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The Hottest Place in the Whole U.S.A.

Sep 12, SweetSue rated it really liked it. These were excellent stories! And well crafted for being so short. The only one I didn't like was The Outlaw.

Every character was unbelievable and the historical setting seemed fake somehow. Amarillo by Morning was my favorite. Loved when Hank gave her his guns and then she wore them for most of the rest of the story. And him putting a stool in every room so she could reach to kiss him was adorable! They both got sent away - him to prison for something he didn't do and her to a terrible boarding school - and then reunite as young adults. There is a great story waiting to be written about their lives after they get married and as they build their ranch!

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The Ranger's Angel reminded me of other stories about what nurses faced during the Civil War and napoleonic wars and on the frontier. I liked how he pushed her and she pushed back. The scene of her getting ready to escape the outlaws - changing her shoes and braiding her hair - was great and it was a telling moment when he noticed.

Apr 10, Kathleen rated it really liked it Shelves: One Texas Night is a compilation of four previously published novellas. The blurb does not make that clear. The unfortunate implication of the omisson is that the publisher intends to mislead Ms. Thomas' core readership, which may do more harm than good to marketing efforts. That said, the four stories in this volume were the best of the stor Readers be aware: That said, the four stories in this volume were the best of the stories in the previously published books. Jodi Thomas' characters always leap off the page, and her voice is always strong and clear.

One Hot Summer

The stories were as delightful on the second read as they were on the first -- but I did not need to buy this book to read them again. The star rating reflects the quality of Ms. Thomas' work, not the associated marketing practices. Had I been rating those, the deception would have provoked a single star, if that. May 11, Dobby rated it it was amazing Shelves: One Texas Night is an anthology of 4 previously published short stories: Each is a snapshot, a complete story in itself, with enough substance that the characters are real and vibrant.

It's hard to pick a favorite, but "Amarillo by Morning" is a story I enjoy each time I read it. Of course, the uncles in "The Outlaw" leave me laughing and feeling just a wee bit better a One Texas Night is an anthology of 4 previously published short stories: Of course, the uncles in "The Outlaw" leave me laughing and feeling just a wee bit better about my own oddball family. The partnership formed in "Silent Partner" warmed my heart in the way it turned into something more.

I guess I could say my favorite is the one I'm reading at the time. Jodi Thomas' stories warm my heart and leave me smiling, no matter how long or how short they are. Apr 13, Sarah rated it really liked it. I should start by saying that I usually do not give high marks to short stories. I almost always find they have an "imcomplete" feel to them, this book however is an exception.

At right around pages each, these 4 stories are well developed and feel complete and satisfylin at the end. Thomas is truly the master of Texas fiction and if you've enjoyed any of her other books you'll love this one too. And, if you've never read anything by her, this is a good place to start. It's my understanding that these books have been previously published, but having them altoghter is a treat.

Don't miss out on this one, it's really good. Apr 20, Missy Jane rated it it was amazing.

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The hardest thing about reviewing a Jodi Thomas anthology is deciding which story I liked best. In fact, I just can't pick one. All four romances, set in Texas in the s, were wonderful. The heroes are tough Texas men who might not be completely comfortable with love, but know better than to let the heroine get away when they find her. The heroines are all no-nonsense women who know what they need, even when they don't realize their own worth, and aren't afraid to fight for it.

Great read if y The hardest thing about reviewing a Jodi Thomas anthology is deciding which story I liked best. Great read if you like historical romance, or even just a good western. Jun 10, Marin Thomas rated it it was amazing. This book is a collection of previously published stories from different anthologies: As always Thomas's writing is excellent whether it's a novella or a full-length novel. Jan 11, Eclectic Book Life rated it liked it.

Containing 4 short stories is always hard to make them have enough depth but this is where Jodi Thomas shines. I cared about all the characters in every story and felt there was enough background that you really wanted things to turn out well for them. The five dollar dinner is the fly on the line. The school hall is a grid system of long trestle tables carpeted in auction items, donated by parents, local businesses and other concerned parties.

One Texas Night (Lone Star Legacy, #4) by Sara Orwig

These are not small items. A week long spa trip to a Colorado desert retreat, a day at the Texas State Capitol as a guest of a member of the House of Representatives, high end loot worth bidding on. Over here it might have been called The Big Society, until that initiative died an oxygen starved death from lack of Big Government funding. What drives this though, is the unspoken responsibility placed on the shoulders of all who live in the shadow of the team, the town and the school to be involved. The closeness of the community, in terms of social standing and reputation is highly observed.

The Highland Park Scots are the hive and the citizens of the township are the bees bringing in the pollen. What use is an unproductive bee? Mums sport football jerseys and badges with pictures of the players or the cheerleaders. The opponents are from Monterrey, Mexico which means that the crowd, only halfway full, politely endure the playing of the Mexican national anthem. Someone tuts and points this out. They quickly realign themselves. A Scotsman, standing nearby, apologises for this infliction of overt nationalism.

The Mexicans have fielded a lowly fan base for the game, possibly only a crowd of one on their side of the pitch. He was too high up in the stands to go and ask. Down at one of their corners a lone cop stands watching the action, big gun on his hip. A stream of people are filing in, carrying and wearing merchandise from the team shop beneath the stands.

A third of the way through the game and the home side of the stadium is almost full. Most of Highland Park could well be in here. The cops, ambulance and fire officials mingle amongst themselves down in one corner of the field. Along the sideline the players who are not currently on the field of play spend most of the time on their feet watching, exhorting, willing it to go right. The big digital clock on the scoreboard stops and starts in defiance of real life with a regularity that is hypnotic. Various team coaches draw up plays on portable white boards. They wear the uniform of white, middle America: They are gruff, confident and look like they get to eat well for it.

The relevant team members fan around them and give the impression of listening intently. They look like they are really listening. Jared and Allison had known each other for a long time, but she was always his best friend's bratty little sister. Until the night they ran into each other at a wedding reception. They allowed themselves one hot night together then went their separate ways. When Jared hired her family's company to inventory and catalog a house he'd inherited, Allison was the one who showed up.

Jared still finds her incredibly sexy and wants her, but Allison is over her wild days and lives her life mor Good book. Jared still finds her incredibly sexy and wants her, but Allison is over her wild days and lives her life more cautiously now. She wants him too, but isn't interested in a fling with him. She doesn't want to risk her heart on him. Allison hadn't forgotten that one night with Jared. She hoped that she had gotten over the attraction she felt for him and was dismayed to discover that it was stronger than ever. She made it very clear to Jared that she wasn't interested in a fling, especially with him.

After losing a brother and her mother in an airplane crash she avoids men who have daredevil tendencies. Jared is a man who likes the physical challenges of those risks and she won't risk her heart by loving such a man.

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  • Her brother has also warned her that Jared is not the settling down type and she wants a husband and family. Working with him puts her under siege by his charm and determination and it gets harder to say no. The more time they are together the deeper her feelings for him grow. I liked the way that Allison tried to stay firm with regards to what she wanted from life. I loved seeing how much fun they had together and how much they had in common.

    As much as she loves him, she knows that she can't handle his lifestyle. It was so hard seeing her give up on her feelings for him and think about settling for so much less. Jared had been best friends with Allison's brother Sloan for a long time. He had also been warned by Sloan to stay away from Allison. Other than that one night, he had done so, but he had never forgotten that one night. Seeing her again has brought all those memories back and he wants her again.

    He doesn't understand her resistance because he can see that she wants him too. So he puts his mind to getting her to step outside her rules and have some fun with him. He's not interested in the future, just enjoying the present. Jared remembers the way that his father worked so hard to provide for his family, never taking the time to do the things he dreamed of. By the time he retired and could do them, his health didn't permit it.

    “This Is Your Time” – Football On A Hot Night In Texas

    Jared wasn't going to let that happen to himself. The more time he was with Allison the longer he wanted her to stay with him. He really resisted the idea that he was falling for her until she left because of her fears. I loved the way that he finally faced his feelings and her fears and the solution that he came up with. I also enjoyed seeing the interfering brother and the way he tried to protect Allison. It was pretty funny to see him tell each one that the other was "all but engaged" in order to keep them apart.

    I loved seeing him do a complete turnaround when he realized that Allison was giving up a chance at real love. Dec 16, Clarke rated it it was ok Shelves: