the book is to stress the importance of mental health as it applies to our leaders, especially those whose reckless or deranged behavior would potentially affect us all. Mental health has made leaps and bounds in the past few decades in terms of diagnosing, understanding, and treating mental disorders.

Is it really so crazy to want to ensure that our leaders are as mentally sound, or at the very least have some method for trying to assess mental stability. Crazy like a fox or simply crazy like a crazy? For many Americans, even some of Trump's greatest critics, the consensus--or at least the hope--is that the answer to that question is the former. After all, like him or not, the man is president of the United States. He was elected, even if he didn't win the majority vote, receiving close to half the votes casts.

Let that sink in for a moment. Roughly 1 out of 2 Americans got up, drove to the polls, and willingly voted for Donald Trump. The angry Donald Trump persona. It's all an act. A conscious effort to undermine his opponents and his critics while shoring up his base.

Not to mention, he's a millionaire Was Hitler mentally ill or just pure evil? And does it matter what you call it, if he's dangerous? Many of the authors who contributed to this book believe that Donald Trump suffers from several mental health disorders to include malignant narcissism, paranoia, and ADHD. They admit that while they can not diagnose a mental disorder because none of them have ever personally evaluated him, they feel that as trained mental health professionals, they can offer an informed opinion based on three decades of recorded behavior.

In their opinion, whether or not Donald Trump is crazy like a fox, his behavior now and over the decades is consistent with someone who is just plain crazy. And he's not alone. Many of the psychiatrists not only fear Trump suffers from mental health issues, but that his actions suggest that he is also dangerous.

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So how does a man like Donald Trump get elected anyway? This is perhaps the first time that I've seen any worthwhile analysis into why people supported the Donald. To simply label Trump supporters as "Deplorables" the way Hillary Clinton did simply doesn't cut it. Several essays offered explanations that made sense.

For decades, there has been a neoliberal movement that has gained momentum and created real social change for minorities of all flavors. A movement that seemed to culminate in the election of our first African American president. What a glorious and proud moment for many of us. The deep wounds inflicted by our country's civil war are numerous and deep, and the road to true equality after slavery was officially abolished has been long and hard.

So when a smart, articulate black man named Barrack Obama won the presidency, many of us believed, maybe wrongly so, that our journey was almost over. The rise of Trump is proof that you can change the law and you can even change a culture a lot easier than you can change a mind or a heart. For many, the neoliberal agenda has fostered resentment. Not only is it illegal to discriminate against "insert vulnerable group here," you can't even speak your mind for fear of being shut down.

Any slight against someone who happens to be from a vulnerable group is all too quickly interpreted as a slight against the vulnerable group. Hell, you can't even hold a rally on a college campus these days. So while the Black Lives Matters movement extreme voices aside seems to encompass the neoliberal agenda, it alienates another segment of America which now feels as if they are the minority who are being discriminated against. I can't tell you how many times people average everyday people say what about White Lives? Don't they matter, too? Of course, they do.

But that's not the point, at least for some. So whether the crimes are real or imagined, they feel real to those who feel left behind, forced to accept laws and new cultural norms that don't jive with their personal values. The failure to kneel during the National Anthem. The desecration or removal of national monuments. These are experienced as major snubs by a number of people who feel they are being punished for being white.

Then along comes Trump. He says freely and without apology what they've been saying, thinking, or feeling in the privacy of their homes for too long. And he promises to Make America Great Again Add the power of social media, with its massive reach and perpetuation of alternative facts, to the underlying tension and resentment, and you have the inevitability of someone like Trump. Trump validates the group's superiority, their worthiness, while in turn reinforcing their blame of the "other," and they in turn offer him the adulation he craves.

The Trump Effect Do you find yourself constantly checking social media, checking the news sites impulsively, and generally feeling anxious since Nov. If so, you too may be suffering from the Trump Effect. According to the authors, while Trump inspires great loyalty from his supporters, he inspires great antipathy and revulsion in his adversaries. Personally, I have never felt such contempt for another human being, and apparently I am not alone.

At least one psychiatrist describes it as being in a relationship with a malignant narcissist, a relationship that you can not walk away from. But is he really dangerous or am I and others just being liberal snowflakes? Well, I honestly don't believe I'm a liberal snowflake. While I detest Trump, I wasn't a Hillary supporter. And while I generally support socially liberal values, I have many conservative views. But I am also an avid reader with a special interest in abnormal psychology and the biological basis for belief and behavior.

If you peruse my bookshelves you will see that I like to read about people who do really bad things and try to understand why. And from day one, I have had the feeling that Trump is a sociopath, a narcissist, and a very dangerous man. I do not believe he is crazy like a fox. I believe he is crazy like a crazy. I believe this because if you look at his history, his actions.

If you take what he has said in the past his own words at face value, there is no other conclusion. The author of "The Art of Deal" also contributed to this book. He spent a year with Trump. He's the one who actually wrote the book. And he seems to agree that whatever your worst impression of Trump is, it's not even close. I, however, am not a trained psychiatrist.

The authors of this book were. And they seem to agree that, crazy or not, Trump's pattern of behavior suggests he is dangerous. So what is a concerned citizen to do? This is a question I ponder daily. I love to read. I love to learn. I love to engage others, particularly those who don't share my views. After all, that's how we broaden our perspective and grow intellectually and emotionally. But politics is not something you can discuss.

Politics has become even more taboo and more personalized than religion. There is no healthy debate. No exchange of ideas. No reaching across the aisle.


And thanks to the internet which has effectively created ideological bubbles, you don't even ever have to hear an opinion that doesn't echo your own. And on the rare occasion you interact through social media, the conversation, depersonalized, has a high chance or deteriorating quickly into insults and name calling. I do try to engage people. As a therapist I interact with a lot of people.

But it's really hard. Political opinions seem rooted in emotion and influenced more our identities than by facts and figures. I have to wonder what the role of technology has already and will continue to play in politics moving forward.

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President

While it has the potential to break down walls, it also has the potential to build echo chambers. Anyway, I would highly recommend this book. Crazy like a fox or crazy like a crazy, if this loon my characterization starts a nuclear war, which is a major concern expressed and validated throughout the entire book, it will have repercussions around the world. Many people say that while Trump is bad, he's no Hitler.

But what if he's worse?

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View all 6 comments. Oct 11, Cynthia rated it it was amazing. I am more than half way through this book I take a beard, and then I stop and say.. I feel vindicated reading this, fascinated by the thoroughness, and impressed by credentials of the authors. I'm not a professional, but have studied psychology ever since I majored in that subject and fell in love with it.

My daughter majored in it as well, and is a mental health worker. Mental health was a big topic in I am more than half way through this book Mental health was a big topic in my world growing up as, like most families I know, had a serious issue right at home.

Donald Trump is severely affected by several critical disorders. He is not stable, He should not be president, politics aside. I hope that this book is read by people across the political spectrum, but alas, I fear this is just another case of "preaching to the choir'. What 'Trumper' or even Republican will read this? It should be on every college reading list This is the book that would have been written 'after' it was too late Aug 23, Owlseyes marked it as to-read Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. He passed the tests, you'll hear "very healthy".

View all 19 comments. The consensus view of two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists that Trump is dangerously mentally ill and that he presents a clear and present danger to the nation and our own mental health. View all 8 comments. Oct 06, Ellen Swan added it. Everyone should read this book. It not only delves into Trump's sickness, but ours. Oct 16, Deborahanndilley rated it it was amazing. I didn't expect to go through this book as quickly as I did. I expected to find some Trump bashing, but I didn't really get that from this book.

This book was profound in the way in which the authors took care in not going to extremes, not trying to bring on hysterics, but very rationally approaching the topic of mental health and those in power.

Judd Trump - Wikipedia

I consider myself versed in topics of trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, narcissism, and dealing with the aftereffects of an abuser. This book expa I didn't expect to go through this book as quickly as I did. This book expanded my knowledge on all of these topics. In fact before I even bought the book I checked to see who the listed professionals were. All of these authors were amazing, and for several of them I have read their books and taught the content of their books to victim advocates.

I know that I, as well as many others, have been suffering from news fatigue. I was worried when I was reading this book that I would continue to feel that fatigue and stress, the surprising thing is that after reading this book I feel better equipped to deal with current events. I can't recommend this book enough. Best psychiatric assessment of DJT that I've read This book evaluates Trump from many vantage points and areas of expertise. It reaches deeply into the behaviors of Trump and how they impact us, our society and threats to the world. And it offers clear actions that the authors suggest are critical.

