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Featured amenities include a computer station and laundry facilities. Free self parking is available onsite. Make yourself at home in one of the 54 air-conditioned rooms featuring flat-screen televisions. Complimentary wireless Internet access keeps you connected, and cable programming is available for your entertainment.

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Jeremiah Brown was waiting for me to rise. The waiter will find you. His ranch adjoins your property. So the man I'd been admiring was the antagonist who coveted my land. His interest was in Trail's End. I was unprepared for the pang of disappointment that struck like an unexpected thunderbolt, but I rebounded instantly.

Emmett Grandison couldn't possibly have known my identity or my reason for coming to Silver Springs yesterday. He had looked at me with admiration then, or so I fancied. No sooner had I completed this though than another, less flattering one formed. Don't count on it, Mr. Grandison , I thought. In a pleasant, even voice I said, "You'll be close by.

That's good to know.

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You must call me Mara, Emmett, and you too, Jeremiah. I feel as though we're already friends. I summoned a smile for my newfound neighbor. I was certain that Jeremiah had given him what few details he knew about my background, but I resolved to be careful about revealing anything more. She made it more of a visit than I would have liked.

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I think I still have cobwebs on me. For a man who I assumed wanted to meet me, Emmett Grandison hadn't uttered a single word yet. Now he said, "Was never any need to, Miss Mara. My own ranch keeps me busy. As he spoke, I tried to identify his accent. It sounded Southern but wasn't quite a drawl. My knowledge of different ways of speaking wasn't extensive, and people came to the Territories from all over the United States and other countries as well.

Perhaps when I knew Mr.

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Grandison better, I could ask him. I tried to hold on to my smile. How sure of himself he was, this too-attractive rancher with the gray-blue eyes. He must be wealthy already, although his way of dressing didn't suggest affluence. At the moment he had the smug look of a man who has completed a successful business deal. It's my home now. They didn't believe me. In truth I surprised myself, for my present plans hadn't gone beyond a second, more thorough exploration of the house. However, I didn't care for the expression of incredulous surprise on Emmett's face.

I imagined I also detected a flicker of delight in his eyes, but it left so quickly I might have been mistaken. Perhaps all Trail's End needs is soap and water. And a hammer and nails. But I'm fairly certain that in time I can transform the place into a home. Emmett, who had been so silent at first, didn't hesitate to speak now.

You can't live alone in a derelict old house out in the middle of nowhere. You saw it for yourself today. Besides, a woman needs a man alongside her in this country.

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Cameron had said something similar to me. Even a former lieutenant in the Union army had spoken in a less commanding tone. I had proved him wrong. I would do the same with Emmett Grandison. His eyes had more gray than blue in them. They seemed to contain miniature storm clouds. Can you ride a horse? I'm an experienced horsewoman.

Where is the town gunsmith located? Emmett banged his cup down on the table, and coffee spilled out onto the white cloth.

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I struggled to hold onto my temper. I wonder when they'll bring our dinner. Jeremiah said, "Whether you keep the old house or have it torn down, it's fortunate for our town bachelors that you plan a long stay, Mara. Women are a scarce commodity in the Territory. We aim to keep the ones we have. Emmett stared at him. He had mopped up coffee with his napkin. Now he held the wet cloth in mid-air as if unsure where to place it. But I already said that. You'll have to look elsewhere for more land. Mine isn't for sale.