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One afternoon, on her way home from work, she was going over some of her lines in her head. She had a stack of books that she had checked out at work, as well as her drawing portfolio in her hands. Not paying attention, she tripped over a curb and stumbled and dropped her portfolio, some of her drawings flying loosely to the ground. One of them flew into a sewer drain. She set down her books and dropped to her knees, collecting her sketches. Luckily none of them are damaged.

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Rachel reached for one that has fallen right in front of the sewer drain. Right as her hand touched it, she pulled back with a gasp. Two icy blue eyes stare back at her. Two buck teeth show out between his smiling, red lips. Her heart started beating fast. He holds up a piece of paper. She frowned in embarrassment when she realized what it is. A girl standing in front of a well, leaning in to kiss the frog that she was holding. Not her best piece. She drew it at work, because it was such a slow day.

She had no idea who this man was or why he would be in the sewer, but the total oddness and unexpectedness of the situation was more than a little freaking her out. Rachel blinked at him, slightly taken aback. Had he really never heard of the story of The Frog Prince? Rachel let out a small laugh, appealed by his seemingly innocence. She were about to stand up, but something stopped her.

Stroke of Midnight

Well then you should come down here. Good food as well. There's cotton candy and hotdogs. This clown was sure a trip. She glanced around quickly, glad that she was down a side street that had few traffic. She could only imagine what if would look like if people saw her talking to a sewer drain. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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The Stroke of Midnight

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But when a meeting with her editor in New York brings bad news, Becky's new year might start off all wrong. Maybe her horoscope isn't so wrong after all. Action-adventure author Adam Maxwell can't believe his editor's news. There's no way he's going to team up with another writer, let alone a romance writer for the next book in his action adventure series. On the way back to his hotel, he literally bumps into a beautiful woman on the street but the two go their own ways before he can do more than rescue her newly bought shoe from the snow.

But when he runs into her in the bar of his hotel that same night, he decides not to let her get away for a second time in less than twenty-four hours. Each chapter starts off uniquely with a scene from Becky and Adam's book that correlates to the characters' romance. I especially loved the scene where they first meet, when they literally bump into each other on the street and Max rescues Becky's latest purchase, the shoes she probably can't afford now that her writing career is heading downhill.

Tarr won't be disappointed with "Strokes of Midnight". Another great, sexy read by this talented author. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Author Becky Stone hopes her horoscope proves correct as it states she in for a great year. She assumes if the stars are accurate her goals will be met of landing on the NYT bestseller list and finding a hunk to share her life with The New Year proves promising when she shares the greatest sex of her life following a writer's party.

However, once the holiday passes, her agent informs her that her bed hopping heroine Angelique is out and that as a mid level author she is in trouble. To survive she must collaborate with male adventure writer Adam Maxwell, who is a recluse living on the top of White Mountain, New England's highest peak.

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Becky says no to the proposal she once said romance writing is "housewife porn". However, she reconsiders when she learns the stranger who gave her orgasms like never before lives is the recluse on White Mountain when he is not in town attending a publishing function. With its "novel" within the novel extracts from the lead couple's joint efforts open each chapter , this is a fun well written contemporary romance. The story line is fast-paced from the moment that Becky learns if Angelique is to survive another book she needs to team up with Adam's action hero Drake and never takes a breather whether their characters or the lead couple is front and center.

This a well written creative tale as Hope Tarr entertains sub-genre fans with "two" blazing romances.

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Tarr has crafted a wonderful story within a story. I loved how Becky and Adam's alter literary characters also made an appearance and even reflected a bit of the plot. I found the characters all of them to be well drawn-out and I found myself rooting for them to get together. Strokes of Midnight is a genuinely-entertaining plot of passion, lust, and one hell of a hot time between two lovers! Tarr describes a love scene is second to none.

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