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If you have one of these coins, consult a good coin catalog at the library, for instance or find a knowledgable coin dealer or coin collector and ask. Remember catalog values are inflated. Use our Important Terminology page. Colonizers and Colonies, Timeline: Normal round coin Metallic brown Letters: Centavo has her name changed to Penny and she has to make adjustments to living with a cat and another dog who speaks no Spanish.

Jackson, the border collie and Zoe learn to adapt to Penny as well.

Centavo; A Dog From Mexico

After being gone for two years the family decides to go back to the fishing village where Penny was found. Penny has not seen any of her friends or family for all that time and she is a little worried as to their safety. When they arrive in Mexico, there are no street dogs on the street.

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Where have all the dogs gone? She finally comes across Pero, the dog she believes is her father. He tells Penny about all the changes in the town.

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Her mother has died and her brothers all have homes now. Many gringos have adopted the street dogs and have given them homes. After returning to the states Penny was happy because she knows all her family is safe. She has a dream from her mother and finds out she is in a better place. Centavo; A Dog From Mexico eBook: Jeffrey Crimmel: Kindle Store

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