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Eric Cole , Sandra Ring. This book will teach IT professional and law enforcement officials about the dangers posed by insiders to their IT infrastructure and how to mitigate these risks by designing and implementing secure IT systems as well as security and human resource policies. The book will begin by identifying the types of insiders who are most likely to pose a threat. Next, the reader will learn about the variety of tools and attacks used by insiders to commit their crimes including: The book will then specifically address the dangers faced by corporations and government agencies.

Finally, the reader will learn how to design effective security systems to prevent insider attacks and how to investigate insider security breeches that do occur. Throughout the book, the authors will use their backgrounds in the CIA to analyze several, high-profile cases involving insider threats.

Chapter 2 Behind the Crime. Chapter 3 State and Local Government Insiders. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Ships from and sold by SpeedyHen. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Here's how restrictions apply. About the Author Dr. Syngress; 1 edition March 15, Language: Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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I understand the problems involved in attaining perfection in publishing. In fact, perfection isn't possible, but problems I've encountered in two of your books Perfect Passwords and Insider Threat are so far beyond the norm that I must comment. Perfect Passwords has several lists that are useless. Page after page of random seed words, more pages of random numbers, and worst of all several pages of bad passwords. Omitting these list would have reduced the page count by 42 without harming the message at all. Perfect Passwords was short enough that I managed to force myself to finish it.

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I may not be able to get through Insider Threat, though. The author whether Cole or Ring isn't clear keeps referring to himself or herself in the first person.

This book has an author and a co-author, so "I" is meaningless, distracting, and annoying. It reads as if it has been written by a high school sophomore. The book is repetitive, filled with trite phrases, and contains a variety of errors that suggest a lack of editing. Example page vii, in the introduction: Do keynote speakers ever just barge in and take over a meeting?

Rubber hitting the road, needles in haystacks, and grains of sand on all the beaches occur with distressing frequency and I'm only on page 37 of a nearly page book. Although "that" should be "who", I'm willing to let that slide under the needle in the haystack so that we won't get a flat tire when the rubber hits the road. But what are "visible showed behavioral and professional problems"?

I'll probably keep slogging my way through this morass of tortured writing and non-editing because the information is useful and I paid for the book. But it's doubtful that I'll purchase any more books with the Syngress imprint. This book is an easy read and served me well in my research paper on the cyber threat of the authorized insider. Eric Cole is a credentialed and excellent source on this topic.

Insider Threat: Protecting the Enterprise from Sabotage, Spying, and Theft

While I had textbooks that also discussed this, they did not go into the detail that this book did. A great source for those pursuing degrees in Information Assurance. I bought this book to learn about the latest structured thinking - on the risks in our system, and what can be done about them. Even if the risk mitigation was perhaps not an effective return for all situations.

This book is well organized, and brings out the challenges we face - with a real face.

It covers technology, process, and people risks, and provides risk mitigation strategies as suggestions, which works well. Well worth the time and money. I was mislead by the title when bought the book. Those who want to understand the nature of internal attackers should read Insider Threat. The book combines general recommendations to detect and thwart internal attackers with case studies discussing fraud, espionage, and other unfortunate events.

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Insider Threat could benefit from a tighter focus and better presentation of material, but the core message is still noteworthy. Insider Threat is unlike other threat-centric books published by Syngress. Inside the Spam Cartel, for example, is written by an anonymous spammer. Software Piracy Exposed is written by a reporter who gained the trust of the pirate underground. Insider Threat is written by security consultants who have to deal with the consequences of internal attacks. The real-world component appears in chapters , where case studies are presented.

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Some of these case studies feature comments from the perpetrators, but none are interviews with the perpetrators.