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Absurdity is stamped upon its very face. John, although greater than any who had been born, was still mortal, and subject to infirmities, persecution, pain and death. But in the kingdom of God, the blessed subjects shall be free from infirmities, sickness, errors, doubts, fears, persecution, pain and death; and be like the angels of God in heaven.

They shall see as they are seen, and know as they are known. Such is the birthright of every Christian, and such the prospect set before the sinner, to allure him from the ways of sin to the path of life. We will now look at Matthew And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. If the Pope is not the rightful heir; who is?

But if the promise is yet good to Peter, then he may yet be exalted to dignity in the kingdom of God. What is implied in the promise, eternity will unfold. Of this we are assured, that it is not by saying Lord, Lord, we shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but by doing the will of our Father which is in heaven. It is said that the Jews of the Holy Land have increased during the last five years, from 2, to more than 40,— Zions Herald. The above statement we have the means of knowing is entirely without foundation.

It has arisen no doubt from the infatuated idea of the church, that the carnal descendants of Abraham are to return to the land of Palestine. Jews in New York. They number nearly ten thousand in that city. Many of them are Germans, who have recently been exiled here, by the oppressive laws which exist against that race in some portions of their own country. There are not as many Jews in Jerusalem at this time, as there were ten years since.

Homes, a missionary of the A. Although our paper is not devoted to politics, yet, at such a time as the present, we should think it unpardonable not to call the attention of our readers to the subject. Our political history for the past year is unprecedented in our annals. Not one year since, and the body politic was convulsed throughout, every nerve and muscle was agitated, and strained to the utmost, for the accomplishment of a change in the national administration.

Every stratagem which the ingenuity of crafty men could invent, was devised to attain the object. And it was obtained. But how strangely has Divine Providence confounded the wisdom of the wise, and brought to nought the counsels of the prudent. The Vice President was then called to the chair of State, and all eyes were turned on him. Congress met, and have deliberated, and presented, the result of their deliberation, but to be foiled in their plans by the veto of the President.

Two successive bills for incorporating a national bank, having been vetoed by the President; his cabinet, with the exception of Mr. The Whig party in Congress, in their address to the country, appear to have cast off President Tyler, and are preparing to reorganize, and systematically oppose his administration. The parties are in the utmost confusion, and all confidence between former bosom friends seems to have fled, and it only remains that they shall betray one another, and hate one another.

Indeed, it is hardly conceivable, how the government, under existing circumstances, can progress at all with business. The great whig party are so divided among themselves, that they can carry no measure in Congress, and the factions yet so large, that the Democratic party can do nothing; and even if in Congress the whig party could proceed harmoniously, yet it would be in avowed hostility to their own President. What will be the end of these things, it is impossible to foresee.

I left Boston in the month of July, one beautiful morning, and by the assistance of raging chariots, running like lightning, described by the prophet, Nahum, see 2nd ch. Preble, of Newbury, succeeded me, with feeling remarks on the same subject. After which an aged sister arose and spoke of him to all the people; and praised God for inspiring some of his servants with moral courage, to speak out on the great subject. I found many at this meeting, who felt a deep interest in the subject, and many inquirers after light. From this, I accompanied the brethren to East Ware; where I spent the sabbath, and gave several lectures.

The Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him , and in an hour that he is not aware of. From Ware I was conveyed to Andover, by Br. Watson, who resides in the vicinity, had began to sound the alarm: On the whole, I am happy to say that there is an increasing interest on the subject in East Fairlie.

I have endeavored to supply my friends in that place with reading on the subject for some two years; and there are individuals in that place, who at first spurned at the idea of reading on a subject so novel, are now anxious to read all that comes to hand. One circumstance which took place while I was in the place is worthy of notice. An Infidel, after hearing my last lecture which was to show that all the prophetic events would probably close in being asked what he thought of it, said it was no laughing matter.

I spent the next Sabbath in West Fairlie; the cause has some friends in that place, especially Br. Leavitt, the Pastor of the church, gave his assent to the truth of the matter. Bedford, their minister, treated the subject with candor and propriety, and I can but hope that the truth was planted deep in many hearts. The next and last Sabbath that I spent in Vt. Miller once gave a course of lectures; hundreds in that region remember with joy the message borne to them by that harbinger of the crown; and will rise up, and call him blessed in the day of the Lord Jesus.

In all the above named places I distributed publications on the second advent; and calls for preaching were both numerous and pressing. My brethren, pray ye the Lord of the harvest that he would raise up laborers and thrust them into his harvest , for the harvest is great but laborers are few. Yours for the present truth. I left Hartford 28 ult.

On Sabbath day an invitation was given to the Methodist and Congregational bretheren to unite with the Baptists in a series of prayer meetings, to be held in connection with the lectures through the week. The lectures were listened to with candor, and the legitimate results were apparent towards the close. Christians were revived, backsliders became alarmed, and on Friday eve.

I can truly say it was good to be there; it was a tender, solemn, season, brethren of different names seemed heartily to unite for a blessing; this was as it should be. May the same spirit of brotherly kindness and charity dwell in the hearts of that dear people until Christ shall come. Since my return home I have received a letter, dated the 13th inst.

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Guild, pastor of the Baptist church in W. The number of hopeful conversions I am unable to give, but I should think between twenty and thirty; there may be more, besides quite a number of backsliders reclaimed. The enemy rages with great violence, as though sure enough his time was short; there are as many as twenty, I should think, who are now under serious impressions, who hove been forward for prayers; we have had meetings every night since you left.

The young converts seem to be bright and clear, for the most part, and evince a thorough work. May the Lord still continue to make bare the arm of his salvation, till a more glorious work shall be here enjoyed. On the 4th I left W. About two years ago a person brought half a doz. Snow to me, at 17 years of age, I professed Christ, afterwards went to the West, and being of an inquiring turn of mind, not well initiated into the evidences of the Christian religion, by associating with infidels and reading their books, at 24 I became a Deist; after my return from the West I concealed my sentiments for a while, but at last threw off the mask, and at 28 was excommunicated by the church.

I hope the brethren in C. Should the above account of Br. I commenced in Woodstock, in the Baptist Meeting house; some attention was awakened among bro. May God spedily visit and revive his work in that place. On the 11th I left Woodstock for Southbridge, Mass, where, according to a previous engagement, I expected to have given a course of lectures. As an effectual door was not opened, I gave heed to the advise of the Savior, and left S. I trust I feel greatful for the blessings received at home and by the way, during my journey. I should not have noticed the 4th of Mr.

Millers Theory, had not bastard doctrines been imputed to me, whose relationship I can never own. It is easy to make a man of straw, call it an antagonist, and take great importance to ourself for demolishing it. In reply, permit me to say, 1. I believe no such doctrine. I have never penned such a doctrine. No one, it would seem, not chained faster to a human theory, though desirous to sit where Mary sat, could gather such a doctrine from my words, in No. I have uniformly believed and taught not that Jesus Christ shall reign over the risen saints, and only for a thousand years but that the saints shall reign with him as joint-heirs, as Co-Kings.

For one thousand years. And in the new earth, where there is no sea, curse, etc. Bible Reader never penned what Mr. But I have said, and still insist in believing and saying what the Holy Ghost has taught that flesh and bones can and will inherit, and reign, too, in the kingdom of God. For proof may I ask Mr. John calls the first resurrection, shall reign with Christ for a thousand years. Bible Reader thinks I had no ground for understanding him as I did.

I thought then, and still think I had. I can assure him however that it was far from my thoughts or intention, to caricature either him or his argument. I wrote a reply to what I conscientiously believed to be his argument. He disclaims the doctrine, and explains his meaning, and I think I understand him, and shall reply to his present position. I understood his opinion to be this. And during the one thousand years all the heathen nations will obey them. Then Satan will be loosed and deceive them, and they revolt from the saints.

