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That is the aim of this newsletter. The journey is fascinating, sometimes provocative, definitively educational, and eminently focused on the partnership between humans and equines. Ultra conservatives should not be overly worried; fundamental principles remain unchanged. The rider is still facing the horse's neck, the right leg naturally falling along the horse's right side and the left leg along the horse's left side.

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It is just that everything else is different. You need a forklift! In , the Prussian cavalry's regulations emphasized the total elevation of the horse's head and neck. The experiment lasted several decades then was abandoned completely.

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The theory behind the technique was that total elevation of the neck was enhancing the horse's balance, developing the back muscles, and engaging the hind legs. By contrast, the Prussian Emperor's Riding Master, lowered and over-flexed his horses' necks completely. Paul Splinzner , in fact created the "rollkur". His theory was that such over-flexion of the neck was enhancing the horse's balance, developing the back muscles, and engaging the hind legs.

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Almost contemporarily and on the other side of the Rhine River, Francois Baucher promoted in his "dernier enseignements" the systematic elevation of the neck. His view was that such elevation of the neck was enhancing the horse's balance, developing the back muscles, and engaging the hind legs. Half a century later, Jack Licart reinvented the lowering of the neck.

His theory was that the lowering of the neck was enhancing the horse's balance, developing the back muscles, and engaging the hind legs. Not long ago, Harry Bolt warned against the practice of over-flexing the neck. Today no one can win without over-flexing the horse's neck completely.

Obviously, the relationship between neck posture and vertebral column's mechanism is more a mater of opinion than scientific documentation.

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Twenty five thousand, seven hundred and thirty six opinions later, the question: Olympic riders are winning practicing this technique and therefore anyone anxious to win feels that over-flexing the horse's neck is the price of winning. Click on the link Equestrian Art. The video sequence was originally created to educate the eye of the Boulder School of Massage Therapy's students.

The though was to emphasize the notion that noxious stimulus pain is not a consistently direct indicator of the location of the muscular imbalances causing the problem.

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