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Setting Up Your iPhone or iPad

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iPhone and iOS: The Complete Newbie's Guide

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Just what I was hoping to find. Easy to read and follow along to. Perfect for us baby boomers who have a ton of questions about how our iPhone works and other capabilities.

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Clear step by step instructions, helpful pictures and easy to read. I will be recommending this to my friends and family. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Says it's a beginners book and at least it's got is going. Switching from android to Apple is like learning a new language like Greek. I have enough trouble with English. As the title says and as the author points out this is a beginners book that will cover all iPhones I'm gonna look now for two more specific books.

A book that goes into depth into my wife's iphone 8 and my SE. Very plain and easy to understand. I enjoy having this to refer back to when I need it for my forgetfulness. This book was a help, but I did know some of what was in it. At times, I could have used a bit more detail on some subjects. I used this manual for the new iPhone I had. It was very helpful and I am now able to use my iPhone with comfort and ease.

One person found this helpful. It gave me a headache and a lot of stress. I'm happy to have a reasonable reference to which I can refer whenever I need to learn a little more about my iPhone. See all 31 reviews. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. You can also access a handful of iCloud-enabled services from the web at iCloud. You can also remotely wipe your device using this tool. Read More can help. Click on the device icon and choose your device, then browse the sidebar on the left to choose what to sync. Many third-party apps, like eReaders, can use iTunes File Sharing to transfer files to and from your device.

If something goes badly wrong with your iPhone, and you need to start afresh, iTunes allows you to restore the original operating system. You can take your iOS device into a service center if you believe it to have some sort of fault. This can either be an Apple Store retail location Genius Bar , Apple-authorized service center, or a third-party service center. Repairs that take place outside of the warranty coverage period will cost you, however. Many third-party options will use aftermarket parts, which can be of inferior quality.

However, AppleCare also covers accidental damage, with an excess payable for repairs or an outright replacement for your device should something happen to it. You may be able to resolve many issues yourself, and in some cases you can carry out DIY repairs too. Do you have another burning question about how to use your iPhone or iPad? Your email address will not be published. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

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This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family. Is Bitmoji a Threat to Your Privacy? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Read our privacy policy. Scroll down for the next article. Send as many "blue" messages as you want each month. You also aren't limited to characters, and you can send multiple pictures, audio messages, quick videos, animated GIFs, and stickers from apps that support Messages.

It's all seamless—you don't have to do anything to make your costly text into a free iMessage. Before you send any message, the iPhone looks to see if the recipient is in the iMessage database. If they are, the messages is routed through Apple's servers. If an iMessage won't go through, the Messages app will resend it for you as a text. Supposedly, all iMessages are encrypted from one end to the other, so in theory it's more secure than texts.

How do Messages differ from email? For email, you need to have accounts via a third party—from your work, your ISP, a service like Gmail or Yahoo or Outlook. For email, you use the built-in Mail app on iPhone, but there are also many great third-party mail apps like Mailbox. Gmail , Yahoo Mail , and Outlook.

Of course, Apple supplies you an email if you want, via iCloud. Anyone with an Apple ID can get one.

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If your Apple ID is another email address, you have to set up the iCloud address. If you had an old me. Note that if you want more than 5GB of online storage with iCloud, you've got to pay for it. You can make phone calls with a phone But what's this FaceTime? It's an app for ultra-simple video conferencing, much like Skype.

In fact, you can get Skype for iOS , and a number of other video-conferencing apps, if you prefer. Calling is as simple as using the phone—you'll see in your contacts who's available on FaceTime; look for the video camera icon. Just be aware, video can be a bandwidth hog. You get new apps for the iPhone from one place and one place only: There are thousands of apps that are totally free. Some people never pay for an app, ever.

iPhone 5S - Complete Beginners Guide

Many apps are free to download but require in-app purchases for extra perks like game levels. Then, to be honest, go nuts, at least with the free apps. The worst thing that'll happen is you fill your iPhone with so many apps that you have to delete them. If you buy an app and delete it later, guess what—you can always download it again, since it's already purchased. That is, as long as the app is still available. When you want to shop for music, TV shows, or movies to play on the iPhone, you go to another app: It's also the place to buy ringtones and text alert tones. Purchases are tied to your account via Digital Rights Management DRM , so that you can use them on multiple devices with the same account, but you can't transfer the purchases to other users with a different account.

