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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. This is an amazing and well written book. I am so impressed that the author would be so open minded to consider that stories like this always have two sides.

Herman Rosenblat

I applaud her for the courage it took to write this book and the grace with which she did it. What an intriguing and informative book. The Apple is an excellent read! Author, Penelope Holt, gets behind the human emotions of how a man survived the unimaginable torture of the Holocaust. And she exposes the media hype Oprah about the back-story of Hermann Rosenblat. This man survived the Holocaust by creating an image of love in his mind, which lived long beyond his escape from the concentration camp.

A Holocaust Survivor Recalls The Day He Was Liberated

Yes, I loved The Apple I would recommend this book to other readers that have a keen and current intererst in the Holocaust. It takes the reader to the other side of surviving this tragic history. On December 27 Rosenblat finally confessed the truth to the producer of his movie, Harris Solomon, and his literary agent, Andrea Hurst. Even now, I believe it. His family knew about the hoax and tried to convince Rosenblat not to tell it. This caused a division in Rosenblat's family. His last surviving brother, Sam, had hesitated talking to him and he died in Herman's two children were very uncomfortable with the matter.

As time passed, the persons knowing about the hoax grew more uncomfortable about keeping silent about it and there was a growing consensus that the truth had to be told. On December 27, , the same day of Rosenblat's confession, Berkley Group cancelled the book publication, saying that it had received "new information" from Rosenblat's agent. When Lerner Books learned that the book was based on Rosenblat's falsehoods they said that they wouldn't make any reprint and that they would refund any returned copy.

About 2, copies were sold. Producer Harris Salomon wasn't aware of Rosenblat's hoax when he started working on his movie of the Rosenblat story, but still intends to produce it, as he had always planned a "loose and fictionalised adaptation" [12] [16]: According to Salomon, the script for the feature was completed in October with casting to commence by Celestia Fox in London. The new motion picture tells the story of Herman Rosenblat, with a style similar to the movie The Insider.

After the revelation of the hoax, the focus of the film was changed to a psychological love story examining why a Holocaust survivor would make up a story about the Holocaust and the love for his wife while driven by greed, fame and the memory of the Holocaust. Oprah posted a disclaimer on her website, and in February she said that she was "disappointed", but she denied having been duped by Rosenblat and that she was "minding my own business. In July a new video was disseminated by the gawker.

Rosenblat is re-enacting his Holocaust love story, specifically the throwing of apples over the perimeter fence of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, long after that part of his story had been discredited as fake.

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It tells Rosenblat's life story. Holocaust historian Kenneth Waltzer said that it was disturbing that so few people had noticed and inquired about the obvious holes in his history over a decade of time. It appears that the veracity of story was not questioned either by the book publisher or by Oprah Winfrey, and that no fact-checking was done to ensure the authenticity of the memoir prior to endorsing it soundly.

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Deborah Lipstadt and others have harshly criticized Rosenblat for embellishing his story, since this could cause people to doubt the truth of the Holocaust, and encourage Holocaust deniers. The Apple, a novel, first tells the story of his struggle to survive the camps and the girl he says helped him by tossing apples over the fence. It then uncovers the story behind the story: Why did an old man weave real love with a dream of love into an account that touched and inspired many, but also ignited a firestorm of criticism?

Paperback , pages. Published August 24th by York House Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Apple , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Not sure about my rating.

The truth will out: Rosenblat's claims vs the facts

Tragic story of the holocaust but i just wish the "apple"part wasn't fiction. Dec 01, Meaga Metkowski rated it really liked it. This novel gave a well balanced overview of the controversy. Although I agree that Herman made a mistake, we must understand that he is a Holocaust survivor and no one can fully understand what terrible things that he has dealt with.

I don't think that the book is about whether or not Herman should have lied obviously, he was in the wrong but rather did he deserve such harsh criticism that he has had to deal with from the media? In other words, did people go too far? Mar 16, James rated it liked it. Once upon a time, holocaust survivor Herman Rosenblat wrote a love story. Boy is dying in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

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  4. Girl throws Boy apples over the concentration camp fence. Boy and Girl fall in love. You know, the usual. It was a beautiful story, and one that needed to be told. It was so beautiful that one day, Oprah, being Oprah, declared it "the greatest love story ever told".

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    She invited Rosenblat onto her show, and he spellbound the audience with tales of his lif Once upon a time, holocaust survivor Herman Rosenblat wrote a love story. She invited Rosenblat onto her show, and he spellbound the audience with tales of his life and claimed that he had written this story from his own experience.

    Now, there was just one problem in the magical kingdom of TV land - the story wasn't true.

    Herman Rosenblat - Wikipedia

    Oprah went on the war path. And lots of Americans, having no sense of irony, got very upset about the whole thing. The fact that a harrowing tale of life in the concentration camps had basis in truth, despite the fictional love story, was lost on people. The possibility that a person who, having just survived the holocaust, might have very good reasons for wanting to pretty things up a bit, didn't occur to them. And as for the idea that people have artistic freedom and the right to make of their own experiences whatever they will - well, that would be like saying that Oprah was wrong!

    Rosenblat's fiction is a lie that tells the truth. And whilst I can well understand the desire to uncover the truth behind the story, Holt's decision to then write this 'true account' as a novel is baffling. What you end up with is a badly written 'true' work of fiction, about a beautifully written 'fictional' truth.