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Death Valley Ride

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Enid gets an operation on her spine, and goes to the school dance in a wheelchair. As she watches George dance with Robin, she can tell they're in love—which of course bums her out. A few days after the dance, Liz invites Enid over and asks her to watch a kid named Teddy while he plays by the pool.

Teddy falls in, and Enid is able to stand up, jump into the pool, and save him. She can walk again! It was all part of a plan hatched by Elizabeth; Teddy was her accomplice. Enid, meanwhile, decides she just wants George to be happy, and sets him free so he can date Robin. She goes to the mall to mope, where she meets some kids from a group called The Good Friends. They tell her that they, too, used to be sad and mopey—until they met Adam Marvel, who took them in.

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Concerned that Jessica is in over her head, Elizabeth poses as her sister and infiltrates The Good Friends, where one member, Susan, tells her to get out while she can. Not long after, Adam tells Jessica that Susan left, and the group is going to move to another town. He wants her to come with them. Adam is arrested; everything returns to normal. Elizabeth and Jessica are both vying for queen of the jungle-themed prom. It's not just the title at stake: The winner will get a trip to Brazil.

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  8. On prom night, Jessica wants Elizabeth to lose, so she spikes her punch with booze she charms from another student. Elizabeth gets drunk and withdraws from the race for queen, and Jessica wins. They get into a car accident, and Sam is killed. Over the next three books, the Wakefield family deals with the fallout: Liz has nightmares about someone who looks just like Jessica, but with dark hair, who is trying to kill her more on that later.

    Eventually, Elizabeth goes on trial. In the most unbelievable twist in the story, Liz—who was, in fact, driving with a lot of alcohol in her system—is acquitted.

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    They eventually make up, despite the fact that Jessica is clearly the worst sister ever. The Morning After No. Margo, like the Wakefield twins, is Margo sets the house on fire to kill her foster sister—who saw not just the money Margo had saved up, but also the bus schedule Margo was reading—and takes off for Cleveland, where she gets a job as a nanny for a wealthy family. For some reason, the bus Margo is on heads to Houston, where Margo gets off and sees a newspaper with a photo of Elizabeth on the front, along with a story about her trial. Realizing she looks just like the girl on the newspaper, Margo comes up with a plan: Kill Elizabeth Wakefield and take over her life.

    Never mind that this plan doesn't make a whole lot of sense if Elizabeth goes to jail. This chick is crazy! Margo heads to Sweet Valley, where she goes to the mall and buys a blonde wig. Margo, meanwhile, kills a server at a catering company so she can get a job there and work the Fowler wedding—the better to observe the twins.

    12 of the Sweet Valley High Books' Most Ridiculous Plotlines | Mental Floss

    Then she begins posing as Jessica and Liz regularly with their friends, boyfriends, and parents. These crazy twins hatch a plot to kill both Wakefield twins and take over their lives. They begin posing as the twins with their friends and boyfriends, with the main goal of making the twins hate each other, just like they did after the jungle prom.

    Eventually, Nora goes to the Wakefield house and kills a sleeping Jessica. Nora killed her own twin!

    Books by Christine Irving

    Jessica is alive and is saved by Elizabeth's heroics. Nora gets arrested, and all returns to normal. Love and Death in London No. The twins head to London for one of their many newspaper internships. Murder victims keep popping up with their throats ripped out, and the twins are put on the crime beat to investigate. Jessica starts dating Robert Pembroke. His father, Lord Pembroke, is a werewolf expert. He also owns the newspaper where the twins are interning, and has been suppressing stories about the murders because he believes that Robert is the werewolf.

    Luke is shot, his werewolf mask falls off, and he dies. Tall, Dark, and Deadly No. There are bite marks in his neck, and his body has been drained of blood. The next Monday, a new guy starts at school: Jessica decides that she wants to date Jonathan, but he ignores her. Jessica usually gets what she wants, though, and she's incredibly persistent: She gets a ride home from him, then later shows up at his house. He kisses her, and tells her she should have left him alone. Jonathan decides he cares too much about Jessica to hurt her, so he invites Enid over instead. Jessica continues to see Jonathan, who Liz has figured out is a vampire based on some books she found at his house.

    She tells all the SVH kids, and they believe her. When Jonathan takes Jessica to his lair—a cave on the beach—Liz and Todd come to save the day, an angry mob on their heels. Jonathan turns into a bird and flies away. The Treasure of Death Valley No. Why anyone would enter a contest to do this is a mystery. While hanging out near a mine shaft, one student turns on her portable TV and learns about some convicts who have escaped a prison. The group decides to hunt for the rest of the treasure, and are all soon carrying around their own bags of gold nuggets.

    She thinks Heather did it, but it was actually the three escaped convicts, who capture the kids, tie them up, and steal their gold. The kids manage to escape, but then they notice that one of the convicts is being swept away by a flash flood, so they rescue him. He turns out to be not so bad, but his buddies are pretty awful: