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Because the Housewives, with their seasons often operating as prolonged drumrolls leading up to hyper-catty finale and reunion spectacles, have taught us patience. Michael Brodeur can be reached at mbrodeur globe. Local Search Site Search. Take my wives please Can 'Real Housewives' get any more unreal? Your article has been sent. Single Page 1 2. Thought you might like …. Related quiz How well do you know 'The Real Housewives'?

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Australia's first indigenous sketch show since hits the screens". The Sydney Morning Herald. Tradies National Health Month.

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Her hatred for demonic possession goes hand in hand with her fashion sense! Retrieved 13 January Retrieved December 18, Retrieved October 10, The Real Housewives franchise. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Episodes Season 1 2 3. Episodes Season 1 2. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Cast members " Tardy for the Party ". Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 9 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jo De La Rosa.

Elaine Wilson

Taylor and Kim get together to try to patch things up after the blowup at Camille's house. Cedric and Lisa attend Taylor's "Roaring 20's Party" in drag while Camille and Kyle make up and vow to put their past fights behind them. Camille invites Adrienne, Kyle, and their families to a tennis-and-swimming get-together, and all goes well. At Lisa's daughter's birthday party, Cedric tells of his childhood living on the streets of Paris and in foster homes until his teens when Lisa took him in.

Also, Kyle hosts a "White Party" birthday bash for Mauricio, but Taylor and Russell's marital issues are highlighted when Russell leaves early. Camille attends the party and, allegedly as a joke, gives Kyle a book called "How to Behave and Why. Lisa finds herself on the outs of Kyle and Taylor's growing friendship. Kim indicates she wants to get back into acting now that her children are grown. Camille hosts a party for friends in LA, but doesn't tell them that Kelsey called her to say he wanted a divorce.

On the way to a winery, Lisa's husband Ken tells Cedric he needs to move out, but Cedric hesitates because of unresolved issues with his childhood. Kyle is preoccupied with her daughter Farrah's college graduation. Kyle visits her psychic to discuss problems she's been having with Kim. Lisa and Ken finally ask Cedric to move out, but he is reluctant to leave. At Russell's 39th-birthday party for Taylor, the birthday girl confronts Kim about New York, which spirals into an argument between a somewhat drunk Kim and the rest of the housewives.

Camille, still trying to recover from the heartbreak of Kelsey dumping her, does not attend Taylor's party. After the fight, Kim attempts to leave the party and Adrienne tries to advise her on how to mend her relationship with Kyle, but Kyle gets into the limo, Kim calls her a liar, and Kyle calls Kim "sick" and "an alcoholic" and vows to stop supporting her. The girls sit down to dish what happened this season. The husbands join for this part, with Lisa's husband Ken sharing his real feelings about Cedric.

Unseen moments from the first season. The extended version of the Dinner Party from hell with unseen footage and new interviews.

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The season begins after filming has completed, with the housewives except for Taylor addressing Russell Armstrong's recent suicide. Then, the first episode begins with the ladies attending a sumptuous dinner party at Adrienne's to celebrate Camille's guest-starring role on a major sitcom. However, tensions arise and true feelings begin to show, revealing what could be a major divide in the ladies' friendships. Taylor is flustered after a chance meeting with Cedric because she fears Lisa's wrath.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kyle and Camille restart their friendship and seem to get along. After Taylor opens up about her marriage counseling, Lisa's husband Ken says, "If I had to go see a marriage therapist I would feel weak. After a very tough year and a very public divorce, Camille must say goodbye to her gorgeous Colorado home, so she invites the ladies to hit the slopes in style. Dressed like snow bunnies from head to toe, the ladies let loose skiing and then head back to the house to relax in the hot tub.

But after a day of laughter and fun, Taylor opens up to her friends about some very serious problems in her marriage. Adrienne's family is forced to make some very serious decisions that could potentially move their NBA team to a rival city. She heads to Sacramento for what could be the team's last home game ever. She invites Kim along, but Kim shows clear signs of being under-the-influence, and the issue that's been on everyone's minds since last year is finally addressed when Adrienne questions her sobriety.

