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By Erika and Chris

He loves hearing that people use his products and that they are really helpful. Hearing that peoples lives are easier because of Stripe. A weekly mailing list. A product that needs updating. When somebody depends on you to work, you will be much more likely to complete that work.

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Well, you get the idea! So much valuable information in such a short amount of time. I can hardly believe it. Sign in Get started. Here are some of the things that the interview covered: It was Paul who said: Chet Atkins once told me that my renditions were at their best when I played and sang at the same time - that I sounded different than when I overdubbed the vocals. I find it more demanding and harder to do, doing it at the same time, but if it sounds better I guess it's worth it. The more I listened to Elvis, the more I tended to write the songs and sing the demos in his style.

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It was a fortunate coincidence that we both had about the same comfortable vocal range his was greater , and we understood each other's phrasing. He also liked my accompaniments, whether just piano, or with small or large orchestras. At his house one time, he told me how much he liked the intro and fills on I Met Her Today and on Anything That's Part Of You and asked me to play them several times for him on his grand piano. Elvis wants to avoid Graceland while Vernon and his new wife, Dee are staying at Graceland.

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I told you that some day If you kept on being untrue Somebody else would come along And release me from you. You'll be glad to know now Your fickle heart Can have its own way For it finally happened I've met her today. Ghosting, Benching, and Kittenfishing… Oh My! Ghosting — the act of ending a relationship without actually ending it — is bad, and our guest Becca shares her experience. Oh, The Hair Down There.

Manscaping, grooming, a landing strip or a Brazilian.

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There are so many ways to wear your hair… down there. For the Season 2 premier, Erika and Chris go a little deeper, discussing current trends in Are you looking for more dating stories? More Crazy Cupcake Lady? Erika and Chris are back for Season 2 of So, We This week, Erika shares some of her This week, Chris shares some of his No one likes to be interviewed on a date. So what questions should you ask and what questions should never be asked when you begin to date someone new?

I Met Her Today

Chris and Erika take both sides You sign up for a dating site. You write a profile. You message some people. You plan the date. You assume that your date has read the profile you wrote. This seems like a natural How often have you considered giving someone a second chance? Does it work out the second time? Is this a date? But, it is a date? Erika and Chris discuss how to know whether something is a Some people crave it.

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Some people hate it. Erika and Chris each share stories about chivalry… or lack thereof. Together they discuss if chivalry is The ability to change is important… but how much can—or should—someone change to be in a relationship? And, on the flipside, how much can—or should—you ask someone to change? Erika and Chris each have a What should you say or not say over text to a date?

How do you handle getting to know someone, arranging a date, or getting flirty? What about those shirtless selfies? Erika starts this episode Chris starts us off with a story about a woman he looked up Who pays for the date? In this episode, Erika and Chris discuss the ins and outs of paying for dates. Is there an obligation for the To be or not to be… exclusive. Are you ready to have THE talk? A Real Profile Picture.

Have you ever gone on a date and the person you meet is not what they look like in their profile picture? The horrors of fake, bad