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We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. In an instructional video, Neil explains the different cuts of meat and how to cook them to perfection. He also shares 16 of his favourite meat, fish and poultry recipes and tips on how to make them at home. Stunning food and location photography, a special layout optimised for ebook, and Neil's tips and cooking demonstration make this an indispensable and inspirational kitchen companion.

Seafood from the Charcoal Oven Grill. From the Wood Fired Rotisserie. Beef from the Wood Fired Grill and finally. There is a large choice of different types of beef: You know how for some reason a steak cooked on an open fire whilst camping tastes better than anything cooked at home?

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I'd be interested in trying that steak tartare, did it taste very different to the usual one with the egg yolk? Even before you look at the prices, for me the choice between the sirloin and bone-in rib eye is a no brainer - the rib eye wins every time! Having eaten them both, did you have a preference, Helen? And, I have to ask, given the prices - were you paying?

Or were you a happy and well-fed guest? Is there a better phrase in this world than "charred cheese"?

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Unless it's "popcorn petit fours" Definitely a price tag not for the fainthearted! Oh but the beauty of bone marrow Have you had the burger at the bar? I haven't, but I've heard good things. I'd love to check out the Riedel chandelier, so impressive. I don't think that cheesecake was on the menu when I went Hmmm, they had me at the tartare!

Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

Last time I was there I didn't get to go for dessert, but they surely look nice! Good old Rockpool Bar and Grill. It actually has a split kitchen with dessert and the majority of prep being undertaken upstairs. I worked in the pastry kitchen for a bit and saw first hand at a hands on level the amount of detail which goes into those desserts. The wagyu burger in the bar is still the best value burger in Sydney I feel. Hi chocolatesuze - The creme caramel was crazy shiny. And oh so rich!

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Hi stephcookie - Riedel glasses are beautiful aren't they? And the bone marrow was amazing. Hi Simon Food Favourites - I am easily distracted, and any activity that helps with blogging procrastination is dangerously appealing! You know me - I almost always finish everything on my plate! Haha sometimes you disturb me Billy!

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Hi Betty - We were a group of seven but even then we covered only a small portion of the menu! Hi A - He's alright.

Hi OohLookBel - Food always tastes better when someone else is paying! I deliberated for hours over the menu! Hi Jacq - I found the steak tartare was much lighter. Usually I find steak tartare to be almost a meal in itself. The mayonnaise wasn't overly rich either,which was good. Hi David - I only had a small sample of the rib eye so I can't judge. And we dined as paying guests - if it had been free, I definitely would have disclosed it: Hi Hannah - Haha, I prefer blow torched cheese.

Brazilian Rotisserie Trailer

Hi Brenda - The bone marrow was mesmerising. Perhaps it's part of the plan to take your mind off the prices! Hi Yas aboutthefood - Intense indeed! I haven't tried the burger yet, and I'm quite curious to see how it stacks up against Plan B. Hi Anna Johnston - I have an emergency stomach for dessert, although I think in this case I really needed two!

Hi Tina - The egg and bone marrow dish is glorious. The menu is so expansive I do wonder how often they change their menu items. I love desserts at fancy dining restaurants - they're also so exquisitely presented and conceptualised. Hi Vivienne - The creme caramel was one of the richest I'd had, and the portion size - all things considered - was insane.

Would love to hear what you think of it if you get there. Hi Matt - We did notice a few dishes coming from the upstairs kitchen.

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I'd love to explore the pastry kitchen - I can only imagine the effort that goes into each dish. Must try the wagyu burger soon! Been wanting to try this for too long! Now that bone marrow has pushed me over the edge raarrrr!! I want that brioche!!