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But the year is , the month is April, and early one morning the walls begin to shake. The floor begins to buckle. And the earth opens up. A devastating earthquake and then raging firestorms ravage the city, and Nick is right in the middle of it all. From the Hardcover edition.

She visits schools across the country and lives in Oregon. About Into the Firestorm: Also by Deborah Hopkinson. See all books by Deborah Hopkinson. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Evil Wizard Smallbone. Delia Sherman and Delia Sherman. Douglas Holgate and Max Brallier. The Letter For The King. The Wizard of Oz. The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy. The Red Fox Clan. The Land of Neverendings.

The Island of Horses. To Catch a Thief. The Game Masters of Garden Place. Willa of the Wood. Mightier Than the Sword. Drew Callander and Alana Harrison. While she's grieving, a guy named Brad Silver enters her mind to calm her down. Because he needs her powers to help him track down and kill the bad guy, Trask, who's obsessed with his "child," a secret government weapon called "Firestorm. Now fueled by revenge, Kerry finally agrees to help Silver. See, Silver is a "controller. We never find out; he just is. Silver is driven by his own lust for revenge, because Trask killed his brother.

Silver is just as bad as every other male character in Johansen's novels; he's creepy, pushy, and obnoxious, and he doesn't respect boundaries or take no for an answer. He enters Kerry's mind against her will, which pisses her off, and he whines because she was hurting and because he cares, dammit. Go cry me a river, creep. But of course, Kerry is eventually okay with it, because they have magical, earth-shattering sex, and then she falls in love with him while pretending she doesn't want him in her life. I found this book a little more enjoyable to read than "Final Target," but that's because I like fire.

I like reading about fire and picturing fire. That doesn't mean this book was any good. Trask was every bit as flat as all the other bad guys in Johansen's novels; he's just evil. Oh, and he hates being humiliated and he thinks that he and Kerry are "alike" and both "fascinated" with fire. Kerry is horrified by him saying this and reacts to it predictably.

What's weird is that this is never really addressed during or after the eventual confrontation with Trask. It gets shoved to the side in favor of Kerry figuring out how to make him want to go outside so he can be picked off by George. I thought the whole thing was kind of anti-climactic. This next paragraph mentions rape. There's also a ridiculous subplot about a homeless teen named Carmela who Trask targets in order to "get to" Johansen. This would have been fine, but the her characterization is predictably awful.

Like all teenagers in Johansen's books, she's unrealistically mature and resourceful, she hates charity and people feeling sorry for her, and she has to take care of herself because her biological mother is a horrible person. I will give Johansen credit for one thing, though: She's a huge brat to everyone she talks to, yet portrayed as sympathetic. I do get sick of the implication that someone has to be sweet, innocent, and docile in order to be a victim.

Then again, nothing is worse in Johansen's world than being a victim , so maybe that was unintentional. Kerry is also horribly judgmental of Carmela's mother before she knows that she refuses to believe that her boyfriend raped Carmela. She dislikes her just because she couldn't get to the hospital after Carmela survived a fire, even though Carmela says it's probably that her mother wasn't allowed to leave work. Um, that's a thing that actually happens, Johansen.

When you really, really need to stay working, and you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, and your boss refuses to let you go see your sick kids, you listen to them because things will only get worse if you get fired and lose your meal ticket. Johansen's books seem, at first blush, to be sympathetic toward the low-income population, but that's only if they do everything correctly. They may not drink or use drugs. They may never, ever miss a day of work. Oh, and once they get on their feet, they have to go to school. Because God forbid they just keep working for a living and save up to buy a house or something.

No, they must do everything in their power to be a Model Citizen. I could go on for ages, but you get the picture. I've also noticed that in Iris Johansen's book, you can't just have a mental illness. You need to either have superpowers to go along with it, or you have to be defined by it. You'll be lucky if you get to make an actual appearance in the book, let alone survive it. Gillen, on the other hand, is a mentally ill man whom Silver is trying to "help.

See a Problem?

And yes, I know that people with mental illnesses commit suicide sometimes. But we're more than misery porn, okay? We don't exist for the sake of other people's character development. The only reason Gillen has to die is so Silver can be sad and vulnerable and Kerry can heal him with her psychic vagina.

I have enough problems caused by my own mental illness. Can't I have a little bit of happiness in fiction, at least? To be fair, this is hardly a problem that's exclusive to Johansen's novels. And sorry, but OCD hasn't given me any superpowers, psychic or otherwise. It's just a part of my life. Don't bother reading this book, even if you like fire. We all deserve better.

This one didn't suck me in right away, but after about a chapter, I started really enjoying it. It's part government, part psychic, part serial killer and thriller. Kerry is someone who is currently working as an arson investigator. She's very good at her job; she can pick up impressions from the remains of an arson scene. However, this gift also proves difficult for her as she can not control it if she is personally linked to the crime in any way, and refuses to let anyone teach her.

Enter our This one didn't suck me in right away, but after about a chapter, I started really enjoying it. Enter our hero, Silver, who has a unique gift as well, although he can control it, almost too well. I won't go into the details of this as it may spoil part of the story. He maneuvers Kerry into joining in a government investigation into a secret project involving a mad serial killer who with fire. It's an interesting plot with great action and a nice twist at the end. I half guessed the twist, but there was enough mystery to still make it thrilling and interesting, wondering just how it would actually play out.

The characters are well defined. The reason this didn't get 5 stars is because at times, I felt the urge to roll my eyes at some of the dialog. Also, Kerry was a frustrating character. Strong and purposeful yes, but continually second guessing the obvious things she needed to do to achieve her goals. While I can't really relate to some of the "intrusions" she feels are not acceptable, I still found myself wanting to shake her, she was so dense. The reader was good, and I didn't have much trouble differentiating the characters for the most part.

I think the voice of Silver could have been done a little better, and Kerry almost always sounded a little too dramatic, which worked in the actions parts of the story. I would recommend the book over the audio on this one. Aug 31, Arthur rated it it was amazing. I fell fast into involvements between Kerry and Silver who was clearly two nutcases, who are really normal people. In contrast they have their differences but Silver has always a way to manipulate others.

Then both their lives begin quickly to change. Before their meeting, Kerry had been a good fire fighter, now she has turned arsonist investigator with her newly arson trained pup, Sam. Sam is quickly becoming well known in the community as a tough arson dog. Together they try to fi I fell fast into involvements between Kerry and Silver who was clearly two nutcases, who are really normal people.

Together they try to fight fire by cracking suspected arson cases. Which gets Silvers attention. Jun 10, Jeannine Stewart rated it did not like it. I do not have the ability to write and I do not like criticizing someone with the talent to put pen to paper and create a novel. However, I am a reader and I know what captures my attention.

Sorry to say that I couldn't make it past page 33 of this book. Everything was flat and confusing to me View all 5 comments. Aug 12, Rusty rated it liked it Shelves: This was a good read but when one gets near the end the author's plot weakens. Kerry, the heroine, and Silver, the hero, begin doing things they wouldn't do earlier in the novel.

Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, 1906

I was disappointed because they focused on what had happened and thus miss the signs of trouble developing closer to Kerry. They should have forseen that Trask would turn attention to Kerry's brother, Jason, and their father. Instead they failed to recognize that the bond between Jason the their father that would put Ja This was a good read but when one gets near the end the author's plot weakens. Instead they failed to recognize that the bond between Jason the their father that would put Jason at risk.

Until that point the book was a four star read. Why does an author have the characters act contrary to their developed personas? Aug 07, Sandy added it. Aug 16, Gerry rated it it was amazing. Johansen writes a great book - Loved it. Jul 05, Judith Wrinkle added it Shelves: I enjoyed it, but not as much as her other books. Scary concept, people starting fires. On to the next novel. Aug 26, O rated it liked it.

There is a proverb And let me tell after reading this book, I realize that is completely true!! At the beginning with Charlie she seemed to be a nice, reasonable, wily gal. I get the whole "I feel violated" bit, b There is a proverb I get the whole "I feel violated" bit, but man give it a rest!! He wasn't even as much a hard ass as most leading men, and definitely not as cryptic, but this gal could not be pleased for shit!! She bitched about any and everything! Bossing Silver around, George too! What the author probably tried to make strength of character , became the making of a world class shrew!!!

It ground my gears to read Kerry's crap for the entire book! I actually liked the idea of the book. I have never read anything like it before I even liked Trask. He was perfectly creepy. However this is the second book I've read from her, Reap the Wind being the first and that heroine was a complete washout to the other females in the book, and now this one is an uncooperative bitch and three quarters! So I guess it would take a third book to be the deal breaker, on whether I give up on Iris Johansen altogether!!

