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How Multi-Tabling Has Changed Poker

Today it can be easy to think games like Let It Ride — which combines central elements of both poker and blackjack to create an entirely new gameplay experience — are natural extensions of the casino game family. Hybrid table games like Three Card Poker and Caribbean Holdem are a dime a dozen, but until Let It Ride provided the always important proof of concept, combining two or more games to devise another was not an accepted practice within the casino gambling world.

Back then, before upstarts like Let It Ride set the standard for hybrid table games, players were offered a standard lineup of tables to choose from.

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For table game fans, players who prefer the personal touch provided by a dealer, cards, chips, and the other tools of the trade, those four major games were pretty much it. But as the years go by, even the most grizzled of gamblers can appreciate a little variety from time to time. For the first time, players who loved to play the classic card games of poker and blackjack could put their hands together, so to speak.

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Using the traditional player versus dealer format found in blackjack, Let It Ride inserts basic poker gameplay to the equation. The result is a truly unique hybrid table game, one that established a tried and true template for how new additions to the casino floor should be modeled. Players begin a hand by placing three mandatory Ante bets, before receiving three random cards from a 52 card deck. From there, the objective is to assess the relative strength, or drawing potential, of your first three cards, before deciding to take one of your Ante bets back — or let it ride.

A community card used by all players at the table is dealt out, the Let It Ride process repeats one last time, and a final community card is revealed. With five cards now in hand, between the three starting cards and two community cards, players then score their best five card poker hand against an escalating pay table. With the chance to bag a massive 1, to 1 payout for forming the mother of all poker hands, the royal flush, Let It Ride manages to offer that crucial jackpot element most quality casino games thrive on.

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Throw in a pair of common side bets, one based on your first three cards and another on the final five card poker hand, and Let It Ride lends itself to action and swings. What makes the game so special, however, is how easy it is to learn and play.

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Without possessing a certain sense of expert knowledge on a game like craps, casino rookies would invariably watch along the rail, wanting to play, but choosing to walk away for fear of looking like a fool. Games like Let It Ride nipped that issue in the bud by creating extremely simple rule setups. New players need only watch a hand or two play out before sitting down to try things out for themselves. The game spread to casinos far and wide, become a staple offering alongside the Big Four mentioned above. Finally, because Let It Ride has spread throughout the realm of online casinos just as rapidly, my tips will cover both the brick and mortar and online versions.

Let It Ride is a fusion of blackjack and poker, two of the more strategically challenging games on the casino floor. Fittingly, this game also involves a fair share of strategic thinking based on the two player decision points that occur during each hand. For them, three cards to a straight seem like a nice hand to bet big on, especially knowing they can just make one pair to secure a minimum payout.

Take a look at the list below to see the only hands you should be letting it ride with at the first decision point holding three cards:. This list is short and sweet for a reason: In Let It Ride, you only have two shots in the dark, the pair of community cards, to complete a paying hand. So when starting with anything less than three to a straight flush, or a hand that is already payable, is just too steep of a hill to climb.

Along with several payable hands that you can land by now, from one pair to two pair and three of a kind, this stage of the hand should allow you to be a little more liberal when deciding to let that last bet ride. In Bob met Ginnie, an attractive Asian girl, 10 years his junior, on the dance floor. Bob is an accomplished dancer and actually chose his pen name, Bob Dancer, based on his fondness for dancing. The couple began dating on a steady basis and Bob began teaching her about blackjack.

They spent many weekends in Las Vegas taking advantage of casino promotional programs designed for out-of-state players. At the tables the couple acted as husband and wife, with Bob mentally counting cards, and then verbally coaching Ginnie on how to play her hands. The coupons were limited to one per person, per day, but they found ways to get bunches of them and they spread their visits throughout the day to use them multiple times with different dealers. During the course of time, however, it became more difficult for Bob and Ginnie to use their advantage-play methods.

We figured it was close enough, but today I know that the games have big differences. Always looking for an edge, Bob determined that they should limit their play to the best-paying machines and only play at casinos offering a promotional bonus. At that time, the Sahara paid double for royal flushes on Thursdays during the first 10 minutes of any hour and on Sundays they paid double for four Aces.

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Therefore, the couple limited their playing time to those particular days. Within two weeks I hit three Thursday-royals and broke even for the rest of the time, so my bankroll doubled. Now on his own, Bob began to study more often and seek out better opportunities. He continually scouted new promotions and modified his play to take advantage of the best opportunities. Shirley lived in California but often visited Las Vegas on business and within a few months the couple began dating on a steady basis.

Shirley was a gambling novice and this began her introduction into the world of professional video poker.

1. Play Your Cards Right

As they grew closer, Bob finally asked Shirley to marry him and in late they tied the knot. Initially reluctant to play video poker, Shirley slowly learned the basics and eventually became an excellent player, helping Bob to extract even more from the casinos. Eventually, however, Bob convinced her that things would be fine and they began playing in late November. At this point Shirley was ready to take the money and run, but Bob believed it was still worth while to pursue a game where they had an advantage. This, Bob concluded, still made it a profitable venture and they continued to play.

Bob discovered that some machines were awarding points at nearly twice the normal rate and he began to play these machines exclusively, never saying anything to management about the error.

Bob was able to play these machines for several months before management corrected the mistake, but bad luck caused him to lose. Surprisingly, Bob found some more machines awarding points at the inflated rate and he restricted his play to those games until, within a few months, they were all fixed by management.

It took him just three hours to lose the entire forty grand. During the next month the Dancers continued to play, but were net losers. Since Bob was able to take advantage of these facts, did he feel badly about it? The casino hires a lot of people to protect what it has and to concoct ways to get more. The casino sets out games on which it has the advantage and invites you to come in and try your luck.

If you win, you get to keep the money. After his big win, Bob went back to his old ways, playing lower-limit machines. Bob gets a significant amount of mail from casinos announcing their promotional events and he says that analyzing how much a promotion is worth is very important.

The Top 3 Tips for Let It Ride Players to Win More Often

You would want a club where you can get same day cashback. Bob goes on to point out that bounceback clubs tend to have a higher cashback rate than sameday cashback clubs.

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The reason is that virtually everyone in a sameday club makes sure to get their cash after finishing their play, while not everyone in a bounceback club makes the effort to go back for their cash.