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Cela ne peut pas finir ainsi Je suis en train de lire le tome 2. Non, je ne pense pas que ce soit normal Katiap, essaye de garder ton exemplaire tout en obtenant un nouveau , car c'est un collector!!! Je viens de trouver les 3 romans sur un banc , devant l'ecole de mes filles! Il parait que certaines personnes laissent des livres sur les bancs publique quand ils leur ont plu Merci pour votre aide. Mais je comme je n'arrive pas a faire le lien: Pourtant, le Seigneur gouverne avec une verge de fer: A ce stade, je constate une chose: On va voir ce qu'il en est en France Je viens de lire les 3 tomes.

De nombreux racourcis sont faits. Je viens de terminer millenium 3. Vivement que le tome 2 et ensuite le tome 3 se transforme en film. A l'instar de Star Wars , je suis dans l'attente de la suite La relation entre michael et salander est attachante et on sent les relents d'amour entre eux, l'ambiance est prenante et l'histoire est formidable et addictif. Fil des commentaires de ce billet.

Son doigt reposait lourdement sur le bouton. Critiques, avis et analyses 1. Le jeudi 4 octobre , Le vendredi 5 octobre , Je vais de ce pas me procurer le premier. Le samedi 6 octobre , Le dimanche 7 octobre , Le jeudi 18 octobre , Le samedi 20 octobre , Le vendredi 2 novembre , Le jeudi 15 novembre , Le mercredi 2 janvier , Le vendredi 4 janvier , Le mardi 8 janvier , Le mercredi 9 janvier , Le vendredi 11 janvier , Le mercredi 16 janvier , Le jeudi 17 janvier , Le lundi 21 janvier , Le mardi 29 janvier , Le mercredi 30 janvier , Le jeudi 31 janvier , J'ai hate de lire les deux autres.

Le samedi 1 mars , Le vendredi 7 mars , Le vendredi 28 mars , Le lundi 7 avril , Le samedi 12 avril , Le lundi 14 avril , Le dimanche 27 avril , Le vendredi 2 mai , Le lundi 5 mai , Le vendredi 16 mai , Le dimanche 25 mai , Le mercredi 4 juin , Le lundi 9 juin , Le jeudi 12 juin , Le samedi 14 juin , Le dimanche 15 juin , Le lundi 16 juin , Le dimanche 22 juin , Le lundi 23 juin , Le mercredi 25 juin , The Winged Death Death to the Cave Leopard.

The Great Wolf Pack In the Depths of the Cave The Thunder Bird The Fish People Crossing the Big Lake The Leap of the Tiger The Mystery of the Marsh Treed by a Mastadon. Boys' Life , October - October The 26 chapters were originally printed in Boys' Life , from October through October Mog, the Mound Builder. Foreword by Irving Crump, Introduction by H. A prehistoric American boy, one of the tribe known as Mound Builders, is the hero of this engrossing tale of the danger-filled life of early man.

Mog follows his father who has joined with the men of his village to drive off an enormous pack of wolves and so begin the series of amazing adventures of this fearless boy. Most thrilling of these is Mog's discovery of a new race of men whom he leads back to his own country, there to make an alliance with them against the Algonquin Red Men who are invading the country ofthe Mound Builders.

For Mog danger lurked at every step and his story is filled with swift draws and heroic action. Og of the Cave People. The Fire Goes Out 2. The Flat Heads Capture Tao 3. Big Tooth Asks for Help 4. The Monsters of the Mist 5. Pong, the Devil Doctor 7. The Crocodile Rules the River 8. Og Goes for Goats Og's Signal Fire Tao and the Tiger Wolves for Dogs Between Red Beards and Mammoths Rolling Rocks for Victory. Boys' Life , September - June The 15 chapters were originally printed in 10 issues Boys' Life , from September through June Og, Son of Fire: The Place of Missing Men.

Boys' Life , v. Something has been happening to the Flat Head turtle hunters — those who have taken their canoes down to the turtle beach for turtles and eggs have not been returning A superstitious fear begins to invade the hearts of tribe, and so despite everyone's misgivings, Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth head off to investigate. They are caught in a powerful current, carried past the turtle beach and tossed up on a strange shore, their canoe broken in two.

