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He found it extremely difficult to discover how to implement his belief that God was calling him to serve the poor and to identify with them. Meeting the Pope His solution was simple. This unknown young priest from western France would seek the advice of the Pope. And so he set out on foot from Poitiers, begging for food and shelter along the arduous and dangerous routes to the Holy City.

Strangely, the Holy Father clearly saw in this young priest extraordinary gifts of God.

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  5. Rather, the Pope named him Apostolic Missionary, telling him to return to his native land and renew the Church there. His preaching was a source of admiration for many, of resentment and, sadly, anger for others. Several times the episcopal authorities forbade him to preach in one diocese or another. Always obedient, Montfort would move on. Identified with the poor With utter disdain for human respect, this saintly man identified with the poor, and found his greatest joy in opening for them the Word of God and offering them whatever material help he could locate.

    Typical of his actions was the event recorded in Dinan — probably one of many similar acts on his part — when the missionary tenderly embraced a dying, leprous beggar lying in the street, and carried him to a nearby religious house, crying out to the doorkeeper: At times he was named the Father with the Big Rosary, for he ordinarily had a large rosary attached to the cord-like belt of his cassock.

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    In a Jansenistic age which harshly stressed the distance between God and his people, he recommended even daily communion, a tender devotion to the Mother of God, and a total surrender to Jesus in Mary. Undeterred Because of the style and contents of his preaching, this Elijah-like prophet was regarded by quite a few as no more than a strange misfit. He was poisoned on one occasion and, although it did not prove fatal, it caused his health to deteriorate even more rapidly. Other attempts were made on his life, yet Montfort was not deterred.

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    At La Rochelle some wretches put poison into his cup of broth, and, despite the antidote which he swallowed, his health was always impaired. On another occasion, some malefactors hid in a narrow street with the intention of assassinating him, but he had a presentiment of danger and escaped by going by another street.

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    He had long cherished these projects but circumstances had hindered their execution, and, humanly speaking, the work appeared to have failed at his death, since these congregations numbered respectively only four sisters and two priests with a few brothers. But the blessed founder, who had on several occasions shown himself possessed of the gift of prophecy , knew that the tree would grow. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Sisters of Wisdom numbered five thousand, and were spread throughout every country; they possessed forty-four houses, and gave instruction to 60, children.

    After the death of its founder, the Company of Mary was governed for 39 years by Father Mulot. He had at first refused to join de Montfort in his missionary labours.

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    London, ; JAC, Vie, etc. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. Robert Appleton Company, This article was transcribed for New Advent by Michael T.

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