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Download PDF by T. This publication is an inspirational consultant to dealing with the demise of a family member. Additional resources for Unpaved Uncommon Uphill Journey: Tribute to President Barrack Obama. She has 3 marvelous daughters Dannielle, Brandi, and Jade. Minister Sharon Nelson has had the excitement of training in various city towns for the prior sixteen years. Her tales are in accordance with principals, of affection, appreciate, belief and integrity.

Each week they provide expert advice to up and coming sales professionals. Visit their website at www. Mike Walters and Eddie Richard do a weekly show discussing the Ducks games, team news, and breaking news. The show also has a segment for fan questions. In the fall of she will launch the My American Meltingpot podcast where she will discuss pop culture, parenting, and identity politics from a multicultural perspective. Podcast Movement was her first official podcast event and she is now obsessed with podcasting. After a ten year hiatus, he returned.

He knew that he was somewhere he belonged. Higgins everyman relaxed style draws an audience in then keeps them. His family based observational humor is fresh but familiar to us all! Loving podcasts, Jennifer searched for one that addressed her questions and came up empty. Michelle is a British ex-pat that has been living in Germany and exploring Europe for over 15 years. Military stationed In and around Germany, helping them to get the best out of their tour overseas. James is a movie and tv geek who loves to share his opinions. An aspiring journalist, James uses the Fantastic Fools Podcast to gain industry experience and work on his broadcasting and writing skills.

Hailing from Adelaide, this young podcaster is passionate and funny. Erin Taylor Young is a writing teacher, speaker, and co-host of the Write from the Deep podcast. Erin co-founded a successful independent publishing company. She was the co-managing editor before selling the company to another publisher. Stories of Masterminds, Leadership, Collaboration, and Action. Three professional women host and produce the podcast. They came together and thrived together, through the power of being in a mastermind group.

Collaboration has taught them that multiple minds are better than one. Antje Desilets, Gulf Coast implant, a straight ally, and marketing professional is the creator and podcast host of Hurricanes in High Heels, the Bizzy podcast with pizzazz! Antje and her weekly guests are having fun together by exploring and discussing the unique workforce and lifestyle of the Gulf Coast have to offer. Hurricanes in High Heels serves as a fun and sassy, yet professional networking tool to encourage, educate, and foremost support one another as females and people in the LGTB community.

ShedCast is a new podcast series brought to you by Shed Beats. The podcasts aim to discuss all things under the sun. There are a lot of podcasts that talk about the same things, especially Conspiracy podcasts. On our podcast, you are going to hear more than just the serious and depressing side of life. Dennis Lewis — Harmonious Awakening: Derrick Smith — CarChronicles My passion and ambition to raise the awareness of oral health. My research focuses on oral health and minimally invasive management strategies for dental decays.

James Hanson is an online content creator utilizing his six years of video production experience to share humor and fresh news to his listeners. He and his fellow co-hosts are passionate about pop culture and want to spread awareness about the latest trends. With a custom-built 4-microphone podcast station, Splice Cast is planning to launch as many as 6 podcasts before the end of Ashley is a thirty-one-year-old single woman living in Columbus, Ohio. She has a law license and is currently working to create a more creative compliance program in the finance world. Matt has been podcasting since early but has spent the best part of a decade listening.

The What I Watched Tonight show covers all things movies — from history to horror, superheroes to Star Wars, guest interviews and everything in between. Julie Finn is a business coach and career strategist who helps professional women start and scale service-based businesses. Olive and Louise are south Georgians looking for an answer to the question: Do you believe in ghosts? Through weekly interviews with guests ranging from funeral home directors and pastors to psychics and historians, the conversations go in unexpectedly hilarious directions.

Jacob is a filmmaker and cinephile with goals of getting viewers more interested in divisive film. The Awakened Woman Self Care podcast was created for awakened women everywhere searching for more profound self-care practice to feed ALL of her—body, soul and spirit. Each week they invite you the listeners to join the circle of co-created sacred space—to sit and listen as their guests share inspiring ideas—and divine stories unfold.

Because self-care is an inside job that needs a community to flourish. The Holistically Curious podcast is co-hosted by two beautifully flawed human beings on a quest to find optimal health, balance, inner peace, joy, understanding, and wisdom. Kim Balstad and Teresa York invite you to listen, learn, and laugh with them as they explore various topics within health, wellness, metaphysics, spirituality, science, and the unexplained. It is the only show like it on the internet. Brent is a year IT professional who was raised on computers, sports, and game shows.

So why not combine all three? Robert has been lucky in his life to experience many different professions. It all started in the Australian Defence Force when he was just years old. Robert joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Combat Systems Operator and was responsible for the operation of the warships radars, sonar, and electronic warfare sensors. It was a great job where he traveled the world with his mates and loved every second of it. But he longed for more and soon after his time was up Robert found himself in the Australian Army progressing through basic infantry training and onto Battalion 3RAR and the Parachute School.

