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The song was first featured in the classic Soviet film " Circus " in The film depicts the story of an American woman who flees from racism in the United States after giving birth to an African-American child. She comes to the USSR to sing as part of an act in the circus, and soon falls in love with a performance director Ivan "Petrovich" Martinov. As she becomes assimilated into her new surroundings, her love blossoms into a love not only for Martinov but for the Soviet motherland itself, the ideals that have refined it , and the newly found freedoms of Soviet society.

The melody and chorus of the song appear throughout the film, and both parts of the final stanza are sung at the end where all the characters are seen marching in a May Day parade on Red Square. The song gained immediate popularity. A full three-stanza recording was published in In , the opening chorus notes played on vibraphone became the official call sign of Soviet radio.

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Later on, however, during the period of de-Stalinization , the second stanza was dropped due to its mention of Joseph Stalin. It was replaced with a new stanza emphasizing comradeship and proletarian internationalism. The song was also translated into several other languages of Eastern Bloc countries, including German and Hungarian. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union , the song remains a popular patriotic tune in the Russian Federation.

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Shiroka strana moya rodnaya, Mnogo v ney lesov, poley i rek! Ya drugoy takoy strany ne znayu, Gdye tak vol'no dyshit chelovyek. Ot Moskvy do samykh do okrain, S yuznykh gor do severnykh morey Chelovyek prohodit, kak hozyain Neobyatnoy Rodiny svoyey. Vsyudu zhizn' i vol'no i shiroko, Tochno Volga polnaya, techyot.

The Fatherland, The Motherland, The Land of My Best Girl.

Molodym vezdye u nas doroga, Starikam vezdye u nas pochyot. Nashi nivy glazom ne obsharish' Ne upomnish' nashikh gorodov, Nashe slovo gordoye - tovarisch - Nam dorozhye vsyekh krasivykh slov. S etim slovom my povsyudu doma. Nyet dlya nas ni chyornykh, ni tsvetnykh. Eto slovo kazhdomu znakomo, S nim vezdye nahodim my rodnykh. Za stolom nikto u nas ne lishniy, Po zaslugam kazhdyi nagrazhdyon, Zolotymi bukvami my pishyem Vsyenarodniy Stalinskiy zakon.

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Etikh slov velichiye i slavu Nikakiye gody ne sotrut: Chelovyek vsegda imyeyet pravo Na uchenye, otdykh i na trud. Nad stranoy vesenniy veter veyet. S kazhdym dnyom vsye radostneye zhit, I nikto na svetye ne umyeyet Luchshe nas smeyatsya i lyubit. Photoshop is for wusses, Paint.

Unfortunately, I fucked up Paint. Jan 27, Messages: Id take out primorsk first just to eliminate a potential rival.

My Motherland - My Kazakhstan

Primorsk won't be a powerful rival, considering I only spot 2 divisions at my border. But, I'll leave them for later once I take out one of my main rivals. Primorks has the dumb luck of obtaining the islands once belonging to the Union and one of them has a VP. And I can't do the take all provinces, peace, Dow, annex trick since I can't take an extra 8 dissent afterward.

Reuniting the Motherland - A Fatherland Experience.

May 3, Messages: Good luck restoring the Soviet Union- it looks like you'll need it with the mess Stalin made of things. It'll be interesting to see if you manage to expand without the Germans deciding to stop on you, especially as most of your targets are technically German protectorates. Also, how much IC do you have?

It doesn't look like you've been left with much.

Zhuge Liang , Apr 12, Before we start, I would like to say that Stalin is one of the biggest attention whores that ever existed on the internet. Seriously, it took me twenty minutes to find a good poster that didn't involved his ass or mustache.

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The entire army of the Union. Yes I know the 1ya Korpus, created corps, strat-red, created corps- strat red and so on. Stupid F11 dosn't always works so I lost the event where I decided to gear up for war and the Five years plan one. Somebody's screwing with my story telling abilities. Also, new tech, yay. Dec 16, Messages: Davisx3m , Apr 13, Oct 5, Messages: Yes, I think I shall watch this one too.


Raaritsgozilla , Apr 13, Apr 26, Messages: There doesn't seem to be that many Fatherland AARs around the forum. Great to see one of them popping up again! Watching this one and good luck, Hatuke. Apr 4, Messages: For the glory of Lenin! Great story so far and this looks like an interesting mod too even if the AI is rather screwy with its random DOWs- unless of course the Saudis have developed some hidden superweapon Zhuge Liang , Apr 13, Feb 25, Messages: Mico94 , Apr 13, Jul 24, Messages: Very fascinating scenario, will follow.

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