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How this played out, I would say, yup, he definitely got his wish at the end. Mick as a Dom was pretty hot. The scenes he put Caro through and his predatory manner turned me on. I liked how he took advantage of Caro as her superior. It's a hot fetish I enjoy. Caro never had a chance once Mick decided to own her. I know there were scenes of his inner struggle, but seriously, she looked like his revered murdered mother. Honestly, this story was kind of a twist on Oedipus Rex for me. Mick wanted his father dead so badly. At one point, during the confrontation I wondered if his father really killed his mother or if Mick did it.

Why do I question this? Because the father claims he was wronging put into jail because of his son. Here's another scenario I'd propose. What if Mick was upset that his goddess like mother was having an affair? He would have been pissed as a kid and could have killed her for it and blamed his father for her indiscretion. This would tie into the Teddy Murders quite well for me. At least in my mind. It would explain the Teddies so very well and the poses the women were left in. Because we do know, there is no way Mick's father would have thought of his cheating wife as innocent nor would he want her portrayed or remembered as an innocent.

Anyway, this book was a contradiction in so many ways that I think the author may have even confused herself. I still enjoyed the book despite the negative light on the BDSM lifestyle. I know the author says that she wasn't trying to portray it as negative. All I have to say is, if this is positive for her, I'd hate to see what negative looks like. I recommend this for other BDSM lovers who enjoy suspense. Just ignore the negative slant of the BDSM world.

Nov 04, Becca rated it really liked it Shelves: I very much enjoyed this book. As an erotic romance it was a rousing success, and since that is my main reason for reading it - this was good! If, however, you are looking for a great murder mystery, or a police procedural, this book may be less satisfying for you. I did enjoy the murder mystery part. It did bog down in the middle as pink herrings were being thrown every which way they weren't quite convincing enough to be called red herrings. There may have been a tiny little surprise at the e I very much enjoyed this book. There may have been a tiny little surprise at the end, but for the most part the mystery portion was fairly predictable - but enjoyable, if that makes sense.

As to the police procedural, well keep in mind my main experience in this area is many years of watching Law and Order. However, even with limited experience, this aspect of the book was just eyerollingly ridiculous. Since it was the complete and total breakdown of police procedure that lead directly to the erotic bits I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy erotic BDSM romance with strong, likeable heroines, super alpha, angsty heroes the kind that "just need the right woman" , and lots of hot, heavy action between the two.

Wow - This book is HOT.. There seemed to be alot of controversy over the ending of this book.. Nina Bruhns aka Nikita Black piped in on this forum to explain the ending.. Scroll down until you see N Bruhns post.. I applaud the author for standing by her book and also taking the time to explain to those readers about her ending.

I just couldn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted too. The hero was just creepy to me. Sep 02, Nicole rated it it was ok. Wow, an erotic novel that's decently written. In terms of language, sentence structure, sure, Black does fairly well but when it comes to plot and realism-- really, all of you saying you enjoyed the crime fiction aspect- I'm inclined to think you wouldn't know a decent murder mystery if it hit you, siren wailing, lights flashing, knocked you down, knocked you dead.

The supposed crime fiction in this novel is quite lacking, the who dunnit mystery component is not so much compelling a Wow, an erotic novel that's decently written. The supposed crime fiction in this novel is quite lacking, the who dunnit mystery component is not so much compelling as irritating with its illusions and sometimes much more to Mick's involvement when it's fairly clear, to an observant reader that this is not the case the author left some question as to his innocence on the final pages, but revealed in an interview that she considers him innocent and that comes across plain and clear to me throughout the text, despite Mick's best intentions to make it look otherwise.

The plot seems poorly realized though the author says she spent years conceptualizing it. Sure, Mick wants to avenge his mother's death, after his father the murderer is released from prison. So he does something or other manipulates the crime scenes, apparently to point to his father as the murderer.

How far does this puppet master role go? Is he just manipulating evidence to point clearly to his father or is he setting the scene for his father to commit these crimes? This is left very hazy indeed, too hazy, I would have liked to see a few more clues that, taken all together, might lead a discerning reader to piece together what this involvement actually consisted of. A far bigger problem is that it's just not believable.

None of the characters act quite like real law enforcement officers or even real adults. The Asian girl at the bondage clothing store Caro and Mick shop at gets the same treatment and is called "oriental" every time she is mentioned while having a professional conversation with a lead detective from the department she very much wants to join.