The tension is high not only for the ladies, but also for Adrienne's NBA team. Adrienne, Paul, and Kim attend the season's last game, but the fans aren't happy with the potential move and things get dangerous for the Maloofs. Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle throws a charity cocktail party to raise money for the Lollipop Theater Network, but the focus lands on an unexpected guest named Brandi, a friend of Cedric.

Her presence leads to confrontation with Lisa. Adrienne throws a lavish barbecue, Beverly Hills style, and invites her friend Brandi.

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Brandi and Camille bond instantly over their very ugly high-profile divorces, but the other ladies are shocked by the newcomer's numerous social faux pas and wonder what she's doing on their turf and whether she'll really fit into their social circle. Lisa does the commentary for the royal wedding on CNN. Taylor's friend Dana helps Taylor bake cookies and Lisa throws a dinner party. At the dinner table, Pandora reveals that she got engaged and Lisa gets emotional. Kyle and Adrienne have lunch and Adrienne tells Kyle about Kim's erratic behaviour. Kyle expresses her feelings towards Brandi and Adrienne suggests that Kyle give her some time.

Later, Adrienne and Brandi have coffee and Adrienne suggests that Brandi show her fun side to the ladies. Dana hosts a game night for the ladies, but Camille questions her party-planning talents. The night comes to a close when Kim offends Brandi, Brandi accuses Kim of being on drugs, Kyle insults Brandi's parenting skills and Brandi lashes out with threats like "I'm going to kill you!

Kim, Kyle, and Brandi continue their fight and Kim and Brandi come to blows. Once the drama has passed, and Brandi has stormed out, Camille and Taylor talk about why Brandi is so bothered by the "slut" accusations. Taylor has lunch with Brandi and she suggests that Brandi and Kyle make peace. Kyle and Kim start to bicker again but quickly put an end to it. The tension continues when the ladies attend Camille's charity luncheon where Kyle and Lisa exchange whispers.

Lisa finds it hard to form a friendship with Brandi because of the things she has heard about her from Kim and Kyle. Adrienne and Kim talk about Kim's relationship with Kyle. Lisa tries to teach Adrienne how to cook a chicken but Adrienne screws it up by putting soap on the chicken to wash it. Adrienne hosts a spa get-together at her home, but it's far from relaxing: Kyle tries to lay the blame on both herself and Brandi while Brandi refuses to apologize for comments about Kim.

Brandi leaves the party early without resolving the issue, while Kyle and Kim begin their own spat. When an article about Taylor's marriage appears in "Us" magazine, Taylor and Russell think that Lisa is responsible. The ladies attend Lisa's daughter's 3-ring engagement party, complete with circus performers, camels, and snakes. But Kim is a no-show—again—as she's busy keeping a secret from Kyle.

Taylor tells Kyle about her feelings towards Lisa. The cause of Kim's erratic behavior is revealed at Paul's night of beauty treatments. Meanwhile, spirits at Kyle's seance reveal insights into the past and future and she finally learns what Kim has been hiding from her. Kyle gets emotional when she meets Kim's new boyfriend: Adrienne celebrates her husband Paul's birthday and they discuss Taylor and her marriage.

Taylor gets nominated for an event and invites the all the ladies except for Lisa because she feels that Lisa is not her true friend. Lisa hosts an elegant tea party at her house and Taylor reveals her true feelings towards her. Fighting ensues between Taylor and Lisa, and Camille and Kyle are dragged into it. Taylor storms out and while she is gone, the others discuss the truth about Taylor's marriage.

When Taylor comes back, Camille lays it all on the table, including the claims of Russell's domestic violence. Camille and Taylor continue their argument and Camille storms out, calling Taylor a liar and subsequently ruining their friendship. Lisa and Taylor put an end to their feud and promise to tell the truth from now on, which makes Kyle uncomfortable. Friendships are re-evaluated in the aftermath of Lisa's tea party, while Taylor puts conflict on the back burner and throws herself into her daughter's lavish birthday party.

Adrienne feels offended when Lisa plans to throw her daughter's bachelorette party in Planet Hollywood, which is Adrienne's competition. Adrienne talks to Kyle about this at Taylor's daughter's party. Kim continues moving into Ken's house and Lisa helps Pandora plan her wedding. Still angry from accusations repeated at the tea party, Taylor fears running into Camille at Adrienne's glamorous backyard fashion show.

Adrienne confronts Lisa at the show. Brandi tells Kyle that she is planning to throw a party for the women and there will be belly dancing. Lisa decides which tables she will use for Pandora's wedding.

Can 'Real Housewives' get any more unreal? Try Beverly Hills.

Kyle's husband Mauricio throws a dinner party at her house and Kyle invites Faye Resnick. Lisa designs her new restaurant SUR. Brandi, feeling that it is her turn to host something for the ladies, throws a nice Malibu Beach Party. Kim decides not to go hoping to avoid confrontation with Brandi. At the party, tension between Taylor and Camille reach a boiling point when Camille's friend D.

Lisa and Taylor descend on Las Vegas for Pandora's bachelorette party, while Adrienne takes the other ladies to her casino for their own wild time. Kim breaks down to Kyle, and Kyle shoots the cover for her new book. Kyle is stressed out while planning her white party.

When Taylor's husband threatens a lawsuit against Camille, the women worry they could be next. Through tears, concern and anger, they debate turning Taylor away from Kyle's annual white party.

Can 'Real Housewives' get any more unreal? Try Beverly Hills. - The Boston Globe

At the party, Kim confronts Brandi and the claws come out. Kyle tries to get rid of the drama by trying to have fun at her White Party but the other women are still confused by Taylor. Taylor copes with her troubled marriage in LA while the other women fly to Hawaii for some fun in the sun. But Kyle can't relax when Kim misses her first flight—then her second. At Mauricio's birthday dinner, Mauricio confronts Kim about lying too much.

Lisa starts to grow closer to Brandi. Anxiety increases in the group when Kim and her new boyfriend miss most of the activities, including their boat tour. Kyle finally breaks down and tells Kim how she feels about her strange and irresponsible behavior and an argument starts over dinner. Dana confronts Taylor about her ruined marriage. Lisa throws a party at her new restaurant SUR. New drama and old faces pop up at the party. Cedric returns and has a confrontation with Lisa.

Take my wives please

We meet a girl who was dating Brandi's ex-husband while they were still married, Paul's ex-girlfriend, a disheveled Kim breaks down and tells Kyle the truth about her boyfriend Ken, and Taylor tells the others the real story about her marriage. Taylor reveals the unvarnished truth about her marriage, and Lisa's daughter Pandora is married in a glamorous "million dollar" ceremony at Vanderpump Manor.

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the season's most talked-about moments with the Housewives and the ladies discuss the dramatic confrontation between Camille and Taylor at the tea party; Adrienne's outrage over Lisa's "Maloof-hoof" comment; Kim's revelations to Kyle at the SUR party; and Brandi's outrageous accusations at Game Night.

Housewife friend, Brandi Glanville, joins the cast to defend her controversial comments from the season; Taylor delves deeper into the secrets from her troubled relationship; and Camille dishes about the new man in her life. Kim Richards exclusively reveals to Andy Cohen, "I am an alcoholic", and discusses life after rehab. Later in the show, housewife friend Dana Wilkey also appears to recount with her recollection of Game Night, followed by the husbands who field viewer questions.

That, and other clips originally left on the cutting room floor, are sure to surprise, astonish and amuse. Adrienne and Lisa finally take the time to sit down and fix their problems. Kyle hosts a birthday party for her daughter, which turns out to be a big carnival adventure while Kyle's and Adrienne's husbands support a charity and walk a mile in high heels. Yolanda, the newest housewife to the group, invites the ladies over for dinner and Taylor doesn't agree with Yolanda's husband's views.

