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Nov 16, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: I received a free ebook of this to review I jut recently remembered I had it so figured I should read it! The premise was interesting and seemed original enough after reading it. It did bug me that the characters did not seem much in control of where they ended up - no matter how hard they tried to get to where they wanted to go, something always came and took them Finally at the end they seem to make a choice that actually works out be I received a free ebook of this to review Finally at the end they seem to make a choice that actually works out because of themselves.

I suppose it might make sense given that the ink "controls" society, but for storytelling purposes it didn't really work or seemed too easy. I also noticed quite a lot of grammatical or punctuation errors, or even just the wrong word "taught" instead of "taut" when referring to skin pulled tight. I don't know if it's from the author's original file or if it happened in the creation of the ebook - maybe the official Kindle edition has been updated and fixed since it came out?

Overall, it was a quick read, interesting concept. My favorite character was the main girl, though there were not a ton of females in this book compared to males. Sep 24, Debby rated it liked it Shelves: So, when his YA fantasy debut was announced, it was pretty much a given that I would read it. Inked is fun and an imaginative visual experience, though it may sway to the younger end of YA.

Inked ta 3 stars It's no big secret that I adore Eric Smith, who is not only awesome for all the work he does at Quirk Books, but also just an awesome social media personality keep those puppy pics coming plzkthnx never change , and I personally greatly enjoyed his non-fiction book, The Geek's Guide to Dating. Inked takes place in a world where as people come of age, they receive magical ink tattoos. These tattoos show them their profession or destiny: Dreya has flowers, telling her she's meant to grow and sell flowers.

Caenum is about to come of age but has his doubts about getting Inked. He doesn't know what he wants to do, and now some magical ink is just going to determine it for him? Soon, it becomes apparent that there is magic and mystery in this world that has been kept hidden for ages. I absolutely loved the visual aspect with these tattoos. The first section was a super engrossing experience in that sense, because those scenes were just so vivid in my mind. I could see colors and designs and imagine how lovely the whole setting would look. The mystery of where these tattoos came from kept me turning the pages, and I found myself sympathizing with Caenum's fears of having his life predetermined by some magical thing that he doesn't really understand.

Right at the start, I also thought Caenum and Dreya were super cute. I very quickly found myself rooting for them.

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But after a strong opening, my love for the book derailed a bit. The romance was cute but clearly writing romance was not Eric's forte. He didn't spend too much time on it though, so I could easily brush it off. The characters themselves seemed a bit underdeveloped. I particularly couldn't get my head around Kenzi, who seems cunning and smarmy one second, and then frightened and nervous the next.

It kind of makes sense because of his character arc, but it came off as very inconsistent. The writing was fluid and vivid though, so I kept reading, particularly keen to learn more about this world and its magic.

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Ultimately, where I think Inked let me down is that it feels very rushed and underdeveloped. But this is often the case with standalone fantasy novels. There's a reason why fantasies are usually extensive series of chunky monstrous books: I think the first half of this book was really strong in that sense - I was sucked into Caenum's discovery of his powers, his growing feelings for Dreya, and the conspiracy-like aspect of the government controlling people with these tattoos.

But, around the midway point that was all just They got to a relatively safe place, Caenum and Dreya were an established couple, and though the gears of mystery and conspiracy were still turning, Caenum kind of checked out of that. Then there was a really brief battle that should have been really thrilling and exciting, but I was kind of confused at its sudden appearance and its declared importance. Twists about certain sketchy characters also didn't surprise me and then This all doesn't necessarily make this a bad novel, because I certainly still enjoyed it, but it makes me think it would probably do better on the younger side of YA readers.

Those that are used to YA high fantasies will expect more development, more achingly beautiful romance, and a stronger plot. But for those transitioning to YA novels or taking a first foray into fantasy, this might well be a hit. Definitely all throughout reading it, I thought this would make an awesome Studio Ghibli movie or something because of the visual beauty of those tattoos and all the elemental magic. Inked by Eric Smith is a great fantasy novel for newcomers to the genre or younger YA readers.