And then there is Mick, who aside from being all shades of fucked up: This doesn't seem like the most well thought plan to get revenge on his father. And FBI agent Tim Woodruff who pulls Caro aside to ask her "professional" questions about her involvement with Mick all while obviously getting a huge boner this is not actually stated in the text, but come on. And so much more. No, beyond the decently constructed sentences only worth noting because erotic novels are usually so horribly written this book is just as ridiculous as your average penny dreadful.

A few of the sex scenes were pretty good, otherwise meh. Grey in making it seem pathological. The hero, Mick, is a homicide detective with a scary past. As a child he witnessed his mother's brutal murder at the hand of his father. After serving 25 years, his father has recently been released and now there's a series of couples murders that are particularly heinous. Heading up the task force, Mick, needs a woman to work with him undercover. For him it's an obvious choice, Caro works undercover for the Vice squad as a prostitute and he's had his eye on her for over a year.

When Caroline first met Mick, she was attracted and flirted with him only to be coldly rejected. While Caro wants to advance into Homicide, she's scared of the feelings Mick stirs in her. And while Caro has a strong independent streak she can't help but recognize that sexually Mick brings out her submissive nature. Role playing their parts at a BDSM club only heats up their attraction and soon they are playing their parts off the clock too.

Mick pushes Caro's limits and introduces her to things she'd never considered. And as they get deeper into their roles, the killer heats up and murders again. Mick is a very dark hero and many readers may find him too controlling. Caro is an intelligent woman and enters their relationship with her eyes open. While she's often off balance with their sex play, she realizes that any fear she has is with herself and that she trusts Mick completely. The murder aspect brings a thriller atmosphere to this story and the secrets Caro uncovers about Mick's past suggest Mick has a personal connection to the murderer.

I must say the ending threw me and gave me doubts about Mick as a hero. Other reviewers commented about a letter Ms. Black added to her book after the ending to explain her motivations, unfortunately my ebook version does not have this. I did however find a comment posted in the comments of a review of the book on Dear Author that gave me a better sense of the ending. My rating is based mostly on the dark ending that left me with an uneasy feeling. Mar 06, Angela James rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is not for the faint of heart by any stretch of the imagination.

I struggled with what to rate it, because it could have used a stronger editorial hand something you won't hear me reference often in my reviews because I don't like to make that statement, but this time it did affect my view of the book enough that I almost rated it lower so instead of rating it lower, I'm going to mention the editorial need , to help smooth out some of the rough edges and integrate some scenes a little This book is not for the faint of heart by any stretch of the imagination.

I struggled with what to rate it, because it could have used a stronger editorial hand something you won't hear me reference often in my reviews because I don't like to make that statement, but this time it did affect my view of the book enough that I almost rated it lower so instead of rating it lower, I'm going to mention the editorial need , to help smooth out some of the rough edges and integrate some scenes a little more seamlessly.

And I would happily read more from this author again, though it appears her erotic romance career was short-lived, unfortunately. Surprisingly to me, she does also write as author Nina Bruhns and has some newer, more traditional books out that I'll be looking at. This book is quite dark and edgy and delves heavily into the BDSM scenes.

If you're uncomfortable at all with BDSM, this book will push your boundaries. However, the author also weaves a credible story and interesting characters in amongst the exploration of BDSM and sex. There are some points in this book that I'd like to discuss further, but I feel like anything more I say will constitute spoilers and this is one book that should be read without spoilers, because the spoilers would definitely affect the reading of the book and how you view it.

I will say that the author seemed to have a knack for heavily erotic in this book and it's a shame that she seems to not have continued writing any books in this category, because like many authors, I think time would only have given her even further strengths in the category. Apr 14, Delta rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Caroline Palmer is a rookie homicide investigator on a task force to stop a serial killer.

Already attracted to one another, Caroline and Mick are immediately sucked into an escalating vortex of questionabl 4. Already attracted to one another, Caroline and Mick are immediately sucked into an escalating vortex of questionable activities at the club and sexual behavior that pushes their professional, sexual, and psychological boundaries. As the investigation heats up, events threaten Caroline and Mick's personal relationship and their careers. Can they avoid disaster while risking everything to catch the killer?

Slave to Love is riveting, sexy, and suspenseful from cover to cover. Sex scenes are explicit not for under Author Nikita Black creates suspense and drama with additional characters I would like to see again: If only Black would consider a sequel using some of these characters. I enthusiastically recommend Slave to Love to readers who enjoy erotica in a suspenseful thriller. There are a number of reviews about this book concerning the ending where it turns out that the hero manipulated evidence to frame his father.

Personally, I didn't mind that part at all as I believe a scrupulously and clean police force is a nice myth but nothing else. What really disturbed me though was the hero's behaviour and approach towards BDSM. Mick is quite a sexy person and I didn't mind his troubled past or the way he turned out. But his behaviour as a dom towards Caroline doesn't make me want to trust him And I can't help myself, I can't imagine a woman who inside the span of ten days becomes so self-confident as a slave that she doesn't care being played with and paraded before her work colleagues.

Especially not by a dom I would be afraid of and not in the sexy kind of way should I meet him in real life. D because the writing itself was pretty good I half read the ratings, and thought, "wow, this should be a good book. But, I hated Mick's character. I couldn't say that brought anything to the book.

Furthermore, I thought he treated Caroline like crap. I know what it means to be a female cop. And I know just how far I'm willing to go for said job. It was such a turn off, because That stunt Mick pu I half read the ratings, and thought, "wow, this should be a good book. That stunt Mick pulled in his apartment? He lost himself in her, throwing her trust and life into the wind.

She ended up with a shot-gun pointed at her face. In the end, he cost her soo much. He certainly didn't deserve her. And if she couldn't see that, well then it's just as well. Caroline was really stupid. Clearly she wasn't thinking no birth-control, Oh well. How could she consider everything she did work? I hated the ending. Is it possible to be bored by a book mainly concerned with sex?

That's supposed to be a thriller about a serial killer too? Can there be too many sex scenes and can the reader yawn at them after a while and just desperately be watching the percentage progress on her Kindle wondering when it will all be over? Can all this be true and yet acknowledge that the book is well written, though a little purple at times? Maybe my issue is that perhaps I was expecting a greater level of beli Is it possible to be bored by a book mainly concerned with sex? Having said all this I'll still rate it 3 solid stars as I did like Caro very much and the way she owned her sexuality.

And as usual I think it may just not have been for me. I love this story from the first page tll the very last one. It has everything I enjoy- a plot, a mistery, great characters, hot edgy steamy love scence, good-written dialogs. The chemistry between Mick and Caro ist exciting, disturbing, captivating, magical!

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I want more from Nikita Black!!! Something much more dangerous…. Jul 31, Nina Bruhns rated it it was amazing. Oct 12, Barbie rated it really liked it. This book was HOT!! Even though Mick did some kind of creepy things, I'd bow down to him anytime! This wasn't hardcore BDSM. It was more sexual BDSM. If that makes sense! The suspense was so good I kept wondering "Is it him? But, I was good. I didn't do it. Good recommendation for those who like romantic suspense. Jul 16, Vivian rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the best suspense books I've read. Jun 10, Zilma rated it liked it.

This book was disappointing. The story was interesting in the beginning but it became hopelessly unrealistic. Caro and Mick's relationship was strange. The book has its moments, some parts were quite hot but that could not the book from being just mediocre. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

Preview — Love Slave by Bertrice Small. Love Slave by Bertrice Small. It is no act of love that Regan experiences the night she takes her sister's place in the marriage bed, a counterfeit bride to sate the lust of her twin's new husband. Come morning, her sister, carrying another man's child, resumes her place and Regan is spirited away to a nunnery. But a more exotic fate awaits the fiery Celtic beauty: Regan is sold to a slave trader.

It wi It is no act of love that Regan experiences the night she takes her sister's place in the marriage bed, a counterfeit bride to sate the lust of her twin's new husband. It will be her destiny to come under the tutelage of Karim al Malina, master of the erotic arts, who will mold Regan -- now renamed Zaynab, the beautiful one -- into a Love Slave fit for a Moorish king, though the pair break the first rule of teacher and pupil. But Zaynab is not Karim's to keep. She is given to the Caliph of Cordoba, who vows to love her.

Yet Regan still longs for her one true love, Karim al Malina, and vows that, somehow, their fates must be reunited. From the Trade Paperback edition. Paperback , pages. Published August 30th by Ivy Books first published January 1st Regan , Karim al Malina. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Love Slave , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This book contains so many different elements and is not a book for everyone. The story starts out with the heroines mother giving birth to first her twin sister and then to her. Her father was killed recently and her mother was a very bitter woman set on revenge of the neighboring laird that killed her husband. Needless to say she only had love for the first born child leaving Raven with only the love of her older twin sister. On the night her sister wed's the neighbor's heir, Raven had to take her sisters place in the marriage bed and pretend to be her sister because her sister was not a virgin.