Lisa and Adrienne's friendship still needs fixing, while Brandi and Kim begin a feud. After witnessing all the drama, Kim pitches the idea for a group trip to Ojai. The housewives arrive in Ojai, and experience some down to earth fun by having golf cart races, mud fights within the spa, arm wrestling and good wine. Kyle gifts her year-old daughter a new Mercedes-Benz.

Lisa invites the group over for a food sampling at SUR and tension rises as Brandi announces personal information regarding Adrienne. Kim invites everyone but Kyle to Las Vegas for her son's birthday. Kyle hosts a dinner party, and Faye says things that end up rubbing Brandi the wrong way, which leads her to leaving. Taylor feels the need to rid the negative energy in her home by having a psychic cleanse her home, and Taylor is also forced to give up certain items after a lawsuit goes through. Brandi sits down with Scheana, the woman who slept with her ex-husband.

Kim's life coach signals for Kim to take the first step and reach out to Kyle in order to improve their bond. Adrienne and Paul decide whether or not to sue Brandi for the hurtful things she's said. Another dinner party goes bad, and ends up in a rumble. Kyle, Mauricio, Adrienne and Paul talk about what Brandi said. Yolanda decorates her ex-husbands mansion for fun. Kim hires a psychic which tells her there are ghosts within her home, and Brandi invites the group for a trip to Las Vegas.

Brandi and the ladies fly to Las Vegas, and strengthen their friendship. Kyle celebrates after her daughter graduates from sixth grade. While enjoying their time in Vegas, Brandi has the group try pole dancing. Later, Kim is under scrutiny for wanting to get a nose job and tensions rise as a feud is created while at the final dinner prior to departing Las Vegas.

Lisa and Kyle mend their friendship and put the past behind them. Lisa hosts a tea party which brings Brandi and Adrienne together for the first time since their incident at a previous party. Adrienne denies the lawsuit with Camille backing her up. Brandi eventually storms off. Kim hosts a party at her home to showcase her new nose.

Taylor calls to inform Kim that she's not going to be able to make it because she's going on an unplanned trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado with her new boyfriend. Kyle and Kim are concerned with Taylor abusing alcohol. All of the housewives, excluding Adrienne, attend Yolanda's showing of her newest decorative creation. Lisa and Ken fly to St. Tropez where they visit Ken's first son, Warren, prior to meeting up with the rest of the housewives in Paris, France. Kim starts to act strange, which raises questions. The housewives enjoy their vacation in Paris by shopping, visiting tourist attractions and jogging the streets.

All the ladies take a boat ride down the Seine River. Brandi and Kim strengthen their friendship. Kyle hosts her boutique opening and has a tearful heart to heart with Kim. Yolanda confronts Taylor again about things that Taylor has been saying about she and her husband leading to a showdown between the two at Kyle's boutique opening. Adrienne hosts a new vodka line launch party, and her divorce with Paul goes public. The ladies head to Lisa and Ken's vow renewal, where drama erupts between Brandi, Yolanda and Marisa, with Faye interjecting which makes matters worse.

Faye throws some low blows at Brandi. Yolanda defends Brandi calling Faye "pathetic. Lisa gets ready to renew her vows after thirty years of marriage but tensions rise once Faye starts a verbal argument with Lisa, which leads to all the ladies getting involved. Despite the drama, Lisa and Ken's vow renewal ceremony allows everyone to come together in peace.

Adrienne later shows up to the ceremony, tears and all, as it's the same day her divorce with Paul has been announced to the public. The housewives come together to discuss the past season with Andy Cohen. Andy addresses Adrienne Maloof's departure from the series. Taylor talks about her excessive drinking habits. Yolanda expresses how she felt unwelcome when she joined the series. Lisa and Kyle's friendship is brought up and things get heated when Brandi, Yolanda and Kim give their input on the matter. Kyle and Lisa finish their discussion regarding their friendship, which leads to little resolution.