It won't be my favorite, and yes, it lacked a bit of development on all counts for me to really write home about it, but it was a great visual experience written in a very fluid style that is easily accessible to all. An entertaining quick read! GIF it to me straight! Younger YA readers, or first-time fantasy readers. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the contents of the review.

Dec 19, Kara rated it it was amazing. Review originally posted www. There is just one word that I can think to start this review: In college, a creative writing professor of mine gave me a good nugget of wisdom. By it, she was, of course, referring to talent. Anyone can be a writer, but not everyone is good at it. Let me tell you…Eric Smith has it! It Review originally posted www. Our main character, naturally, is nervous as his inking approaches and his plan to rebel against the system and run away becomes a reality when a Conduit bursts onto the scene and they flee for their lives.

Never one to spoil the fun of a good plot and it is! While this novel is wrapped up well enough to be a one-shot, I truly hope Mr. Smith continues writing novels in this world. I hope with all my heart that Inked explodes onto the scene and captures readers the way it enthralled me. Nov 03, Keeley rated it really liked it. Caenum is on the run. He will be turning 18 in a few days and as a result will receive his Ink. Most people are excited to receive their Ink, but not Caenum.

He is afraid the Ink will be wrong and his life will be ruined. After confronting one of the Scribes that has come to town to provide Ink for all those coming of age, everything turns upside down. His family, friends, and hometown will never be the same and it all ties back to Caenum.

Somehow Caenum is now in charge of escorting the Scribe w Caenum is on the run. Somehow Caenum is now in charge of escorting the Scribe who he punched to a safe land before the guards from the Citadel get ahold of them both. Join Caenum, his best friend Dreya, and Kenzi the Scribe as they uncover the magic within themselves and fight to save everything they live for. One being that the story was awesome. Also I really enjoyed the world building, was easily engaged in the story, and felt connected to the characters. However, I did have some minor albeit nit-picky problems with the story.

For one, one of the main plot points was somewhat cliche. I predicted it would happen from the get-go and unfortunately it did. Also, some of the dialogue seemed more like a Disney movie than anything else. I loved it regardless. Even though it was predictable and the dialogue seemed cheesy at times, I needed to know what would happen next and could easily see this becoming a kickass YA fantasy series.

Eric Smith's world building was incredibly enjoyable and he developed one of my favorite characters that I've read about so far in , Tabor. I highly recommend that anyone that is a fan of fantasy novels or magic should pick this up. This book will be released in January of and I'm absolutely putting in on my To-Buy list: Jan 12, Paul Decker rated it really liked it. People are given tattoos when they turn a certain age. These tattoos determine their profession. If that isn't cool enough, the tattoos aren't just any old normal tattoos.

They glide across the skin and contort to the person's emotions, movements, or different things like that. The main character is hesitantly about to get his tattoos when something goes wrong. The tattoos may be more nefarious than they seem. I really enjoyed the concepts in this story.

In addition to the tattoos, there are also people called Conduits who have special powers, think Avatar or X-Men. Smith utilizes these powers in some pretty interesting ways. There is one thing that reminded me of The Dark Crystal with the skekSis drawing life force from the Gelfings. Although I found the beginning very interesting, as the book progressed the story began to follow a predictable path.

I also thought the protagonist was dull. I enjoyed some of the more minor characters more. I could see this first book being the first arc or first season in either a comic or tv series. The visuals of this story would be captivating. Overall I found this book entertaining with very cool concepts, but with a story that didn't quite have me on the edge of my seat. I give this a 3. If you like fantasy coming of age stories with X-men like powers, you will enjoy this.

Sep 04, K Y L A marked it as to-read. When I added this to my shelf months ago, there wasn't a book cover, yet. And now there is! View all 3 comments. Dec 24, Brooke The Cover Contessa marked it as dnf. I tried, I really did. But the writing is sub par tell, tell , tell, where's the showing? And the story is boring for me. No rating or review. Nov 04, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Caenum is scared about his fate. When one turns 18, one will get inked. Dreya, his neighbor and his best friend, is already inked and is happy with her fate.

Everyone tells Caenum not to worry about the Inking. When Caenum meets Kenzi, he thought it was odd that Kenzi's skin was bare. Kenzi is an apprentice scribe.

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When a Scribe comes of age, the Scribe performs his or her first Inking. However, the Scribe also gets Inked that same day. Something goes wrong with Kenzi's Inking and Caenum's grand Caenum is scared about his fate. Something goes wrong with Kenzi's Inking and Caenum's grandmother knows the reason why. Kenzi is a Conduit. The Citadel hunts Conduits because of their inherent magic is dangerous when they get inked.

Molivar and the rest of the people of the Frosthaven believe that Kenzi is Unprinted and is wreaking havoc in the town. Caenum volunteers to take Kenzi to the Conduit Sanctuary instead of his grandmother going. There are so many feels for what Caenum is going through with his grandmother and Dreya. And so many feels for what Dreya has to go through. I was literally seating on the edge of my seat almost in tears. When Caenum thinks he has lost all of his family, he uncovers a familiar face.

I am so glad Caenum reunites with his only family he has left but there are secrets that are yet to be unveiled. This familiar person is not the same as who Caenum remembers from the past. Dreya is the Hermione of the group. She knows about Caenum's grandmother's hints about the Sanctuary and the secret ingredient of Pepper Thistle in Caenum's grandmother's stew.

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She is very logical throughout the whole novel. When Caenum, Kenzi and Dreya are traveling to find the Sanctuary, it reminds me how Harry, Ron and Hermione are searching for the horcruxes. Both trios have magical abilities as well. It's crazy how being inked is so important to the Citadel.

It provides control over the masses. It provides order and it crushes dreams. The Citadel shuns the Unprinted like how the Factionless were shunned in Divergent. Conduits are treated like those who are Divergent. Both societies in both books fear those who are different. The origins of the ink for the Inking is shocking.

I did not see that coming at all. I love how Inked is reminiscent of Divergent and Harry Potter series. However, the novel is beautifully written and Eric Smith makes it his own. Smith is an amazing writer. I was drawn into the book from the first paragraph. Smith has a way with words. All the words flowed smoothly and there is enough dialogue and enough action to keep the book moving at a good pace. Smith describes everything in Inked with such detail.

I love the book so much I wish Inked is part of a series! Seriously, it's that good! And the cover is absolutely stunning! I highly recommend Inked to anyone who loves a good fantasy read. Pre-order your copy now if you haven't! I received an e-ARC from the publisher on Netgalley. Dec 31, Kurt Dinan rated it it was amazing. See, this is a YA fantasy novel I can get behind. It has a hero you care about, real stakes, excellent world building, and moves at just the right clip.

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Not to disparage other novels, but there seems to be a formula a lot of fantasy novels follow, something I think Smith recognizes as well. Fortunately, Smith turns a lot of your expectations on their ear, making unexpected and welcome choices that keep this novel fresh. What more can you ask for? I loved the concept of "Inking" and want more of Caenum's story, as he's a character I can get behind. I finished this in two days, which for me is quite an accomplishment due to my busy life, but should be a indicator of just how invested I was in this world.

It's going on my classroom shelf soon, and I know the students are going to devour it. May 09, Sheila Goicea rated it it was ok Shelves: Ink was like that. Always suggesting and nudging, always spot on. Which is exactly why it scared me. I wanted to know myself first. Caenum is about to turn eighteenit is the birthday he has dreaded for years. When he turns eighteen, he will be inked. The Ink will decide who he is to become, not taking into account any thoughts that may counter what it tells him.

Plotting to flee before the Scribes come to deliver his future, Caenum finds himself in a debacle when a run-in with a Scribe tak Ink was like that. Plotting to flee before the Scribes come to deliver his future, Caenum finds himself in a debacle when a run-in with a Scribe takes an unexpected turn. He finds himself fleeing his home with his life-long friend Dreya, and new acquaintance, Kenzi, who just so happens to be the very Scribe commissioned to ink Caenum.

Escaping an attack on his town, they set out to find the Sanctuary, a place safe from the Citadel for wielders of magic. On the journey, loved ones are lost, friends are made, enemies are everywhere, and secrets revealed. It's taken me a few hours of on and off writing to complete this review, and I'm hoping it will even be reflective of my thoughts.

I don't have much to say, so let's get on with it. I tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but there may be hints throughout this review that I found necessary to discuss in order to properly review the book. Things that I liked: Tattoos infused with a bit of magic to reveal your identity sounded pretty neat, albeit scary.

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Just as Ceanum feared the ink, I believe I would too if I felt that I hadn't discovered my own true nature before something told me what it was. What if I didn't like what I heard? Stripping the option of choice from anyone is scary. We open to the first page where Caenum is planning to run away before his inking day. His fear was compelling, and made me want to know more about what this process was all about.

Despite the unexpected turns, I felt that there still just wasn't enough to satiate my desire for a more completed story; which leads me to Things that I didn't like: I felt like I was reading the story, looking from the outside in. Rather than being invited into the story, something held me back.

Whether it was just an overall lack of world building I don't remember there even being a name of the world mentioned, or misunderstanding as to the societal setup, I didn't feel as though I could be part of the story. It wasn't really something that I could deem as a possibility which, if you ask me, is the number one goal of the fantasy genre: Gives them assignments based on what they are born with.

However, little explanation is given as to how the entire system of this world came into being. I found myself often wondering where the backstory was. However, I was wrong. This is more my personal preference. It didn't necessarily take away from the story, but I think I would have liked it better if someone had remained unaffected. Caenum was supposed to be turning eighteen.

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But his voice and thoughts were from someone of a much younger age. Especially when discussing his "friendship" with Dreya, and his unsuspecting musings regarding their relationship. How is it pronounced? I found myself saying it "Che-a-num," as in Latin with the e-a next to each other.

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Since it's written in English, maybe it's supposed to be pronounced "See-num? The other two prominent characters, Dreya and Kenzi, had very little influence on me, whatsoever. I don't have anything to say on them, only that I wish their character development had been more prominent. If the ink was consistently accurate with a person's abilities and character, then wouldn't everyone be happy with their wares?

Wouldn't the ink choose what was most suitable for each individual, ultimately leading to contentment? I simply didn't find there being enough justification for this world to exist in the way that it did. When the trio left their hometown to seek out the Sanctuary was when the pace of the story dropped. An adventure should be exciting, exhilarating, and increase the pacing dramatically.

The pace did eventually pick up towards the end as to be expected. Much of the story for me was simply unremarkable. I wish that there was more development behind the structure of the world, the characters, and the antagonizing forces against those that were gifted. Moderate, and more towards the end.

Only a small amount. Some, but without gory detail. This review can also be viewed on my blog: She's Going Book Crazy Sep 03, Kirtida Gautam rated it liked it Shelves: I am from India. Therefore Eric Smith's adventure novel Inked resonated a lot with me. Caenum is an adorable protagonist. But what I liked the most about the novel is, the visualness of the language.

Eric has a knack for creating vivid mental images. Overall, a very interesting read. Hig I am from India. Jan 15, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves: This modern day fairy tale is magnificent! Young people will totally be able to identify with Caenum, Dreya and Kenzi and be caught up in their adventurous nightmare of a reality! Jul 09, Dark Faerie Tales rated it it was ok Shelves: Inked was not my kind of dystopian read.

It was unrealistic and lacked the crucial connection between the reader and the characters. Another dystopian story but regrettably, not a very good one. Inked contained elements of the Insurgent series by Veronica Roth. In Insurgent, individuals are shown a simulation that encourages them to choose a faction, which essentially defines how they spend the rest of their lives. Actually, I take that back.

And yes, I promise to marry her if anything happens to you, as we agreed. There was a lot of taboo first about not getting inked, then about those that were inked, it was rather silly really. All of your confusion, all those questions, they brought you here. According to the Citadel, you might have been born to work the land.

Bloomsbury Spark provided me with a copy of Inked. Feb 17, Adriana Gabrielle rated it it was amazing. This book was absolutely amazing! Wait, Is Mary Poppins a Witch? Related News Ink Master: My favorite reality TV shows. TV series to try. My Favourite Reality Shows. Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below.

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