At the end of the one thousand years the conflagration of the world will take place, the final resurrection, and a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, will appear, and the saints will reign on it forever and ever. If this is not his meaning, then I confess myself unable to determine what it is.

To these opinions I have already replied in my former numbers. The reader, by referring to them, will learn—1. That at the coming of Christ, he will glorify all his saints and destroy all his enemies. That when the four great kingdoms of earth terminate, the saints will take the kingdom and possess it forever, even forever and ever.

When the seventh angel sounds, the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ, and he shall reign [not a thousand years only, but] forever and ever. The one thousand years will bring no change in the state or reign of the saints, for they will, at Christs coming, be restored to the inheritance of the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world.

To reign or have dominion, not over men, for that was not the original dominion, but over the beast of the field, the fowls of the air, the fish of the sea, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. That dominion, when he comes in his glory, and is seated on the throne of his glory, he will give to his saints; and they shall take the kingdom and possess it forever and ever.

With respect to the thousand years reign of the saints, the most we can make of it, is, that they will be raised and reign a thousand years before the rest of the dead live again. The judgment at the close of the chapter, is not inserted there, as the place or time, in the order in which it will take place, but as a distinct subject from the order of the resurrection. So also another distinct subject is introduced in the 21st chapter, a description of the new heaven and new earth and new Jerusalem.

Bible Reader also makes a great distinction, between inheriting the kingdom of God, and being subjects of it. But he might as well talk of a mighty difference between the subject of the United States Government, and the inheritors of it. The President is as much a subject as any other individual, but he inherits all the benefits of it, and so does every other individual member of the Confederacy, if the laws are equitably administered, as they will be in the kingdom of God.

Sic transit gloria mundi. In social life, it is of the first importance to keep pure company; to receive into the circle only men of truth and honor, and to scrutinize carefully the pretensions of a stranger, before the door is opened which admits him into the bosom of the family. How much more important in religious life, to search and prove the doctrines which offer to our heart, new modes of faith, and dopes of heavenly bliss!

When was its claims submitted to the test of examination, since the time of the Reformers? Who has challenged the loyalty of this giant doctrine, since the great reformation? Who has tried its pretensions with an eye zealous for the faith of the crucified Lord, not careful to please men?

Signs of the Times

I know the doctrine is well received: Suppose I am mistaken, that is of small importance; but suppose this doctrine of the millenium s the same which Luther, Melancthon, Cranmer and Ridley condemned to the grade of a fable. Ignorant of any public attempt to scan the pretensions of the doctrine of the millenium, prior to the resurrection, I am ready to undertake it: Some eminent names in the church received them earlier, and scattered them broadcast; but they never sprang up and covered the ground, until within the last forty years: I admit the existence of a change now.

But the resolution of this knotty point will nor depend on the names of men: We hope Brother W. Within a few weeks I have heard brother Litch, which has confirmed my belief; not only so, but it has increased my joy in the Lord. A root out of Jesse. That he was a descendant of David was well known to the Jews, for they were very scrupulous in their genealogies, and from the fact that he was born in the city of David when his parents went up to be fixed where their names were enrolled.

Born of a virgin. Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. Herod slaying all the children in Bethelem, from two years old and under, prophesied of by Jeremiah This must have been known in all Judea. Land forsaken of both her kings. Called out of Egypt. Coming suddenly to his temple. Now about the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple and taught.

The covenant confirmed one week or seven years. The dead are raised. His humility when on trial. He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth. The manner and circumstances of his death. I am poured out as water and all my bones are out of joint: My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws, and thou hast brought me into the dust of death. For dogs have compassed me; the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.

The pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the day of pentecost. The fulfilment of the seventy weeks spoken of by Daniel 9: And this spake he not of himself, but being high priest that year he prophesied or taught the prophecy in Daniel that Jesus should die for that nation, and not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.

This evidence was well understood among the rulers of the Jews; yet notwithstanding all this scripture was fulfiled before their faces, and all these signs were actually accomplished in the short space of thirty-five years, and a cloud of witnesses testifying to all these facts, and they themselves had to consent that notable miracles had been done, they believed not. Well may you say, dear hearer, that they deserved wrath, and God was just in destroying their nation and place.

