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Provide song facts, names, places and other worthy info that may give readers a perfect insight on the song's meaning. Kristina is the athletic and popular girl while her sister Tess is the soon to be honor roll student with a secret love for art. This book was written in Tess's first person point of view. The only antagonist in the story is Kristina's battle with osteosarcoma, bone cancer.

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Throughout Kristina's battle with cancer, only one friend stood by her side, Jeremy. Other than him, her family were the only ones that helped her through the physical, emotional, and physical pain. I believe this story is worth telling because I feel as though this generation is losing its family values and replacing it with electronics. The conflict in this story is man vs. It was Kristina's destiny, I think, to get cancer, she couldn't really avoid cancer and maybe this happened to her for a reason.

Theme and Conflict One example of foreshadowing was when Kristina was at a party and she complained about her knee, but she " shook it off" and moved on. This foreshadowed her being diagnosed with cancer. Janet Gurtler Kristina Smith Protagonist Kristina is the popular, beautiful, "perfect," and athletic girl at school.

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She's worshiped by almost all of her peers until she's diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer. With her once long blonde hair now falling out and her leg replaced with a stump, she's the topic of gossip all over campus. Throughout her journey, she realizes it's not all about the perfect looks and she finds a true friend along the way. Tess Smith Protagonist Tess is brainy, artistic, and nerdy. She has been living in her sister's shadows for as long as she could remember.

At school, she wasn't known Tess, she was called "Kristina's Sister. Although she's the youngest in the family, she's taking place as the "rock. She now knows that even the "rock" of the family needs some supporting too. He not only likes her good looks but also her personality. Throughout the book, Kristina and Tess describe him as a freshman with a "baby face. Days pass and Kristina and Jeremy become close friends and when Kristina goes further into chemotherapy, he's the only one she will talk to. The whole family is obviously effected by Kristina's diagnosis and there were lots of cringe-worthy scenes as they make poor, selfish choices.

There are many stereotypical teens in the story, which at first disappointed me. As I read further, I really felt like this actually makes the book more accessible to teen readers. I would recommend this book to a teen dealing with similar issues. It's quick, it's easy to read, and it hits all the main points. I did cry a little but I'm a bit of a baby that way. My one complaint is that I felt like the author used a cheap trick to suck the reader in. As it turns out, she is not at Kristina's funeral, but at that of another student from school!

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So, the whole book, you think you know kristina is going to die and the then she doesn't. Not sure what purpose this served. Sep 18, Sammi C. I think that this book was really interesting and a page turner because I always wanted to see what happened next. In the beginning of the book I thought of Tess as a little girl, but as the book progressed and her sister got diagnosed with cancer, she had to take on some responsibility which made her seem older.

I think that Tess had a rough time because she had to give up on her activities and even her grades had to suffer so she could be there for her sister. She really wanted to get into the I think that this book was really interesting and a page turner because I always wanted to see what happened next. She really wanted to get into the honor society, but because she couldn't be at school to work on school work, she didn't get in. I feel bad for Tess because she had been working on that for a very long time and now it is gone.

She also really wanted to win an art contest but Nick, a boy that was rude to her won it instead. If I were Tess I would have very mixed emotions. I would be mad for not getting into the honor society I would be sad that my sister got cancer obviously and also that I didn't win the art contest.

Although Tess had to go through ups and downs, she managed to get through it all and was always there for her sister even if her family didn't even realize it. May 26, Steena Holmes rated it it was amazing. I just finished the story and I can't say enough about how much I loved it. The way the author met the hard facts and realities head on, the honesty in the writing I have three daughters who will be reading this story. To know that there is strength in tragedy. That one persons weakness is another's strength. To realize there is more to life than themselves - even when their teenage hearts cry otherwise.

Thank you for this story. Thank you for the depth that made me cry. May 23, Hanan Kayali rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book reminded me a lot about my friend who also had cancer. She also had it in her leg and had to use a wheelchair. This book was great because it shows how cancer affects the family and friends too. You're always in my thoughts. Okay, I'm going to admit to the thing you should never admit to. I waited to read this book because of the cover. I did the cliche thing and judged a book by its cover. Well shame on me because I'm Not Her was a story that should be read immediately and should be read often.

The cover says nothing about the amazingness in the pages and the heartbreaking story of a family having to deal with something no family should have to be put through. This book made me smile and cry and smile Okay, I'm going to admit to the thing you should never admit to. This book made me smile and cry and smile again. She is the all around package. Tess on the other hand is an artist, has one friend, and wants to be in the National Honor Society.

All of a sudden she is no longer invisible. The popular kids want to be around her. She is invited to parties. And while things look to looking up at school, everything Tess knows is falling apart. All Tess wants is for her sister to get well and things to go back to normal. Can I just tell you Tess really got to me! She was by far the strongest person in this book. She was the only one that was holding her family together.

They ignored Tess except when they needed her and never listened to anything Tess, Kristina or even the doctors were saying. She was the one that she leaned on and unleashed her anger. She relied on her sister and Tess was there every step of the way, her dream be damned. This book was really a powerful and moving story about family relationships and what happens when the unthinkable is brought in.

Oct 20, Melissa i swim for oceans rated it liked it Shelves: Tess and Kristina couldn't be more different if they tried. Gorgeous and athletic, Kristina is the envy of all the girls and object of all boys' affection in high school. Tess is a budding artist, a quiet freshman and a self-professed geek. She's ok with it. She's like her father, while Kristina is like her mother. When Kristina discovers her knee injury is actually cancer though, her pretenses begin to slip and suddenly, her popularity shifts.

While before she was beloved, now she's beloved and Tess and Kristina couldn't be more different if they tried. While before she was beloved, now she's beloved and pitied, and Tess is the key to all things Kristina. But Tess never wanted the limelight, and she certainly didn't want it at Kristina's expense I'm Not Her is, by no means, a light read. Tackling difficult material like cancer, the bonds of sisterhood and family and testing the waters of coming-of-age, it's written to push the envelope past normal into something more meaningful.

Author Janet Gurtler provides the reader with the story of two sisters living polar opposite lives, simply orbiting around one another until an occurrence forces their worlds to collide. I'm Not Her is a story of finding oneself, the importance of family and the depth of character in the midst of turmoil and despair, written from the unadulterated viewpoint of a wallflower.

The author has a great writing voice that's accessible, easy to follow and perfectly describes two very different characters. That said, however, I don't think I ever really got to know Kristina past the surface, so I had a hard time truly feeling sorry for her, and Tess, too, was a bit surface-only. Furthermore, I love when books jump into the action from the get-go, but I felt I'm Not Her was a bit forced.

Jumping straight from an overplayed high school drinking party which, by the way, I never experienced I guess, while I'm Not Her was meant to be emotional, it felt more jarring to me. Now, I'm not saying I'm Not Her is a bad book by any means, but it is an example of what I don't really love about contemporary fiction.

The author, however, has a great writing voice, and I would love to read more of her work in the future. I give this book a 2. I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book. Jan 12, Jenn rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm Not Her is an emotional read. Seriously, my emotions were all over when I was reading this -- angry, sad, bitter, chuckling, and even at times "crushing" on the bad boy. But, everything, is flavored by the impending events that is mentioned in the first pages.

It is not a easy, fun read but it is a raw and powerful one Kristina is sick. Perfect, beautiful, popular and sporty Kristina has bone cancer. And suddenly Kristina's seemingly happy life goes from fabulous to wretched. She does not want I'm Not Her is an emotional read. She does not want her friends to know she is sick, especially the other girls on her volleyball team.

She is no longer outgoing but extremely depressed. Tess was never in the spotlight and she liked it that way. She just wanted her freshman year to be about focusing on her art and getting into the honor's society with her best friend. That all changes when her sister gets sick. Suddenly everyone knows who she is and her name, even if she dosen't want them to or not. She is trying to deal with her sister's friends, older boys, juggling her life as a freshman, lying for her sister, keeping her family together, and entering her art in a contest.

Now, her life consist of being in the spotlight and sacrificing things for her sister. Because her sister cannot be that person anymore. At times, I was extremely angry with the characters in this books. Like wanted to smack them angry -- however, it made me realize something: My anger was based on how the MC, Tess, was seeing the world and feeling. And so I was feeling that way too -- and when a book can so openly portray those feelings across the pages, you know it is powerful.

Gurtler's writing is realistic and very honest. She did not take the easy way out, but allowed her characters to get angry, get depressed, live in denial, and so forth. It represented a family effected by cancer and how it changes the whole family unit.

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Cancer often effects the whole community especially if the person is more well known , and the family often puts on a brave face for those looking in. The community does not always see the real problems and fears the family is facing. Gurtler exposes the real stresses and battles of a 'supportive family' and how each person deals with the cancer. I'm Not Her is a heavy-issued read. It shows a family faltering and learning to rise again -- not matter how long it takes.

