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The generall kinde is dissention. For contrarie unto warre is peace, and as the generall kinde of peace is union, so the generall kind of war is dissention. But because dissention is manifold for men dissent among themselves either in opinions But my learned friend said, the conduct of the panels was calculated to excite dissention. In one sense I admit that it was: But I hare no such horror at dissention as the learned lord.

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There is a dissention known to this country, and known to all Sri Lanka archaeologists should research pre-history; solve South …. Students of history say the findings of British historians and others were later used by nationalists to create dissention and hate among people Rather, whoever defaced the bridge committed to sowing racial and religious dissention.

The caucus system may have contributed to the internal dissention within the True Whig Party and could have been one of the factors that Silva described the situation as simmering for several months and not unlike any factionalization or dissention within an organization. Council Cabinet in the same fashion as Mrs Thatcher ran her Cabinet in the 's - allowing no dissention from other cabinet members! When a leader flees the situation is ripe for confusion, dissention , and infighting which can lead to budget and schedule problems.

Whenever you see Reid and Yeng Guiao tangle up, you can feel the dissention of the import. With the exception of that tourney where Rain or English words that begin with d. English words that begin with di. Why are units of measurement singular in compound adjectives, e.


Dissent, dissension , dissention, and dissenting. Merriam-Webster's office dictionary does not list this word at all. My web browser thinks the word is misspelled. However, Merriam-Webster's website says this is a valid alternative spelling of 'dissension'. An instance of moving is called motion. An instance of inflecting is called inflection. What is an instance of dissenting? Or is the word you want merely 'dissent' itself?

Merriam-Webster's office dictionary has two identical definitions, suggesting that 'dissent' is exactly the same word as 'dissension'.

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The website suggests that 'dissent' is a form of political opposition or related to religious belief. While 'dissension' refers to an actual act of quarreling. You can certainly imagine a scenario where a person could have religious dissent in the absence of an actual quarrel.

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When it comes to 'dissent' versus 'dissension' , there is room for an interpretation that one of these words refers to a particular instance, while the other refers to the topic as an abstract category present in the situation. Other examples of this include:. It's not a coincidence that "warfare", a noun, does not have a plural form.

Presumably, "dissension" does not have a plural form for the same reason! In this case, 'dissent' is a particular, singular, instance of religious noncomformity, an actual justice's vote in a case, a specific political opposition. Well, my instinct was to have it the other way around, so that dissent is the more abstract category, as in the following book titles I found: But it is very easy to find counterexamples.

I think the two words are very close to synonymous.