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Making a hotel reservation in English

It offers you an availability calendar for each of the resources rooms in a very useful way. The forms are fully customizable, and very easy to configure. I had a issue and I was answered in less than 2 o 3 hours in a very kind way.

Even using it in free version… Thank you very much. The plugin is mostly OK, it will have everything you need to manage your reservations and your resources. Some bugs here and there but the plugin owner still udpate it to correct those bugs, if reported. The form manager is good too, allowing you to personalize your registration form easily.


If you need more function-abilities you need to pay euros for it, no problem with that since most plugin developers here does that. But here comes the problem, while you are premium everything is allright, but when you becomes a free user once your year of premium is gone:. You DONT have more access to the documentation. Its hidden to ex-premium users and even you have the plugin installed with your premium modules you cant research how to use it. DONT update the plugin if you arent premium anymore!! The internal modules cant be updated, which means theyll become incompatible with the main plugin core and because of this un-usable.

You cant update your modules anymore unless you pay euros once again.

Reservation System - Simple Booking

I try to reach the owner, suggesting him to be more clear with customers, he told me in a post that he moved to a part I dont have access anymore that I can still use premium modules even if im not anymore premium, which is not entirely true. Also I still waiting the email with the instructions how how use some modules, info I cant access since I lost my premium.

Booking made easy

Also I suggested him to make a subscription fee system that doesnt mean to pay full price again for those who already paid for the plugin but still want access to updates and modules but what he did is to delete my post. So if you dont have euros to pay every year for premium access and avoid you plugin and modules to become useless, stay away from this plugin.

Really good plugin and excellent support.

Fast help with the very different requests related to the plugin usage. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Translate into your language.

Easy Reservation | Hotel Management System With Source Code

Description easyReservations is the perfect plugin for receiving, managing and handling bookings easily. Maximum levels of discount are not available at all locations on all dates. Travel Insurance provided by Zurich: The instant reward is applicable to certain properties, which are flagged with an easyJet instant reward icon, and some payment methods are excluded.

The final price of your booking, with the reward applied, will be shown in the price breakdown of the payment page.

Ask for your free demo, and let the magic happen

Instant reward is available for bookings made from 26th April to 26th June, Parking price is based on the best 8 day parking price at Airparks, Birmingham, Luton and Manchester from 1st January onwards and is subject to daily change and availability. The discount has already been added to the price on the website.

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Therefore no promotion code needs to be added. See HolidayTaxis for details. One way per person, based on 1, 2 or 4 people travelling as indicated on the same booking. Additional charges for payment and baggage. Find out more about how our pricing works.

Mobile Friendly Car Rental Reservation System

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