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Mr Kelby is an ass, truly an amature, and pathetic for trying to take advantage of those who want to lean something about Digital Photography. Please, do yourself a favor, OMG. Please, do yourself a favor, save some money, don't buy this useless book. Simply read the instruction manual that comes with the camera. In so doing, you will be taking more and far better photos than Mr Scott Kelby would ever hope to. Nov 29, Icepick rated it it was amazing. The format may not be for everybody, but I really liked the concise nature of it. The organization is quite good and the sporadic humor keeps you engaged.

The way the book lays out, each page is one concept. It isn't wrapped in a bunch of theory, it's basically "do this". I found it a great way to pick up tips and techniques. Feb 02, Mark rated it really liked it. But it does just what it says, gives you tips for better photos. Probably more towards an aspiring professional since it has quite a bit to do with studio photography, which is not that much of an interest to me. Still has plenty of tips for different scenarios.

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Would recommend to everyone who wants to improve their photos but seems to be more geared toward someone who is more professional oriented. Mar 06, Deb rated it really liked it. Lots of great tips! This writer is engaging and entertaining to read. My one caveat is that there was nothing in the title that hinted that the book was only for those with DSLR cameras. Good book, though, and I would like to read the other books in this series. May 27, Angela Benthin rated it really liked it. Nov 25, Cedric Jean-marie added it. I originally bought this trilogy for my wife when she got into photography, shortly after however I got suckered into it as well and am now more involved in it then she.

Since we had these books I figured I'd give them a once over. I believe if the books reach their intended audience they are sure to be a valuable asset. From the get go Kelby explains his thinking behind these books as a casual conversation between friends where he leaves out much or all of the theory and just tells you straight I originally bought this trilogy for my wife when she got into photography, shortly after however I got suckered into it as well and am now more involved in it then she.

From the get go Kelby explains his thinking behind these books as a casual conversation between friends where he leaves out much or all of the theory and just tells you straight up how to get the shots. The topics range all aspects of photography from portraits, wedding photography, landscapes, sports, flash and studio tips, and so much more. Each book weighs in under the page mark and every page is graced with a photo which quickly gives you an idea what the subject is about, if the title doesn't give it away.

I like Scott and his method and am subscribed to his online training catalog of videos, unfortunately much of what is covered in the books I've already seen in his videos. I did learn plenty despite feeling a little underwhelmed with the level of detail but I can't fault him for that as it was quite clear from the outset what his goal was when he wrote them and I say when keeping that in mind he's achieved that goal quite well.

I personally would have preferred more theory and detail but that isn't really the authors fault. I'm still glad I read them and recommend them to anyone looking for exactly what he describes. Want to know how to get that effect where the subject is in focus but the background or foreground is out of focus known as depth of field or bokeh he'll tell you straight up how to do it.

Overall easy reads and they achieve what the author set out to do despite not meeting my entire needs I feel it would be unfair to give the books a bad score simply because I ignored the authors intent from the beginning. Dec 12, Candice rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Amateur photographers who are past the basics and are looking for the next set of great tips.

Recommended to Candice by: I'd actually give this 4. I had picked it up at Borders once and flipped through it, but ultimately put it back on the shelf because I wanted a book with a bit more meat to it.

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Not realizing it was the same book, I ordered it online after reading a strong recommendation for it on a Santa's Gift Bag post on a photography blog I read. The book lives up to its recommendation. It's quick, easy, and informative to read, without any technical background info on why he says what he says The section on setting up your own studio; what lights, backdrop, etc.

The last chapter was also really useful, giving a "recipe" for how to achieve eventually, with a lot or practice, I'd add the example shot the author includes. The book has chapters covering the following: Excellent book, even for pulling out once a year or two to serve as a refresher. Aug 30, Bruce rated it really liked it Shelves: Kelby has the knack. This is a re-read for me as I wanted something that I could do easily in a night while on the road. The fact that he can explain, in a page or less, what it takes to make high quality pictures is pretty amazing.

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McNally saw the light and is another good example of how to take something that is complicated in practice and bring clarity in very little space. For me, it works. I understand why he does and, really, it's not excessive, but I'm tired of it. Jan 27, Mohammed Alshanakhnakh rated it really liked it.

Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 is Launched

Pretty much the same deal as the first volume. Lost one star as it wasn't as helpful to me as the first one, since this one focused on sitting up your own studio, which I wasn't into at the time. Full with practical knowledge and great tips. Nothing too technical here or theoretical. Basically, "If you want to take a picture like this, do this" and occasionally "but you need to buy this or that equipment".

Carrying a camera is an instant way to put your senses on high alert. It causes you to look at the world as if your camera was always pressed to your eye. It gives you a reason to slow down, to take everything in, no matter where you are.

Commit to carrying your camera with you everywhere for a certain amount of time. Take pictures knowing full well that the world may never see them. The trick will be to see these subtle events in a new way and to find a way to make them interesting. Even if you just use your camera phone, this tip is a solid way to improve your creative eye. Great photographers like Douglas Kirkland always keep the mindset of a beginner.

You know the kind.

How to Improve Your Digital Photography Vol 2

This is a death sentence to your creativity. Pick a color and create a portfolio around that color. If you have time, do this with several colors. Go out and create images that predominately feature a single color. If you choose blue, consider subjects where this color is evident. Focus on pictures by water, or the sky. Find textured walls that are painted in different colors and shades of blue.

If you choose yellow, scout out a field of sunflowers.

Digital Photography Book, Part 2, The

Shoot subjects straight into the sun, bathing the frame in golden sunlight. You can make the color even more obvious in post processing by applying filters of your chosen color over the image.

Composition-A Digital Photography Tutorial

For the most part photographers are nice, generous and giving people. Find a photographer that inspires you and form a relationship with them.

Offer to take them out to lunch. Ask to hold lights for them during their photo shoots, or just carry around their gear. You will learn a lot just observing how they interact with their clients. If they shoot landscapes, the same applies. Offer to carry their gear as they scour the places they photograph.

Invite them out for a photo walk and offer to buy dinner or a drink afterward. Becoming a great photographer is a tough road to take by yourself, having a mentor can make the difference between success and failure. The Golden Ratio is a common ratio discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci and found throughout nature, architecture, and art. The ratio is believed to make things appealing to the human eye. In nature, it is also believed to be the most energy efficient form of design among living things. There is some debate around it but it is very interesting to learn about.

If you have a few minutes, visit YouTube and watch this very interesting albeit sort of creepy video of the Golden Ratio. Becoming knowledgeable on topics like the Golden Ratio can drastically increase your chances of creating images that attract viewers attention. If there is a setting on your camera you are unfamiliar with, go to your camera and dial over to that setting.

How do I fix that? This is a book on which button to push, which setting to use, and when to use it. Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 1. Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 2. Comparing Digital Camera Sensors, Part 3. Shooting Landscapes Like a Pro: