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The overall goal of the book is to draw together over 30 years of research on rewards, motivation, and performance and to provide practitioners with techniques for designing effective incentive systems.

No clear solutions are given, but culture, media, and family suggestions are made throughout the book. We are reminded that there are more people who care than are violent.

Reinforcement, Reward, and Intrinsic Motivation: A Meta-Analysis

Understanding violence is one way to prevent it and to give hope. A helpful book is learning the language of violence.

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They present a balanced, thorough examination of the issue and their conclusions are well articulated and supported. It remains to be seen whether this work will truly resolve the controversy, but it does provide an interesting, useful piece in the puzzle. I highly recommend it. Try our Search Tips.

Rewards and Intrinsic Motivation by Judy Cameron, W. David Pierce - Praeger - ABC-CLIO

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See all articles by this author Search Google Scholar for this author. September 1, Received: July 22, ; Revisions received: January 28, ; Accepted: Judy Cameron , W.

Resolving the Controversy

David Pierce University of Alberta. Remember me Forgotten your password? Subscribe to this journal. Vol 64, Issue 3, Rewarding participation in technology-mediated citizen science projects Microworkers as research participants: Does underpaying Turkers lead to cognitive dissonance?

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Cooper, HM Integrating research: