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President Cleveland Didn't Like Unions

Don't feel bad about the nasty reviewers. It happens to all really good authors. Only 7 left in stock more on the way. I wanted to dislike this book but I couldnt, it was too entertaining. The timeline of Maria Alperins accusations actually favors Grover Cleveland and rings more like "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" than any sort of credible accusation of rape.

Grover Cleveland

Why would a rape victim want to marry her rapist and name the baby after her rapist??? He discusses correctly other tales of Cleveland as a "seducer" but fails to reach logical conclusions. The more likely scenario that Maria Halperin was a woman who had been seduced with perhaps unspoken or implied promises of marriage, left pregnant, treated somewhat shabbily and then after she decended into alcoholism had her baby taken away albeit improperly and then paid off with hush money.

The author calls that version fundamentally dishonest Absolutely adore this book! I am working n reading bios of each president, and this author does a splendid job of hashing out Clevelands life and politics without being dry or too longwinded. He breaks down Clevelands life into clear chapters and tell you everything you would like to know, as well as interesting tidbits along the way.

Grover Cleveland:

It is amazing to read about the politics of the day, and how they compare and contrast with today's politcal arena. If you love bios, you will love this one!!

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Only 9 left in stock more on the way. Nevin has written the gold standard for Cleveland biographies. Although a bit biased toward Cleveland, Nevin does an good job giving the background of Cleveland and showing how he went from being Buffalo Mayor to President in a short period of time. Cleveland was never the most imaginative President, but this book tells how his integrity helped him reform civil service and tackle corruption--lessons that are useful even today.

Only 13 left in stock more on the way. Allan Nevins won the Pulitzer Prize in for his two volume biography of Grover Cleveland and in my opinion it is still the only recommendable biography on our 22nd and 24th President over 75 years later. A Study in Character and H. Jeffers Honest President but both fall far short of supplanting Nevins work. I personally think a new, comprehensive, preferrably one volume biography of Grover Cleveland would be welcome but until then Nevins' is the only biography that I can recommend.

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Nevins' writing is straightforward and does not seem as dated as one might think. This biography doesn't resort to any unconventional take on history but instead recounts the life of Grover Cleveland in a level of detail appropriate for an academic biography. While the book certainly was not a page turner It was interesting and learned some more important historical facts.

Temporarily out of stock. I enjoy books on early baseball legends, and I felt this book did a nice job reviewing the career of Alexander and his life after baseball. Those of us who love baseball and enjoy the history of the game have always been aware of his troubled life, but this book brought forward new and accurate information of him. I would recommend this book to all baseball fans. My only complaint is that I thought the price was a little high for what is basically an oversized paperback book.

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If you can get it at your local library and a reduced price copy it would be to your advantage. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Whether you're interested in trivia or the Presidency or both, you'll want to latch on to this gem. Aside from the facts regarding the aformentioned 'mandible replacement,' Spignesi also provides the following Presidential tid-bits: Long Live Grover Cleveland. My first read of Robert Klose. As you read, you can't believe you are enjoying stories that are so absurd, but you are chortling at the end of each page and wondering how the whole story is going to turn out!

The last president who know the Constitution as the framers intended before the progressives with their distain for the document took over. We need to get at least halfway back to his view. Lysander Spooner has a way of hitting the nail on the head. To understand the events of today it is important to understand the principles on which things work.

Lysander boils political philosophy down it's simplest form by helping the reader understand from whence all rights and powers stem. After firing thirty times, Spencer barricaded herself inside her home for several hours. Spencer told the reporter she shot at the schoolchildren and adults because, "I don't like Mondays.

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This livens up the day. Spencer was charged as an adult and pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. On April 4, , a day after her eighteenth birthday, she was sentenced to 25 years to life.

While at the California Institution for Women in Chino , she worked repairing electronic equipment. Under the terms of her indeterminate sentence , Spencer became eligible for hearings to consider her suitability for parole in Normally, very few people convicted on a charge of murder were able to obtain parole in California before At her first hearing, Spencer said she had hoped police would shoot her and that she had been a user of alcohol and drugs at the time of the crime, which contradicted the results of drug tests done when she was taken into custody.

In her hearing, Spencer first claimed that her father had been subjecting her to beatings and sexual abuse , but he said the allegations were not true. The parole board chairman said that as she had not previously told any prison staff about the allegations, he doubted whether they were true. Spencer was cited as the inspiration for the song " I Don't Like Mondays ," written by Bob Geldof for his band the Boomtown Rats , which was released later that year. A plaque and flagpole were erected at Cleveland Elementary in memory of the shooting victims. The school was closed in , along with a dozen other schools around the city, due to declining enrollment.

From to , it housed the Magnolia Science Academy, [23] a public charter middle school serving students in grades On January 17, , almost ten years after the events at San Diego's Grover Cleveland Elementary, there was another shooting at a school named Grover Cleveland Elementary, this one in Stockton, California. Five students were killed and thirty were injured.

One survivor of the shooting described herself as "shocked, saddened, horrified" by the eerie similarities to their own traumatic experience. He was particularly struck by Spencer's claim that she did it because she did not like Mondays, and began writing a song about it, also incorporating the reporters' "Tell me why? Although it did not make the Top 40 in the U.

The book Ceremonial Violence: A Psychological Explanation of School Shootings , by Jonathon Fast, analyzes the Cleveland Elementary shooting and four other cases from a psychological perspective. These are the other shootings reported on: The book Does Anyone Like Mondays? Hart, details the shooting and aftermath.

Cleveland Elementary School shooting (San Diego)

The book Babyface Killers: Linedecker dedicates the book's prologue to Spencer and refers to her crimes in multiple chapters, published: The Investigation Discovery network portrayed Brenda Spencer's crimes in one of the three cases presented on the crime documentary series Deadly Women , episode Thrill Killers , first air date: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Cleveland Elementary School shooting Stockton. The Fastest Lip on Vinyl. Encyclopedia of School Crime and Violence 1st ed. Retrieved 3 November