But how is it with us? Do we believe in that word which we blame them for rejecting? Are we clear of the sin of unbelief? The Jews were looking for a temporal king and kingdom. And are not we looking for a temporal millennium—one in which the Christians will have the rule of the world? Let us see to it that we do not stumble at the same stumbling-stone; possibly we may have carnal notions as well as they. Therefore, let us inquire, HST March 20, , p. What signs are now fulfiling, which are given us by Christ, the prophets, or apostles, of his second coming and glorious reign?

And, HST March 20, , p. Christ tells us, Matthew Bible translated into more than different languages; missionaries sent among all the nations known to us on the globe, and reformation succeeding reformation in every town, nook or corner in this land. The gospel has now spread over the four quartes of the globe. It began in Asia. From thence it went into Africa; and, for a number of centuries, Africa stretched out her hands unto God. Europe, too, has had a long visitation of gospel blessings; and now America, the last quarter of the globe, is reaping a harvest of souls for the last day.

The gospel, like the sun, arose in the east, and will set in the west. The pouring out of the Holy Spirit, and last reign of grace. Daniel tells us, after Bonaparte should come to his end, and none should help him, And then would this angel lift his hand to heaven, and swear by him that liveth forever and ever, that time should be no longer.

Again, James says, 5: Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

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Has not the gospel been spread in as rapid and extensive a manner, as in the apostolic day? Here, then, we have a clear and visible sign, that the corning of the Lord draweth nigh. Many shall run to and fro. All must acknowledge, that this text is remarkably fulfiled in this day, in either point of view. If it means missionaries of the cross, no man can dispute the fulfilment. See the heralds of salvation crossing and re-crossing on every part of the habitable globe.

If it means common travellers, or the rapid means of travel, still our text holds good, and the fulfilment obvious. No man, unless he is wilfully ignorant, can deny that this sign is not actually and literally fulfiled. The great increase of knowledge given in the same text as above. What of the fifty different moral societies, which have become general in the Christian world? Is there no increase of knowledge in our Bible societies, Sabbath schools, Tract societies, temperance societies, and a catalogue of others for moral reform?

What can we say of all the inventions in the arts? What of all the improvements in science? In all this, is it not very evident that this sign is now fulfiling to the very letter? The great increase of riches, and desire for laying up worldly treasures, as described by James 5: Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

Our rich men are laying up their gold, silver, and treasures in abundance. When so much insurance capital as is heaped together at this day? Are not our rich men perfectly infatuated with stocks of all kinds? And monopoly is the order of the day; to grind down the poor, and heap treasure together for the last days.

Can any man, who has any knowledge of these things, deny that this sign of the last days is not evidently accomplished? Go to, ye rich men, weep and howl, for your miseries are come upon you. For the time will come, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. My brethren, need I say one word on this passage?

There is none of you so blind, but you see that this passage does actually describe the most fashionable preaching of the present day. How many thousands do run after that kind of preaching which is only relating fables, and that doctrine which gives all power to man? For, since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. First, they walk after their own lusts; that is, after their own carnal notions concerning the coming of Christ. They say all things will continue as they were from the creation; they must have a temporal millennium; man must be married and given in marriage; the world will not be burnt, and My Lord delayeth his coming, some say a thousand years, and some say , years, and all the moral change that takes place on our earth, will be performed by the agency of man.

Therefore, many scoff and ridicule the idea, that Scripture tells of the second coming of Christ, the manner, object, and time. And many are willingly ignorant; will not hear or read on this subject. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

What better description of domestic and public society could we expect from the most close observer of private characters, domestic circles, and public societies of our times, than is here given? One would conclude, had he found this in any other book but the Bible, that it was a modern writer, well acquainted with the human heart, and the generations now on the earth.

This, we must acknowledge, has been, and now is fulfilling. The whole, almost, of the Christian world have departed, or changed their faith within fifteen years; seducing spirits are evidently at work; hypocrites are multiplying among us; Roman Catholics, Shakers, Pilgrims, Fanny Wright, Owen, and others forbid to marry.

Roman Catholics, and many others among us are teaching to abstain from meats and drinks, which God hath created to be receivd with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. False teachers, making merchandise of the gospel. See 2 Peter 2: Christ gives a sign in Luke And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh. Christ gives another sign in Matthew There can be no doubt of this sign being fulfiled.

The scattering of the holy people, and division of sects, as prophesied of by Daniel Not one sect, who profess holiness, but are divided and subdivided into contending schisms, and that, too, within twenty years. The division of the political world, as prophesied of by John, Revelation This prophecy is now accomplishing.

What nation, within our knowledge, is not already divided into three political parties? None, which is in any way known to your speaker. The church has fulfiled her years in the wilderness, spoken of in Revelation The two witnesses prove that the years are ended; for it is evident that the Old and New Testament are not now hid nor kept from the common people, but have arisen from their dead state and are now performing the office God designed they should, conveying light to the world. They are not clothed in sackcloth, but, through the missionaries of the cross, and Bible societies, are testifying to the world of Christ and his second coming.

The civil power of anti-Christ is destroyed, and the years, in which she was to rule over kings, and tread the church under foot, was completed in , when the French army took the Pope a prisoner, and erected Italy into a republic; since which time the Pope has exercised but little or no power over kings, or the Protestant church, and she is evidently sinking by the weight of her own corruptions. It is very evident that the sixth trumpet has sounded, and the years will be completed in , when the 7th trumpet will begin to sound, and the mystery of God will be finished, all that he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

The whole appearance strengthens this exposition of the text; for the power of the Turks has diminished more rapidly within fifteen years, than any politician, however anxious he could have been for the event, could have anticipated. This seal, then, is evidently opened, and is a strong evidence that the book of life will soon be opened, and the dead will be judged out of the things written in the books. The sixth vial was poured out about the year , when the Ottoman power began to be dried up. This is an important sign that we are on the brink of the judgment day.

At the pouring out of the seventh vial, a voice from the throne will pronounce the word, It is done. The kingdoms of the earth and governments of the world will be carried away, and their places not found. Every writer, of any note, will and have applied this vial to the Turkish government, and of course must acknowledge that this vial is poured out, for the power of the Turkish government is but little more than a name, and the strength of the Ottoman power dried up.

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The Signs of the Times Forerunning the Kingdom of Christ, and Evidencing When it is Come

This was made public in This authentic manuscript from the 17th century has been out of print for a very long time and has been generally inaccessible to the general public. Notes of the author, that were printed in the margins of the original, have been included "in-line" with the text, but are shown in a reduced size.

The Signs of the Times: Authentic Version. Jane Lead -

A necessary Caveat arising upon this Manifestation. Preparations for the Kingdom of Christ in the Invisible Regions: That the Mystery of the Times is now beginning to be finished. Preparations for the Kingdom of Christ in the Mansions of separate Souls further hinted at, in Answer to a Query concerning the seeming Prolongation of the Times. The Seven Signs forerunning This Kingdom. The Seven Signs following them that enter into the Kingdom: Of Angelical and Spiritual Generation.

Grace, Peace and Love be multiplied Abundantly. T O you is this little Tract commended, that you may with Joy observe by the forerunning Signs of the Blessed Kingdom, that is even now at hand; that you may lift up your Eyes and see that the Fields are already White unto the Harvest; that you may, with holy Boldness and Assurance, lift up your Heads upon your Redemption thus drawing nigh: The Author was under a strong Impulse to bring forth these Signs of the Kingdom; and had thoughts at first to have added them to the former Book, The Ascent to the Mount of Vision.

The Writings of this Author are full of surprizing Manifestations of Divine Knowledge, and are chiefly given forth for the Children of the Kingdom, as their Direction and Assistance in their Preparation-Work; on which account They are Recommended earnestly to Their constant and diligent Study above all others.

The Spirit of Wisdom at this Day calls aloud to all the Lovers of her, that they stand with open and enlarged hearts to receive her Instructions, and learn her Secrets. She invites and encourages them to proceed in the Quest and Knowledge of her: And to those that shall thus freely admit her Doctrine, and obey her Discipline, her Intent is no less than to lead them on to full Redemption; even the Recovery of their Lost and Faded State; the opening and enjoyment of Paradise upon the Earth again.

One of the Signs given of the near Approach of the Kingdom of Power and Glory, is, the Divisions and Contentions that will arise through the Malice and Subtilty of the Enemy among the true Sion- Waiters, the Children of the Kingdom themselves; so that the Father of the Family will be drawn to come himself and quiet them, and set all in due Order. This Sign we have verifyed already; and by the strong Drivings of the Holy Spirit upon many at this time, we conceive the good Hopes and Assurance that God is indeed drawing near to do it; wherefore we would bestir our selves, and excite all engaged in the same blessed Hope with us to such a frame of Spirit, as may be fit to receive the God of Unity and Love.

Wherefore it has been thought convenient to insert the following Persuasive to Brotherly Love and Unity , drawn from a Compendious display of that mighty Increase of the Blessings of the Kingdom that are to be brought forth by it, and in it; and which are unhappily stopt and impeded by the contrary Spirit. For the Divisions of Ruben there were great Searchings of Heart.

A S there is great Occasion of Rejoicing in the Holy Powers of God that are Moving among us at this Day; so it is much to be wondered at and lamented, that the Children of the Kingdom, who are made partakers of them, should be so divided among themselves; falling out, opposing, and Fighting one against another; and thereby stopping the free Efflux of the blessed Spirit among them; and Retarding themselves the Kingdom they are waiting for the full possession of.

This is one of the Greatest Artifices of the Enemy, to raise Contentions about Particular Sentiments, to the unhappy breach of that Charity and Unity in which they ought to stand, overlooking and bearing with, in each other, those things wherein they differ in opinion, and studying and pursuing unitedly, those great and weighty things wherein they agree.

As God is at Unity in Himself, and also in all the Inhabitants of the heavenly Worlds, which is the Compleatment of their Happiness; so he would be likewise in us, but that we our selves hinder it, and as it were tye up his Hands, and Imprison the Holy Power and Spirit within us.

God in one would go forth and meet himself in another, and Unite them in One both in Himself, and in one another: If the Bars were but removed, how blessed and happy might we be?

Each one would Communicate his Talent to another, and have it doubled and redoubled in himself thereby, into as many as he shall pour it; and every one possess the Talent and the Joy of another in himself. If even now when two or three of us, or a little Company meet together, in an imperfect and low degree of Union, and opening of the Holy Powers, we cannot forbear crying out, How great, how excellent, how blessed is this Ministration of the Spirit! What shall we say, or what shall we think when it shall come to increase to Hundreds, to Thousands, to Millions?

Here is the full Completion of what the Apostle describes, Ephes. From which, [our Head and Life-Root, in whom dwells the Abyssal Fullness of the Godhead Bodily,] the whole Body [of his Church] fitly joined together, [and united into One with him] and compacted by that which every Joint supplies, [each Member adapted and linked together, entwining one in another in a Seraphick Wreath of Love, in its proper part and Office;] according to the Effectual Working in the measure of every part [as God opens himself in this or that Power according to the Nature and due Proportion of each Member to the whole] maketh the Increase of the Body to the Edifying it self in Love: Which will be the full Answer of that Prayer of our Lord, That they all may be one, as Thou Father art in me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in us.

And Again, The Glory which thou hast given me I have given them, that they may be one even as we are one. For] The Government shall be upon his Shoulder, [both of the Heavens above, and of the Earth beneath, He shall display his Glorious Reign in and through us, and we shall Reign in him, and with him. Of which the Church is made a Representative; as She shall open and display Her self within her, Travailing in and with her, as the true Mother of this divine Birth, the Manchild that is to Rule the Nations with the Rod of Power: The Omnipotence of God now gloriously Manifesting it self, for the bringing forth and Establishment of this great Birth and Kingdom.

And thus he becomes the True Prince of Peace. Quenching the Spirit of Strife and Division in it: Reconciling the Discord of the Elements and all the Contrarieties of Nature, so that nothing shall hurt or destroy in his Holy Mountain. For this is the Reign wherein She manifests and gives her self; and working with those that possess her, she orders all things sweetly and Harmoniously, and brings them into the Peaceful Triumph and Joy of Concord and Love. It shall increase in every Particular Member to a boundless Empire and Dominion in it self, each one possessing a new created World and Paradise in himself: His Immanuel dwelling in Him, centrally, as in Microcosm: His own Arm will bring forth this mighty Salvation and total Redemption; for the Honour of his great Name alone.

This is the Kingdom, Blessing and Joy that our good God is moving in the Powers of his Spirit to bring down and open among us, and so derive it to the whole Church; yea, the whole Creation, which is groaning and travailing in pain even until now; waiting for this Manifestation of the Sons of God: O who among the Sion- Waiters would not be ashamed and grieved at the thought of being any way Instrumental themselves in the unhappy Prevention or Procrastination of it?

If there were among the Apostles of Christ Contentions and Disputes, and that from the Evil Root of Self-Love, Emulation and Pride, striving who should be greatest in his Kingdom; it need less be wondered at, if among the Candidate-Disciples for the Triumphant Kingdom, there should be found the like spirit of Ambition, and Emulation, and a Jealous Eye in some upon the Gifts and Favours bestowed on others; and thence through the violent Temptation of the Enemy at this day, proceeding to Variance and Disaffection, and an untying of the Holy Band of Love. But as our Lord, by an Excellent Document, set a little Child in the midst of his Disciples to reprove and teach them: Here must be no Self-Appropriation; the very Root of Self must be removed: Here instead of striving to be the greatest, those that are highest and enjoy most, must be the least, and Servants to the other: This as we shall be found in, we shall truly approve our selves in the Relation we profess to bear to that Glorious Philadelphian Church which is to arise: Blessing, and Honour, and Glory, and Power be given unto Him that sitteth upon the Throne, and to the Lamb for ever and ever.

Which see Paraphrased at large, with the Remarks upon it, in the Theosoph. A S I was in Contemplation and Recollection of the Manifold Counsel and Wisdom of God, that had made obvious many Secrets relating to the new State of the Restoration, which has been so fully made publick, in what has gone forth of this kind, according to the Will of God: For the confirmation of this a fresh Manifestation was given me, by the appearance of a Head that was all as of Fine Gold transparent, with a pair of Wings only joining to it.

Under each of which Wings there were seven Eyes all fiery and piercing. From whence it was said, The pure in Heart should be all seeing; and the Ears fixed in the Golden Head should become the true Hearing.

Forerunner of Christ comes at Midnight - The Third Elijah Prophet (Matthew 25)

It was said to me, behold and see the Blessed Order and Government that is managed here, by the supreme Soveraign. All were ranked according to their order and degree in various Circles about the Throne, rejoicing together in a Melodious Harmony. And it was said to me, that these great Elders of the Kingdom of the Mount-Sion World did frequently descend into the Paradisiacal World, to them that were of a lower degree, bringing down Commission and Manuduction for what they were further to know, and advance up to; and such as were of the highest station in this Paradisiacal World, were assigned to bring the Lower up to a more eminent Degree, to pay their Worship to great Elohim, and to him that had thus far redeemed them.

So by all this it was made known that the Heavenly Worlds are put into such a Constitution and Method, as that the Inferiour are under the Government of the Superiour: For be it known, God is no partial Judge to respect any: Now I must not omit another Degree and Rank of Spirits, which when they pass out of the Body in an imperfect Mixt State, reach no further than the Airy Region, or Astral Kingdom, which Millions of Souls do pass into, that are in a restless state, aiming at somewhat that may suit with the Immortality of their Beings.