Yes, the iPhone can still serve as an "MP3 player," like the original iPods. When you're on an unlocked iPhone and swipe down from the middle of the screen, you get the Spotlight Search. This is how you find things on the iPhone itself — Spotlight looks inside your contacts, notes, calendar entries, and more for the names of apps, among other things. Now, it will even search the web. It's a great way to find an app when you've hidden it away in a folder but don't know which one.

Naturally, you also get Notifications on your Lock Screen as they come in, if you've got them set up to do so. The alerts can play a sound, show as a banner at the top of the screen, in the middle of the screen, or just get a badge—that little round number in red on an icon. They don't even have to show in the Notification Center after you've seen them. The combinations possible for all your different apps is huge. Hide some, make others stand out.

The iPhone also supports widgets, little info bits offered up by your apps, like headlines from the News app, or temperatures from weather apps, or quick access to ebooks, etc. To get to them, from the first screen on the Home Page, swipe right just keep swiping right until you get to them. Scroll down to the Edit button and configure what widgets to use; you can delete them or reorder them as you see fit. No one is going to say that Siri is the perfect artificially intelligent assistant, but the voice-activated tool is pretty handy and always getting better and better.

To activate Siri, hold down the Home button. Pick the British Male voice and you feel like you have a butler. The list of things Siri can't do is probably now shorter than what it can, whether its answering questions for you or controlling your phone.

The latest option is translation of English words and phrases into a few other languages Mandarin, French, German, Italian, and Spanish for now. If you are unable to talk to Siri, or just hate the sound of your own voice, you can type commands to the assistant now. It turns out that smartphone theft overall has declined a bit over the last few years, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider both physical and virtual security on your new iPhone.

The first thing you should do with any new iPhone is activate the Find My iPhone app. It lets you see where the phone is on a map, remotely lock your phone, send messages to your missing phone helpful when you leave it in the back of a cab , or wipe the phone clean—all of which you can do from any computer via iCloud. Use your Apple ID to sign into the program. Turn on Send Last Location so if you phone is missing, it'll send out a signal just before the battery goes dead or it's turned off.

If you didn't activate Find My iPhone, dry your tears and read this.

iPhone 5 Quick Starter Guide by Scott La Counte on Apple Books

If you don't have a passcode set up, do it. It can be four or six digits, or a password or phrase. You'll want a passcode in case the phone is stolen, so you have more time to recover it—or deal with it from afar. You also have the option to have your iPhone erase all its data after 10 failed passcode attempts. It's the nuclear option, but better than a stolen phone with your whole life on it.

In those same settings, you'll get the option to use a fingerprint, scanned by the Touch ID built into the Home Button, as your biometric passcode. There's still times when you have to enter the passcode digits even after this, but it's for security, so suck it up, buttercup. You can also use it as your ID when buying items from iTunes or other kinds of online purchases—even on Amazon's app—and of course it'll authenticate you as the owner of the phone when Apple Pay.

It's available on all the current iPhones, but will not be on the iPhone X when it ships—that comes with facial recognition called Face ID instead. It's worth noting that when it comes to law enforcement, they can't force people to unlock with a passcode. But they can force you to put your fingerprint on the Touch ID scanner, legally.

And of course, holding the phone up to your face for biometric access will be a breeze. So privacy advocates always will lean toward the passcode or better yet passphrase. You can turn off Location Services on apps that don't need to track where you are. You can prevent apps from accessing your Contacts, you Photos, your iPhone microphone or camera, even prevent access to your social networks Facebook and Twitter. Under Advertising, turn on Limit Ad Tracking and you'll see fewer targeted ads in apps or the browser.