Well written, emotional, and heart-felt, pick this book up if you're looking for those things Nov 15, Molly Wasserberg rated it really liked it. The story starts out like any other, but takes a turn when Kristina, a popular, athletic, and stunning girl, is diagnosed with cancer. It not only affects you mentally, but also emotionally. We see the growth of some characters, but also the destruction of others.

I really enjoyed reading this novel because cancer is something that millions of people go through, however, each story is very different. This book was extremely relatable because Tess, the narrator of the book, is a high school student dealing with everyday high school problems. Tess is a quiet, independent, and intelligent girl who, throughout the story, learns how to become a good sister, while practically holding her family together.

By the end of the story , it is clear that each character becomes stronger and more aware of how important their love is to keep the family together. On the other hand, I wish there was more dialogue from Kristina. I really enjoyed this book. I strongly recommend this novel for those looking for a powerful, yet relatable story. Watching Tess become more independent and humble was very heart warming.

She was the glue that held her family together.

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Nov 09, Fred rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of Sara Zarr, Lauren Strasnick. Remember that old saying "Whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger? Sometimes it reveals and ruptures all the stress cracks in a person, in a family that weren't so apparent in the absence of pressure.

Sometimes it leaves you broken and crying, or angry, bitter and bereft. There's lots of synopsis reviews of this if you want to figure out what it's about, so I'm not going to repeat all that, but rather just react a bit. This sad and troubling book Remember that old saying "Whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger? This sad and troubling book was poignant at times, but in many ways my main emotion was frustration - for God's sake, Tess, say something, anything! She does finally find her voice, but it's a struggle for her and the reader.

There is a hallowed pantheon of sucky YA parents, but these two have totally earned a prestigious pedestal of poopiness. Especially the dad he doesn't deserve a capital "d" , which always makes me feel extra bad, like somehow I'm responsible for fixing that or straightening him out hey, we all bring our own issues to the table, I know, sorry! This feels like real life - messy, flawed, incomplete and aching with regrets for what's been left unsaid, and that is both its blessing and its curse.

I might have preferred a little less unremitting tragedy, and a bit more of the old "we've learned, grown together and have some hope. But MC Tess is a relatable, flawed and wryly observant teenager, coping as best she can and as her parents demonstrate, one could do worse with the lousy hand she and her foible-icious family have been dealt. Her struggles and growth are worth experiencing, and beautifully, if bleakly, conveyed.

As was the case with both of those, I wished here for more closure, more catharsis, more sense of redemption and release than is emotionally available in real life. Still, an emotionally powerful read, by an author who is definitely a great contemp YA voice. May 06, S. Larsen rated it it was amazing.

Some might think it's simple, but it fits. There's something about the image of broken petals on the grass that speaks to me. The color palette is also very inviting. The story is sincere and delicate at times, but deals with the harshness and fear a serious disease or illness can reek on a family. And utilizing the point of view from the youngest in this family was a thing of beauty. Gurtler opens with a scene far away from any sickness. Well, that's as long as you don't categorize the ails of sibling differences as an infection.

Tess is the younger of the sibling pair portrayed in this story. To her, her older sister, Kristina, is a beauty queen with the popularity, pose, and even athletic ability to match. Catching a ball let alone following in her footsteps is not even in Tess' realm of possibilities. But when cancer hits her untouchable older sister, Tess finds more inside herself than she thought was there.

She is strong, like an athlete, and can carry on conversations with the so-called populars. Slowly, she finds her own identity. It's a story about exploring what's inside each of us; for teens, that is paramount, but also very difficult at times. Conflicts and different views between family characters heightens the tension and moves the plot along nicely. The pace was very good, and frankly, I was surprised at how quickly Gurtler introduced the issue of cancer.

That was a great choice, though. I'm more of a paranormal junkie, but Gurtler has converted me into a contemporary reader. I've just finished her second book, which I'll share with you shortly. Any teen or adult who's dealt with illness of any kind will appreciate this book. Any teen or adult, who's had to grow up in a not-so-perfect world with a seemingly perfect sibling, relative, or friend shadowing their light, will enjoy this read.

Dec 14, Just A. Bean rated it it was ok Shelves: The writing and character voice were well done. It felt like being in the mind of a fifteen year old, and her reactions to events seemed natural. The writing itself was enjoyable and often funny. Three things I didn't like: The plot didn't seem to have a lot of structure. By about two thirds of the way through, I kept thinking, " Oh come ON! I almost quit three quarters of the way through I just about gave up because it was getting ridiculous.

The book seemed to methodically destroy all the relationships between female characters and replace them with relationships with men.