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Continue Find out more. More Spanish examples for this word. Los sonidos evocan memorias de los espacios que identifican a esta comunidad imaginada.


Evoca los felices momentos de su vida junto a su amada Olga. Si a ustedes les evoca la memoria, en ustedes nos inspiramos.

El autor evoca lo contrario a la idea tradicional de tribus. Evoco hoy la memoria de todos los que contribuyeron a Interactuar. Diferentes colores evocan distintos recuerdos y diferentes ideas. Y seremos mientras seamos capaces de evocar dichos sentimientos.

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A veces evoco con cierta nostalgia viejas costumbres de mi infancia y adolescencia. Pero quiero evocar algunas de sus actuaciones en el cine. Mis encuentros cercanos con aquello que evoca tiempos viejos, muy viejos. Mira el piso y trata de evocar el pasado.

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Temporal analysis of spring data to assess nitrate inputs to groundwater in an agricultural area Osona, NE Spain. Applied Geochemistry, Special Issue Prof. Nitrogen inputs to a river course in a heavily impacted watershed: Regression model for aquifer vulnerability assessment of nitrate pollution in the Osona region NE Spain. Analysis of stream-aquifer relationships: Identifying the effects of human pressure on groundwater quality to support water management strategies in coastal regions: Nitrate pollution of groundwater; all right …, but nothing else?

Science of the Total Environment , C: Characterizing sources and natural attenuation of nitrate contamination in the Baix Ter aquifer system Spain using a multi-isotope approach. Science of the Total Environment, Stratigraphic and structural controls on groundwater flow in an outcropping fossil fan delta: Hydrogeology Journal, 25 8 , Groundwater dependence of coastal lagoons: Toward the understanding of antibiotic occurrence and transport in groundwater: Isotope and microbiome data provide complementary information to identify natural nitrate attenuation processes in groundwater.

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Groundwater nitrate pollution and climate change: Learnings from a water balance based analysis of several aquifers in a western Mediterranean region Catalonia. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

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