I don't know if I can go through it again though! Feb 15, Dannielle rated it it was ok Shelves: This book started out good, and I was interested in where the book was going. However, as soon as Silver came onto the scene Kerry changed. It's not often that I dislike a heroine. I've read numerous different types, and I like them all. I can admire a strong female who likes her independence. But at some point you need to give in to help, and accept that you can't do everything yourself. Kerry bugged me throughout this book.

Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, by Deborah Hopkinson |

She could get so upset and angry over the littlest thing. So while I s This book started out good, and I was interested in where the book was going. So while I spent most of the book being annoyed at Kerry, I wanted to finish to see how they caught the arsonist. I also wanted to see how the relationship between Kerry and Silver ended up. While it ends well I'm not sure I'll read more by this author if other heroines are like Kerry.

Iris Johansen continues to one of my favorite authors. Firestorm did not disappoint. This was a thriller about a murderer that uses his new invention as a weapon of terror. The protagonist, Kerry, has the ability to sense how a fire was started and the absolute terror that people including her fellow firefighters feel when encountering a blazing inferno. Jun 18, Charly rated it liked it Recommends it for: Johansen writes interesting pieces but each that I've read involves a heroine and someone with extraordinary talents or skills.

Still in all they are generally a decent read in the "thriller" category. Jan 16, Gretchen rated it really liked it. Enoyed jumping into their minds as the mystery is being solved solved. Apr 22, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: A wonderfully non-smutty romantic suspense!!! I like mysteries and suspense with a touch of the extra-sensory or psychological thrill! Iris Johansen did a good job with this one. Dit gaat weer geld kosten! De brand is het veertiende boek van Iris Johansen en het vijftiende is in voorbereiding. Dit is het eerste boek dat ik van haar las en ik heb nu erge zin om meer van haar werk te lezen.

Wat maakt De brand voor mij zo'n geweldig boek?

Game Theory: Doki Doki's SCARIEST Monster is Hiding in Plain Sight (Doki Doki Literature Club)

Laat ik eerst kort vertellen waar het om gaat. Kerry Murphy is een jonge vrouw met het interessante beroep van onderzoekster bij de brandweer. Na een brand komen zij en haar speurhond Sam er aan te pas om uit te zoeken of het brandstichtin Dit gaat weer geld kosten! Na een brand komen zij en haar speurhond Sam er aan te pas om uit te zoeken of het brandstichting is geweest. Sam is een kei in het vinden van sporen van brandbaar materiaal dat gebruikt kan zijn bij brandstichting.

Kerry is altijd gefascineerd geweest door brand, en zij weet heel goed hoe het komt: Kerry was toen nog maar heel jong en heeft het ternauwernood overleeft. Op een goede - of kwade?

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Hij wil dat Kerry hem helpt om een man genaamd Trask te vinden. Deze Trask is een onderzoeker die een machine heeft gemaakt waarmee hij razendsnel enorm hete en grote branden kan stichten. Hij wil deze uitvinding voor veel geld aan de Koreanen verkopen, die er oorlogje mee willen gaan spelen. Dat mag natuurlijk niet gebeuren en daarom is de hulp van Kerry nodig. Zonder dat ze het namelijk wil toegeven, is Kerry namelijk iemand met extra gaven: Bijna onnodig om te zeggen dat Kerry in eerste instantie niet blij is met het feit dat Brad weet wat zij kan, en zij zich hevig verzet.

Behalve dan het feit dat Johansen in dit boek heel duidelijk maakt dat mensen met extra gaven verder volkomen normaal zijn, iets wat niet iedereen altijd wil toegeven, is het verhaal gewoon stuitend spannend. Vanwege de enorme vaart moet je als lezer af en toe naar adem happen en soms is het lastig om de ontwikkeling van de karakters bij te houden, maar alles wat er gebeurt in het verhaal, is logisch of wordt later weer verklaard.

Aan de andere kant wordt soms de vaart net een beetje te veel uit het verhaal gehaald, als Johansen tijd nodig heeft om te verklaren wat er tussen Kerry en Brad gebeurt. Als er iets meer evenwicht had bestaan tussen de verschillende elementen spanning en achtergrond, had ik dit boek het maximale aantal sterren kunnen geven. Apr 06, Ellen rated it really liked it. Firestorm, but Iris Johansen. A Book Review For years, my closest friends, also mystery fiends have urged me to read Johansen.

After a windfall of books that included one of her novels came my way, I eagerly picked up the book.