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Since June is Audiobook Month, I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to the lovely woman who narrated the audio version of my novel A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love. Anne has recorded hundreds of books for the Library of Congress, and it was a joy to work with such a talented professional.

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How do you approach narrating such books? The first thing I do in preparing to narrate all fiction, whatever the genre, is to read the book. Also, an author may not mention that a character has a gravelly voice or a tendency to clip her words until well into the story.

If an accent is involved, I listen to the many examples available on YouTube and practice. I grew up in a neighborhood filled with Irish people, so those accents are firmly entrenched in my memory. When I narrated a Maeve Binchy novel, that came in very handy! The idea that you can be smarter and more powerful by learning from your experiences and overcoming your prejudices is very seductive.

The challenges are the same in narrating any book. Poor sentence structure and dialogue can be a major dilemma for a narrator: What advice do you have for authors who want to ensure their novels will work well as audiobooks? My suggestion would be to have someone read parts of your book aloud to you.

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Charles Dickens and Willa Cather never heard of audiobooks, but their work translates beautifully to the spoken word. Once, in a small writing class, we were asked to have others read our work aloud. By the third class, most of the class was asking me to read their assignments, which gave me an inkling that I could do this. Then I volunteered at the recording studio at the Massachusetts Association for the Blind, reading everything from novels to magazines to textbooks for the clients who requested recordings.

I auditioned, was accepted, and just completed my th title for them.

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Commercial audiobooks have experienced a boom in the past several years. Previously, when only the best sellers went to audio, most commercial books were recorded in New York or California by publishing houses that have in-house recording studios. But now, due to more-accessible technology, home studios are possible, and ACX.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the setup you have with a home studio and your husband as your production engineer? My husband is a man who loves a project, and from the moment I began to entertain the idea of a home studio, he was on the case. With the invaluable advice of a sound engineer I work with, he built my studio.

A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love (Women's Fiction)

I had the advantage of working in a professional recording booth, so we mimicked my workplace as best we could. The studio is 8 feet by 4 feet; the long walls have double-thick drapery fabric and the short walls are solid and lined with sound-proofing sponge made for recording studios. The computer has a hum that would be picked up on the recording if inside. Recording is only part of the making of an audiobook. I proof each chapter for noise and errors, and then comes the engineering and mastering process, which eliminates any extraneous sounds and evens out the sound.

In this, my husband was tutored by my sound-engineer friends.

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It turns out his patience and attention to detail serve him well in this work. Imagine a visiting-nurse service with hot young guys as caregivers. What golden girl wouldn't dig that? Valerie Palka is a savvy businesswoman who is obsessed with keeping her elderly mom, Helen, safe from all the lethal disasters that can befall widows living alone. Helen thinks the workaholic Valerie should focus on having as much luck in the bedroom as she does in the boardroom. Valerie's idea is filled with potential.

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As she navigates the tricky road to satisfying her mom as well as her own ambition, she finds herself falling for one of her employees-Keith-and is forced to examine her beliefs about the true meaning of success. Valerie has just celebrated her forty-fourth birthday with a husband who needs a break, an aging mother who is requiring more care and supervision, a thriving business and not enough hours in the day. This is not a simple story about her struggles and successes with the business though: I received an AudioBook copy of the title from the author via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review.