This was pulled off with ease because they were identical twins. Needless to say he was not gentle and just plowed into her. Shortly after that terrible night, Raven was sent to a convent to live the rest of her day's as a nun.

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At the convent an evil abbess was in charge and planned on selling Raven for a virgin slave. Ravin informs them she is no virgin and the man that was to take her and sell her, rapes her again to make sure she is telling the truth. Off they go again to Dublin where Raven is sold for a very high price because she is simply the most beautiful woman.

They change her name to Zaynab, meaning Beautiful one. The man who buy's her wants her as a gift to a very powerful ruler Abd-al Rahman, Caliph of Cordoba to be more favored. The Passion Master Karim al Malina noticed right away that Zaynab was afraid to be with a man because she was missed used. He took his time with her until she realized that the men who had taken her had just took and with Karim's gentleness was shown how to give and receive passion.

He also had her highly educated so that when she finally went to the Caliph he would fall in love with her. The training took a year and while the training went on Zaynab and Karim feel in love knowing that they could never be together and never they did not voice their feelings to each other.

The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave

When their time together was coming to an end and Zaynab was to go to the Caliph, Karim admitted his love to Zaynab. She was very upset about this because she had to admit her love back and knew she would never be able to love another. Both their hearts were broken knowing that she had to go. Once Zaynab was sent to the Caliph, she was taken into the harem which housed over four thousand woman including 's of his concubines and two wives.

Zaynab became the Caliph's favorite right away and he grew to love her and was very happy. This pleased everyone except his first wife Zahra. The woman became unstable and when she found out that Zaynab was with child it only made it worse. After Zatnab gave birth to a daughter, Zahra had her poisoned. The Caliph could not do anything to his first wife because it would cause an uproar so he did the only thing he could, gave her to Hasdai ibn Shaprut, his doctor.

In doing so, it almost killed him but he wanted Zaynab safe and knew to keep her would be a certain death. Now the Caliph gave Zaynab a beautiful house and her servants too to live with her. Hasdai ibn Shaprut was a very busy man and did not have much time for Zaynab. Every time he came she tried to get him to take his pleasure from her. He would always' find a reason to leave until Zaynab realized he had never been with a woman. She finally introduced him to the pleasures of the flesh and he was in awe of it. He visited her often afterwards.

Neither fell in love but were very good friends. Meanwhile Karim was finally back home and being married to a young woman who he never met and did not love. His parents arranged the whole thing and once married her found out that she was no virgin and that she loved another. It took a long time for Karim to get Hatiba his wife pregnant because neither wanted the other.

When he was off somewhere else her pervious lover Ali Hussan came with troops and killed all of Karim's loved ones. His mother and father, 2 brothers, their wives and all their children, also Karim's wife Hatiba because she was pregnant with Karim's child. The only one they did not kill was Kirim's sister, they took her.

No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) - Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Needless to say that Karim's father had been the ruler there and when the Caliph a good friend of Karim's father heard of this, he summons Hasdai ibn Shaprut to go there and help Karim out of his despair because he was now the ruler there. He also wanted Hasdai to make sure that justice was done and that all that were involved in the killings were tortured for all to see. Zaynab begged Hasdai to take her with him, not knowing that this was Karim and his family.

While Karim and Hasdai were out looking for Ali Hussam and the men who did this, they came back and took Zaynab. Zaynab was very strong and showed no fear but the leader wanted her badly. She kept him at bay and at the same time got Karim sister who had been repeatedly raped since they took her. They hatched a plan and it worked. Zaynab had to finally give in and be with Ali Hussan. While he was taking his pleasure from her, he died. Shortly afterwards Karim and Hadai showed up, they were safe but Karim's sister took her own life. The night before Zaynab and Hasdai were to go home because Zaynab missed her daughter and seeing Karim only made her heart break, Zaynab could not sleep.

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She took a walk in the garden's and Karim was there. He told her again how much he loved her and she was very upset knowing that there was nothing they could do to be together. They ended up kissing and had no idea that Hasdai saw. Zaynab and Hasdai went back to Cordoba. When they got there they found out that Zaynab's baby had died while she was away. Zaynab was so upset. She could not eat and her heart was broken that she was actually dyeing from her dispair. Hasdai had no idea what was going on because he was so busy with his work.