Beyond the ADF he experienced many different jobs and ultimately found his feet outside the military as a digital marketer and entrepreneur. This podcast is the culmination of all her favorite things: His podcast, is an expression of his interest in his ancestral home, its people, culture, and history. Since first visiting Scotland in , Moyer has returned another three times and now makes annual visits there, each trip exploring a different region of the land.

His ancestry dates to his 8th great-grandfather born in Glasgow in Well, what if your best friend — your best, married friend — embraced the sugar baby lifestyle — not by necessity, but by choice? In the Sugar Baby Confessionals, the girl talk gets candid as Sara and Ruby talk about love, sex and life as a Sugar Baby — the pleasures and the pitfalls. We reveal all in The Sugar Baby Confessionals.

Jim and Ted have been buddies for more than a decade, and together they have attempted some startup and entrepreneurial endeavors. A regular Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton get rich quick duo. A professional writer since , Robert Yaniz Jr. The show has evolved a lot since it began and will enter a new era when it returns with a new concept in late The thing you will find out about FreeCircle when you dig deeper is the concerns of a United world.

FreeCircle sees things in a fresh new way. Nonpartisan in political views and strong in moral compass. The most inviting thing about this fresh new podcast is how he uses himself as a way to empower others. Devon Wieters is a college student, inclusion advocate, aspiring manager for artists and business social media, and podcaster who happens to have Cerebral Palsy, a neuromuscular condition.

She was inspired to take action after reeling from an episode of Survivor where a contestant, Zeke was ousted as transgender at Tribal Council by a fellow contestant, Jeff Varner, and eventually started podcasting. You can listen to her podcast on most major platforms. The Uncommonwealth Podcast takes an unfiltered, comedic look at the quirky history and culture of Pennsylvania. Mandy co-created Winning Mindset Consulting after her business partner, Keith Smith, co-managed a membership-based massage studio. They discovered a significant gap within the franchise regarding entry level sales training and management training.

They published their first book, The Top Ten: Lessons for Successful Business Leaders and Managers, in Now Mandy and Keith help business owners, training their staff in sales and supporting the managers as they deal with the logistics of handling their team. Despite a horrific childhood that was underpinned by sickening abuse, cruelty, and violence, he has emerged from being a victim to a victor and now uses his real-life experiences — along with the influences of many world-class mentors — to positively inspire others to become the very best they can be.

BBXX helps people live better relationships and a better life with the highest quality information about sexuality, intimacy, and communication. His role included the Podcast Technical Working Group which defined the IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines — an attempt to get the podcast industry to talk the same language when it comes to podcast content and advertising numbers, and help the industry scale!

They are collecting personal stories of perseverance from regular people. Joe is a serial podcaster and creates a community around psychedelics as medicine. Psychedelics are a wildly promising field of medical and creativity research and may help many thousands of people when legally therapy is finally available.

Jared has lived abroad and traveled extensively. Jared and his co-host Chad are both fans of travel, culture, and language, and wanted an outlet to talk about that-hence the Untranslatable Podcast. We are a semi-unconventional and uncensored podcast that aims to be different than just a weekly recap show by covering wrestling world topics that are intriguing, random and based on experience through the eyes of two substantial wrestling fans and one filthy casual. Missy Sorg is the number cruncher and data wrangler for Sorgatron Media.

She assists with production of in-house podcasts such as AwesomeCast and Wrestling Mayhem Show and helps with marketing those shows as well as client podcasts. Jason is the Co-Founder of Climate Dads. Launched in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Fathers Day of , Climate Dads is a community of fathers and male caretakers who are interested in understanding the role parents play in a changing climate. Jeanine is the new COO of Simplecast. Thousands of individual creators and companies trust Simplecast with their audio, including TechCrunch, Harvard, Medium, Fast Company, and many others.

Capable of handling even the most confusing aspects of podcasting with the greatest speed and accuracy, Simplecast makes professional podcasting easier than ever with the helpful tools and resources you need to publish and share your stories, evolve your craft, and connect with a world of listeners. Jonathon Roberts, aka ComposerDad, accepts intense compositional challenges from a talking Bible while out with his kids. He documents all of this on the family adventure podcast, ComposerDad vs.

He lives in Beacon, New York, with wife, ProfessorMom, the kids, and a tangled box of electrical cords. Ryan Is a retired military veteran. Originally from southern California, he relocated to Utah in Ryan is started his podcast journey in May of Ryan has spent the last 16 in law enforcement. Lauren Tickner is a year-old entrepreneur and personal branding expert. Her podcast, The Millennialaire Podcast, made it to 14th in the world in the business charts within 24 hours of launching. Lauren has created a six-figure income and following through helping others build and monetize their personal brand.

Sara is one of the co-hosts of the show as well as the content editor and designer. She enjoys anything to do with the ocean, traveling, hanging out with her puppy Murphy, getting lost in a good book and hanging out with friends and family! Josh is a hillbilly from eastern Kentucky who over his years has met some interesting people from around the world.

He has held many jobs from coal miner to Office Manager of a university, but currently has the privilege of being a stay at home dad. Brad Linder is a freelance journalist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is also co-producer of the Loving Project, a podcast featuring stories of interracial married couples 50 years after the Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage. She met a few interesting and inspiring women with unusual, ground-breaking or quirky careers and thought that if she was interested in their stories, then other people might be too. And so, Smashing The Ceiling was born.