There they find the bones of their clansmen and are soon attacked by a giant octopus. After a fierce battle they slay the terrible beast and begin their homeward trek. Canyon of the Moon Cats. Og and Big Foot have located the village where they believe their friends Ru and Tao are being held captive by the little brown "throw-stick" men. They had fought with them as they returned overland from their turtle beach adventure, and though they had escaped that time, Ru had been injured, and while he'd been left at camp with Tao, the two had apparently been captured.

They see the medicine man, Watusi, lead the bound Ru and Tao to a place in the valley where they are to be sacrificed to the black panthers of the Moon God, and leave them there. Og and Big Foot drop a vine down to their ledge, fight off the panthers and save Ru and Tao, barely escaping with their lives Arrows from the Sky. Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth, from high up on a ledge, have killed the tapir they were stalking.

But Big Tooth urges caution during their descent, as the animal appeared to be fleeing something. Sure enough, by the time they reach the bottom, they find their prey surrounded by enemy Boomerang Men, and Watusi, their medicine man. Though they are puzzled and frightened by the arrows from the sky, Watusi assures them it's a gift from the Sun god, and they carry the tapir back to their village, followed stealthily by the four friends.

In the middle of the night they go to retake their booty from the tree it is hanging on, but find Watusi has the same idea. When they grab him and he sounds the alarm, he tells the others they are gods, for theirs were the magic arrows, and all bow to them in obeisance. The Howl of a Hyena. Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth have spent the night in a tree, hiding from pursuing Boomerang Men and their witch doctor, Watusi, and trying to avoid the great mammoth and her calf, who were in the meadow they want to cross.

In the morning there is no sign of the mammoth, until they hear the distant call of a hyena, and she rises from the tall grass, upset by the cry. Soon the friends spy the Boomerang Men coming down the trail after them, but unaware of the mammoth. Big Tooth gives out a hyena yell, and the mammoth discovers the Boomerang Men, chasing and killing many while Og and his companions disappear across the now vacated meadow. Trying to escape from hunger and the medicine man Watusi and his Boomerang Men, Og, Ru, Tao and Big Tooth have taken to crossing the high snow country in the mountains.

Og, fearing an avalanche, has had them all link together by making a life line of their buckskin belts, but in fact when an avalanche does come, the belts break, and Og struggles to the surface of the snow alone, swept down into a glacier's valley. He spots movement, and shortly the four are reunited. They track a wolf for food, but it is a mother with three cubs and they all escape. Then the four cave men find a frozen dinosaur in the ice of the glacier, and signs that the wolves have been eating on it tell them their hunger is over.

And certainly the avalanche has eliminated the Boomerang Men from their trail. Big Little Book , Racine, Wisconsin. The Cave People 2. Into the Fire Mountain 3.

Ak's Gift to His People 4. The Jaws of Death 5. The Great Gray Wolves. Saber Tooth Snarls In the White Caves The Flat Heads Og, Son of Og. The Kidnapped Cave Boy 2. His Fire Goes Out 4. Cave of the Tiger. Og, the Bow Maker Eyes in the Dark Og Tries an Arrow Where Are the Pigs? When the World Rocked Trapped in the Cave Dangers in the Dark. Death in the Sky Turtle Egg Beach The Sea Monster Red Beard Menace Solta's Fire Goes Out A Fire for Ting Danger in the Jungle Boys' Life , October - May Three chapters were originally printed in Boys' Life , from October through May If you know of any others, please contact me.

Their early experiences, by the author of "Lady Bluebeard". The Adventures of Ra and Ta, schoolboys of the stone age. A few thousand years ago lived the family Flint, composed of the father, the mother and two twins, Ra and Ta. They lived in a cave situated at the edge of the Bois de Vincennes. The father fed his family the fruits of his hunting and fishing.

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He courageously attacked the monstrous animals of the time. Here he is in front of an iguanodon, a kind of gigantic kangaroo that sometimes reached thirty feet tall As for Ra and Ta, they went to school. One good morning, the two boys left, dragging behind them a wagon containing enormous stones which were used, at this time, for notebooks! Le Trou du diable.

