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Baseball's big prize is small beer. Also, Hasbani said that the LF ministers would ask about the reason why the victory celebration had been cancelled. Cabinet meets under Aoun, to discuss 34 item agenda. Thousands of supporters trooped to the sprawling park earlier on Saturday for the victory celebration of the incoming President. Duterte leads victory party in Davao City. With former Aston Villa and West Brom defender Liam Ridgewell leading the side, Portland returned home to a huge victory celebration - and Joey showing off his party piece.

Timbers are buzzing despite ban on chainsaw. Speaking the party office-bearers of twelve districts via video conference regarding second phase of local bodies elections, he said, ban on aerial firing during victory celebration rallies and processions should be ensured. Hamza debars MPs from visiting polling stations. No one is taking anything for granted and it would be a fool who'd want to organise a big, glitzy, victory celebration now. They headed first to the executive boxes at Anfield to watch the Reds take on West Ham then, after a quick victory celebration , it was straight on to Blush Boutique, in Aigburth, to get their make-up done.

I don't like the scene in general. This version of Jabba looks better, sure, but the scene overall is clumsy, with having to have Han stepping on his tail and stuff. And then to have Boba Fett kind of break the fourth wall was a little silly. Just an interesting thought: Shouldn't he look like he did when he died? Should his force ghost be missing his arms and legs and look burned up? Or is it canon that when you die your force ghost has all their injuries healed?

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It makes perfect sense to me. He's a force ghost, a being so powerful in the force that he can live after death. He could probably choose any way to appear that he wanted. Not to mention he's basically the Jesus Christ of Star Wars. If other force ghosts couldn't change their appearance then Anakin surely would. Which version of you would you pick to reappear as?

I think Hayden Christenseen makes more sense then Sebastian Shaw. In a perfect world they would have used Shaw but still with the burnt up makeup, but they didn't, they had him as a nice old man with hair. Anakin Skywalker never looked like that, he did however look like Hayden Christensen.

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The old version showed an Anakin that just never existed at any point. I think the best situation is Sebastian Shaw unmasked as Vader, but obviously that's probably not possible.

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I think Hayden is the next best thing on from that, my personal dislike for his acting aside. Anakin was never the old, crippled man. Nor was he the old man. He was the young hero of the Clone Wars. Anakin died on Mustafar. Vader may have in the end made the right choice, but he isn't Anakin. That kinda misses the point of the entire series. Luke still sensed the good in Anakin and was able to bring it out to defeat the Emperor and redeem his father. That whole point is diminished if you consider Vader's and Anakin to be different people.

Having Hayden there makes zero sense, especially next to old Obi-Wan and old Yoda. Luke never knew him that way, and that wasn't who he was when he died. Luke never knew him as he looked as the original force ghost either. He knew him as a burnt up cripple, as a ghost he just looked like an old man.

It never made any sense. I think that's a bit of a stretch.

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The original ghost Anakin was clearly and recognizably the same man that Luke unmasked on the Death Star, just in much better shape. You're entitled to your opinion though. If you think the revised version works better, power to you. For me it just feels like a needless jab at the PT haters. Anakin did die on Mustafar.

Luke saw the good in Vader. Vader had remnants of Anakin, but is a completely different person. The point is actually strengthened. The Force spirits aren't meant to show what Luke was seeing. I'm sure he'd be able to infer that Hayden is his fathers ghost. I'm sorry, but I disagree with on just about every level. Saying that Vader is a different person than Anakin cheapens the character and the saga. It drains Empire and Jedi of their deepest moments. Lucas himself says that the first six episodes are the story of the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker.

That can't be the case if Vader isn't Anakin, even if there are "remnants" of him in Vader like you suggested. And you're welcome to your interpretation of the ghost scene, but I think that it's pretty clear that Luke is seeing what we're seeing. Well it's the official story, so you're going to have to get used to it. Whether you like it or not. Err, young ghost Anakin might be the "official" albeit idiotic story, but Vader as a separate person from Anakin certainly isn't.

Dave Filoni giving his reasons for liking a change that Lucas made isn't exactly "official. It's not his interpretation. So does that mean that even if Darth Vader had not sacrificed himself for his son, he still would have ended up as a Force Ghost? I got a new appreciation for Yub Nub after watching it performed by a barbershop quartet with sub titles translating the lyrics to English. They invented whole languages for these movies. I love the celebration music as a piece I just can't stand the changes that were made. It makes no sense to show other planets which are probably very clearly still under imperial control even after the battle.

It's just another Death Star. And even though the Emperor is dead, the Empire doesn't just go away. Keeping the celebration located to Endor just makes more sense to the emotional center of the story. Showing the other planets was showing thst the Rebellion was launching attacks on other planets and liberating them.

The Rebellion isn't just what we see in the movies. The fleet at Endor was literally the entire military wing of the Rebel Alliance. They put everything into the attack. That was why the stakes were so high. Maybe in Legends, that was true. But the way the new canon is going in a much better direction. The Rebel Alloance is built up of different groups, known as "Cells". The Rebels at Yavin weren't the only Rebels.

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After the end of ANH, they called in other nearby Rebel groups to help aid in their evacuation. The comic Star Wars: The "cells" mentioned in Fire Across the Galaxy are small fractions. They eventually all become one - which is why unified they are called the Rebel Alliance. The Battle of Endor was everyone - there is no source that exists that says they were launching elsewhere at the same time I grew up with Yub Nub so it holds a special place in my heart.

It doesn't hold up. It's not bad on the level of Jedi Rocks, but the new celebration song is a more fitting end to the OT.

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Yub nub seems abbreviated. You don't get the scope of victory celebration, that the galaxy has been liberated from the Imperial Regime or at least made huge progress in that direction. The latest victory celebration gives closure and scope, even if the "weesa free! I like to think lucas put that in there just to fuck with people and even better he intended it to be Jar Jar saying it.

Return of the Jedi did not need retouching, especially not the music. I still mourn the old Ewok and Jabba's palace songs. Yub Nub for me. My reasoning is that the victory celebration ending is very clearly added in later. Even if you watch it without knowing about the special editions, you can easily tell it's from a different time.

So it just sort of takes me out of the film. I grew up with both. Didn't care for the Ewok song, I even forgot about it. When the SE came out, Victory Celebration stuck with me right away.

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Yub Nub, even before the special editions, always kind of robbed me of the feeling of Luke's poignant-yet-relieved feelings. The Victory Celebration music, to me, is the one good thing introduced in the special editions. Yub Nub just seems to rob me of the fact that Luke's OT journey was complete, in terms of his growth from farmboy to Jedi and in terms of his relationship with his father.

I watched it special edition first and never thought it looked out of place. Victory all the way. Almost all of the music in the franchise is like that though. Are you taken out whenever the Imperial March plays? It may be different but it's not like they're suggesting it's happening at the time, the audience knows it isn't but most of the other music is non-diagetic too so it's not really a factor. Celebration the planet montage is important to show how big the conflict really was and how many hopes were riding on it. Also it just sounds better.