Adam works in Corporate Finance and has always been interested in strange and odd information. He teamed up with his life long best friend, Chase, to start the podcast where they explore real things that sound totally made up. We also cover the NFL although with all the media and podcasts out in the marketplace we do not place a huge emphasis on this product.

Wray Dunn started this project back in when his wife GiniB Sound Girl was diagnosed with cancer and this project because a coping tool for both of us to put our attention into and it has grown to unexpected levels. He currently Resides in St. Louis Missouri with his Wife and Two Children. Alli Hoff Kosik is a full-time freelance writer. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and in her dreams, at least three golden retriever puppies.

She is the host of The SSR Podcast, which reexamines books from our tween and teen years from a kind of grown-up perspective. Eddie Ravert was itching to get back behind the microphone, but how? Then one day, while watching his favorite guilty pleasure TV show, a light bulb went off.

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Given the viewing audience of this reality dating show was about 90 percent female, Eddie knew he needed an influential female voice, and there was only one person for that job- his sister. So they invested in more advanced podcasting equipment and software and really went for it. They started interviewing uber popular contestants from the show weekly.

Word was starting to spread about this brother-sister duo from Philadelphia. Contestants started talking to each other saying how much fun they had on the Rose Buds podcast. But most importantly, these reality TV stars were sharing links to their episodes with their massive social media following side note: Now, Rose Buds was really starting to take off.

This lead to them being covered in numerous major media outlets for countless stories including People, E! After cracking the iTunes top 75 charts and garnering thousands of downloads per weekly episode, Rose Buds Nation was growing at an alarming rate. For a little, independent podcast competing with the major Bachelor Nation podcasts from all the major broadcast companies, you could say Rose Buds was disruptive.

The future is bright for Rose Buds, as they continue to grow, interview top-tier contestants and uncover scoops no other Bachelor-themed podcast could even fathom. The month of July was exciting for the Podcast Movement community! We had an absolute blast meeting so many of you in Philadelphia for PM18! The community continues to grow each month and we want to take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of our newest members.

We hope that you will check out their shows or at least say hello and welcome them to the Podcast Movement family! Jessica Brassington is an online influencer, author, and holistic health coach. She lives on the lake north of Houston, Texas with her husband, three girls, and rescue named Chelsea. She and her husband received hope from conversations with others who had made it through similar situations. Zack began listening to podcasts as a study tool in high school long before joining Google and founding the Google Podcasts product.

Google Podcasts, which is newly available as an Android app, aims to help double worldwide podcast listening over the next couple of years, especially through new AI-powered experiences. He and his friend Phil launched their podcast in May and teaching themselves what it takes to produce, launch, and promote an independent podcast. He previously worked at the U.

  1. Not Found (#404).
  2. Le feu sacré de la liberté: Mon combat pour la jeunesse africaine (French Edition)?
  3. The Speed of Wind (Zarder Book 2);

Leah Collie is a freelance writer and podcast host reigning from New Jersey. Podcast in as a way to get her voice heard and to create a platform for young women of color. Leah hopes that Pretty Please? Podcast will break the glass ceiling and bring Women of Color podcasters together. Verginiya Yancheva is an internationally published advertising and fashion photographer based in Europe. Turns out this was exactly what the industry needs because the podcast received lots of love with its very start. Almost three years later the podcast is already having over episodes, with a variety of topics and amazing guests such as Tamara Williams, Felix Rachor, Gerhard Merzeder, Henrik Adamsen, Jonas Jensen, Benjamin Kaufmann and many others.

Every Wednesday they publish a new interview with a big name in the industry and every other Friday there is an episode with tips and tricks for all photography lovers out there! The audience of the show is constantly growing and the owners are very fortunate to have their feedback, so they can constantly improve, update the audience with the latest news on the photography scene and deliver the best experience!

Natasha is a co-host of the podcast Girls Uninterrupted. The project started by Natasha and Sara, where they bring together a collection of unapologetic ideas and voices. After sealing their friendship with a shared bond of the being the most two outspoken girls in a one square mile radius, they decided to create something all their own where they could truly be heard. Each episode they bring on guests that they admire, ranging from friends to public figures. What all of they all have in common is their ability to proudly and imperfectly share their opinions.

Whether that be on politics, pop culture, local event and more! As a temporarily retired pastor, Paula has had a passion for helping families for over 30 years. When her own children needed focused attention, she pulled back on ministry, but that desire never left. She authored 4 books. And now, she talks with women about their kids, their husbands and their sanity from a decidedly Christian perspective. As a podcast hosted by two young black British males, we would describe ourselves as students of life and striving to be the best version of ourselves.

We would also pride ourselves on our vulnerability and ability to share the highs and lows of our personal journeys. In she learned how to rack up millions of airline miles and hotel points using only her good credit score and regular household spending. Since Lisette has been teaching people how to earn hundreds of thousands of miles and points using travel credit cards sign up bonuses. She is the creator of the online video course, Jet Set Becoming a Travel Hacker, which launched in Lisette is also the host of The Globetrotter Lounge podcast, interviewing inspiring women who have found creative ways to travel more.