As a psychologist I find this book excellent. It is also excellent reading for any who are concerned about our country. Book was helpful in understanding that Trump is dangerous and that I'm not alone in my analysis of how he acts. Sometimes, I've wondered if I was the one who might be crazy or seeing things that aren't really there or that he is actually very normal and I'm misinterpreting his actions. This book helped me to understand that we as a nation feel this way, not just me. Is Donald Trump crazy like a fox, or is he crazy like a crazy person?

What exactly is wrong with the man, and what does it say about American civil society—the American Self, to put it in the terms of analytical psychology—that we elected him as our president and gave him unprecedented power to wreak unilateral destruction upon th Is Donald Trump crazy like a fox, or is he crazy like a crazy person?

What exactly is wrong with the man, and what does it say about American civil society—the American Self, to put it in the terms of analytical psychology—that we elected him as our president and gave him unprecedented power to wreak unilateral destruction upon the entire planet? How has Trump affected the collective American psyche, particularly among those who have been targeted by his defamatory and conspiratorial rhetoric?

These are some of the questions addressed in this book, a collection of essays about the Trump Phenomenon written by mental health professionals. On 18 February , he reclaimed the top spot. A prolific break-builder, Trump has compiled more than century breaks during his career. Trump was English Under and Under champion, and reached the World Under Championship semi-finals at the age of At the same age, he became the youngest player to make a competitive He reached the same last stage for the China Open, losing 4—5 to Michael Holt , although this was designated the final qualifying round and was actually played in Prestatyn , Wales.

Trump became the third youngest player at the time ever to reach the World Championship, at the event , by beating James Wattana 10—5, with champions Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan respectively younger , and also with China's Liu Chuang and Belgium's Luca Brecel is one of only five year-olds to feature at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre. Trump played the champion and 6th seed, Shaun Murphy , in the first round, losing 6—10 despite having led 6—5. He missed out on the World Championship after a 9—10 loss to Swail, despite having led 9—5.

At the Grand Prix he benefited from Graeme Dott 's withdrawal before defeating Joe Perry 5—2 in the last 16, despite admitting to not playing well and Perry feeling that he had outplayed Trump. He beat double world champion Mark Williams to qualify for the Bahrain Championship. He won a qualifying tournament to gain entry into the Masters Tournament as the only qualifier, but was defeated by Mark Allen in the first round. He failed to qualify for the World Championship, losing 8—10 to Stephen Lee having led 6—3. Lee considered this match to be a local derby, as he is from nearby Trowbridge.

He also noted that Trump had not followed the custom of apologising for fluked shots during the match, and concluded "all I've heard about for the last five years is how good he is. Today he blew a 6—3 lead and hopefully that will stick with him". He was coached for a short time by Tony Chappel. Trump also qualified for the Premier League , by winning the Championship League. In the event he won four of his six matches, including a 4—2 win over Ronnie O'Sullivan and finished second in the League table. However, he lost 1—5 to O'Sullivan in his semi-final.

See a Problem?

He defeated former Masters champion Mark Selby 10—8 to win his first major title, [18] and provisionally climbed into the top 16 of the world rankings. On his way to winning the China Open final, Trump made his th competitive century break. Trump had already qualified for the World Championship when he won the China Open, and was drawn against reigning champion Neil Robertson in the first round, whom he defeated 10—8.

Judd started the season with a 3—5 loss to Mark Davis in the Australian Goldfields Open first round. Trump beat Dominic Dale 6—4 in the last 32, before winning the final two frames of the second round to edge out Ronnie O'Sullivan , 6—5. After the match Trump claimed that he had been "outplayed" and was "lucky" to have got through. The semi-final was a tight and nervy affair, with Trump stating afterwards that he believed Robertson was trying to stifle his natural game by, "slowing it down" and "making things awkward", but nevertheless the Bristolian triumphed, 9—7 to reach his first UK final.

However, Trump then produced a match-defining run of seven straight frames to take an 8—3 lead. Despite a strong fightback from Allen, who won five of the next six frames to trail just 8—9, Trump went on to clinch the 18th frame with a break of 91 and win the final by 10 frames to 8. He continued his fine form by reaching the semi-finals of the Masters in January. He beat Stuart Bingham in the first round and O'Sullivan once more in the quarters 6—2, to make his record against the four-time World Champion five wins and two defeats, from their seven meetings in tournament play.

At the World Championship , he beat Dominic Dale in his first round match by a 10—7 scoreline, despite suffering from food poisoning. Trump started the season at the Wuxi Classic in China , where he lost to Robert Milkins 3—5 in the second round, having beaten Dominic Dale 5—1 in the opener. Upon the resumption of play Higgins won six frames in a row with the match eventually going into a deciding frame. Trump made a break of 35, but ran out of position and Higgins was able to secure the title with a 10—9 victory.

Trump met John Higgins in back to back Players Tour Championship finals, losing the first 2—4, but gained revenge in the second, the Bulgarian Open by whitewashing him 4—0. Despite leading 3—0 and 5—2, Trump lost the last four frames of the match to suffer a major shock exit against the world number He came back from 1—3 down to beat Dominic Dale 4—3 in the first round, after which he asserted that "players are changing their game to play slower against me.

Dominic was too slow for himself and it caught him out towards the end". Trump pulled back two more frames and looked set to force a decider after a 50 break in the tenth frame, but Maguire ground out the frame and won 6—4. After the match Trump reiterated that titles take precedence over world ranking: I want to win tournaments and titles, that is why I am here". Trump said that he had prepared better than ever for the World Championship and beat Dominic Dale in the first round for the second year in a row, this time by 10—5.

The deciding frame lasted 53 minutes with Trump winning it on the yellow to seal a 13—12 victory. I would've probably expected to lose to anyone the way I played. At the start of the season Trump was ranked third in the world rankings. He began the season poorly as he lost in the first round of the Wuxi Classic , Shanghai Masters and International Championship , as well as failing to qualify for the Indian Open. In the German Masters he dropped just four frames in winning five matches to reach his first ranking final of the season where he played Ding Junhui. Trump was two frames ahead twice in the first session but ended it level at 4—4 and he lost five of the next six frames upon the resumption of play to be defeated 9—5.

Trump was thrashed 5—0 by Stephen Maguire in the third round of the Wuxi Classic , but responded a week later by claiming his fourth ranking title and first for 20 months at the Australian Goldfields Open. However, O'Sullivan would win the two frames he needed to triumph 10—7, with Trump claiming his opponent's standard throughout the match had been the best he has ever played against.

Judd Trump

However, he won the next frame and then made back-to-back centuries and an 86 to only trail 9—8. He was 59—0 down in the next, but cleared with a 67 to send the match into an unlikely decider which he lost when O'Sullivan made a title winning break after Trump had failed to escape from a snooker.

O'Sullivan described the match as the hardest of his career afterwards. Trump then won six frames in a row which included a break, the highest of the tournament, to win 10—7 and claim his second title of the season. Trump produced his best snooker in the quarter-finals of the World Championship as he knocked in four centuries during a 13—4 thrashing of Ding Junhui and stated that if he could play to the same standard in the rest of the event he would secure his first world title. He then made successive centuries to force a deciding frame in which he missed a red to the middle pocket due to a kick and Bingham would go on to take the match 17— In the defence of his Australian Goldfields Open title, Trump was knocked out in the quarter-finals 5—1 by Stephen Maguire.

Wilson also had leads of 8—4 and 9—7, before Trump sent the match into a deciding frame which Wilson won. Trump branded the collapse an embarrassment and said it was the worst he had felt as a professional. Trump closed it out with a sublime break to win 6—5, with Robertson describing it as the greatest match in Masters' history. His first title of the season came at the Championship League by defeating Ronnie O'Sullivan 3—2 in the final.

He duly did by winning 10—8 and put a few hundred pounds behind the local bar. Trump was down 8—6, but took each of the final three frames to triumph 9—8 and win his sixth ranking title. Hawkins missed a match-ball yellow in their quarter-final clash at the Welsh Open and Trump cleared the colours to edge through 5—4 and then beat Scott Donaldson 6—3 to play Stuart Bingham in the final. Trump went into the World Snooker Championship proclaiming "I honestly believe I can play to a standard which is very rare nowadays," and that he was "the best" in the world.

Trump appeared to be struggling with a shoulder injury and went on to lose 10—8 to a player ranked 52 places below him in the rankings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English professional snooker player, UK champion. World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. Archived from the original on 1 May Retrieved 3 January Retrieved 1 May Archived from the original on 2 May Retrieved 2 May Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 2 November Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 13 September Joe Swail vs Judd Trump". Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 12 December Archived from the original PDF on 29 January Retrieved 29 December