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As she was going down one of the streets Connelly dropped some coins and instinctively stepped on one as it was rolling away. She then quickly realized that in the eyes of any Thais watching her, she had defiled the image on the coin, the Thai King Bhumibol. She quickly picked it up, dusted it off and did a 'wai' to it, a Thai bow. She had to be constantly vigilant for these little transgressions she might perform. As her year draws to a close, she realizes how much the various people in her daily life have meant to her.

The teachers at the local school who have helped her learn to speak, read and write Thai, the classmates, the family members of the two homes she has lived in have all become very dear to her.

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While reading I have been privileged to have, in a minor way, shared this journey with Connelly and I'm so grateful that she published her memoirs in this book. Dec 28, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: I like reading books about people's experiences living in other countries. Connelly went to Thailand in at age 17 on a Rotary International Exchange program.


She lived in a rural area and was the only "falang" or foreigner in the area. Her descriptions of living in Thailand are very interesting and revealing about the differences between western and Thai culture. I didn't like her attempts at poetic description the first page was almost bad enough to stop me from reading more but she was y I like reading books about people's experiences living in other countries. I didn't like her attempts at poetic description the first page was almost bad enough to stop me from reading more but she was young and she was obviously taken with the intensely different colors of Thailand.

She is distressed about the position of women in Thailand, yet she is emotionally tied up with a by my reading total jerk young man in Canada and doesn't seem to recognize her own buy in to a traditional female role. I suspect Connelly was a bit of a handful for western or Thai parents but she is intensely interested in many things.

A short book and worth reading Sep 01, love rated it it was amazing Shelves: An intelligent, maturely written account of a student's exchange trip to Thailand during her grade 12 years. Connolly's insight is consistently fresh, her imagery evocative, writing and wit sharp. I felt drawn into Connolly's journey, as much a quest for self-identity as a journey to understand and truly touch the Thai culture. Despite the young age at which Connolly penned her travel memoir, she offers a much more meaningful and engaging journey than Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love.

Being an exchange student in Thailand right now it was incredibly helpful.

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Karen is very descriptive and gives true insight into thai culture. A must read for all exchange students traveling to a Asian Country. Jan 25, Lorra Fae rated it it was amazing. Gosh this was beautiful. The entire time I just wanted it to never end, and all I could think of was returning to Thailand. She GETS it in this book, she writes so vividly. My favourite part was her encounter with the Rhinoceros beetle. Now I am off to read everything else by Karen. May 10, Jane Campbell rated it really liked it Shelves: Read this upon my return from a year in Asia and working in Thailand.

Well written journal account of living in a new culture. Mar 22, Camille West rated it it was ok. Had beautiful scenery and it was interesting to learn about Thai culture, but the narrator was annoying and complained too much. Apr 10, Karin rated it liked it Shelves: I'm sure a lot of editing happened before this was published. Very typically teenager - both mature and immature. She rants about foreign travelers and other annoyances and then turns around and displays the stereotype she claimed to hate. But if you keep reminding yourself that she was 17 years ago you can enjoy a glimpse at an exchange students life, prior to the internet.

No skype, email, facebook Aug 12, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: This is beautifully written, and really tells what it is like to be a Rotary exchange student. Karen Connelly from Canada spent a year in a small town in Thailand in the mid's, and truly embraced the experience. If you want to know what it is like to become a part of another culture, you might want to read this. I notice that the author bio says she has lived in Spain and Greece also, so I suspect like many exchange students she has continued to live an international life.

Mar 20, Zinat rated it liked it. I think this was a very interesting account of Karen's experiences living in Thailand. I could relate to a lot of things since I live in Thailand. It did not take long to finish this book and I enjoyed reading it. It was even humorous and at parts. Keep in mind this book was written quite a long time ago and Thailand is a very different place now. Aug 06, Tanya Pham rated it really liked it. This book is an actual journal that holds beautiful reflections on one year of life as a visiting foreigner in provincial Thailand.

Seventeen year old Karen narrates honestly and poetically, deftly using language and observation many teens never access at that age.

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I thought her depictions were poignant, funny, introspective, and honest. May 07, Sam - Spines in a Line rated it liked it. We read this in school for a travel unit. Karen did a great job of incorporating humour into her story, yet still giving us the facts of Thailand, enough to encourage the readers to take a trip of their own. Mar 02, Meg Quinn rated it really liked it.

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In one smooth movement, he leapt to his feet, and with his body still blocking mine, he bustled me from the bridge. The short wall, that ended only metres to the right, separated the buildings from the corniche and offered some protection. We would have to run into the open of the corniche to get to the old transport offices.

Touch The Dragon — Karen Connelly

Terror gripped me, the strange calm Blake brought gone again. What the hell was going on?

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Bullets burst around us, thudding into the grass far to our right, smacking into the bricks of the offices, striking against the cobbles on the corniche on the other side of the wall behind which we hid. Someone was shooting at us, at me.

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  7. It made no sense. I led a dull, ordinary life. Not one filled with magic, implosions, and archaic weaponry. Blake pressed me hard up against the wall, and I forgot all about the bullets. He turned his head, and I stared at the taut line of his throat. I swallowed, fighting the need to lick his warm brown skin. I repeated that over and over and closed my eyes, desperate to deny the growing need in my flesh. With my eyes shut, I breathed in his clean, intoxicating scent. The delicious pressure of his body against my pelvis, stomach and breasts had my heart pounding. I balled my hands into fists and pushed them hard against the rough, old brick.