She lives in the Seattle area with her photographer husband and teenage son. The Money Twins are identical twins, with diverse backgrounds in finance. They merged this background to create themoneytwins. This podcast is mostly about hip-hop music and sports. After developing a love of Star Wars and comic books as a child, Zohner was destined to be a geek.

Featured books

With interests touching on computers, video games, tech, books, TV and movies, and toys and collectibles, he is the epitome of a well-rounded geek who eventually stumbled into podcasting. After hosting a successful weekly tech podcast for nearly a decade, he decided that he wanted to do something more meaningful so he helped start Hope Strikes Back, a non-profit media group based in Salt Lake City, UT focused on using the platform to help others. Clara Harris is an actor anywhere that will have her — television, film, stage, and audio.

Clara loves a good story. She is passionate about new work for the stage and fresh interpretations of classic texts. She recently completed filming a feature with Nancy Stafford, who she met while working alongside Doug Jones and Anson Williams in the feature Nazareth. In addition to her work on stage and screen, she is an active audiobook narrator for both fiction and nonfiction. Clara has been honored with the Emerging Artist Award by the Kentucky Arts Council Playwright, , and her plays have been shortlisted and honored nationally and internationally.

Clara thinks riding long distances on her bicycle, past lovely vistas, and camping under the stars is a perfect vacation. She loves to cook and hosts a podcast talking to people about what they make for dinner — an average, workaday dinner. And though she does not understand a fraction of the science behind it, she is a total nerd about everything to do with space and space exploration. Vic is an invisible force in the North of England and beyond; Vic works tirelessly to enable people to achieve their dreams and ambitions, whatever their background.

In recognition of her achievements to date, Vic was included on the prestigious Northern Power Women Future List Vic also flies the flag for women in the media. Her debut podcast Tourist is an alternative travel guide with the funniest people on the planet. They have been together now for one and a half years. Some of the shows that are the main focus of their podcast are The Flash, Arrow, Mr.

Carson grew up always wanting to outperform his current self. This led to him undertaking internships with companies like Berkshire Hathaway at the age of Soon, he wanted to start something for himself. At the end of his sophomore year in high school, he developed an online ministry for teenagers called TeenLyfeMinistries. He began his podcast after his junior year with the mindset of developing young leaders today so that they are able to flourish tomorrow. Megan Hall, like most women, is a wearer of many hats.

She teaches her clients simple life strategies that help them minimize their stress and maximize their joy. Through her role as host of The Inspired Women Podcast Megan connects her audience with inspirational women who share their real stories and chats about topics relevant to women today. The goal of the podcast and The Inspired Women Community is to help women feel connected, inspired, and supported in their daily lives.

Her goal is to inspire others to overcome their feelings of being hopeless and helpless so they can live their best life possible. The Zero2Hired Podcast helps job seekers land the job quickly. You might be asking yourself, how? Zero2hired host, John Ribeiro, Author of the Zero2Hired book, interviews industry career experts, and coaches who share insider insights on how to successfully navigate and succeed in the interview process.

This podcast goes deep to provide you with the best information in the industry. Her mom was right. Meet the Disruptor for Good! She really likes to stir things up and get people thinking AND acting. One of her favorite past times is making people laugh and because she was clearly born with multiple sets of tear ducts, crying makes the list too. Gina cries proudly and frequently — mostly tears of joy.

A few things that immediately turn the tears of joy faucet on are her team accomplishing a goal they set; letters from ten-year-old girls sharing that, because of Mrs. Things like mass shootings, children dying of starvation every day due to climate change, the devastation of our oceans and our rainforests and the rate of extinction for our four-legged friends. Her advice if you are thinking about writing a book? As a published author, Mrs. Be sure you have the fire in your belly, the time to tell your story and then really commit to it. The Queen of Green warns everyone that she stops for birds, all wildlife and to snap pictures of the numerous ways plastic pollution is impacting the health of our planet.

Gina is a dreamer at heart. She has spent most of her adult life working to improve the lives of at-risk children and families, and now our at-risk planet. She is madly and passionately in love with this great planet or ours and is tireless in her efforts to preserve it. Raise the consciousness, of every human being on this planet, about the reality of our climate and the health of our planet.

Then, educate, inspire and engage them to be the change they wish to see in the world. I have 3 beautiful girls ages are 2, 12, and 14, I also have a son who is 9. I have a beautiful fiancee who likes my beautiful children I love more than anything! My cousins father Kellen who I shout out the start of each episode always loved the stories and laughed, told me that I needed to be on radio everytime he would see me after that. I was playing drums in different bands at the time so just kind of kept it in the back of my mind. About years ago I started listening to podcasts until one day it just hit me, I decided I want to start my own podcast.

So luckily, income tax time was upon us and I was able to get the laptop I am currently still using, and got a Blue Snowball mic that I was using until a few weeks ago. I then did it by myself and though I was enjoying it every episode it just felt like something was missing. I was working at a factory here in my hometown and Lette was working there and we had been talking about doing a podcast for a while and it just kind of hit me to start doing the podcast with Lette. She has helped us so much we made her our manager and with her business, in online marketing www.

Together with us 3, are not just a great team, but we are friends, family even!! I love this show and our segments. We do comedy, gaming, music, paranormal, vaping, and more! Anything we want to talk about we talk about it and we have so much fun doing it! We just want to learn as much as we can to help improve our show and entertain our listeners. We started out posting our episodes on Soundcloud but now we have moved over to Podbean which we LOVE and so glad we made the move to their platform.

Love the podcasting community we just want to do our part to make it grow and be better. We talk about the topics that are important to Latina Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer women. Veronica is a mental health professional and an adjunct professor of human behavior.

New PDF release: Butterfly Moments - Library

She will use her mental health and social justice perspective to frame the conversations and interviews in this podcast. Join David Willms, Mike McGrady, Nephi Cole, and entertaining guests each week as they use humor, storytelling, and more than 40 years of collective experience in law, science, and policy to explain important decisions affecting your outdoor experience. They belong to you. Every day, decisions are being made that affect your land, your water, and your wildlife.

You should know about them. This is Your Mountain. Department of State DOS. She served in that position until January Boarderline obsessive, Rory Mc exercises his talents as a producer by placing a microscope on the Jack Klassen Show and reflecting that magnified image on social media and the web in general. The Jack Klassen Show was at one time a thriving and established FM radio show but hard times fell on the show and it was reduced to dead-air. Rory heard past episodes of the show via Youtube, and other places. He took notice of a special quality and talent found in the show, and Jack, that he felt was being left by the wayside.

So, Rory contacted the comedy talkshow host, who at the time, was sitting in a metaphorical dirty bathrobe, smoking cigarette butts from a metaphorical ashtray and collecting a metaphorical talkshow welfare dole. Rory divided his efforts between the continued promotion of past shows and producing brand new ones.

As the show gains popularity, Rory feels great satisfaction. He continues to see great potential in the shows future. Mark and Clarissa have been together since , and married since The goal is to encourage you to fight for your marriage as they fight for theirs! Dylan Adams is an actor, singer, and producer in New York City. As a recent graduate from the Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York City, his mission as an artist is to create work that is engaging and thought-provoking. Junto Media creates original and branded podcasts for specialty audiences who are passionate about their businesses and hobbies.

Peter is a podcaster, artist, game designer, and writer. As a game designer, artist, and writer he has developed professional material for R. As a podcaster he was one of the founding co-hosts of the Tri Tac PodCast. He is currently the host of the video series and podcast MythWits where he interviews industry guests every week. Angela Brown has been a professional house cleaner for 25 years. Bench Warming Podcast is the dream podcast for sports lovers. No sports are off limits for Joe and Jeffrey as they live out their dreams of talking about sports for others to hear.

The Bench Warmers are just out here providing facts and fun from the point of view of two Midwesterners. Patrick is a former international finance lawyer who saw the light and quit, to dedicate his life to ethics, culture, and the restless pursuit of knowledge. The two have been in countess bands together and talk about music both past and present, as well other fun topics like family and their professional industries. Robert lives in Columbus, OH with his wife, daughter, and high-energy dog.

He enjoys sports and roots for whichever team LeBron is on. In his spare time he enjoys tweaking the Simple Theology podcast and website to make it better one small tweak at a time! Colleen is finding her fantastic. She is breaking the stereotype by being a voice to the people who feel alone in the struggles and hustles they are experiencing. She believes that being authentic transparent and vulnerable are the keys to living your best life.

In a world of stereotypes she chooses to break them and live her adventure. She knows that others are struggling with the mundane and she wants to bring them along with her and help everyone find their fantastic. Because its in the finding. Daren is a New York City raised now Sydney based; jack of all trades, master of some. Bell is a professional writer, musician, wonk, and political consultant.

Karen James is a global purpose expert with a no-nonsense approach to igniting ethical transformation. Fast-talking, funny and pulling no punches, Karen is a Jersey girl turned social entrepreneur, corporate change maker, engineer, author, podcast host, and speaker. Nelson Crawford is letting you in to his life by opening the window to his experience to as person in the world with the good, bad, funny, and ugly. Kendra performed in numerous plays in high school and college, and directed a play for her senior project, which earned her the school Drama Cup.

Among the projects she has worked on as an Associate Producer are P. She has two young adult children, and is an avid knitter and spinner. Cory is a co-host and creator of the podcast Convince Us! Cory and his best friend and co-host Colin had been living in different timezones for 8 years, and upon both moving back to their hometown felt the need to do something creative and fun together and thought of the idea of a podcast!

In a random brainstorm they settled on the conspiracy theory topic and have both fallen in love… with podcasting. Cory recently discovered the online community of podcasters and it has been a game changer! The support and networking has helped Cory and Colin to see podcasting as a long-term venture, and not just a random hobby. As the slogan suggests, The Fathergamer Podcast is more than just a podcast. TFGP celebrates geek and nerd culture, and interacts with all walks of life, be it gaming, comics, movies, or any form of creativity out there.

Pari D is a professionally trained chef who hosts a brand new podcast on food. They started this podcast in response to the outcry in the financial independence community on the lack of female prominent voices. They felt there was a need to fill the gap. From real estate to starting your own online business to making bank writing romance novels to full time travel to AirBnb and more. If you or someone you know suffers from extreme addiction to talking about Financial Independence this is the place for you!

Marriage and motherhood has given Eve an urgency to sound the alarm and bring global awareness to Maternal Narcissistic Abuse, while providing hope and creating solutions for freedom. Eve has re-mothered herself, healed from the abuse and now she coaches other women that suffer from the effects of Maternal Narcissism.

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She takes pride in maintaining a vastly growing podcast, with listeners reaching as far as the UK and Germany. Corinne lost lbs after a lifetime of battling obesity. She decided to lose weight the way she would LIVE it. She now helps women on her podcast learn how to lose weight, too, without a bunch of BS tricks.

She focuses on changing how you think about food, ditch calorie counting and start living. Suzie is a burnout prevention strategist and a yoga teacher. She focusses on burnout prevention in the areas of work, education, and relationship with self and others. I have the best people. This is the story of all the president's men.

I got the best in the world. We talked about some of the organizational issues. Two days after the election, President Obama gives his successor a piece of advice. That ensures our president-elect is successful. And now the oath of office.

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CNN was told something by U. The next president of the United States right here! During the campaign, American intelligence picked up the Russians bragging that they had a strong relationship with Flynn. You have to take some of the conversations we were told with a little bit of a grain of salt, but this set off an alarm for Obama administration officials who were quite worried about it.

Flynn had worried intelligence officials for months. In , the retired three-star general appeared on the Kremlin-funded news channel R. Russia and the United States have to work together on this. He even at an event celebrating R. Here you have a former top intelligence official at the United States government celebrates this gala for what seems to be the propaganda arm of the government. But investigators looking into his security clearance said Flynn told them he did not take any money for the trip from a foreign source.

I didn't take any money from Russia if that's what you're asking me. Congressional members from both parties have said he may have broken the law in the process. It appears as if he did take that money. It was inappropriate and there are repercussions for the violation of law. It leads investigators to wonder why aren't you disclosing certain things.

What do you have to hide? Flynn has denied what he calls, quote, "false accusations of treason. While he was national security adviser he told FBI agents that he had not discussed sanctions with Russia's ambassador during the transition. But he had talked sanctions and the FBI knew it because the ambassador had been monitored by U. He said he didn't do it and there were transcripts clearly showing that he did. What's more, Flynn admitted in his plea deal that the sanctions talks had been coordinated with Trump's transition team.

The White House cannot argue that this was Michael Flynn going off as a loose cannon here. A White House lawyer claimed that Flynn's guilty plea didn't implicate anyone else. Before he pleaded guilty Flynn was facing a lot of tough legal issues. But Mueller only charged him with one count. So it's possible that Flynn has an even bigger story to tell. We're seeing Manafort coming now with counsel. Paul Manafort, the president's former campaign chairman is also facing possible jail time. He is charged with money laundering millions of dollars, concealing his work for a foreign government and conspiring against the United States.

He has pleaded not guilty. The special counsel makes a very aggressive argument that this is someone who can't be trusted. Manafort made a lot of his money working for this man, Putin's ally, Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine. He left his country in disgrace. Manafort had helped bring him to power. Paul Manafort has for decades been the Washington lobbyist and influence peddler around the world for a lot of the most vicious dictators we've seen.

The question is was Manafort also linked to Russia's strong man, Vladimir Putin? Are there any ties between Mr. Trump, you or your campaign and Putin and his regime? No, there are not. It's absurd and there's no basis to it. Agents intercepted communications from suspected Russian operatives indicating that Manafort appeared to be asking them for him.

They describe him essentially encouraging help, encouraging the Russians to provide assistance to Donald Trump's campaign. Manafort's ties to Russia go way back. He worked for a close associate of Putin. Oleg Deripaska, one of a few wealthy oligarchs Putin consults with regularly according to a U. He can pick up a phone to the oligarchs and say, hey, I need to get a message out to this American and it gets done because he's Vladimir Putin and that's how the system works.

Less than two weeks before trump got nominated Manafort offered to brief Deripaska privately on how the campaign was going, according to the Washington Post. It's not often that the Russians get somebody to volunteer like that. Does he owe you millions of dollars? In fact, court documents indicate that Manafort may have been in debt to Deripaska. Did he offer you those private briefings to try and repay some of that debt to you?

Is that why he offered them?

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  • Deripaska's spokesman told CNN that the oligarch was never offered briefings by Manafort. Manafort's spokesman has denied that Manafort was in debt to Deripaska during the Trump campaign and afterwards but he has admitted that Manafort offered the briefings. Manafort was also at the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians in June Sign my Russian flag, please, sign my Russian flag. And so was the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Do you have any comment, Mr.

    Kushner hasn't been charged with any crimes but troubling questions have been raised about his connections to Russia. Jared Kushner is incredibly important for several reasons. He's a witness to virtually all the central issues in this investigation. He is also important because he's an independent actor. He is someone who had contact with Russian representatives.

    Kushner has not been forthcoming about those contacts. He was required by law to disclose them to the FBI to get a security clearance. Kushner, was it appropriate for you to meet with a Russian official? But he has repeatedly admitted foreign contacts and had to submit his forms four times, sparking tough questions from both parties. His reasons for the revisions range from forgetfulness to a clerical error. There have been stories that have been appearing for months about Jared Kushner's meetings.

    That Russian ambassador came to New York.

    Former President Barack Obama criticizes President Trump

    Jared Kushner met with the Russian ambassador. They discussed setting up a back channel with Moscow at Russia's own embassy. You have to say that raises a red flag and say, well, why wasn't this reported? Kushner claimed he wanted to discuss Syria and said the arrangement was never set up. Did you atone recruit any members of the Trump administration?

    December 13th, , Kushner meets with Sergei Gorkov, the head of a sanctioned Russian bank that's often funded Putin's pet projects, like the Sochi Olympics. The bank was also used as a cover by a Russian spy in New York City who went to prison for espionage. The FBI now says it has busted a Russian spy ring. Evgeny Buryakov is actually was one of three Russian spies.

    And Gorkov himself attended the training academy for Russian intelligence operatives. There have been questions about whether Kushner might have discussed his family's business with banker Gorkov. Kushner says that his business dealings never came up with Gorkov and that all of his meetings with Russians were nothing to worry about. I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. Your bank says it was a business meeting.

    Thank you so much. But Gorkov's bank implied that the meeting with Kushner was about business, referring to Kushner as the head of Kushner industries. Robert Mueller's team has expressed interest in Kushner including his role in the firing of James Comey. Can you say whether you are aware that anyone who advises your campaign had contacts with Russia during the course of the election?

    Investigators still have many questions for the president's men. How many times do I have to answer this question? I have nothing to do with Russia. To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with does. I have no dealings with Russia. I have no deals in Russia. But Donald Trump has made money with Russians. In the situation room we have major breaking news right now. Justice Department has just named a special counsel in the Russian investigation. A development that could change everything. I think we're going to see justice.

    Bob Mueller is very thorough. Good for the investigation, maybe not so much for President Trump. Does anybody have any questions? The day after that bomb shell announcement, President Trump had his first chance to strike back. Was this the right move or is this part of a witch hunt? I respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hunt. This is a witch hunt and a hoax. Russia is a ruse. A fiction, a total a fabrication. It's all fake news. But no matter what the Trump team would call it, the Russia investigation was very real. The president thinks it's a witch hunt, does any way you can respond to that?

    And under Robert Mueller going in a direction the president did not wanted to go. I have a great company. I built an unbelievable company, but if you'll look there you'll see there is nothing in Russia. If you listen to the statements of the president and his team about the Mueller investigation, they feel like financial issues, Trump's business dealings should be walled off, should be off limits.

    To look at a real estate deal from ten years ago it would be way outside of the scope of the mandate and we would certainly object to that. But it is clear that Mueller's team is looking directly as his business dealings for the perfectly understandable reason that money can be a motive. We followed the money to the very beginning of Trump's connection to Russia, decades earlier, in when year-old Donald Trump took off for his very first business trip to Moscow. In , Donald Trump was flush with money. And Donald was invited to Russia. So he and Ivana went to Russia and they tried to make a deal to build a Trump Tower there.

    That deal never happened. There was talk of Trump Tower in Moscow. But again and again Trump would keep on trying. Donald tried at least five times to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. He has an enormous ability to deny reality. Reality is, that during the campaign, not just in ancient history. During the campaign, he was negotiating for a hotel to be built in Moscow. Well, Erin, we've learned that Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer was in talks with Moscow through an intermediary about a proposal to build Trump Tower there. That is the definition of business dealings in Russia.

    The deal, outlined in a nonbinding letter of intent signed by Trump in the fall of fell through but not before Trump's attorney reached out to the Kremlin for help. Cohen said in the statement today that he e-mailed Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov for help on this project on behalf of the Trump organization. We could make deals in Russia very easily if we wanted to.

    But according to economist and investigative journalist James Henry, all of the focus on Trump's deals in Russia might be missing the point. It isn't so much that Trump has been investing in Russia, is that he's been receiving lots of finance from the former Soviet union states from oligarchs. I've got more oligarchs living in my buildings.

    And before he became a politician, businessman Donald Trump boasted about it. Have you had any dealings with the Russians? Well, I've done a lot of business with the Russians. The most expensive home ever sold in America.

