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Sanchez even says that as it is 2 million dollars in 20 dollar bills, it is very heavy. Later on in the movie, Bond goes to a bank manager saying he wants to make a deposit. The manager politely asks why the tellers downstairs can't handle this, when a porter enters and puts down Bond's huge case with a loud thump. Cue immediate fawning from the manager. The World Is Not Enough: In the Cold Open , Bond retrieves a massive pile of cash, which then explodes in Sir Robert's face when he goes to inspect it at the heart of MI-6 headquarters.

For Your Eyes Only. Bond witnesses The Dragon paying off a hitman, who casually tosses a wad of bills to a girl from his Paid Harem. After the hitman is killed and his guards are busy chasing Bond, The Dragon takes the briefcase back, even snatching the wad of bills off the girl. Casino Royale has them pop up a few times. Literal examples are seen at the beginning and end in the hands of Le Chiffre's clients and Mr.

The banker for the high stakes poker game also has a briefcase, though his contains not cash but a portable online banking terminal. The Dude deduces that the eponymous false millionaire has planted a False MacGuffin in an attempt to rid himself of his unfaithful Trophy Wife. Subverted and lampshaded in The Brothers Bloom: YOU get a certified check. Dumb and Dumber characters, Lloyd and Harry, travel to Aspen to deliver a Briefcase Full of Money to Mary Swanson, initially believing that it's merely forgotten luggage.

When they do discover the money, they quickly spend all the money and fill the briefcase with IOUs. Played with in Beerfest ; the German Beerfest team is willing to play for the von Wulfhausen beer recipe with one of these, but they brought a briefcase full of German Euros, which the Americans mistake for Monopoly money. The Germans start arguing among themselves that they should've brought the now-obsolete Deutsche marks. Played with in Pulp Fiction: In the film Astro Boy the robots open up a briefcase and are bathed in golden light, parodying Pulp Fiction , but the suitcase merely contains a flashlight.

Used in Ocean's Eleven as a way for the con men to empty the vault: The fact that the bags would weigh about pounds each when full of cash, and not much less when full of low-grade paper flyers is glossed over. When the Yardies say no deal, Boris executes Franky and then asks for the case again.

The Yardies then say that Franky was the only one who knew the combination to the case. Undeterred, Boris chops Franky's arm off, removes the wire, takes the case, and leaves the Yardies with Franky's body. Spoofed in the opening credits of Zombieland , which shows a 'businessman' fleeing from a burning car chased by two zombies, heedlessly throwing away his briefcase of money. Back to the Future Part II has a scene where Doc pulls out a suitcase labeled "Emergency Cash" - this suitcase has labeled collections of period-era money and future money as charge cards.

Charli Baltimore - Bed Full of Money

He is smart enough to switch it out with another briefcase full of laundry, before the dirty cops come and try and take it from him. For some reason, every other time money changes hands in Vabank , it's in a neat package.

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Freerunner has the prize in the classic Halliburton case. Tony Shalhoub's character adds a ten from his wallet so the FBI can grab him anyway. This gets turned around on him when a similar loophole enables the military to detain his son through racial profiling. In UHF , RJ Fletcher is seen with one of these as he prepares to try and buy U62, but the deal was cancelled, so he didn't get to use it. Weird Al mentions on the DVD that he cut a scene where RJ and his son fight over the briefcase and it flies open into a crowd. The island governor in McHale's Navy is bribed with a briefcase full of cash.

In Hitman , 47 uses such a briefcase to pay off an arms dealer. He's secretly rigged it with an explosive charge, which he triggers when his cover has been blown and he needs a distraction. Assault on a Queen Submarine Pirates plan to rob the QE2 of a shipment of gold bullion, but run into an unexpected hitch when the crates prove too heavy to be carried unassisted. The QE2's crew naturally refuse to help, so the robbers have to drag the crates past gaping passengers who until now had no idea a robbery was in progress. The Machine Gun Woman's employers pay her with a briefcase full of cash during the meeting at the stockyard.

In Circus of Fear , Mason arrives at the circus carrying a suitcase containing a quarter of a million pounds. After he is murdered, Gregor finds the case and keeps moving about the circus is an effort to keep it hidden. A plot point in Assassins.

Robert Rath goes to a bank with a very large suitcase to empty his account, while Miguel Bain waits outside with a sniper rifle to blow his head off. Rath is running a Batman Gambit ; given the time it takes to convert all that money to cash, Bain will become impatient and start worrying that Rath slipped out another entrance. Eventually he'll go into the bank to check, but must leave his rifle behind which Rath's accomplice can then steal.

Briefcase Full of Money - TV Tropes

In Deewaar , Samant pays Vijay for the information about the gold delivery with one of these. At the climax of the novel, Tito uses his Le Parkour skills to camouflage the contamination of a cargo container full of cash with radioactive material. When it comes to transporting ridiculous amounts of cash to fuel a Government Conspiracy , a briefcase just won't do. In the fifth Dexter novel, Deborah is presented with a case of money by a rich family seeking revenge for their daughter's kidnapping.

She doesn't take it. Dexter mentions that it really is insultingly small anyway, only being about half a million dollars. In the French kid novel Danger sur les Gratte-ciels Peril on the Skyscrapers the teenage window washer protagonist indulges in joyriding and one night finds such a briefcase whose contents he eyeballs at half a million dollars in the car he just stole. When the gangsters track him down, they send him a note containing only "", which he understands as the exact amount therein.

Cops Ask Old Lady Why She Has a Bag Full of Cash. Her Response Was Priceless

While the briefcases in Let's Make a Deal actually just contain a card with a dollar amount on it, the allusion to this trope is clear. Deal or No Deal. In fact, many game shows used such a prop. Many of them, like the one in Sale of the Century , were clear, so you could see the money in them though it was usually just prop money, or, as could be seen quickly as a Freeze-Frame Bonus , stacks and stacks of Parodied on 30 Rock , where Kenneth has an idea for a game show where models all have briefcases, but one of them is full of gold.

Cue a shot of the first episode being produced, where the contestant quickly picks the model who's struggling to hold up her briefcase Three skits in Trigger Happy TV involve these briefcases. In one a character walks up to some street performers and drop a open briefcase full of money into the hat. In another, a character dressed like a covert spy tries to hand off the briefcase to an unsuspecting man on the street in exchange for the "dossier".

In the third, a character confronts a random stranger in a parking garage by sliding a briefcase to him and begging him to let his family go. Bionic Woman managed to liven up the trope a bit by using a briefcase full of bearer bonds which, while definitely a more practical way to carry around a large sum of money, still isn't a very good idea. On The Wire , Drug dealer Marlo Stanfield tries to pay with a briefcase full of money, but Spiros rejects the money because it's "dirty," which Marlo mistakenly thinks is a comment on the physical condition of the money. When Marlo returns with a briefcase full of cleaner bills, Spiros explains to Marlo that he meant that the money was from the streets, but he decides to do business with Marlo anyway because Marlo was persistent.

On the Top Gear Vietnam special, the presenters were each given 15 million dong to buy a vehicle: They had to settle for used motorbikes instead of the luxury cars they were expecting. This was put startlingly into perspective when James May inquired as to the price of a baseline Fiat and got ,, in response. In one episode of Lost , we see Sawyer run a con in which he "accidentally" knocks open a briefcase full of cash, intriguing his mark.

In a later episode, we see him do it again, except the mark laughs at how obvious the con is, and discovers the "money" is just newspaper with bills on top. Doubly subverted, though, because this turns out to be exactly what he wanted to happen. In an episode of the Chris Elliot sitcom Get A Life , he is bribed with the hefty amount of five dollars, leading to scenes of him parading his newfound cash around town. At one point he tries to buy a car, and opens a briefcase containing the solitary five-dollar bill.

Parodied on Star Trek: When Quark explains that the game is not played for small amounts, O'Brien holds up the briefcase to show that he and Bashir are serious, and have the money to back up their interest. In the Lie to Me pilot episode, Dr. After he and Dr. Foster end their hiring pitch, they leave behind the briefcase. When Ria calls them on the "forgotten" item, Lightman says nonchalantly that's her hiring bonus.

The scene can also be seen as a bit of a Shout-Out to Tim Roth Lightman being well-known for two Tarantino films with important suitcases. Lampshaded in The Middleman: If action movies from the '90s taught us anything, it's that no good can come from anyone of Eastern European descent carrying or exchanging a shiny metal briefcase! In Perfect Strangers , Larry is trying to sting counterfeiters, and tries to fake this trope where only the top of the stacks are money. Hilarity Ensues when Balki tries to show how the plan would fail. Many episodes of The A-Team ended in drug deals gone bad or other situations in which the Team has just won the firefight and packed the bad guys off to jail.

But what happened to the bag of money the villains left in that motel room? The subtle inference is that the Team got to keep it.

Bag Full of Money

Subverted in the White Collar episode "Front Man," in which Neal and Mozzie run a scam to obtain a titanium briefcase filled not with cash, but high-limit credit cards. In "Withdrawal", four bankrobbers use briefcases to carry away their loot. But Neal realizes that the total amount stolen couldn't have fit into the eight cases seen on the security video. Implying the existence of a fifth robber, whose share was left hidden inside the bank. The bonds are transferable? Each certificate is worth two hundred grand.

So a stack of a hundred million dollars is this thick. Neal holds his finger and thumb less than an inch apart In an episode of Everybody Hates Chris the homeless person and local crazy man Kill Moves has a briefcase full of money and we don't know where it came from. He spends on finding a gift for his mother. In the season 2 finale, Kendall just gets a several-million-dollar windfall as the result of Cassidy's suicide. She then walks into Keith's office with a briefcase and tries to offer him a job.

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When he refuses, she shows him the contents of the briefcase — which the audience doesn't get to see — and he agrees to take it. A few episodes into season 3, we learn that the briefcase actually contained a van Gogh painting, not cash. At the beginning of one episode of Person of Interest Finch goes to a morgue with a critically wounded Reese he had been shot at the end of the previous episode and tells the coroner that he knows that the man is a brilliant surgeon who hadn't practiced medicine since immigrating to the US because he couldn't afford the fees involved in getting certified to practice in the US he was sending most of his money to his family overseas.

Finch then produces a large handbag full of cash and says "Stitch him up, no questions asked, and you can be a doctor again. Lucky features a suit case which the main characters stuff full of money in preparation for fleeing the country. Unfortunately, they're intercepted and forced to use the money-filled case as a bribe instead. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad sometimes have sums of money that would warrant a briefcase, but partly because they're inept at least at the beginning and partly because the sight of Jesse, at least, carrying a briefcase would scream "drug money" to everyone who saw him, they usually use backpacks and duffel bags instead.

Later, the amount of money becomes so large that it requires first a shipping pallet and then seven giant barrels. By that point, Walt has given up counting the extent of his fortune. By the time it reached shipping pallet levels even Skyler, who as a bookkeeper one might expect to be inclined to precision in such matters, has started estimating the total based on weight instead of attempting to actually count it.

Mike keeps a satchel full of cash and a loaded gun in the trunk of a car located in Albuquerque's airport long-term parking, just in case he has to escape. During the course of the show they use the cash to buy items to sabotage their opponents during each of three rounds, and give Alton some of that back after each round or all of it if they're eliminated that round. The winner keeps what cash didn't get spent in the auctions, so money management is important; buying disadvantages early can hurt you if you don't keep enough for the later auctions.

An episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has Detective Peralta produce one of these, because it looks cool as part of paying back Terry some of the money he's owed. Of course, it's all in ones, because it takes a lot of bills to fill a suitcase. In Teen Wolf Isaac receives a briefcase of money from the Yakuza. However because the actual purpose of the meeting is to stall while the others carry out their plan, he proceeds to lose whatever suaveness he'd managed to assemble and start awkwardly counting the bills individually with the speed of someone who has never done it before.

In " Penny and Dime ", Frank Castle has stashed money he stole off the Kitchen Irish in a briefcase placed in the trunk of his camper van. He's also rigged it up with a bomb to kill the two grunts unfortunate enough to get sent to retrieve it. Duffel bags are used to store Cottonmouth's money on the shelves of a storage room at Mariah Dillard's office in Crispus Attucks.

The episode "Gold" has a different twist on the fake money version. The money is indeed in the case, but it's in a currency that's just been rendered invalid because the planet that issues it has been taken over by the Terran Federation. After he murders her, he pays the money back into his account.

The money fills a large duffel bag. In the music video for "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish , a record executive uses a briefcase full of cash to tempt the band into quitting their jobs at a burger joint and going into showbiz. An exception in that the briefcase or briefcases almost never include the full amount of money, and the Moneychangers usually just provide the equivalent currency in credit or direct deposit. The briefcase is used just to make sure that the point sinks in, and that spanners don't try something stupid. Shadowrun has the "portable money transfer device" standardized.

Everyone uses sturdy USB drive-like devices called " credsticks " for money, and these come in two flavors. These are what Mega Corps regularly use to pay player characters for deniable operations, and demonstrate fairly well why bearer bonds are so rare and regulated in Real Life. Quite a few Fiasco playsets have "[portable container] full of [valuable thing]" somewhere in the Objects category; two out of the four playsets in the corebook contain either briefcases or suitcases full of money or bearer bonds in them, as do many of the non-core ones. Though the stacks of cash briefly found a use in the Crimbo quest for bribing members of the Penguin Mafia.

In Evil Genius your construction workers carry the gold for purchases to and from the dock in briefcases.

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The World Is Yours some gangsters will drop these. Where they're keeping them, on the other hand For whatever reason, these briefcases are used to store rough cut diamonds in Far Cry 2. The Game , where they can be picked up and used as weapons in a stage based on a filming studio. In Interstate '76 vigilante Taurus finds one of these in the wreckage of a destroyed gang safehouse. He comments that it must be a pay off for something. Depending on what character you're playing, you'll get a different reaction: During the first few levels of MadWorld , you can throw one of these.

When it hits, it scatters money everywhere, which will distract any enemies that see it. Dead Rising 2 has a few of these in casinos - in addition, several characters will use the outbreak as an excuse to fill their briefcases with money. Snobby rich guy Woodrow Rutherford refuses to part with his briefcase and uses it to smack zombies around if they get too close to him. They show up in "Off the Record," strewn around the casinos, carried by some of the survivors, and very early in the game, Frank West photographs T.

Mimicking the page picture above, Devil May Cry 4 parodies this trope: After Dante and Trish are done helping Lady, the latter gives the former pair a briefcase. Trish opens it to find just a small roll of cash and complains. In Grim Fandango , Chowchilla Charlie asks Manny to retrieve a suitcase of money from Maximino's cat race club, claiming that he put it up for collateral but wants it back because the race was fixed. Manny doesn't bother to clarify how Charlie knows exactly where his money is or why he's sure that it's still in the suitcase.

Things then get complicated, because the suitcase actually contains the Number Nine train tickets — and as Manny realize later, they're counterfeit, and the suitcase itself was apparently stolen from the Big Bad Hector who sells them for profit. Pay Day 2 has its criminals stuff packs of money or jewelry, or gold, or From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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