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Jack The Ripper

How Reliable is Eyewitness Testimony? Another unusual aspect showed up with the Eddowes case, victim 4: How would evidence like a chalk-written message on a building entryway be captured?

See a Problem?

It should have been saved then, as it would be today, using forensic photography. Photography was well established by then, and there are many images related to the Ripper murders available, including morgue photos of victims. But unbelievably, because of the darkness of the early-morning hour, the wait time for the arrival of a photographer, and the fact that the shop owners were beginning to open their market stalls, the police decided instead to just copy down the writing and then obliterated the message at 5: They feared if crowds saw the message, there would be a riot against the Jewish community, and more lives might be lost.

While I can certainly understand their anxiety, destroying potential handwritten evidence like that leaves me shaking my head.


Either way, there was heavy criticism of the police decision to eradicate the message. Based on the spelling and grammatical errors, the police commissioner felt strongly the graffiti did not come from a native English speaker. It seems to be the idiom of Spain or Italy. The nonsensical nature of the wording led authorities to two possible conclusions: Jack the Ripper was Jewish and bragging of it, or the killer was trying to thwart the investigation by blaming a Jew. Now, what about other police profiling of the likely killer? Due to the anatomical knowledge, some ascribed to the mutilations and the trophy removal, and the allegations that the Ripper may be a Jew, some began to suspect the killer was a Jewish slaughterhouse worker.

So, perhaps to help satisfy the public, the police rounded up the knives of the local Jewish slaughter-men to see if any matched the suspected weapon. A doctor concluded that none of them seemed to be the murder weapon, so we see evidence of early attempts to match a sharp tool with a wound, something common in forensics today, including in my own work, although typically far more reliable when analyzing trauma to the bone, rather than soft tissue. Nearly two weeks after the night Stride and Eddowes were killed, the chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee got a package containing half a kidney.

It was preserved in wine and assumed to be human. Along with this was a note full of spelling errors that explained the other half had been eaten by the killer. But about the kidney, how could forensic science establish this organ as belonging to a human? Based on my many years of teaching anatomy, using both human and non-human organs for dissection and microscopy, I can tell you that a pig kidney, or that of any similar-sized animal, is very like that of a human.

It was estimated that one woman in 16 engaged in this trade, for a total of 1, prostitutes in Whitechapel and 80, in London Rumbelow, Little is known about Jack the Ripper beyond his handiwork. The victim was Polly Nichols, a year-old alcoholic with grey hair and five missing front teeth.

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She had five children from a broken marriage. The Ripper cut her throat from ear to ear, back to the vertebrae, and sliced open her abdomen from pelvis to stomach.

Crime Documentary Films: Unmasking The Real Jack the Ripper

The next killing took place in a yard at No. Annie Chapman was 45 years of age, stout, pugnacious, and missing two of her front teeth. An alcoholic, she was separated from her husband and two children, one of them a cripple. She was found with her neck cut so deeply it appeared as if an attempt had been made to take off her head. Her abdomen was laid open and her intestines placed on her shoulder.

A Criminal Investigative Analysis of Jack The Ripper by John Edward Douglas

Parts of her vagina and bladder had been removed. On Sunday, September 30, , a double murder occurred. Stride was a year-old alcoholic missing her front teeth and the roof of her mouth.

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She bore nine children, but claimed her husband and two offspring had perished in a steamboat disaster. The Ripper had cut her throat, severing the windpipe. The mutilation was minimal as he was interrupted by a carriage entering the courtyard. Within the hour a second body was discovered in Mitre Square, in the City of London.

Catherine Eddowes, 43 years, was, like her fellow victims, an alcoholic with a broken marriage.


She carried all her worldly possessions in her pockets. The final and most horrific murder occurred in 13 Miller's Court, on Friday, November 9, Mary Kelly, only 20 years of age and three-months pregnant, was already a widow with alcohol problems. A bizarre sight greeted those who discovered her body.