    Listen to Podcast Movement

    Back in , at the height of the U. Rybolovlev would reappear during the election. When according to McClatchy News, his private plane was spotted in two U. It certainly looks suspicious that we have his leading Russian oligarch birddogging our president on the campaign trail. And rival inaudible called the overlaps a pure coincidence that occurred while he was traveling on unrelated business. But we still don't understand that to this day. What remains clear however is that this oligarch is hardly the only Russian to have bolstered Trump's bottom line. There is a surprising number of Russians in every deal everywhere.

    After a financial collapse in that threaten to end his empire for good, Trump spent most of the decade digging out from under enormous debt. He was un-financeable by major banks. Luckily for Trump, a new source of money was just around the corner. There is this unbelievable avalanche of money pouring in from the former Soviet Union just when Trump is in serious trouble, financially.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union in , Russia's state owned business moved in to private hands. Creating a class of wealthy oligarchs, some of whom began investing in American real estate. If you want to part money in the U. In the years that followed, properties like trump World tower in New York according to Bloomberg news and the developments in Florida according to Reuters, started filled up with Russian buyers. Meanwhile Donald Trump was finding his way into American living rooms across the country.

    He turns into an actor playing a successful businessman. Who will be, the "apprentice"? And the apprentice opened the door for Trump to a new way of making money. He shifted his business model. He started licensing his name and putting it on everything. Doing this in haphazard chaotic way.

    When it comes to great stakes, I just raised the stakes. Trump stakes and Trump lottery, Trump this, and Trump that. He licensed neckties, buildings, beautiful, beautiful solution that hey, if I don't ask a lot of questions and I allow my name to go on projects, then I'll get paid. He got buildings in which he didn't put up a penny, but he got a multimillion dollar fee up front to get the Trump name on it. In the case of Trump tower SOHO, the Trump organization got 18 percent ownership of the tower without investing a single dime according to Bloomberg news.

    The financing for the project was left up to his partner. A problematic project from top to bottom. A lawsuit file by a former Bayrock insider in accuses Bayrock of money laundering and it has ties to Russia and Russia organized crime. The suite is ongoing and Bayrock denies the allegations. There is a -- why would Trump ever do business with those guys? Guys like Russia born Felix Sater, Bayrock key executive.

    Sater's lawyer Robert Wolff says that the suit accusing Bayrock of shady dealings is a shake down. Sater is a twice convicted felony, after his second conviction, he cooperated on cases with the Justice Department. Felix had been convicted of stabbing someone in the neck with a margarita class in He go a year in prison for that.

    Together they explored additional Trump deals in the U. But in sworn testimony in a deposition, Trump insisted he barely even knew Sater. About how many times have you converses with Mr. If he was sitting in the room right now I wouldn't really know what he looked like. It is absolutely up tree that Trump doesn't know Felix Sater. At one time Sater work at an office at Trump tower and held a business card for the Trump organization. He was also the go between for Trump's most recent and perhaps most controversial attempt of building Trump tower Moscow.

    According to the New York Times Sater urged Trump to come to Moscow and tour the proposal and even suggested to him that he could help him win the presidency. The e-mails have come out where you see Sater saying we could use this business opportunity to get him elected. President Trump would be so much better for U. There is no question during the campaign that Trump was trying to get closer to Russia, and repair relations with Russia.

    There is nothing I can think of that I would rather do than have Russia friendly. The question for the Mueller investigation is whether or not the reason Trump was reaching out to Russia is because he was making money or expecting to make money from relationships with Putin's people.

    Houston Texas, the heart Texas Facebook page by this , followers to the stop of Islamization of Texas rally. And precisely the same time and place people gather for the united Muslims of America Facebook event. Shockingly, Americans had nothing to do with starting those Facebook groups. Across the country, you may very well driven by a protest. These protests in some cases were organized out of Russia. Russian imposters pushing messages, sometimes violence, false, and often controversial.

    Russians were behind it all creating to content design to pit Americans against one another. Social media was used to target the minds of the American people. It seems the U. Government was blindsided when it came to social media threats, is that fair? I think that is a fair statement. Around million people were exposed to the bogus content on Facebook and Instagram alone. That is equivalent to more than half of the total U. Now Capitol Hill wants answers. The political add was paid for by inaudible , isn't that a red flag? How could that happen? It began more than 4, miles away in St.

    Petersburg in this utterly nondescript office building. They were placing thousands of ads on Facebook during the presidential election to stoke arguments and in some ways also to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. Almost all of the propaganda found so far traces back to the internet research agency. Investigators say it was finance by a company owned by a wealthy Russian businessman in part of Putin's inner circle.

    They hired people that had a quota, they were working 12 hour shifted leading up through the elections. There was an entire English language department specifically assign to insert messages, insert social media post in the United States. They were required to watch house of Cards to better understand American politics.

    In two weeks' time, you will be heading to the ballot box to decide what kind of country you want to live in. The idea was to masquerade themselves as Americans. They understood that Black Lives Matter ads should be targeted to cities like Baltimore and Ferguson which are violent protests over African-American men. They understood that gay rights was a big issue, and gun rights were big issues. Some people may have seen these videos. Hillary Clinton is not our candidate. Posted to pages now identified as part of Moscow's influence campaign.

    This is a thoughtful and details process of how do I make this look legitimate.