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Because it happened to me. I got up in the morning and decided to take a road trip to Bosnia, as you do when you wake up in Croatia. I quit my entire life back in August in order to travel and work remotely. Randomly going to Bosnia or Bali for the weekend has become a typical thing.

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I am very, very lucky. The trajectory of quitting, though, lead me to this place. A place where I get to wake up in the morning and go to Bosnia, or perhaps, sip a cappuccino on the banks of the Mekong river in Cambodia. How did I get here? So, I got a job as a coat check girl in a high end restaurant and then begged the chef for a pay cut and a job in the kitchen. I took a better line cook job but quickly quit after a chronic injury flared up.

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I quit a food distribution desk job in Manhattan because I was physically bored, and then I quit a wine-making job in Long Island because I was mentally bored. We opened a store on the Lower East Side in and published a cookbook in buy my book!

Too Dumb To Quit

As someone who loves security and predictability, to this day I have no idea what came over me. Call it stupid, impulsive, or brave—at the very least, it was educational. Here are a few of the many, many, many things I learned. I was the only one who needed to feel good about my decision. And I did—at least in between the animal cracker crying sessions mentioned earlier.

Too Stupid to Quit

Yes, we all naturally crave approval and reassurance from others every now and then. Every day was a battle to try to scrounge up work and at least take one step in the right direction.

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But, at the same time, I felt absolutely exhilarated. I had no idea what was coming next, and that actually made me feel surprisingly motivated and optimistic. It was one of the most distressing, nauseating, and anxiety-inducing times in my life—but it was also the most exciting. But, this sentiment really does ring true. A big chunk of my duties were administrative. There was a big part of me that figured I was suited for that sort of life and career. Still I worked hard, I really did.

Then one day one, as I walked into my 2d foundation class, my professor pulled me aside. I promise I am not trying to be bitter when I explain her to you So she pulled me aside, sighed, and said, "Your the worst student I've ever had. You're not doing any of the projects right, and I'm gonna have to fail you. I just stared at her a moment, then walked out of the class room. I walked down the school corridors as the dead eyes from paintings students hung up followed me. I lead myself into the men's bathroom, went into the stall, closed the door, fell back onto the seat, and then just let it all out.

To Stupid Too Quit T-shirt Weightlifting Gym Lover - T-shirt | Teezily

I had an opening the flood gates type cry, I really did. I let it out for a couple minutes. No one was in the bathroom, I could only hear that faint, high pitched buzz from the florescent lights above. When I finally felt like I had let it all out, I looked up with my eyes red and itchy, and saw written in cursive on the stall door in front of me:

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