One day he came to see her and the servants explained to him that she was dyeing and told him she needed to have another baby. Hasdai did not want children and knew any child of his between them would not be recognized so he went to the Caliph with an idea. Hasdai knew that Zaynab and Karim were in love so the Caliph agreed to send Zaynab to Karim as a bride. They decided to write Karim and tell him this but not to let him know that the bride was Zaynab. When Zaynab goes to be with Karim, he is off somewhere else because he wants no bride and will only ever love Zaynab.

When he finally comes home and she is finally revealed to him, it is so sweet and a very HEA ending. Anyway's if you read all that, it tell's the whole story basically. You will know if this is the type of book for you or not.

The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave by Michelle Willingham

I really wish they would convert more of the 80's Bodice Ripper's into ebook's. View all 20 comments. Oct 05, K. I don't know quite how I feel about this. Part of the book I thought about taking it back to the library and not finishing it. Part of the book I thought was pretty decent. The overall saving grace is the main character. I like her tenacity and spirit.

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  5. She is intelligent, beautiful, and honorable. What else can you want? Some of the dialog is stilted and choppy. Some of the plot areas make no sense whatsoever. And I don't find Ms. Small's sex scenes particularly sexy. That is saying something co I don't know quite how I feel about this. That is saying something considering how much of it there is in this book. The euphemisms were particularly painful. As for plot, Regan MacDuff is an unloved daughter and second heiress to a Scottish landholding. When she is forced to bed her twin's husband and bundled off to a convent, things don't look so good.

    When the convent turns out to be a front for slavers, it looks worse. Who knew that being sold into slavery and turned into a 'Love Slave' could be the best thing that ever happened to a noble born Scottish lass? Passion masters, caliph's, and bathing practices Oh my! Despite the cheese and it is here in heaping spoonfulls I still thought it was kind of fun.

    However, this will most likely be my last historical romance in a while. Dec 03, Mickey Schulz rated it really liked it. This wasn't the first Bertrice Small novel to include teh buttsecks, but it was the first one to include buttsecks I borrowed from my mom, then after reading developed full body shudders when I realized MY MOM had read it. View all 3 comments. Aug 03, Emily rated it did not like it.

    I was expecting to love this novel, since it has such a strong reputation, but I just did not like it. I don't enjoy romance novels where the heroine or hero for that matter sleeps with multiple people. I think it cheapens the romance aspect. She loves all the men she's sold to, yet loves one a little more than the rest? Aug 29, Diane rated it really liked it. This is a book I don't want to admit to reading It should be rated with Xs instead of stars. May 10, Rosemarie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really liked this book.

    Of course, I usually like Bertrice Small books and I haven't read any of hers in a long time. In fact, I will have to reread some because I can't remember the titles of the ones I read long ago. This was the first harem read for me. I really enjoyed Regan the heroine. She was a spitfire and really went through a lot in her life. Oh by the way, beware, this is a really hot book! Damn, this lady Bertrice Small sure has a way with describing love scenes!

    Ward and Kresley Cole seem tame by comparison! She is, however, the queen of naughty euphemisms. As for the story itself, it ebbed and flowed; at times interesting and others just dragging. But I did enjoy learning about Moorish history in present-day Spain and Portugal. The protagonists themselves weren't really cheer-for worthy I never really warmed up to them , but the tale was interesting enough to carry them Damn, this lady Bertrice Small sure has a way with describing love scenes!

    The protagonists themselves weren't really cheer-for worthy I never really warmed up to them , but the tale was interesting enough to carry them through. Apr 03, Haley rated it liked it Shelves: Such an odd book. The pacing is weird. Moments that the author could have played on, like Karim and Zaynab's goodbye, are totally skipped yet she spends pages describing every room and house. Zaynab never seems to miss Karim and has no issue having sex with whoever she's with at the moment, while Karim abstains. Just a weird book, overall. Nov 19, Casey Gonzalez rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wheew this is one graphic romance novel, i think its borderline porn lol!

    Aug 25, Anna Bowling rated it really liked it Shelves: Bertrice Small is the reason I started reading and later, writing historical romance, and this book reminds me of a few of the reasons why. This is on the more erotic end of the Small spectrum, but that's not what made the strongest impression on me. I'd read this book when it was first released, but didn't remember it as clearly as I did others by this author, so, when I picked it up again, it was like having a new book all over again. I'd remembered a few things: The setting is tenth century Bertrice Small is the reason I started reading and later, writing historical romance, and this book reminds me of a few of the reasons why.