Adrienne and Paul's shocking divorce allegations are thrown into the conversation. After three seasons on the show, sisters Kim and Kyle discuss Kim's first year of sobriety as well as their difficulty trusting each other. This special provides never-before-seen footage from both the third season and the reunion. Kyle accompanies Lisa for her first mammogram. Brandi and Yolanda's unique friendship is explained further. Taylor erupts in a meltdown, which is directed at Adrienne. Missing footage from the reunion includes the housewives discussing Faye's actions.

In the fourth season premiere, the ladies come together at Kyle's cocktail party, where they meet Carlton Gebbia and Joyce de Giraud. Kyle enlists the assistance of Lisa's staff from SUR to cater the event, and Lisa tries to keep things peaceful. Lisa asks for the support of the girls as she begins her journey on Dancing with the Stars. Kyle slips up and says some things that offend the new housewives. Yolanda learns that she has to undergo surgery for her Lyme disease.

Brandi's mother comes to visit. New housewife Carlton hosts her introductory lunch with the wives at her Gothic mansion. The women begin to question Kyle regarding the infidelity rumors surrounding her husband Mauricio. Kim invites the group to a circus school in Hollywood. Kyle and Brandi get into an argument. The ladies are stunned after Joyce makes a surprising accusation. Carlton pays a visit to the acupuncturist for her cat. Kyle, Kim and Kathy show their support for Kim's daughter at her high school graduation.

Brandi dishes some gossip regarding Carlton. Yolanda is excited to see her mother and brother who are visiting from her native Holland. All the housewives head out to Palm Springs for their yearly bonding trip. Carlton pulls out her list of issues about the ladies.

Brandi discloses that she and Carlton made out. Carlton gets questioned about her pentagram tattoo, to which she tells the ladies that she is a practicing Wiccan. Brandi begins to poke at Joyce by calling her Jaclyn and later at dinner, drunk Brandi emerges and starts a fight with Kyle. Brandi feels that it's time for Yolanda and Kyle to leave what happened in Paris behind them. Kim has had enough of Lisa trying to quiet her down. Carlton and Kim spend some time together while feeding squirrels.

Brandi is in disbelief when she receives word that her dog is missing. Kim decides to send her dog away to receive treatment for his behavior.

Yolanda's words ends up causing a divide between the ladies. Yolanda and David have a romantic dinner date to celebrate their anniversary. Carlton goes shopping with her mother-in-law. Kim is presented with the chance to ride in a racecar. Joyce and Brandi are still not on good terms but come head-to-head when they attend the same event. Kim throws a luau for her daughter Kimberly who will be leaving for college at the end of the summer.

Carlton, who was "over-served" before attending a pole dancing class with Brandi, arrives tipsy, while Brandi shows up nauseous. Later, Joyce and Brandi attempt to discuss their problems in a civil manner. Brandi visits her hometown to mend her relationship with her estranged father, and invites Yolanda along for the trip. Joyce sets up a self-defense class for her and all the ladies.

Carlton invites all the housewives over for her annual pool party, where Kyle gifts Carlton a necklace. Kim goes to a Hollywood autograph show. Yolanda has all the ladies come over. Kyle and Lisa plan to host a combined birthday celebration for their husbands. Kyle and Carlton have an altercation. Joyce questions Carlton about a spell. Kim sits down with Lisa and Ken to talk about their issues. Brandi discloses some information to Kyle and Kim. Carlton hosts a party for her husband's clients. Joyce and Kyle plan on not inviting Carlton on their upcoming girls trip. Brandi avoids Lisa at Gigi's party.

Carlton refuses Kyle's peace offering. Kyle ends up revealing private information to the group. All of the housewives, excluding Carlton, fly to Puerto Rico.