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Batman turned to look at him for a moment and reached out to touch the other's forehead and Joker almost purred, "Oh, you're so cool. Joker shivered from where he lay, curling up about himself and muttering nonsense about kittens and butterflies. Batman paid little attention until Alfred returned and started his work on the man.

The butler carefully undid the shirt and tugged the filthy thing off him and gasped, "Oh dear, Master Bruce…". Joker was riddled with needle marks and bruises from restraints. He was thin enough to see his ribs and for the blue veins to pop up dramatically against white skin, it was evident that he was starved. Bruce looked down at the Joker, long wild hair haloed against a sharp face now hollow and smileless. Removing his pants showed more horror.

The Joker's ankles were both bruised badly from more restraints, one was sprained, and his inner thighs were also abused with injection points. Robin shook his head and turned back to the Joker, now dressed in clean plain pajamas and covered in the thick blanket the man looked more like a child with a cold.

The Important Role of Brain Filters

This was a criminal with some serious problems though. His system must be so over loaded that it's either trying to burn it out or shut itself down," Bruce said as he looked at the unconscious man. Joker twitched as the cool cloth wiped across his forehead, collecting beaded sweat and dirt before being placed back in the pot, wrung out and placed gently back in place.

Bruce nodded and took a seat beside the green haired man. His face was flushed and his brow shown with sweat, black lips chapped and his breath came out in labored pants. Joker was crying, he was honest to goodness in tears and when the other arm came up to cry and muffle the sound of choked sobs Batman took his wrist and tugged it away. Batman pulled the man into his chest, circling his arms around him in a desperate attempt to stop him from struggling and to comfort, if he could.

This man was still a maniac and mentally unstable and still needed to be watched. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Batman the Animated Series. Of Broken Steel Summary: I swear All was quiet in Gotham, which was worrying at the least, Gotham should not have been so silent. The butler carefully undid the shirt and tugged the filthy thing off him and gasped, "Oh dear, Master Bruce…" "What…Oh my god…" Bruce felt his heart sink at the sight.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. I have apparently suffered multiple undiagnosed concussions and the last one did it. Didn't have any symptoms for about 2 months, besides a wicked headache and then the other symptoms hit me like a truck!

I have all of the symptoms mentioned in the article and more. The worst part is the feeling that other people think you are making it all up because the symptoms are not "visible". To the point where sometimes I'm thinking it too I'm glad I am not the only one out there going through this.

Haven't started treatment yet as the doctors took forever to figure out what this was, looking forward to it though and hopefully finding some relief. Even being the one having the symptoms, I can't shake the feeling that my TBI isn't "real" or "worthy" because the physical damage was so minimal barely broke the skin , I never even lost consciousness at all, and I made mistakes even knowing better in my initial healing, which was only four months ago anyway. Being around people who don't understand TBI -- who does, really? It's a common one, eh? Thank God and Physics and whoever you pray to, too, that my husband is so extraordinarily compassionate and understanding.

Even so, I could really go for a conversation with someone else in my specific situation. Such a personal experience as TBI recovery sure can get Even so, here I am and I'm pretty convinced the light and sound sensitivity will be my final frontiers of healing. I just have to keep the faith that there will be a "final," ever. I have to, because whenever I forget to have faith, right down I go into the spiral of frustration and self-recrimination. Happened just two nights ago, and then I found this page.

Thank you all for helping me get back to faith and hope. I understand your need to talk to someone going thru this. I went shopping with my mom on Black Friday. Trying to explain my noise sensitivity and my mom seeing what happens is different. We were at the cash register and almost done when a store alarm started going off.

My hands automatically went to cover my ears. This shocked both my mom and the employee. My injury happened in July I had a car accident I was hit by a bonanza but broadside when you was 16 years old bath passenger died. I was in a coma for 11 days but I remember my father telling me about o squeeze his has, I remember my mom asking he blood from my hair and Man other small memories. I am fine today. Have hearing loss in both ears from broken middle ear bones, neck pain, and leg pain. I handle all pain throu exercise.

Do all coma patient have I near death experience? I am curious about what kids H. I had a hole in my head drilled to relieve pressure and had seizures. I am very fortunate to recover. All of my doctors have been baffled by this as I never suffered from this before the clot was discovered. Nothing I have done works to mask the ringing. If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it. Carol, for what it's worth, know that your simple comment made a huge difference for me. I'm a mere four and a half months into figuring out how to live life now and was feeling very down about my progress and mistakes I initially made, and hearing that it's a figuring out and it takes time gave me a lot of hope.

Thank you, a lot. I may have ABi. After your brain injury did you notice that you had a major sensitivity to caffeine? Did you also notice that you were getting your words and sentences all mixed up. I have moderate TBI and I was caffine sensitive. At first, all I could drink was decaf. Although, I am able to drink a coffee after about 10 years! Then for my 2nd cup, I will drink decaf! I actually suffer from Hyperacusis hypersensitivity to sound unrelated to my concussion. Let me tell you it is awful.

Especially when I lived with it when it was very severe for nearly 7 months. It was related to a hearing injury a while back. Its typically from Chronic loud noise exposure. That's how I got mine. It is not even nearly close related to the eardrum. The eardrum is just a sliver of skin protecting contaminants from your middle ear.

Its connected to the 3 bones in your ear that contracts when you hear loud noises. Your ears pop when you swallow due to the eardrums connections to the Estachian tubes.

Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury | BrainLine

Which regulate pressure to the middle ear. Its a rare condition. It has believed to either be related to an aggravated auditory nerve or the hearing organ the cochlea itself. I am very fortunate to not have any setbacks in my Hypercausis department once my concussion.

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I just wondered onto this page because I'm still recovering and I have awful reading difficulty at the moment. I would highly recommend anyone to check out Hyperacusis Network Forum. Someone may be able to help you there. When it comes to this. Every cause to the problem is different. I've met people who got hypersensitivity of ototoxic drugs, ear infections middle and inner , loud noise, a blow to the head, and one even having theirs related to Epilepsy.

Therefore, your healing is different. So this is going to sound crazy, but I've been having all the symptoms described here, but I haven't had an injury. The doctors have been totally baffled, but I finally landed in the hands of a physical therapist who is helping with my vision and vestibular issues. She's the one who suggested that I might have a brain injury since I have all of these symptoms of one. Has anyone ever heard of spontaneous brain injury? Just wondering if this is really what is going on since every article I read about brain injury seems to fit with what I'm experiencing!

Another thing to consider is your unknown history, before your brain began to retain memories. It is possible that you may have experienced a fall on your own or a drop from someone when you were an infant and of course have no recollection of it. I've seen kids fall pretty hard and many parents will pick their child up and hold them until they stop crying but they rarely consider or understand how a simple jolt can damage the brain, especially when it is in it's infancy.

Another possibility is that your TBI was so severe that you can't even remember it happening. Seems very unlikely but I've had several concussions and at least one I can't remember anything leading up to it. I've spoken with others about their TBI and one guy told me that evidently he rode his bike all the way home and didn't remember it. In both of our cases there were witnesses, and I ended up in the hospital and he had bruises to indicate an injury, but I do wonder if someone were to hit their head alone at home and then wandering to bed if they just wouldn't wake up with a mild headache thinking it was all a nightmare or not even remember the hear injury at all.

Far-fetched perhaps, but reality has some strange stories that seem less likely than fiction. Like someone else suggested, just jolting your head fast enough, from a car accident or something similar, can cause injury to the brain too. Wish you well and good luck with your recovery! Do you have hearing loss and tinnitus? If so, you may want to be screened for a vestibular schwannoma. I have moderate closed head TBI from the major jolt in my auto accident. Have you ever experienced a jolt?

That "jolt", may have been the cause. I just had an MRI due to a second concussion this year. I had no idea the testing was so loud. I had sound and light sensitivity due to the concussion so the 20 minutes was pure torture. It was like having a jack hammer being used on your head. Music added to the noise level. I could hardly function once I was done. Anyone else ever experience this? Yes, mris are very noisy with body and brain shaking vibrations. Construction grade ear plugs, and choosing no music from the headphones can help.

Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Bringing your own thin pillow can help isolate your head off the table. The use of an mri to diagnose concussion is also questionable but I am not a doctor, just recovering myself. I had the same response during an MRI of a knee I 'd had ones before my concussion nearly 2 years ago but still wasn't prepared for the impact of the noise plus feeling like I was trapped.. Even though I had listed post concussion syndrome in the medical history, the tech was oblivious Yes, I have experienced these same symptoms during an MRI but also when trying to use a computer and early on, while trying to read.

I am always disoriented after an MRI - a feeling of having been in another world and having to re-adjust to what we tend to think of as "reality. However, even though I have ongoing hyperacusia, I have learned to love the weird, loud sounds of the MRI machine. I know that sounds strange! I just relax into it and let myself be intrigued with the variety of sounds. I even fall asleep!

I had a head injury resulting in hypersensitivity to motion, light and sound. After getting nowhere with my ENT department for ear filters, I got some Bose noise reducing earphones. They have saved my sanity. I just pop them in whenever there is noise my brain can't handle. I also wear sunglasses a lot to dampen down the light sensitivity. When driving, because I am holding the wheel which stabilizes my head more than being a passenger, that is also beneficial. Also avoiding vehicles with less shock absorption and not sitting over wheels or near side cambers.

It's been a year of discovery of what works. Hope this is helpful to you. I'm in my 2nd year of rehabbing from a severe motorcycle accident where I was busted up from head to toe. I add "diagnosed" because I played ice hockey for over 20 years and trained in MMA and boxing for three years so I doubt three is the actual number.

I'm sure there were more. My brain must hate me for all this. Anyway, as a result of this head injury, two of my symptoms are frequent hypersensitivity to light and sounds. The sound sensitivity is far worse than the light. Sometimes they happen together, sometimes individually. It can often take about 48 hours of almost complete isolation to get rid of the symptoms. If I don't get that time frame, it drags on and I get really irritable. I don't want to be around anyone at all.

When we didn't live together, I had lots of quiet time and it helped stabilize these symptoms. It leads to too many arguments with my girlfriend because it's difficult to live with me when these flair up. That stress is another problem that compounds all of this too. I'm going to show my girlfriend these articles to see if it helps her understand. I've tried to explain it to her before but it didn't accomplish anything.

I might move back to my parents house because they have a second floor to their house that they don't use and I can stay there and have the quiet I need to heal. That may salvage my relationship with my girlfriend too. This will be short, on 11th month of mtbi Get book "chicken soup-tramatic brain injury survivor stories".

It will help both of you. Praying for your recovery The day you posted this was the day of my injury. I can relate to a lot of the things you said. For me though I didn't have any symptoms until about 9 months post injury. The decline was rapid and is destroying my life. I'm unable to work or socialize like I did post injury.

Hozier - From Eden

Nobody understands what's wrong with me and doesn't really seem to even try. My car fell on my head and fractured my skull. I live with my mother now because I'm unable to work or function in the world. This is the worst place I could live because she's a hoarder and has stuff everywhere. I feel constant fear of getting hurt again living here on top of the fear of life in general. I'm so fearful of what the future holds for me and if I'm going to continue to decline. My anxiety is debilitating. I miss my old life. I miss the old me. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.

I'm sorry you experienced something so devastating. I've learned that the trials that befall us we can endure, because our creator promised he wont allow us to bear more than we can handle. Maybe you and her together along with a little help could start out little by little or a room at a time if need be, would go a long way!! I know my mood an outlook are better in a cleaner place as well. Do you take anything for your anxiety?

If not it be worth looking into, I'm speaking from experience. Again dont give up, you may not believe it right now but what your going through is only temporary. This is how i know, make time to read this scripture Revelations In the meantime i think things can get better for you and i hope they do. I understand how you feel. I have 3 daughters, 2 who live with me, and I have to constantly tell them to clean up after themselves or I'll fall.

I passed out in my backyard and hit the back of my head hard enough I died. After reviving me, they had to put me in an induced coma. I woke up hooked up to all these machines. I tried to get up and fell straight on my face. The nurses rushed in and told me I couldn't walk I'm like what you mean I can't walk?? It's crazy the little things in life we do every day that we take for granted until you are literally not able to do it anymore.

It sucks because nobody knows how you feel. Your brain is still healing. Be patient with yourself. Check to see if there is help for hoarders in your area. One of my friends suggested a parasite cleanse can also cure propensity for hording. You can also go on anxiety meds temporarily to reset your brain chemistry and get you out of the tailspin. Talk to a doctor. I had a fracture to my skull base and to my temporal bone. I had a hemorrhage in my left temporal horn but my Intercranial pressure never went up so high that they had to do surgery. I had a brain contusion and I think another hemorrhage somewhere.

I started to feel less cloudy but also have confined myself to the house completely. As soon as I started feeling a little better my ears started feeling full and then all the sudden I had tinnitus and hearing loss. Mike, it sounds like your symptoms came on quite a while 9 months? Some things to consider - from one layman to another. First, when you have a TBI, it makes you VERY susceptible to additional head injuries - even from knocks that you wouldn't think would cause a problem.

Is it possible you engaged in an activity more recently that could have caused this? Some examples are riding a bicycle, motorcycle, or even a vehicle on a bumpy road, using power tools, or playing a sport where impact can occur or you are running hard, like soccer, football, or basketball. I have experienced a recurrence of post-concussive symptoms from banging my head against a headrest of a car in a tiny fender-bender, which took months to dissipate.

Long story short - you are at a higher risk for more injury, and maybe this is playing into your symptoms. Second, depression and anxiety are VERY common post-TBI symptoms and they are affecting your life significantly enough that you should look into treatment.

Hearing Problems and Hypersensitivity to Sound

Some people have a hard time with taking a prescription, but it's very important that you get help or it will not get better. Something, as you said, is not right. I would not call a normal MRI in any way conclusive for the symptoms you are describing. TBIs usually mean a new "normal" - things aren't ever going to be the same as they were before the injury. But that doesn't mean you just have to sit with what you got. You may need to see some specialists to get help for the various issues you are experiencing.

A psychologist and psychiatrist can help you with your depression and anxiety - you'll need the psychologist for some weekly appointments until you can get your feet back under you, and the psychiatrist for any medication management. I don't know your financial situation - but at the same time, this is help you really need to get better - I ended up feeling like the medical bills were worth it in the long run. Don't give up, speak your truth, and keep asking questions.

Recovery takes a long time - it took 5 years before I felt remotely normal, and at 10 years out I still have permanent symptoms. Go easy on yourself and try to stay patient. Be open to finding things to be grateful for every day. Good luck, I hope this helps. To the post on fish oil causing gout are you sure that wasn't concentrated fish oil in gel caps?

You can OD on that stuff. Best to use none concentrated. They are a lot bigger but its fish oil not concentrated for more vitamin contents. Does the ringing in the ears ever go away? All the syptoms you have described apply to me, I am going on 14 years with this disease and these problems. I have a VP Shunt in my head that is supposed to keep the pressure off but unfortunately they have a tendency to have a lot of problems and bread down often which requires another surgery.

I have no quality of life at all, but my faith gets me through. My extremely-layperson understanding is it frees up space and mobility in your skull to give your brain half a chance to get on with healing. Thank you so much for this article. I'm a couple of weeks shy of 2 years recovering from a head injury due to a fall during snow skiing.

I've been so isolated and lonely because over-stimulation from sound, music, lights, crowds, environment. I've never been told by the neurologists or primary care doctors to see a neuro optometrist or audiologist. I made these appointments after reading this article. They come with 3 filters depending on how much filtering I need in any social setting. I'm out of the house more enjoying music and people for the first time without being miserable and causing more pain.

I still have to pace myself as to not over do it. Bouncing back is hard with pain and insomnia. I've also had cognitive testing with results coming next week.