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Making The Snare

Intermediate Rhythm Guitar 4 |

A bar is a great place to have a drink. It is also a musical term that we use to divide time in music.

Easiest way to Play 3/4 Rhythm (Waltz) on the Guitar!

For now, all bars will contain four beats because playing four beats in a bar is by far the most common beat in music. There are other time signatures bars that have a different number of beats in them but we'll be saving them for a lot later. For now, that is all we are looking at.

Rhythm 01: How to count 4/4 time and basic strumming

All I want you to do is to be able to strum down four times, while you count along. It really helps to count along as you play so you always know where the bar starts. We'll be looking at some harder rhythms later, but what you should be doing here is trying to get this very simple idea deep in your mind so that you just do it naturally and don't have to think about it. Use all down- strums and keep the strumming consistent. Try and keep the strumming at an even volume too, dynamics become more and more important as you progress on your journey.

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Now it's time to apply them in the next lesson: Try to keep your hand moving fluidly. I typically keep the motion of my hand steady with up-downs in 16th note motion, and then just strum where you want the pattern to be.

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This is a bit more advanced, but once you tackle it, your strumming will become much more fluid. Very helpful Brian but maybe a bit of a leap from the first pattern to the second.

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Also, in the txt I might suggest at least 2 measures of the pattern shown to see it easier. I have issues being able to count and strum. I can do the strumming and some songs but when it comes to counting it is tough. This was extremely helpful to me. As really more of a pianist than a guitarist, this was a super helpful video to help me take the next step to improve my playing. It really helped me to better understand what strumming would look like if it were translated to actual sheet music.

Brian, I am a beginning guitar student and your tutorials are awesome, I am learning a lot from them. I have a question on strumming. When you strum up, are you holding your pick the same way when you strum down? Are you also strumming all the strings when you strum up?

What are your thoughts on metronomes and do you have suggestions on using them if you approve of them? Hi Dennis — YES: Use a metronome as much as possible. We play to click tracks ever week in church, which is exactly the same thing as a metronome.

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I would say you are doing a great job, my hearty appreciation to you. But I guess I need more than this- experiment. Thank you for what you do. I am 80 years old and finally have time to try to to learn to play the guitar. Thank the lord for people who share their talents. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, the strumming pattern would look like this: