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I personally loved it. Halle shines in her dark and dirty romances. The ugly side of the cartel touches Luisa and tries to tear her down. Luisa really comes into her own as a strong woman by the end of the book. I like my men dark and dirty. Each series can be read as a standalone series. No prior background knowledge is needed to read Dirty Angels. Timeline between the two series: View all 45 comments.

May 06, Kim Bailey rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is Karina Halle at her best! Is it wrong that I love her depravity so damn much? Is this a dark read? Does the corruption, greed and lust border on insanity? Have you ever researched Mexican drug cartels?

Even a basic internet search will confirm that Dirty Promises is completely realistic - and possibly even a little tame in comparison. The world of a Mexican drug lord is no walk in the park. Javier Bernal is not meant to be an easy to like guy. He will not bring you flowers or tell you that your hair smells pretty. He won't whisper sweet nothings, write poetry or build you a sandcastle.

He will not seduce you! But he does return loyalty, and will always keep his promises Even when they're really fucking disturbing. And, let's not forget that he may just kill you in the sack, mostly figuratively speaking, of course. He is my KING. I don't think I would be able to pick between this or Dirty Angels for my favorite Karina Halle book. Without question, this is one of my top picks for the year.

Karina Halle is a masterful, chameleon of a writer. Every single thing she writes is like a revelation to me. What else can I say? If you haven't read this series yet, you are seriously missing out. Thank you to the author for advance access to this fucking fantastic book! View all 39 comments. Full review now posted: Sept 24th 5 dirty stars Luisa's life as wife to Javier Bernal, one of the greatest drug lords in Mexico, had been nice, until a tragic loss in Javier's family.

Javier is now changing, becoming more cruel, more souless, but mostly what hurts the most is that he becomes distant. She used to be his partner in crime, helping him with his business, but now Luisa feels lonely and betrayed by the man she loves and vowed to stay by his side for the rest of their lives. Esteban's Full review now posted: Esteban's plan is working and Luisa is going to fall into his arms, while she's seeking for the things she's missing with her husband.

How do I begin to describe Dirty Promises? I've been trying for days to put my emotions into words, but they seem to fail me. I'll start saying that this book was very intense, the suspense was killing the ever loving life of me, the frustration hitting high. While Esteban was plotting behind Javier's back, I was very worried, but I was trying to sooth myself with the knowledge that nothing would escape Javier's notice, especially by someone like Esteban.

But Javier wasn't the same man after the latest loss in his family. He is a changed man and Esteban takes advantage of this. I was so torn, so sad to see this amazing couple drift away slowly but steadily. I couldn't believe that Esteban would succeed and as the book progressed I was getting more and more antsy and frustrated. My emotions were all over the place, because things were changing and I didn't like that. I'm not going to say any more about the plot, but I will just say that I really enjoyed this wonderful journey. Karina has a real talent when it comes to words and her magic writing took me with her once again.

I especially loved her aknowledgements note and the little surprise that she's planning for us. Copy was gifted by the generous Arabella. Jan 19, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book has an intoxicating blend of action, passion, violence, romance, heartbreak, and brutality. Halle was not exaggerating! But the mosquitos drew more blood each time. One drop here, one suck there. They had been ruling in unity and were viewed by all as a mighty force of nature. Now everything has changed.

The death of Javier's sister has left him spinning in a tailspin. Life isn't always fair in love and war. I would not stop until everything was mine again. Until the heads rolled on the dusty floor. No one can be trusted. Nothing is as it seems. Luisa and Javier become dirty from sins against each other and sins against themselves.

Javier is clinging to his empire and will stop at nothing to maintain his reign as King. Can he survive and still have Luisa seated next to him? That is the creed in this country. But that creed gets others killed. And it slowly kills you. Your soul will be the last. I will just share that I started the book in the afternoon and stayed up all night to finish it. So make sure you have some time to devote to all things Javier because he will dominate every minute he has with you! The glow was muddled, and what did come through was in little cracks and smudges. But those little cracks held the brightest light, piercing through the darkness and shining a spotlight in some of the blackest places of the heart.

Javier had those cracks, that sharp light, and it was blinding sometimes. I felt I was special just to witness it. Karina Halle has certainly raised the bar and busted through the roof with this masterpiece. She paints an authentic "vivid" picture of the brutality of living in the drug lord lifestyle. It is so vivid I could almost taste the blood in my mouth after it rained all over my face. Each violent act is described with precision so there is no question as to the level of brutality these characters are experiencing. I was going to hold on to that until my fingers were raw.

Meaning every aspect is explored thoroughly to include physically, emotionally, spiritually, and my favorite sexually. Because these characters have been growing and developing over the coarse of many years, we see every flaw and perfect imperfection. The tempo is fast paced and the dialogue is rich with texture. Personally, I have been a fan of Javier from the beginning of his creation in Sins and Needles Series Don't worry Camden is still my number one man!

It takes a great amount of talent to take a villan and make him sexy and even tender. Additionally, Luisa is full of fire and a perfect match for Javier well besides me of course. The emotions evoked in this read are intense. I certainly don't feel like this series is for everyone. However, if you enjoy a good action romance with steamy sex, intense characters, and a complex plot than this is the series for you. Karina Halle really exceeded expectations with this ending. I will never forget Luisa and Javier! I imagine they are still living on and ruling the world! View all 41 comments. ARC provided by author http: Unfortunately his pain is affecting his relations 5 She Was Mine.

Unfortunately his pain is affecting his relationship with Luisa. Javier feels he needs to keep her at a distance for her own good. Javier has done terrible things, but never made apologies for who he is. If anything went wrong, if it all went south, there wouldn't be anyone else. I wanted him forever or I wanted nothing. Lol, the couple that tortures together stays together! Even when I thought I didn't have it in me, I do. Have I ever told you that there's nothing sexier than seeing bloodlust in your eyes? I first met Javier in On Every Street. He is such a complex character.

I was so happy he finally found his queen. My king, my king, my king. View all 53 comments. Sep 15, warhawke rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shifting - Multiple Rating: Javier Bernal was a broken man after losing his sister. He fueled his devastation by unleashing it to anyone and everyone. With his attention ruthlessly focused on expanding his empire, his relationship with his wife Luisa started to crack.

With stakes high for both his professional and personal life, Javier had to fight for his rig Type: With stakes high for both his professional and personal life, Javier had to fight for his right to be King. But then he broke my heart with his personality change in Dirty Angels. He desire for power and revenge trumped anything else. But at the same time while loyal to his cause, he still had the capability to use his heart. I never liked Luisa since the first book.

Her character felt forced then, but now she was more believable. Esteban was a character I liked since the beginning. Even though he was untrustworthy, I like the persona he portrayed as mentioned in the quote above. I love that he seemed light and carefree with a hidden darker edge. I also appreciate his ambition which reminds me a lot of Javier.

There was never a dull moment throughout the book. The violence and the depravity might not be something that everyone could handle, but they were not misplaced. It was a reality of what life in crime is like. There were not much sexy times but they were memorable for sure. There was one particular scene towards the end that got me all hot and bothered. My only wish is for it to go much further than that. If you like your book fast pace, full of vile characters and disturbing scenes, this one could be a winner. View all 40 comments. Sep 18, Natasha is a Book Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: We were slaves to hate because hate was strong and we sacrificed love to fuel it.

There are simply no words to describe this story and do it justice. Unpredictable and blood-thirsty, violence has become his only outlet, making him no longer trust himself around his wife. Believing that there is no place for love in his life and that his feelings for her have become his ultimate weakness, the only thing capable of hurting him any further, he pushes Luisa away, seeing emotional distance as the only way of protecting them both. She had become everything to me, in bed and outside of it. But she was a weakness, my weakness.

She was what the would go after next, the last thing I could possibly lose. Unless I lost her first. She remains willing to forgive him for all his mistakes, to give him all of her, whichever way he needs it, just to have his love back. The distance between them, however, only seems to grow as time passes, driving Luisa to make desperate mistakes of her own. And once he does, this story explodes into an out-of-control inferno of events, each more shocking than the next, yet each fitting of this story and of these characters. Stories like these are what nightmares are made of, but Ms Halle still manages to add a compelling human dimension even to the scariest of her monsters.

And to paint even the most depraved of actions with a romantic brush. Gory, twisted, horrific from the get-go, this is not a fairy tale, each of these characters inherently flawed and damaged, but the beauty of this story lies in their self-awareness, in their ability to adapt to their circumstances, to forgive each other, to constantly push the limits of their own moral codes and keep redefining themselves in the process. Do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in this story with an open mind—you might end up loving it just as much as I have.

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Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Sep 22, Ana rated it liked it Shelves: What on earth did I just read? This book is 50 shades of cray. I can't even begin to describe my thoughts while reading this. A tad too violent for lil ol' me. To anyone planning on reading this series I'm going to go put some music on. Hopefully, that will be enough to soothe me. May 23, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it it was amazing Shelves: And BOOM that's how it's done. That is the jist of what you'll be thinking when reading Dirty Promises. This book will push at your comfort zone. It's brutally honest on how the cartels work and with how the characters you've come to love or hate portray themselves.

Way back when Karina introduced us to Javier Bernal, we knew how his mind worked. He's conniving, vindictive and dramatic but he's also a lover, a fighter an And BOOM that's how it's done. He's conniving, vindictive and dramatic but he's also a lover, a fighter and the king to his domain. In Dirty Promises , Javier is not in a good place. He's losing his family and a little of his sanity whatever is left of it.

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He takes us to a dark dark place where we hope he finds the light to bring him out of his hell. Luisa, his wife, is his light. She tries to light the path to Javier back to her even if it takes a little of her soul. Luisa is one the bravest and courageous heroines I've come across. What she endures at the hands of evil men is not comprehensible because of the brutality of it. Javier and Luisa are living in their own secret hell but when they break free; it's to show the world they come out guns and knives wielded out to fuck you back.

One character that I had hoped would get his story was Esteban. I didn't see coming. Yes, I knew he wanted Javier's domain but fuckamotherfuckingfuckduck how did I not see what he was capable of. In the short story Dark Paradise , I thought I saw the good in him. Esteban was just a greedy bastard who got what was coming to him. As always, I love the way Ms. Halle tells her stories. They're done flawlessly and creatively. You will not read the same story with any of her books. View all 4 comments. Aug 18, Melanie rated it did not like it Shelves: I can't even believe Karina Halle would write this monster.

She's trying to pretend it's dark and edgy, but it's disgusting and repulsive. She tried way too hard, and is way too over the top. This book was so bad, this is going to be a rant more than a review with everything I'm feeling right now. View all 19 comments. Sep 12, Beverly rated it really liked it. There were moments I was literally cringing at the cruelty and brutality in Dirty Promises.

However, as I read I was captivated by the story and heart broken, well, I was just a complete mess of emotions. This is the final installment and when things begin I was immediately gutted at seeing Javier and Luisa and how their relationship was. Javier is devastated by his sisters death, he is a strong man, but he is broken now. Luisa is at a loss and feels helpless in her need to save and bring him back. I absolutely will not spoil this story, it would be a HUGE injustice to you as a reader to not allow the story to just play out. The only warning I will give you is this book is not for the faint of heart.

However, my poor little heart broke for Javier and Luisa. I wanted more for them after all they have been through, seeing the events in this book tore me apart and completely broke my heart! As much as I loved his dirty talking and pleasure giving skills, at times his complete selfishness and pure asshole personality rubbed me the wrong way. Judging by the synopsis, it's clear as day that he's an asshole, it's working for him, and he's proud of it.

So it's not like it came as a surprise to me. I'm fine with assholes sometimes, but this guy wasn't winning any awards from me up to this point. He was completely out for himself and what he wanted. So I wasn't really feeling butterflies or a skipping heart over him. In fact, his spur of the moment plan to draw Holly back into his web wasn't working too well for me. It showcased his complete lack of emotion towards her and his own self-centeredness. Not only that, but it seemed pretty unlikely and farfetched. Can he still be redeemed? As I said, this is the first book of three in the trilogy, so even though I wasn't fully satisfied, there's still potential to be discovered in the following books.

I'm reserving my full judgement until that time. Do you love a filthy mouthed hero, have a weakness for billionaire books, and quality smut? If so, then you're going to want to try out this series. It's hot enough to make you panties spontaneously combust, ladies. View all 28 comments. Nov 30, Beverly rated it really liked it. I seriously love serials so freaking much, since I read my first one in I have been addicted.

Holly is an up and coming country star, after winning a singing reality show Country Dreams. Holly thought t I seriously love serials so freaking much, since I read my first one in I have been addicted. Holly thought this was her huge break, but her record label put a ton of stipulations in her contract. However he continues getting caught in compromising situations, making a fool of Holly.

See a Problem?

On Christmas Eve Holly decides to do something for herself: Creighton Karas is a man used to getting what he wants and once he sees Holly at the bar, he wants her. He seduces her and they have one perfect night together. This first installment was just enough to have me begging for more.

We learned a little about Holly and Creighton, but I can only imagine there is so much more to them. Now, I am absolutely addicted and I cannot wait for more from these two. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Feb 19, Maria Let me tell you what this book is about It's not a deep soul searching and emotional story Hard, Dirty, Rough and Naughty Sex On every surface my friends Creighton was Hot, Possessive, Domineering You belong to me. Then this book is for you!!! Sometimes a book does exactly what it says on the tin.

And for me that is perfectly okay, if the writing and story-line are strong and well rounded. Meghan March is an author new to me, and I must admit although the premise of Dirty Billionaire isn't a massively new or original one, it still grabbed my attention. I am not ashamed to 'fess up that I have a huge soft spot for a certain type of Billionaire asshole and Creighton Karas, ticks every o 4 - "You could wreck a man with that mouth. I am not ashamed to 'fess up that I have a huge soft spot for a certain type of Billionaire asshole and Creighton Karas, ticks every one of those required boxes, and he ticked them with style.

As you would expect, she has other commitments that make their situation less than ideal, but in steps Creighton to smooth the way allowing for their coming together to be for more than one hot and sweaty night together. I liked that Holly stood up to Creigh, and I loved the inevitable verbal sparring and horizontal tangoing that inevitably happened afterwards.

Meghan managed to bring together their story with the sexy-times and not just give us a story about their sexy-times. The first installment ends on a bit of a cliffy, but have no fear, the next one Dirty Pleasure novella two in the trilogy is due on I am excited about this series, I cannot wait to see where it goes and what story the author gives this couple as it progresses. View all 4 comments. So, I didn't write what you would call a review, but I just featured this book in my first "Spoiler Truth" new feature on the blog It explains why I couldn't get into it.

View all 9 comments. Jan 12, Alba and Her Secrets.. Oct 15, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Do I really need to read another Billionaire story? But is Meghan March! This is the perfect short read to start off my day in an exceptionally good mood. Holly Wix , a raising star in the Nashville scene, although most people know her as the poor girlfriend for the once famous country singer, JC, who just can't seems to keep himself out of trouble.

Anyway, Holly only agree to be JC's fake girlfriend due to her obligation with the record company. But the poor woman had enough and she wants to take back control of her life rather than letting the company drag her name through the mud. Creighton Karas, 33, billionaire. Alpha, domineering , totally in control both in and out of the bedroom, dirty and crude talker and a lot of crazy when it comes to the heroine. Normally my brain comprehends in this fashion: He is ruthless when it comes to his wants and needs. There is no stopping him when his mind was set on something. After a one night stand with a mysterious country girl who actually is Holly , he seems to be totally obsessed and fixated on acquiring her unicorn pussy.

He even went as far as sorta propose on air. So the fact that the story started with Creighton meeting Holly in a bar and went totally obsessed with having her was earning some serious brownie points in my book. Holly was caught between a serious dilemma. To go through with another publicity stunt with her record company or accept Creighton ridiculous farce of a so-called marriage?

It seems like if a girl gonna get screw over anyway, she might as well get screwed by the sexy and domineering billionaire with the perfect dick. If ever a man's penis deserved its own entrance music, it would be Creighton Kara's. Characterization wise, I think Holly was pretty decent. A trailer park girl trying to live her dream in Nashville. When she met Creighton, she didn't get all googly eyed and fixate on his wealth. She still very much down to earth and an honest person, non of those mind games or locking up her pussy.

As for Creighton , I just need to read the sex scenes alone and I'm a goner. I like his craziness and his fixation towards Holly's asshole. I do wish to know more about his background, what drives him and is there more to his success in the business world. I hope he is hiding some skeleton that will be unveil next. May 28, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm definitely on a Meghan March marathon! I am loving her work!

This is the start of a trilogy about a billionaire and an upcoming country singer!!! I'm moving right on to book two as soon as I can!!! Sometimes billionaire themes bore me. I never thought I will read this if not based on review from my fave blogger. Dirty Billionaire is my first read from Megan March.

Never read her other books but after this, I will definitely check the others. I wanna put this on hold until it's completed but I couldn't resist it. Holly Wix is a new comer in music industry. When her contract with the management messed up, she couldn't find the way out. She has to play along with the publ 3. She has to play along with the publicist to put her fake engagement with someone she didn't like. One night stand with Creighton Karas changed everything.

He's a playboy billionaire, dominant and sometimes asshole.

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Creighton is falling hard for the first time in his adult life. He's the man who always winning. He doesn't know her but Holly definitely know this one-night-stand man. Oh my God, his words.

So dirty, so filthy. I liked Holly despite her naive and innocent side. She's a determined, strong and independent woman. Her only focus is her singing career. Now, she's with Creighton, everything changed. He's trying to fit their schedule together and it's not easy. I swear they're doing this only for fun and pleasure.

Creighton is in lust with her; not planning to fall in love. Holly isn't just any woman for him. He feels something different around her.

Dirty Billionaire

I still want your spark and your fire. I couldn't handle the dominant aura around Creighton. Their one night stand is more than just sex. I always have soft spot with dominant and part time jerk. Creighton made it to the list. Dirty talker with big cock and cocky attitude? So many bullshit and drama flying around. I have some minor issues but the diversion from talk to sex is bothered me. Despite over-the-top chemistry and a bit Cinderella's for my taste, I just wanna say Dirty Billionaire is an entertaining read.

I liked it because it's such a guilty pleasure for filling my pervert inner goddess. Not really perfect, but great enough and I couldn't wait for the next what'll happened with Creighton and Holly. View all 18 comments. Dec 07, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review "I want him to tell me what to do, because if he can make me feel this way with nothing but words and a few kisses, I want more. Yes, it only took one book from Ms.

March to get me addicted to all her books. I was instantly drawn to her sexy dominant alpha males, the storyline, and gorgeous prose. And in her newest trilogy serial aptly titled Dirty Billionaire she has ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review "I want him to tell me what to do, because if he can make me feel this way with nothing but words and a few kisses, I want more.

And in her newest trilogy serial aptly titled Dirty Billionaire she has me begging for more A sinfully sizzling hot read!!! March has worked her magic on this quick sexy tale of a billionaire and country music starlet. When Holly Wix had enough of the games and the strings her record label were manipulating her to do, she found herself letting loose and getting wild and dirty with a billionaire. One night was all it took for Holly to succumbed to pleasure and awaken this raw sexual need that Creighton had stirred. But when Holly discreetly leaves the next morning after one hot passionate and intense night of sex, Creighton will go at all cost to find the woman with the unicorn pussy.

Yes, Holly has a unicorn pussy since she had re-energized the sleeping dragon and his lust for Holly only intensified when she brought on a wave of sexual pleasure. When word gets out that the billionaire is looking for the mysterious lady whom he met on Christmas Eve, Holly finds herself standing on his doorstep and once she crossed the threshold, there was no turning back because Creighton had staked his claimed. Soon this rising country music singer finds herself married to one of the richest billionaires.

And not only that, she finds herself succumbing to this raw sexual adventure he can only elicit from her. As Holly is thrown into the new whirlwind of money, power, and Creighton, will she find herself in the backseat of her own dreams and career? Not all of me. Not the heart and soul of me that I pour into my songs.

Not the indescribable high I get when I'm standing onstage. Not the tiny town where I'm the girl who made good, and yet I haven't been back. Not the important parts of me. Will he still be hooked then? The answer is simple, Ms. March can hold you hostage with her sinfully and riveting storyline. She can get readers addicted to her raw characters, words, and gripping tale. In this quick story, Dirty Billionaire was packed with so much heat, intensity, and dirty sex that will have any e-readers burning up.

While Dirty Billionaire has some steamy sexy scenes, Ms. March filled this book with depth also. She allowed readers to see that the heroine is no wallflower who will continue to let people walk all over. And I loved that the author showed character growth in Holly. Ahhh, what else is there left to say but go meet the hot dirty talking billionaire who will get readers hot and bothered. I'm seriously counting down the days till the release of Dirty Pleasure I'm so ready for the dirty pleasure that only Creighton Karas can give. Dec 02, Aisling Zena rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 02, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: This is nice and hot.

I really enjoyed this. It's the first book I've read from this author. I m gutted I haven't read her sooner. The story is really good and very hot. God she really knows how to write a hit scene. Creighton and Holly are smoking together. Creighton is very dominant with a wicked mouth and very sexy.

He as the whole alpha CEO thing goin on and I luv it. Holly is really sweet but there is a sassy girl in there and sometimes she comes out to play. I just hope that things go get This is nice and hot. I just hope that things go get way. Music is everything to her it's her dream I just don't want her to lose that she needs it I just hope Creighton understands that. The story line is a lil crazy in parts but I don't care I m luvin it.

Dirty Promises (Dirty Angels, #3) by Karina Halle

It became the reason the five bonded and became a mini crime group on their own. After the gold scenario is completed there is a another new deal involving the five their being tracked all over the world by crime fighting type folks. There are more gambits going on in this book than I could keep count of. Most of it seemed reasonable, but I was a tad disappointed in the manner in which Alexis DioGiovanni was handled. She was a cousin of Reese and Ryan. If you like your books super chocked full of all manner of things, this will be a winner.

I definitely ended up enjoying this wild and wooly whoosh through the world of hardcore criminals and those who track them. Give it a try! Mar 06, D. Leigh rated it really liked it. This action-packed story continues as Cooper is reunited with the twins and they set out to recover their stolen gold and permanently shake the mafia hounds tracking them. Cooper and Reese have a lot of relationship wounds to heal, and because Cooper's time with the mafia has left more than physical scars, the path is full of missteps.

Just when it appears all will work out, someone is following them again. This time, it's not the mafia. This is a great end to a great series, and very nicely tol This action-packed story continues as Cooper is reunited with the twins and they set out to recover their stolen gold and permanently shake the mafia hounds tracking them.

This is a great end to a great series, and very nicely told by Ashley Bartlett. If you are going to read them, however, I would suggest that you start with the first, "Dirty Sex," which isn't about sex, then read on through "Dirty Money" and conclude with this finale, "Dirty Power. I can't be more specific without a spoiler warning.

Read it and see if it jumps out at you, too. None the less, this author has a fresh, distinctive voice you shouldn't miss. Jan 13, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. Aug 15, Jean Tiposah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ok, I sorta died laughing at the Honor Series reference. Jul 18, Caroline Hislop rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great characters and loads of humour. Alex rated it really liked it Sep 08, Cindy rated it it was amazing May 20, V rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Stacy rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Sasha rated it really liked it Oct 12, Marie rated it really liked it Apr 15, Angela Mitchell rated it liked it May 28, Murph rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Gum Rubideaux rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Rachael rated it really liked it Jul 02, Cindy rated it really liked it Dec 11,