Jets d'Encre 19 novembre Candela, candela, mon oeil!

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Scolaire, la visite des grottes de Lascaux? Dail, C harles C urtis []. Willmoth the Wanderer, or: The Man from Saturn. Willmoth proceeds from Saturn to Venus travel via antigravity and, late in the book, to a prehistoric Earth, whose primitive inhabitants he breeds into Homo sapiens. A Story of the Mammoth Cave.

Dail's episodic second novel, lies within the overarching context of the first book. It is presented as a translation by Willmoth of memoirs by the prehistoric ruler Wymorian, an 8ft 2. There is much talk about the ethics of the immortality experiment, which on the whole is a failure - as, notoriously, was Atlantis. Tom Alexander vs la guerre du feu.

Adrenaline, Du Lau Eds. Memorable aventure de Kaar-Ohline au rouge nez. The memorable adventure of red-nosed Kaar-Ohline. Song of the Axe.


The spell-binding story of two prehistoric lovers, Agon and Eena, their struggles and triumphs, and their sons. Agon is a great warrior, a master of the deadly axe song, the mystical music made by his weapon. Eena, beloved of Mother Earth, can cast a spear better than anyone alive. They fall in love by the banks of a huge, glacier-fed river at a time near the end of an ice age. But an invading tribe led by the evil shaman, Ka, destroys their tribe and kidnaps Eena.

Agon must cross the river and rescue her, against great odds. They marry, and found a new family in a faraway land. Song of the Earth. Tor pbk pp. The amazing story of Eena and Agon and their progeny will thrill anyone who delights in prehistorical reads and will entice the reader who looks for supporting archeological finds along with an author's fantasy.

Song of the Gods. Illumina Publishing August 1, The third and final tale in his Song Trilogy. Set in prehistoric times, the warrior Sagon and his mate Spear Woman begin to experience the first stirrings of self-awareness, primitive spirituality, love, magic, God, and the limitless potential of mankind.

With enlightenment just beyond their reach, the two are compelled to take a perilous journey across the primeval landscape in search of shamen, the legendary Earth Mother, and other spiritual masters. This story is a spirit quest from the dawn of mankind. It chronicals the emergence of humans as sentient spiritual beings. But first, Sagon and Spear Woman must survive their harrowing adventures. Only then can they hope to hear the song of the gods. Professor Cosine returns to the Stone Age. Cosine uses the time-machine he has just invented to visit prehistoric times with his grandson.

He meets some giants — friendly, but a little coarse — and he quickly realizes that this period is too rough for his puny self. In the remote mountains of central Asia, an eminent Harvard archaeologist discovers something extraordinary. He sends a cryptic message to two colleagues. But then, he disappears. Matt Mattison and Susan Armot -- once lovers, now academic rivals -- are going where few humans have ever walked, looking for a relic band of creatures that have existed for over 40, years, that possess powers man can only imagine, and that are about to change the face of civilization forever.

Michel Lafon 5 mars Or la datation au carbone 14 est formelle: Avec un dossier pour en savoir plus. The Echo of the Caverns. Les uns et les autres, Syros Jeunesse. Quennu and the Cave Bear: On the way to the cave that is her prehistoric clan's "place of magic," young Quennu becomes separated from her companions.

Though terrified of meeting a cave bear, she rejoins the clan unharmed, inspired to paint a bear on the cavern wall. Silex - la tombe du chasseur. Le journal tenu par l'un d'entre eux le prouve: Silex est le premier roman de Daniel de Bruycker. De Camp, L yon Sprague. Sprague De Camp" , NY. The prehistoric novel of Rosny the elder: Little Grunt and the Big Egg: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale. Weekly Reader Book Club; reprint, A prehistoric fairy tale about the Grunt family and Little Grunt, who, in his search for two dozen eggs, finds only one, but is it BIG!

When it hatches, a little dinosaur emerges, which, of course grows bigger and bigger and bigger. George, the dinosaur, eventually saves all the Grunts from the volcano eruption. After George lays some eggs, she gets a new name! Human Prehistory in Fiction. Considers twelve pieces of fiction that depict human prehistory: A final chapter considers the paleoanthropologist as literary critic. Deamer, Mary Elizabeth Kathleen Dulcie []. Six studies of the Stone Age and other stories.

As it was in the beginning. Contains five short stories, four of which were previously included in "In the Beginning" The title story was awarded the prize in a competition held by the 'Lone Hand' in The Dog and the Wolf. The story of the Wolves, Early Man and Dogs I will not steal your food. I will eat only what you give me. And I will help you.

The Apotheosis of Ki. Silverberg et al, eds. When the god who emerges pantomimes hunger and prostration, Ki understands that he is offering his body as the food of salvation, and accepts, prolonging the life of his tribe against the encroachments of the Cro-Magnon "Terrible Men from the Sunrise. A colony on an earth-like planet must leave if they discover it is inhabited by human-like creatures.

After twenty years of believing themselves settled, hostile contact is made with such a group, who kidnap a young female colonist Asak saura-t-il apprivoiser les petits chacals dont il aimerait tant se faire des amis? Hurled from the top of a cliff by his father's enemies, young Asak escapes by swimming It is hard to live alone in exile, in the wild nature of these prehistoric times.

Will Asak learn to tame the jackal pups with which he would so much like to make friends? To protect them from foxes, wolves, and famine? Will he ever again see his village where he believes all are dead? The Master of the Dogs. Le livre de poche Jeunesse. At the request of his readers, the author of The First Dog returns to prehistory, to the people of Asak, the Hudis.

Toluk, like his ancestor, domesticates the tols, the wild dogs. Six short stories, six key moments of prehistory, from the first takers of fire to the hunter-painters of Lascaux and the Neolithic shepherds. Les Ailes du renard. The Wings of the Fox. Pilik, his fox and the other heroes of this story belong to the Mesolithic Age. His father dead, Pilik decides to return, with his dog, to the country of his forebears.

He meets a magic fox, a bear-man and a little girl whom he takes with him. Numerous ambushes will allow the unsuspected to be revealed. The Day is Done. The last few days of the last of the Neanderthals. Feeling like an old man while not yet old, Hwoogh lives surrounded by the Cro-Magnons who had moved in and taken over as he'd watched his own people die off.

Taunted by their children, pampered by their medicine man as the last of his kind, he loses he lust for life The Cave of Spears. His people were as human as anyone alive today, and looked very much like modern man except for the type of clothing worn. For generations their forefathers had been hunters, tracking down wild animals that roamed the plains. As Kayoda's time approaches to receive his spear in the mysterious rites that will make him a man, the Tribe faces serious problems. Forced to flee their valley, they encounter strange new ways of life.

The Infinite Worlds of Maybe.

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Faber and Faber, London, Scholastic Book Service, NY pbk After Pete's father fails to return from an experiement where he travels through time Pete and his friend, Bob, decide to use the time tunnel to go back to the age of dinosaurs to search for him. Time-travel to mammoths and paleo-Indians Chamberlain. Deloche, Pascal and Barbara Castello. Le Feu de l'amour. The fire of love. La nouvelle grotte que Opa a choisie est immense. Rohar renifle en plissant le nez. Il se sent perdu. La chasse au mammouth. Il attrape les longs poils laineux et se hisse sur le dos du gros animal. A la grotte, vite!

La Feu du volcan. Il faut absolument aller en chercher au volcan. Ils marchent 10 jours,ils marchent 20 jours,ils marchent 30 jours,ils marchent 40 jours Le feu danse au fond du trou Lost-World narrative, written in or earlier, first published anonymously in DeMille's anonymous novel is typical of the lot. A manuscript is found floating in a copper cylinder by sailors, and is read aloud by its discoverers. The story tells of one Adam More, shipwrecked in southern latitudes in , and left to drift in an open boat with his companion Agnew.

Their first stop is an island inhabited by black cannibals, who entice the men on shore, and dine on Agnew Gar places his concern for the future on hold when he comes upon the decapitated corpse of one of his people. Hovering nearby is a Neanderthal female and her half-breed son. In the general area of where the deceased lies also stands one of the others, a female Cro Magnon. Gar quickly realizes that the two females know each other and deeply loathe one another.

Though he prefers to ignore the brutal death, for the survival of his clan, he must to learn who killed a member of the Real people and why. Gar also decides to find out what has caused these two individuals to hate each other so much. Fifty millenniums of tribal history may not be enough to guide Gar into the virgin area of sleuthing. Vis la vie d'un Cro-Magnon! Il te faudra aussi un peu de chance pour faire face aux caprices du destin Boy of the Painted Cave. All the fourteen-year-old boy Tao wants is to be left alone to paint and draw images of bears, deer, and woolly mammoths — the mountains-that-walk.

Yet, Tao is not a Chosen One, and the clan leader, the fiery and superstitious Volt, disapproves of him and eventually forces Tao out into the wilderness alone. Hunt for the Last Cat. For four summers Thorn and his people have walked the land unafraid.

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But now a new roar sounds through the forest. Fonn, the mysterious girl who talks to the animals and walks alone, has warned twelve-year-old Thorn about the sabertooth cat, but the shaman and the elders will not listen. They are convinced that the girl is a spirit, a changeling, the ghost of the mighty Smilodon, sent back to claim revenge on the hunters who killed him four years before.

Land of the Thundering Herds. Danger and a struggle for survival are constant companions to the animals of the grassy plains of prehistoric North America. To the bison and the pronghorn antelope. To Mamoot, the loyal matriarch of the mammoth clan, leading her family across the unfriendly land, determined to find water. To Equus, the newborn horse, learning to run with his mother — faster than the dire wolves, faster than the prairie lion. Return to the Painted Cave. Two summers have passed since Graybeard's death, and young Tao the Cave Painter carries the legacy of his friend and teacher well--when he brings bison and horses to life on the hard, stone wall of the Sacred Caverns, elders look at him with respect.

They know his paintings will bring good luck to their hunt. On his journey to the Mountain People, Tao discovers a clan held prisoner by their fear of a mad shaman, Zugor; who threatens them with curses and spells. Even worse, Zugor keeps a blind girl captive in a cave, claiming they are possessed by evil spirits. Tai knows he must help. Together with the brave blind girl, Deha, and Ram, his loyal wolf-dog, Tao follows an old map drawn by Graybeard and travels down the Great Waters, where he seeks medicines to heal the children.

The dangerous voyage grows more unpredictable at every step, but there is no turning back. The city in the ice. Anonyme Dans le Grand Nord. The master of the waters; adventure in ancient times. Jim et sa dynamite. Jim and his Dynamite. Le Gars du Choukoutien. The Cave of the Sacred Bear. Poche, Grasset Lampe de poche. Son exploit lui vaut le respect de tous. To the great disappointment of his father, Oursdodu doesn't want to be hunter like him, but a painter, like Piquasso whom he calls master!

At the time of his first hunt, he shows exceptional courage by killing a bear. His exploit gains him everyone's respect. A Bone from a Dry Sea. Then--Li is a child, yet she is the thinker of her people, our ancestors perhaps, who live between the parching land and the mothering sea. Now--four million years later, that sea is dry.

Another child, Vinny, visits the site where her father is one of a team searching for fossil remains of our ancestors. She too is a thinker, whose curiosity leads to a discovery that could alter the story of human evolution. It is Africa, , years ago The story of a group of children from the Moonhawk Kin.

Suth, Noli, Ko and Mana face natural disasters and fierce enemies - volcanic eruption, earthquake, floods, huge crocodiles, man-eating lions, and murderous strangers. The beginning of language, the development of skills, the passing-on of knowledge, the organisation of society. And the very biggest ideas of all. The nature of love and war and our search for a god. The Kin; Suth's Story. It is two hundred thousand years ago. Suth and five other orphans are cut off from their Kin, the Moonhawks, and lost in the desert.

When they are captured by the mysterious people of the Monkey Kin, it is up to Suth to find the courage to lead his friends to freedom. Mais le surprenant retour de John cache une autre nouvelle plus incroyable encore Mais les apparences sont souvent trompeuses That Sound April Casey, middle-aged, divorced, specialist lady comes to a decision to go away the rat race of the large urban and circulation to a small mid western city to begin a brand new bankruptcy in her existence.